– Am I (becoming) the founder of a new (self-made) religion?!

Isn’t everyone (doing) the same, to a greater or lesser degree??

Am I a revolutionary or an apostate?

Am I a prophet or a heretic?

Am I a genius or a charlatan?

Am I inspired by GOD or by the Devil?

Maybe I am neither……!

– Active suffering (discipline) & passive love (forbearance)

– As soon as you wake up in the morning, look into the sky & stare at the sun, blinking often…

– I am accused of imperilling the souls (eternal destiny) of some people in my circle of influence!

– Why do certain people never learn from their mistakes?

Why do some failures never turn into stepping stones for success?

– How can such divergent metaphysical beliefs lead to such similar ethical codes?!

– Interpersonal relationship (love)


Doctrinal agreement (truth)

– Distinguish:




– Sleeping in the sunlight



– One man’s shit is another man’s gold!

– Social inclusion & integration

– CIPD Diversity Calendar

– Neo-pagans

– The Baha’i

– Desiderata – Max Ehrmann

Prose poem!

– Download – the best short films

– Auto-sync

– Marked special days/important dates on my calendar – from UN, Indian holidays, religious festivals, etc.

– “How can we dance when the earth is turning…?”

– “In this age, there is a new life stirring in all the peoples of the earth…”

– “World peace is not only possible, but inevitable.”

– Individuals, families, society, social institutions, the natural world & man-made infrastructure

– Transformation:

Spiritual » moral » cultural » social » material » ecological!



– Alternative lifestyles – divine law, social order & individual freedom

– What can one gain (learn) by stripping life down to its bare essentials?

– Alyssa Siegel’s response to her father

– Human nature:
Total depravity
Potential goodness

– Intrinsic motivation
External locus of control

– Personal referents
Mythical signifiers

– Moral norms (social)
Ethical convictions (personal)

– Emulate – moving from admiration to imitation.

– dulcet

– Jesus/Bible/Church

– BF

– Shanthuru Premkumar, Julie Goldberg & Chandran – Brussels.

– Discernment » discretion

– I ridicule, condemn & curse the IPL (Cricket)!

– How can anyone live in lust or greed or anger or pride or cruelty??

– Pensees – my blog does not have articles which preach/say something, only vignettes which suggest/ask something!
Goads to provoke your soul…… launching pads for you to take-off on your own jumps, & points of departure for your own wanderings……
The dance of intersections & divergences!

– Desire-believe » feel-think » express-respond » belong-relate & build-repair!

– Blogging about blogging,
Movies about cinema,
Talking about communication…

– Words, images & impressions

– Light, texture & colour

– Observation & articulation » analysis & synthesis » evaluation & inferences » implications & application

– Advocating a message
Insinuating a mood
Artful ~ subtle ~ indirect!

– Ingratiate with…

– Item numbers & comedy pieces

– Empowering women

– Fucking socialites!
Culture » celebrity,
Celebrity » culture!
It’s a vicious circle…

– Love:

Studying a theology in its own religious, philosophical & cultural milieu

Martyrdom & atonement
Substitution ~ ransom
Mercy-seat, blood-sacrifice & forgiveness-cleansing

Dead works
Vital worship
Pious frauds!

Demonic evil, cosmic catastrophe, divine victim & human redemption

Tenets – clear, coherent & concise – basic definitions, principles & instructions

Apologetics & accommodation
Adaptation & compromise

‘Devout reason’ & ‘Basic instincts’

Voluntarism & automatisation

State, church & school

Rational judgment & virtuous conduct

Spiritual knowledge, religious doctrine, virtuous character & practical reason

Anger, fear & grief always go hand-in-hand!

The value & danger of sensuality

No self-control, no justice
Equanimity ~ wisdom
Discipline, discernment & love (in that order!)

Reality, ideality & reflectivity

No passion/anger, no conviction/courage!

Faith vs. Impulse

Noble ~ honourable

The martyr, the tyrant & the land
4 Maccabees 1:11

“Jesus is Lord!”
Yes, but what does this mean & signify for us today? How do we understand its truth & seek to practice the implications of this belief?

