– Distinguish:




No to the former. Yes to the latter.

– http://airpollutionapi.com/aqi/india/karnataka/hulimavu


– Less is more >> Nothing is everything!

– Equalizing the intellect-will with the body-emotions……!

Putting biology back on an equal footing with culture. No more hierarchical domination, only peer-negotiation.

In fact, I should empower the flesh a little more than the spirit!

Positive regression

Physiological development

– Readings:

“Saving God” by Mark Johnston – Chapter 1

“University & Pedagogy: Critical Theory & Practice” by Monica McLean – Chapter 1

“On Critical Pedagogy” by Henry Giroux – Chapter 1

“Coaching & Mentoring” by Simon Western – Chapter 1

“Beyond Objects, Beyond Subjects: Giorgio Agamben on Animality, Particularity and the End of Onto-theology” by Colby Dickinson (Journal article from Cosmos & History)

– Savvy



– The politics of intimacy

Inward culture

The marketization of life

Capital, commodity & spectacle

Google – Kids coding & interactive doodle

– Bios



The revolt of life, against the hegemony of language (ontology & technology)

Naturalizing (adj. & v.) religion

The ethics of the animal

Carnal spirituality

Psychological depression as a symptom of the rape of creation by superimposed knowledge (The Fall)!

– “Hello, what do you do?”

– “Hi… I am trying to live!”

– Arekere, Bengaluru – should we buy an air-purifier for the house?


– Distinguish:




– My goal is to live without goals.

My purpose is to destroy all definitions of purpose.

My meaning is to let the body-moment dictate.


– Microsoft print to PDF

3M Command wall strips & hooks

– Sleeping without alarm

Hallelujah! 🙌


– Nature as a tourist spot


– Beliefs –> values –> desires –> plans –> decisions –> actions

– “Lay down & die”

Sometimes, giving up is not always the easiest, and may also be the wisest, thing to do!

– cram


Ace the class

Homai Vyarawalla

Lab infection

This day in history

Article, image, idiom, doodle of the day


Dingle ~ dell

Flagellation ~ tanning


Overspill ~ runoff

Ailment ~ complaint


Independent watchdog

State media


Parallel cinema

– “To swallow and follow, whether old doctrine or new propaganda, is a weakness still dominating the human mind.” – Charlotte Gilman

A female reformer, therefore a great person!

She committed suicide.

What was HER “dominant weakness”?

Chronological snobbery is as bad as blind faith.

STILL – How long, how long……??! Time is running out for us, and we cannot take it for granted, that we will overcome any challenge in the future, just because we have come so far from our humble beginnings……

– “When you pass through the waters, I am with you; when you pass through the streams, they will not overwhelm you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not harm you.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:2‬ ‭NET‬‬


You will somehow make it through! That’s how you will know that I am always with you.

The Hindu past


The Buddhist present


The Christian future

It is “when”, not “if”… then, as you breathe freely, you will really be fully alive!

– News:

4 CRPF personnel shot dead allegedly by colleague

Withdraw ‘autocratic’ order cancelling Max Hospital licence, demands Delhi Medical Association

JNPT SEZ & Nitin Gadkari

Separatist seminar disallowed in J&K – Human Rights Day

Greater Noida twin murder: Teen (hooked to violent videogame) confesses to killing mother and sister, was upset after being scolded

UN rejects U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Iraq declares final victory over Islamic State

The poll body has appointed Praveen P Nair as the returning pfficer in the place of K Velusamy who was embroiled in controversy over rejection of nomination papers filed by actor Vishal Krishna.

Black holes not as powerful as imagined


More minors smoking, chewing tobacco in Maharashtra

Do you know where your Aadhaar has been used? This is how you can find out

Why is adultery an offence for men and not women? Plea in SC

Inadequate infrastructure a bane of dry waste collection centres

Bengaluru woman cheated of Rs 95K by NRI Facebook friend

Bengaluru Signs Up For Cleaner Air With World’s Biggest Cities

Experts tear into Bengaluru’s Revised Master Plan 2031, say it is filled with major errors

– Doing as being (role-playing)


Being as doing (meditativeness)


Unconsciousness as peace (sleep)


Breathe: calm ~ aware ~ nimble


3 stimuli/forces – inner/body, outer/environment & ideal/spiritual

At each given moment, allow the equal & free interplay of all the above 3, and then act (respond) accordingly.

(No more fixed periods/places for the exclusive focus on any one!)

Human – neither animal nor machine nor angel, but a unique entity which also includes the other 3!

Inner ~ me

Outer ~ us

Ideal ~ we





Integrate the Sabbath into all 7 days! But can it be done without any dedicated (sacred) clearing?

– The music is the noise


the noise is the music!


