– “He who has a why to live for, can bear with almost any how.”

– Voluntary slavery is an oxymoron. So is involuntary freedom!

– The heat is on! Are you ready??

– Patriarchy, (women as) property & (prohibition against) covetousness.

– Nobody knows & understands me as well as me.

And nobody knows & understands you as well as you

Psychological hygiene


“It did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.”

“Life ultimately means taking the responsibility to find the right answer to its problems and to fulfil the tasks which it constantly sets for each individual.”

Your destiny is what you make of your fate, & what your fate makes of you!

“The questions & tasks that form man’s destiny, are different and unique for each individual, and at each moment. Thus it is impossible to define the meaning of life in a general way. ”

Life = growing + suffering + dying

What meaning do I give to life?
What meaning does life give to me?

The Gift of obligation! The threat of eternal consequences protects us from giving up even in the face of a meaningless, excruciating existence &/or death……

“The greatest courage is the courage to bear/endure (even embrace) suffering!”

Words from Nietzsche used for psychotherapy, in the concentration camp of a war fought by Hitler!

How does man seek, find & make meaning, when GOD seems to be anything but present?

“…they should keep their courage, in the certainty that the hopelessness of our struggle did not detract from its dignity and its meaning.”

“There are only 2 kinds of people in this world – the decent & the indecent. No group consists entirely of one or the other kind.”

“Life in a concentration camp tore open the human soul and exposed its depths.”




– My speciality/expertise:

Spiritual darkness, religious doubts, existential struggles, moral dilemmas, identity crisis, career frustration, relational conflict, social disillusion, economic disparity, political apathy, cultural decay, philosophical confusion, psychological boredom, personal stagnation, etc. etc.

Ha ha…… Just kidding… Seriously?!  😉

– Lord, please have mercy on x (who has left our fellowship), & grant her peace.


– Disclaimer – please DON’T make the mistake of assuming that all my journal entries are based on personal experience!

I have a vivid imagination (hypothesizing)…  😉

– Spiritual religiosity


Religious spirituality

Once in 2 weeks – church worship; small group fellowship meeting; ministry activity.

Once a week – reading, sharing & prayer for couples.

2-3 times a week – family devotion.

5 days a week – personal quiet time.

Once in 3-4 months – meet mentor/confidant/soulmate (one-to-one)

Annual vacation – family picnic, group & personal retreat.

– Is he self-righteous or just ‘highly principled’?

Is it possible to be orthodox without becoming legalistic?

– Diagram xyz – 3 axes:

1. Vertical – spiritual:

a. Transcendent (upward) &

b. Introspection (inward).

2. Horizontal – personal/career time-line:

a. Past (backward)

b. Future (forward)

3. Diagonal – social:

a. Relational (inter-personal)

b. Structural (issues)

…Junction point/box – the body, the present moment, daily schedule & home!

– Queen:

Did she do right by ‘dumping’ him?

The movie should’ve been half hour shorter.

The link between (traditional) sexual morality & societal control of women (esp. their bodies).

Education ~ travel ~ empowerment ~ liberation. The value of the cross-cultural experience. Self-understanding & realization through wide exposure!

– Respecting (other’s) sentiments

– Religious orthodoxy, sexual morality & social injustice – big-time partners in crime!

– Is sexual frigidity as serious a problem as sexual addiction?

– “More power to ya!”

– Ideology, controversy & tension

– Tackling the hard questions graciously

– Salience



– A quarrelsome spirit may be even more damaging to a marriage than an adulterous lifestyle, right?

I guess it all depends on the degree of the problematic attitude/behaviour, & how the other handles it…

– ‘Deliberate disappearance’!

– Psychology of religion – internalization & projection

– Are you seeking what you (really) desire?

Are you living what you (really) believe?

Are you thinking of what you (really) need?

– “Anyone who does not want you to think (for yourself) is not (truly) your friend.”

– Evoke



– “Maybe the Devil is just GOD’s alter-ego!” – RFC

– Movies:

The Shining

– “Lauda Anima”

Mercy » praise!

– “There’s no one like Jehovah”

“There is no rock like our GOD”


– “With my whole heart I seek thee,

I will praise thee with an upright heart.”

“Blessed be thou, O Lord!

In thy word I delight, as much as in all riches.”

– Glory » pleasure » creation » delight!

– God-like creatures


Man-like God

– Conflict, chaos & despair

– “Lord, save our nation!”

– ‘Servant of (the people of) GOD’

– Acknowledging GOD

The absent-minded clergy!

– Anti-cult ministries

– What do holiness & hope have to do with each other?

– Self-examination & consecration

– Prayers, songs & sermons

– Hortatory



Encouraging by inciting!

– The logic of fallacy


The fallacy of logic

– Oath/vow/pledge



– Sexuality, morality & religion

– Immanuel Joseph


The biblical Joseph

– Uninterested in adultery

– Possession & position

– Gen. 39:9

vv.14,17 – “came in to laugh/mock at me”

Woman as property of the man (father/husband/?GOD)


The objectification & abuse of the female body

– GOD, the masses, leadership, structures & authority

– Placement

– Peter





Whom do I resemble (in my faith)?

– Grace & morality; sin & salvation

Anything radical is scandalous; & anything divine is paradoxical!

