– Is my wife an ‘intellectual’?

– Lament & invective

– No guidance, no focus

No focus, no passion

No passion, no excellence

No excellence, no joy

No joy, no meaning!

– There are only 2 kinds of people in this world:

Those who give up


Those who don’t

– Talent



– Intellect



– Are all bisexuals also promiscuous?

Are all those who are promiscuous also sex-addicts?

– Downloads:

Edward Debono ebook collection

TTC Course on Creative Thinking

– Which is more dangerous:

Belief without thought


Thought without belief?

– Which is more harmful:




– Why is this short film called “8”?

– Wacky

– Short films:



Black hole


Shave it

The God

You there


Jatku Leiba

Requiem for Romance

– Doing theology = faith + aspiration + experience + practice + understanding

– Have one-to-one meetings with members of the online fellowship also.

– Community-living – building a new family (upon the foundation of the old)!

– Doing Theology – Chapter 1 from “Faith in Search of Understanding”

– Herpetology

– The Church, Christendom & the Kingdom of GOD


– Dilettantism

– Theology – sources, norms/criteria & methods

– Introduction to “Shaping Your Faith”

– Theology – our words on the Word.

Are there any ‘self-evident truths’ left?

One-to-one – confide, lament, rant, muse, whine……




– Strong vs. Weak:

Do I derive my self-esteem from my work, or do I minister out of a sense of vocational identity?

– Maybe the urge to get an official qualification for my role as a minister and the thought of charging for my services are temptations that I should resist.

It should never be forgotten that this is a SPIRITUAL (not academic or social or even ecclesiastical) work!

– The greatest sin is that of indifference, apathy & complacency! The manifestation of the supreme evil of pride-despair-anxiety……

– What does “bondage to sin” mean, here & now, for you & me?

– Sometimes the difference between soul-salvation & self-destruction is completely invisible!

– Was there any interaction between the schools of Greek & Indian philosophy in the ancient world?

– Be true (real).

Be good (positive).

Be beautiful (interesting).

– Journal a minimum of ten lines every day.




4Mac. 3:5

Is lust automatically infidelity?
The challenge is to be idealistic without becoming unrealistic!

The Tenth Commandment & feminism

4Maccabees & Moses Maimonedes

Arab philosophy/Islamic theology

What does not bring suffering (existential/social) cannot be called evil (moral/ontological).

Kingdom = forgiveness-reconciliation + miracles-mission + resurrection-perfection!

Purchased NET Bible ebook (with complete notes)

Started vocational counseling for bro.Abraham

Updated certain framework documents

Organised the charitable fund for this month

Now only these 3 remain – pride, greed & cruelty. And the greatest of these is pride!

High priest
Where is GOD in all of this?!

Compare & contrast the coverage of the General Elections by:
The Indian news channels

Loving the alien & the “beautiful stranger”

Why did Hitler hate the Jews??
The (anti-Semitic) Roman Catholic Church as a partner in (the execution of) the Holocaust!

Why were the Jews an especially persecuted people since ancient times??

Conspiracy theories, demonization, scapegoating

Multi-culturalism, religious pluralism & xenophobia

Sexual minorities

Propaganda >> fear >> hatred!



– Should I be paid for my ministry?

Would this be good for the members of the fellowship groups also??

Rs.500 per head may be a good amount……


– Even C.S. Lewis was not a seminary graduate!

– Do this:

To be accepted by family.

To be respected by the society.

To be admired by the church.

To be appreciated by your colleagues.

– I am an eccentric, reclusive contemplative, autodidact. Period.

– Maybe I am the exception. Maybe even a genius……!

– From degree (without education) to education (without degree)!

– feckless

– “Why are we (always) the good guys?”

– Is it possible to be too intense/focused?

– When are you releasing your manifesto?

– Elections – but what (happens) if the majority of Indians are fools?!

– Off-field events steal the spotlight!

– Ira Trivedi

Lavina Melwani

– Purloin

– Gallivanting gallant

– Excalibur

– Debonair

– Research & fiction

– Greatness is NOT good enough for these normal folk!

– What is the purpose of life, but to wrestle honestly, courageously & creatively, with the confusions, contradictions & conflicts of our existence?!

That is ultimate human faithfulness……

– History, identity & aspiration

– Uniform Civil Code

– Is the ‘Modi wave’ a reality or is it just a media hype?

– If GOD loves, accepts and celebrates us as we are, then why can’t we do the same for him??

– Who I was & how I lived will be my greatest legacy, even more than what I taught!

– Nuanced ~ accurate

– Historical imagination

– Post-modern rationality

– Organized irrationality

– Jamboree



– Culture = religion + philosophy + arts

– Maturity – what are the hallmarks (distinguishing features) of an adult?

– Psychotherapy, religious beliefs & moral values

– Is curiosity a virtue or a vice?

– Can we understand perfection without falling into the trap of legalism?


– Marriage is made (by GOD) for man, not man for marriage!

