Vocabulary exercises (from Free Dictionary)


Superman, suicide counselor

(Referred by Ishvar Mohan)

Hmmm… well done, (super)man!

But not quite up to the (my) mark.

I would rather use a different argument than the “chance for one more happy day”. Because all the bad times you need to go through for one good day, would make one (like me) hesitate to pay such a high price, for such a small prize……

The whole point of life is to “push back against the darkness”, as he himself says previously. That is a better approach, according to me. It puts the onus on the individual’s conatus, and ignites it by challenging it to rise to the occasion! Throw down the gauntlet (to live, against all odds – to refuse to give up, or succumb to false hopes), rather than dangle a questionable future. For some (like me), the desire to fight & win (the existential battle) is greater than to just receive & enjoy (what is given by luck/fate/GOD)……

So, if I was in Felicity’s place, the latter approach would be more effective at dissuading me from ending it all.