“Hard to be a God” (2013) film review – 3/5 or 4/5 or…? 😥😷

I watched the entire movie, or did I? 

What’s the use of paying attention to nothing? 

My take is more of a Christology/Anthropology – it’s hard to be human/messiah. In short, it’s hard to be ME 😈

Incarnation is crucifixion is resurrection is salvation! What the fuck?? No, this can’t be! It must not be! There must be something more………. 

After the movie, I watched a raw full chicken being mounted on a grill, & a woman squirting in her orgasm…… So, is this Earth or Arkanar? 

Is it possible to rate an experience (like a movie) highly even if you hated going through it? Yes, but only if you believed that you gained something (spiritual/moral/intellectual) out of it… 

I enjoyed reading/watching all those reviews (around 10!) even more than the film itself! So, does that mean that it was good (or even a great), then?? The film would have been an utter waste of my time, if not for the analysis/insight that came later. Really? Isn’t that how life itself is? 

Compare with my recent watching of “The Tempest” – Prospero ~ Don Rumata – along with the Intro. to Auden’s commentary on it. 

Is everyone who rates anything, automatically a critic? 

Compare this with futurist techno-dystopias. Is that any better? 

Identify the important moments to get some ideas about the meaning of the whole – the first scene, the prologue, the title scene, the cuts (blank gaps) between sections, the thematic/philosophical lines, the epilogue, & last scene. 

Wasn’t the Middle Ages the period when the Church (Christianity?) was at the peak of (political) power?! 

Pieter Brueghel 

Hieronymous Bosch

Holy Hell 

Stygian chiaroscuro



Review & trailer

YouTube review




– Current

– “Go Irish”

– A human being is not born. No one is a human being by nature. A human being is made, just like DNA is transcripted into RNA & then translated into protein. The protein (body) then becomes the base from which the spiritual work is done…

– I live in this 3D world, but I am originally from the 4th dimension!
Therefore, I am nothing here, and this is nothing to me……

– “Again” – Archive (lyrics)
The music, the lyrics and my mood mingle perfectly to create absolute bliss!

– Distinguish:
Melancholic aggression
Nihilistic ressentiment

– Rock:

– Self-criticism – what a society needs the most, will never be considered by that culture as “good” or “positive”…
In fact, it will always be seen as negative or worthless!
There is nothing we hate or avoid more than (what is required for) our own salvation.
In short, the true messiah is always a crucified one.

– All heroism is essentially tragic, and all narratives are ultimately comedic.

– Christ University – if you are widely reputed, and rated as a top/premier institution, then you are definitely NOT radical/subversive!

– Sleep/leisure as the most productive/generative of activities!

– Leisure the basis of culture & the philosophical act by Josef Pieper
Blessed are those who fully read my journal entries, for they shall be rewarded with such priceless treasures……! 😇😎
The essential/crucial/vital luxury

– How willing am I to see myself in the light of the other?

– Education ~ philosophy ~ spirituality!

– Nutan

– Why is it that we hear (& are disturbed by) the dog-fights only late at night (when we go to bed)?

– Change the motto of Christ University:

From “Excellence & Service” to “Knowledge & Freedom”! 


– Ultimately, the Liberal Arts might be the most useful (to being human) than all the other fields of knowledge put together!

– Vicious virtues
Virtuous vices
E.g. Industry & laziness

– Professor – publicizing the private is the only way to access truth!
From opinion to knowledge, through conflict…

– But what if your life partner is not your soul mate (and your soul mate is not your life partner)?

– Becoming fully yourself IS changing the world!


– The armchair in my living room is the frontline in the spiritual war of our age!

– What is “natural justice”?

– Movies:
” Wonder Woman” (2017)
Mainstream Hollywood films (especially the superhero genre) are no longer solid (theological) substance. I must turn to the arthouse stuff for that.
Gal Godot is super. But Wonder Woman is naïve.
War as truth. Satan as the great peace-monger!
Her romance with one man is what sustains her love for mankind.
What is the significance of the watch that is left in Diana’s hand by the hero?

– Cricket – the India-Pak rivalry is dead. It’s a total mismatch, folks! This is a different kind of sadness for India fans……

– “Hic et ille”

– What is the difference between a thing & its reflection?
Nothing, & everything.