– Movies:

Queen (Hindi)

– The best way to read my blog is to read one line at a time, & take a minute or two to reflect on it, before going to the next one…

– I am a tweeter, disguised as a blogger!




You cannot love & serve 2 masters!

– Vital – regular journaling, slow pace of living & annual personal retreat



– Am I (becoming) the founder of a new (self-made) religion?!

Isn’t everyone (doing) the same, to a greater or lesser degree??

Am I a revolutionary or an apostate?

Am I a prophet or a heretic?

Am I a genius or a charlatan?

Am I inspired by GOD or by the Devil?

Maybe I am neither……!

– Active suffering (discipline) & passive love (forbearance)

– As soon as you wake up in the morning, look into the sky & stare at the sun, blinking often…

– I am accused of imperilling the souls (eternal destiny) of some people in my circle of influence!

– Why do certain people never learn from their mistakes?

Why do some failures never turn into stepping stones for success?

– How can such divergent metaphysical beliefs lead to such similar ethical codes?!

– Interpersonal relationship (love)


Doctrinal agreement (truth)

– Distinguish:




– Sleeping in the sunlight



– One man’s shit is another man’s gold!

– Social inclusion & integration

– CIPD Diversity Calendar

– Neo-pagans

– The Baha’i

– Desiderata – Max Ehrmann

Prose poem!

– Download – the best short films

– Auto-sync

– Marked special days/important dates on my calendar – from UN, Indian holidays, religious festivals, etc.

– “How can we dance when the earth is turning…?”

– “In this age, there is a new life stirring in all the peoples of the earth…”

– “World peace is not only possible, but inevitable.”

– Individuals, families, society, social institutions, the natural world & man-made infrastructure

– Transformation:

Spiritual » moral » cultural » social » material » ecological!



– Alternative lifestyles – divine law, social order & individual freedom

– What can one gain (learn) by stripping life down to its bare essentials?

– Alyssa Siegel’s response to her father

– Human nature:
Total depravity
Potential goodness

– Intrinsic motivation
External locus of control

– Personal referents
Mythical signifiers

– Moral norms (social)
Ethical convictions (personal)

– Emulate – moving from admiration to imitation.

– dulcet

– Jesus/Bible/Church

– BF

– Shanthuru Premkumar, Julie Goldberg & Chandran – Brussels.

– Discernment » discretion

– I ridicule, condemn & curse the IPL (Cricket)!

– How can anyone live in lust or greed or anger or pride or cruelty??

– Pensees – my blog does not have articles which preach/say something, only vignettes which suggest/ask something!
Goads to provoke your soul…… launching pads for you to take-off on your own jumps, & points of departure for your own wanderings……
The dance of intersections & divergences!

– Desire-believe » feel-think » express-respond » belong-relate & build-repair!

– Blogging about blogging,
Movies about cinema,
Talking about communication…

– Words, images & impressions

– Light, texture & colour

– Observation & articulation » analysis & synthesis » evaluation & inferences » implications & application

– Advocating a message
Insinuating a mood
Artful ~ subtle ~ indirect!

– Ingratiate with…

– Item numbers & comedy pieces

– Empowering women

– Fucking socialites!
Culture » celebrity,
Celebrity » culture!
It’s a vicious circle…

– Love:

Studying a theology in its own religious, philosophical & cultural milieu

Martyrdom & atonement
Substitution ~ ransom
Mercy-seat, blood-sacrifice & forgiveness-cleansing

Dead works
Vital worship
Pious frauds!

Demonic evil, cosmic catastrophe, divine victim & human redemption

Tenets – clear, coherent & concise – basic definitions, principles & instructions

Apologetics & accommodation
Adaptation & compromise

‘Devout reason’ & ‘Basic instincts’

Voluntarism & automatisation

State, church & school

Rational judgment & virtuous conduct

Spiritual knowledge, religious doctrine, virtuous character & practical reason

Anger, fear & grief always go hand-in-hand!

The value & danger of sensuality

No self-control, no justice
Equanimity ~ wisdom
Discipline, discernment & love (in that order!)

Reality, ideality & reflectivity

No passion/anger, no conviction/courage!

Faith vs. Impulse

Noble ~ honourable

The martyr, the tyrant & the land
4 Maccabees 1:11

“Jesus is Lord!”
Yes, but what does this mean & signify for us today? How do we understand its truth & seek to practice the implications of this belief?

Spirit/reason/mind OVER flesh/emotion/matter
From ruling factor to ordering principle!

Pleasure – love, joy, peace, faith (clarity/confidence), hope
Pain – anger/hatred, grief, fear/anxiety, confusion, despair
Where does doubt & wonder fit in here? Maybe they are just the 2 sides of the experience of Glory (which is greater than even Goodness, and transcends the dichotomy of good-&-evil!)……
How are virtue & vice related with the positive & negative emotions?


4 Maccabees 1:25

GOD is NOT good, he is great!

Rationality & affectivity
Personality & morality
Discourse ethics

“The jungle of emotions”
Mental desires & physical habits

Law/GOD, faith/spirit & will/mind

Yoga poses, emotions & benefits
Insecurity >> imbalance
Breathing, posture, balance & stretching
Destressing by concentrating (on your breath)!