– Life-skills

– Self-help

– Wellness/health/fitness coach

– First-aid

– Tracklist

– Mentor ~ monitor ~ trainer

– Physical education

– Social & emotional learning

– Personal management

– Resource stewardship

– Erotica – “Ching, ching, ching!”  😉

– “Make available offline”

Free download!

– Preventive lifestyle design

– ALL we have to do is receive & allow!

– Theodicy, spiritual warfare & the final vindication.

– Meditation, proclamation, adoration & celebration of the mystery of Christ!

– Jn.11:21-27


– Charisms – tongues, knowledge, wisdom, interpretation, prophecy, discernment, healing, miracles, faith, raising the dead, exorcism.

Charisms – gifts, fruit of the Spirit, & answer to all your intentions!

– To be anointed:

Repentance, faith, reconciliation & prayer.

– Pray for:

Personal salvation, local community needs & world peace

– “This is Jesus Christ, who came into this world to make you happy, & to be your best friend, forever!”

– Put all your sins, problems & sufferings into His chalice!

– Good Shepherd, Sacred Heart, Divine Mercy

– Divine Mercy:

A – ask for Mercy – pray the chaplet.

B – be merciful.

C – complete trust in the Lord.

– GOD allows Satan to run amock, so that he can later turn it around – in response to our prayers – for his (greater) glory!

– “The LORD is plenteous in mercy, & with him is fullness of redemption.”

– Profound, irreverent & delightful

– Intentionality, improvisation & inter-dependence

– In my dream, I had a mystical experience…!

– Movies:

Mr. Nobody

Is there life BEFORE death?!

Finitude, fallibility & frailty

Choice, time & fantasy



– Fascinated with the irrelevant!

– Faith IN action

– Lackadaisical

– The sexual mafia & the hijacking of youth!

– Journal of Adolescence

– Persistent spiritual youth – is immaturity necessary for virility?

– Suicidology

– Deception, manipulation & coercion

– Emotional blackmail

– Psychological struggles » existential crisis » escapism!

– Preventive, educative & supportive counseling

– Learn the ‘language’ of your audience/clientele

– Successful suicides

– Accidents > homicide > suicide


– Green cabs

Why don’t you consider investing in this novel & noble venture?!

– Dr. Emma Gonzalves

She is a spiritual-psychologist, but not a philosophical-theologian.

– “But HOW can we cut ourselves off from GOD??”

The mystery of original sin!

– Analogies of Sin

1. The uprooted (& decaying) plant

2. The falling plates.

– Sin cannot be understood apart from Law (condemnation/curse) & Death (ultimate destruction).

And Salvation cannot be understood apart from Grace (forgiveness & reconciliation) & Resurrection (abundant & everlasting life).

– Uprooting & rerooting

The ground of being ~ the sustaining soil!

– Comparing the story of ‘The Fall’ to the parable of the Prodigal Son.

– Judgment as offence-retribution


Judgment as choice-consequence

– The unique role of revelation & faith in spiritual truth, as opposed to physical reality…

– The Cross of Christ » our conversion/baptism » cosmic renewal!

– Tree of life (faith/spirituality/religion/theology)


Fruit of Knowledge (reason/science/culture/politics)

Adulthood is NOT growing out of childhood, but building upon it!

DON’T hurry/skip the transition phase – adolescence is crucial!

– Pastor: I hate to go after people & drive them, I would rather that each person takes more initiative, but since that is not the case, I have to use more of the rod-&-staff approach!



– Capital-ize

– The Century of the Self – Happiness Machines

– Indexicals

– Scripture » interpretation » commentary

– What is the ideal ideal?!

– “The matter & form of Maimonedes’ Guide” – Josef Stern

– Astropsychology


– Belief & knowledge

Understanding & explanation

– Truth-claims


– How is parenting to be done when the child is 18-25 years old – when he/she is legally a major, but psychologically not yet an adult??

– Spiritual ~ ultimate ~ metaphysical/ontological

– Eccl.11:9-10 – Oxford Annotated Bible: “GOD calls people to account for failure to accept the gift of enjoyment.”


A new definition for “the dangerous duty of delight”.

“GOD will bring you into judgment” ~ the threat of a meaningless life for those who do not learn from their youthful vanities.

– Capitalism (Devil/Money)


Materialism (GOD/Man)

– Eccl.2:24-26; 3:10-15; 5:18-20; 9:7-9

– Abortion & break-up

– Is ‘enjoying oneself’ a good/noble/holy/godly thing?

– Nostalgia (Eden)


Hope (Heaven)

– Past-Law, present-pleasure & future-consequences

– Time (experience) & space (context)

Matter (body) & energy (psyche)

– Possibilities – the inevitable, the probable/potential & the desirable

– How can legal/executive measures resolve personal/relational problems?!

Force will only make things worse……

– “Enjoy your toil”

…be satisfied (occupied/fulfilled) with your busyness!

THIS is your (divinely ordained) portion……

– Biopsychoecological ethic


Religiopoliticocultural morality

– Legislating on emotion

Moralizing about affection

– Dreamer ~ visionary ~ prophet

– Adolescent spirituality