Spirit/reason/mind OVER flesh/emotion/matter
From ruling factor to ordering principle!

Pleasure – love, joy, peace, faith (clarity/confidence), hope
Pain – anger/hatred, grief, fear/anxiety, confusion, despair
Where does doubt & wonder fit in here? Maybe they are just the 2 sides of the experience of Glory (which is greater than even Goodness, and transcends the dichotomy of good-&-evil!)……
How are virtue & vice related with the positive & negative emotions?


4 Maccabees 1:25

GOD is NOT good, he is great!

Rationality & affectivity
Personality & morality
Discourse ethics

“The jungle of emotions”
Mental desires & physical habits

Law/GOD, faith/spirit & will/mind

Yoga poses, emotions & benefits
Insecurity >> imbalance
Breathing, posture, balance & stretching
Destressing by concentrating (on your breath)!



Natural evil & moral evil


Books – “Understanding Spiritual Warfare” – Ed. James Beilby & Paul Eddy

Evangelicals ~ Puritans
Charismatics ~ Quakers

Evil, the Cross & Christian theodicy

GOD – ruler or warrior or victim??

Pentecostal systematic theology!

“An und fur sich”
Essence & existence


– Freedom – define liberty, independence & autonomy

– Spiritual formation
Spiritual warfare
Spiritual direction

– The GOD of the fools
The God of the wise

– “A dream like a dream” – Stan Lai

– inured

– An intelligentsia that fosters public opinion

– accost

– missus

– kutcheri

– say-so
The final vote

– I didn’t know that ‘lovely’ referred to the character of a person, & ‘beautiful’ referred only to the appearance…

– Artisanal

– Cooper

– Hospitable ~ entertain

– Jedi & Yoda

– Immediacy

– Caste & class
Science & tradition
Religion & morality

– Developmentalism

– State, quality, act

– Intermediacy

– Article on Kangana Ranaut in India Today Woman

– Nandan Nilekani in politics

– A reliable, effective & replicable framework

– A comprehensive exploration of what agency actually means

– Secular-religious & spiritual-material – 50 shades of grey!

– Axiological, ontological & cosmological

– Value judgments & moral decisions

– Vindicated, but impoverished!

– Creativity & improvisation

– In-depth observation, systematic analysis & clear articulation

– Ethnography

– State actors

– Commentators, activists & bureaucrats

– Gramscian analysis
Cultural hegemony
Capitalist ideology

– Melange

– “Theater of the absurd”
Irrational, purposeless, chaotic!

– Wisden

– Maverick genre – ‘narrative non-fiction’

– Literati     Clerisy

– Passionate about being laid-back!

– Withal

– Raconteur

– Postpositive

– Personal essay

– Nalanda University reborn… WOW!  🙂

– Satellite cities
Mini capitals

– Visit countries that are socialist & democratic

– Trademark dare-devilry

– ‘Mohalla sabha’

– Arvind Kejriwal – buffoon or genius??

– NaMo

– Illicit dance



Neither moralistic nor nihilistic!

Moral judgments & nonmoral evaluations

Obligation > supererogatory > permissible > prohibited

The intricate interweaving of psychology, morality & theology!

Internalized social norms


The tug-o-war in the present – Hope vs. Nostalgia
Regret, stagnation, & purpose


Homonymy, homophone, homography

Christian-scholarly research on spirit-beings (angels & demons)!

The extra-human realm
“He is Lord, He is Lord…”:
Can you sing this song from your heart, now?

Spiritual beings or just supernatural forces? Or both?!



– Book-ended

– Movies:
Two Mothers/Adore


– Distinguish:
Flick, movie & film

– Quip

– True Caller

– Wunderlist

– Jamboree

– Screed

– Liberal, liberation & libertarian

– Passion, service & discipline

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– My apps, podcasts, bookmarks & feeds

– Horror/comedy/erotic films… & Philosophy/Psychology/ Theology!

– ‘Seven year itch’ – just imagine!

– Sorry, this is an adults-only ministry, folks!

– The suffering of (macro) boredom
The monotony of (chronic) pain