Mild background music


Loud intense listening

– Image ~ reflection ~ shadow

– Wash your eyes everyday

– Free money


– Movies:


Exceptional acting by Lawrence! She is the star here, not Bardem. All the horror is seen on her face!

The unremitting nightmare of being feminine, in this world……

Beautiful & terrible Genesis/Fall parable – GOD, earth, the Garden, Adam, Eve, the Fruit, Cain, Abel, etc. They are all there!

Where is the Serpent??

Were you able to identify religion & the church in the story?

What is the book and who is the publisher?

It became too preachy & obvious in certain scenes where violence, war, etc. were depicted too graphically, and it was not shocking either. Could’ve been left out.

I wonder if there is any autobiographical elements from Darren & Jennifer’s relationship……

The relational life of a great artist – in short – fucked up!

The wife, as assistant, & muse

Religious ~ motherless!

Ecology as religion

The baby, of course, is Christ!

“Who are (all) these people?!”

“I’ll just get started on the apocalypse.”

“Where is he?

Where’s my baby?

– He’s not dead.

– What? Where is he?

– A voice still cries out to be heard, loud and strong.

– What?

– Do you hear that?

– No! No!

– Do you hear that?

That’s the sound of life.

The sound of humanity!

His cry of love!

His love for you!

– Get off! Get off!

You killed him!”



Poster 1


Poster 2




– Worldly ecclesiastic 

Middle English 


Troilus & Criseyde 

Black comedy


Romantic tragedy

Remote ~ mysterious ~ fascinating 

Learned & witty

Wily & hopeful

Earthy humor





“Guffaw (belly laugh) at that old & mighty bully, the world!

Renaissance lore




The Modern Library 

– Church/mass review! 😉
Instead of just paying attention to every word, try to sense & imbibe the flavor/mood of the occasion.
Zeroing as heroism! Ego-death or self-transcendence as GOD-realization.
The baptist pointed to the Messiah. So, who/what did the Messiah point to? Obviously himself, right?
That’s how it seems at first, but if you look more carefully, he is then canceling himself out. So, what’s the point of the Cross??
Is religion pointing us to a really existent GOD, or is GOD fully present in & through religion?!
No religion, no GOD.
But also,
No GOD, no religion!

– I must start to enjoy dressing up.

For whose sake?


– Encounter groups


Central paranoia

– orphic

– Unnamed
Famous for being unknown
The author is always anonymous!

– Mute certain WhatsApp status updates 👍

– If (my being) explicit is obscene (for you), then so be it!




– TV series:

“Transparent” (Season 1)

Also watched Season 2 Episode 1 – it was awesome! (1933 is NOT 1994)

Family is the place of unconditional acceptance AND open confrontation.




There can be no moral strength without emotional vulnerability – authenticity is the real integrity.

Here is a family which refuses to pigeonhole its members into mere social roles……

How many families there still are, where no one has ever really “come out” to anyone else!

Are you curious enough to explore more about Judaism (& Yiddish) now??


Jill Soloway



Male lesbians (WOW! And I thought I was…… 😉

Re-cheating & un-cheating

“Oy, gevalt!”


Easing into the next transition……

Get messy, with this one unapologetic family




– Nutritarianism
– PMV Games








Groucho Marx

Reality game show


Congress Working Committee (CWC)

Parliamentary Affairs Minister


Fringe groups

Deccan Herald

Bengaluru FC

Sand brokers

Cricket – test match highlights
– Because experiencing your loyal love is better than life itself, my lips will praise you. For this reason I will praise you while I live; in your name I will lift up my hands.

Psalms 63:3-4 NET


How can anything (or anyone) be better (or greater) than life?!

Maybe it is a hyperbolic way of saying that life is worth nothing without GOD’s love……

My life < Your name

Praising GOD with my hands (actions) & praying to GOD with my lips (words)
– “Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Groucho Marx, http://www.bquot.es/s/2113

The vital importance of (learning from) history (includes current affairs) & literature (especially fiction)

TV series – education through entertainment!

Vicarious experience via narrative exposure & ritual immersion
– News:

CWC clears decks and dates for Rahul Gandhi’s road ahead: Will be Congress chief in Dec, PM face in 2019

Padmavati row – Mamata criticizes protests; Amarinder says they are valid

India’s WhatsApp arrests: When speech regulation goes “overboard”

Drunk men harass woman IndiGo staffer, fall at her feet and apologise after police intervention

Zimbabwe coup: The house of Mugabe crumbles, but it’s soon to celebrate

Myanmar’s institutional subversion of the Rohingya identity makes repatriation problematic

Confident of making a game out of it: Cheteshwar Pujara.

India vs Sri Lanka: Cheteshwar Pujara Becomes 3rd Indian To Bat On All Five Days Of A Test Match

Doomsday: Has NASA confirmed the possibility of Earth getting hit by an asteroid?

