– “Women in Love” by D.H. Lawrence

– “More Than Words” – Edited by Philip Yancey

– “Introduction to Metaphilosophy” – Overgaard, Gilbert & Burwood

– “Desiring the Kingdom” by James K.A. Smith

– “Masterpieces of Christian Literature in Summary Form” – Edited by Frank Magill

– “The Living Testament” – Edited by Pennington, Jones & Booth

– “Oxford Book of Christian Verse” – Donald Davie

– Thirukkural (Tamil with English explanation) – Thiruvalluvar

– The Apocrypha, from the New Oxford Annotated Bible, & articles on biblical interpretation (same source)

– “Foundations of Contemporary Interpretation” – Edited by Moises Silva

– “Four Views on Christian Spirituality”

– “Influence of Education, God-image & role models on the moral character of young & middle-aged adults” by Salome Divya (M.Sc. HRD Psychology thesis)

26.2.14 Jottings

Stigma, taboo & moralism
Pleasure, procreation & salvation
Disciplinary canons
Mystical dogmas!
Consciousness, rationality & conscience
We, in & through the Son, relate to GOD as Father who begets us, & the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father into us and through us into the world…
Confess, experience & follow Christ
Right knowledge/theology, right worship/liturgy & right living/ethics
Divine revelation & human subjectivity
Heresy & apostasy
The meaning of place & occasion
Believe, pray & love ~ think, feel & act
Incarnation >> transfiguration >> crucifixion >> resurrection >> ascension >> deification!
The whole package is called Atonement/Salvation
Faith, hope & love ~ trust, work & enjoy!
Liturgical (ecclesiastical) ~ sacramental (cosmic)!
Ontological dangers
Person, life & work
Maybe I should join (collaborate with) SCM (Student Christian Movement) – Liberal ministry in Chennai!
Sometimes, contrary to our certain expectations, mistakes can be worse than sins!
Agriculture & the Eucharist

26.2.14 Journal

– Preparation for, & follow-up of, (weekly) formal gatherings.

One-to-one meetings – once or twice a week.

Family/couple devotions – alternate days.

Church – alternate Sundays.

– Be sensitive/considerate.

– Top/best/greatest/hits

F#@k ’em all!

– Big Data

– TT coaching – there is a ‘spiritual atmosphere’ @ Topspin!

There is reverence & passion for the game, sincere benevolence in coaching, & mutual enjoyment in the whole corporate process……

– Ethical hacking

– Lifehacks