– Sleeping with the specs on

– Finding new fuck-buddies
Hidden contacts

– Aesthetic imperfection (double meaning)
Wonder Woman (2017 Hollywood movie) is too nice and The Tempest (BBC production of the Shakespeare play) is too heavy.
I need something in between……

……like Louie (TV series by Louie C. K.)??


– Deconstruction as counter-interpretation
Sincere but wrong
Double whammy

Statesman/public servant
Fake/paid news
Hung parliament
Aelia Capitolina
Hidden traditions

– Maybe I should use the power of the Internet better to overcome my isolation & listlessness……?

– Who (among those around me) is seriously interested in the spiritual life anymore?? 

Well, even I have nothing better to do, that’s why……! 


– From good to great ~ from busyness to contemplation – from health to enlightenment ~ from happiness to misery!
There is a joy (spiritual) that lies in the very depths of sorrow (psychological).
Being profound/authentic has a very high price indeed. The question is whether it is worth all that pain……
The most terrifying abyss lies WITHIN!
Do you dare to enter, & stay??

– Do you know that all the garbage from our houses finally ends up in their backyard?
Well, now you do.
But what are you going to do about it?
Should you do anything at all?

– Distinguish:

– “Civilization and its Discontents”
Now, through prolonged repression & neglect, turned into malcontents 😡
– catercorner
Negative capabilites
Proscenium arch

– “Why is there something rather than nothing?”
Get the book! 😉

– It is possible to be confident but wrong. And it is possible to feel dejected while in the centre of “GOD’s will”. 


– nimesis
symbolic environment
Secular theodicy
Bureaucratic discourse
Mass suasion
semantic slippage
Symbolic manipulations
Organizational logic & official ideology

– I must live for one year without any clearly defined occupational role. I must see if I can fall in love with myself, or at least learn to live happily with myself, by going through a long period of intense solitude & unlimited freedom……

– Can democracy/citizenship & nationalism/patriotism coexist?

– Isn’t it easier to believe that a personal GOD created this world, with conscious & intelligent beings as ourselves, rather than the evolution, of life from organic matter, & consciousness from biological beings?
Or is there a third alternative……??

– Reading as an escape from self-confrontation

– What do you do? ~ Show me your clothes
Who are you? ~ Get naked in front of me now!

– If I am brutally honest, I would accept that i can’t see a way out of (bio-cultural) determinism, yet! 


– Cricket – what, India can’t defend 321?! And then they (commentators) say it was not quite enough!

– My job is to become nothing by doing nothing, and therefore to expose to this world that all its sound & fury signifies nothing!

– The romanticization of sex

– Distinguish:
All together constitute life/spirituality/prosperity/being!
Missing any one by conflating one with another results in death/deficiency/regression/depression.

– Is what is not articulated &/or communicated not understood/known?

– earful

– Is it “appropriate” for someone nearing 40 to be “sexy”?

Huh!? Fuck that shit…… 😈

Bible verse of the day 

Love does no wrong to a neighbor. Therefore love is the fulfillment of the law.
Romans 13:10 NET


What does “neighboring” mean, in a technical/theological way? 

Compare & relate:

Law of love


Law of liberty

Law as principle of reality or foundation of nature, as opposed to arbitrarily & violently imposed rules. 

“Do your neighbor no wrong” could be the summary of the whole Law!? 

I remember the (TV series) conversation between the kid Louie and his mother, in the car, about the (probable) nonexistence of GOD & the importance of morality (nonetheless)… 

Along with “love”, the other key words in Christian theology are live, believe & work. Match these 4 verbs with these 4 nouns – other, self, GOD & world – and you get an entire philosophy of being human! 

All the financial advice you’ll ever need fits on a single index card – YouTube

WOW! 👍😀

But I am still not convinced about the ethicality of investing in the stock market, real estate, commodities, etc. through instruments like mutual funds… 

I want to be a good financial manager without succumbing to the hegemony of capitalism. Now that is a worthy challenge for someone who talks a lot about conviction! 

Prudence (selfish?) 


Wisdom (social responsibility) 

I think what is missing here might be a concrete community of mutual support – the Church!