Deadly earthquakes could hit a billion people next year because of Earth’s slowing rotation

Scientists send message to contact alien life

Dengue prevention begins with respect for environment

Doing Daily Household Chores May Increase Longevity of Life: Study

Study reveals Bengaluru residents spend 7% of life commuting

More Youngsters in Bengaluru have back pain

Stop axing trees, promote electric vehicles: citizens
– Open elective course:

The challenge of striking the balance between familiar/acceptable and new/remarkable
– Distinguish:


Reset &


(Windows PC)
– Sitting Zen

Lying Zen

Standing Zen

Walking Zen
– Pessimism/nihilism/cynicism

I love!
– Venting:

What the fuck is wrong with me?!

Why am I so miserable most of the time?

Maybe life just sucks.

Or maybe I need to be hooked on some drug or the other to feel alright.

Could this be genetic?

Or maybe this is because of my negative beliefs and unconventional lifestyle……

I want to be free of the need to feel well. Should I be rid of this need for freedom from emotional health too??

All my knowledge is in vain when it comes to my mental state/spiritual predicament!

I have lost my drive to achieve anything, whether inward or outward.

I just want to give up and relax. Let go, and slide……

I am sick & tired of living as this listless and pathetic son of a bitch.

But I don’t know of any alternative to this life.

If I could only die, and get this all over with.

I wish I could be strong enough to overcome, and flourish in spite of, this thorn in the flesh.
– I watched Stranger Things Season 1.

It started with a bang, but then lost its way, and became predictable, even silly!

I don’t think it’s worth writing a proper review.

How would it have been if the Coen Brothers did it instead of the Duffers?
– Today, I got the news that my open elective course (“The Joy of Learning”) in Christ University would not run this semester, because only 2-4 students had chosen it!

I was more relieved, than disappointed…….

I had been feeling very depressed the last 2 days.

Maybe I should’ve stuck to my original decision to not do anything (like this) for 1 year (June 2017 to June 2018)
– I want to go around, shooting and fucking people randomly!
– Dream:

I am in a school, with Dovina and Vijayalaya. We are being attacked by a mob of hooligans, and are fleeing to a place of safety.

Chellam is helping me with finding a way out……
– What would happen if I stopped following any rule of life and just let my natural instincts dictate everyday behavior?
– iMyfone Umate Pro


WOW! This app gave a new lease of life to my old iPad Mini 😇
– Therapeutic culture

Human potential movement

New syndromes

Emotional incontinence

Victimhood mentality

Airport bookshelves


Managerial spirituality

Executive coach

Competing demands

Hybrid expertise

Postmodern confessional

Fascinating connections & illuminations

Helping relationships

Discourse & network analysis

The emancipation lens

Action research & reflective practice

Associative intelligence

Strategic interventions


Peer observation

Feedback loop

Systematic scrutiny

Reality principle
– Looking awry to resist, in “Fight Club”

– Self-esteem & social support

Celebration of the self

Solace, insight, & intervention, for authenticity

Condemned to work out/for our freedom

Moving from contradiction to complement

An engaged space for dynamic strategies

Reflection, research & innovation

Macro-influences & micro-experiences

Refreshing critique –> further developments

Rigorous theorizing without scientific reductionism

Exposing the prevailing assumptions underneath dominant norms

The fetish of the new

Self-integration & self-critique

Contextual discourses and relevant rhetoric

Metaphorical imagination as explanatory theory

Theory – interpret experience, oversee practice and maintain critical self-awareness

Education – orientation + training = development

Letting myself be read by the text

Greed for simplicity
– “Psychoanalysis turns neurosis into ordinary unhappiness”
– Generative education


Control mechanisms
– TV series:

Black Mirror (Season 1)

The common theme is the impact of technological/digital lifestyle on human existence – plainly negative!

Every realm – politics, economics, relationships, etc. – is affected – sparing nothing.

Why “black mirror”?? Is it the nihilistic image of man which is reflected by his own creations?

Do you remember seeing your own face on that dark screen?

“The ghost in the machine is your own soul!”

Another powerful argument for the necessity of philosophy/spirituality/religion, to maintain and nurture our core humanity……

But how will we keep them from being digitized?!

A TV series about the evils of the all-pervading media, watched online – how ironic!

There’s no going back now, to a romantic/pristine past. The only way is forward. We need a new vision or the human future to inspire the strategies of our soul-survival.

“Hive mind”

“Horror lark”


Totalitarianism and vigilantism

Episode 3 was hitting too close to home!
Review: ‘Black Mirror’ Finds Terror, and Soul, in the Machine




– “Hello sir,

Thanks for the honest question about “What I do all day”…

I didn’t mind it at all 😌”

“I have chosen a contemplative lifestyle, because I want to focus on living in the moment & on self-education.

– I usually have a weekly routine that I make for myself, which includes household chores & spiritual disciplines.

– I also prepare for an annual seminar & retreat, for others, to promote personal growth……”
– Learning Kannada – from English via Tamil
– The experts


The Outsider

The kings, priests and judges


The Prophet

The Pharisees, scribes and lawyers



The elders, clerics and academics


– Widening Participation in Post-Compulsory Education

Universities and the Global Knowledge Economy
– Official knowledge


Critical pedagogy

Communicative justice

The conscience as ethical intellect

Principles/values >> policies/systems >> structures/practices

Examining courses


Critique >> innovate

Higher commitments & concerns

Biography & history

The structure/agency problem
– Yes, I read Critical Theory for entertainment!

And I don’t like those who can’t, or wouldn’t care to, think for themselves……
I need to spend more time on devotional Bible meditation and also just be with ordinary (non-intellectual!) folk.
– What can, or should, the veteran learn from the novice?
– Luk. 20:27-40

There are those who are physically dead, but are alive to GOD, and those that are physically alive, but dead to GOD……

Those who are children of this (evil/passing) age and those who belong to the world to come.

The spiritual life is eternal!

“Children of the resurrection”

Simply dismissing all possibility of “afterlife” today, based on rational/empirical grounds, would be just as foolish as the Sadducees denying the resurrection based on the Law of Moses.

What really matters is not whether you believe there is a future resurrection of the dead or not, but whether you have faith in the unlimited power of GOD (spiritual reality/ultimate destiny of all things, especially humans) which inspires the hope that can drive a radical life in the here and now.

Faith as projection


Faith as adventure

Faith as a higher (or deeper!) level of knowledge that is comfortable with doubt and uncertainty – knowing without understanding – yes, I believe it is true, but cannot explain why or how!

Lord, I question, but you help my faith to sustain that questioning, without giving up (on the hope of finding GOD).
– Catherine of Alexandria – patron saint of female philosophers!
– Part-time job with full-time salary 😉
– PC – switched from Chrome (proxy tunnel issue) to Firefox, finally!

Got too tired to tolerate any more bullshit.
– Start preparing for annual retreat & seminar, instead of the open elective course.
– Meditation:

From doing to being

From thinking to breathing

From feeling to observing
– Recollection + reflection >> insight & development!
– From now onwards, my contribution toward others in the form of formal/prepared presentations is over!
– TV series:

Fleabag (Season 1)

Phoebe Waller-Bridge – somewhat like our own Kalki Coechlin

The actress is also the writer! She does look nerdy and artistic……

Why “fleabag”? “an inferior hotel or rooming house”

Is her name really Fleabag in the series?! What did the others call her??

Angst = anxiety (existential) + grief (psychosocial) + guilt (moral/theological) – a summary of the human predicament!

Philosophical aptitude, personal spiritual discipline and relational skills – uniquely essential for survival as a human being

No remorse, no repentance,

No repentance, no responsibility,

No responsibility, no redemption.

All non-theological/amoral spiritualities are just different forms of escapism/self-deception!

Black humor, sitcom, bad girl



A delicious review



– dive bars

bottom feeders

Mumblecore improv


Mordant writing

Offscreen antics



Fourth wall

Private gags



Embarrassment of bitches

Tragicomic asshole

– “The Pope expertly trolls Trump…”

Ha ha ha ha!
– Movies:

“Atomic Blonde”

Not just another sexy action movie or cold war spy thriller

Theron sizzles and explodes!

The narrative voice-overs are crucial

What if everyone (of the common people) just suddenly stopped (refused to continue) playing their role in the dirty games of the big players?!

How difficult is it to be a soul-survivor, rather than becoming a brutal monster, in this cruel and apathetic world?

Compare with James Bond movies – there’s even a Bond girl!

Draw out the deep & subtle parallels between the ordinary life of someone like me and that of someone like Lorraine

“This is NOT that story”!






– Open elective courses in Christ University:

  1. Should I try to identify the 6 students who chose my course?
  2. The pattern among the courses which have qualified to run shows that students choose a course either for its direct career value (a useful addition to their resume when applying for a hifi job) or if they find it immediately relevant or interesting, like “Gender in Popular Culture”. Only courses which are focused in their subject matter are usually preferred.
  3. I am quite disappointed that there is not much of curiosity about what education itself is (or can/should be) among so-called full-time scholars!My course raises such fundamental (and uncomfortable?) questions!No other course seemed to have such a broad (philosophical or spiritual) perspective/approach.

But actually, I am relieved that I don’t have to sit and prepare for hours, to deliver lectures……!

I don’t believe in that mode/format of learning anymore.
– harbinger

– Can virtue & ethicality be cultivated personally, without cultural or moral conformity?

Can one be both critical & individualistic, and also be socially responsible?

Compare & contrast:

Relational loyalty


Social responsibility
– 1Chron. 16:8,34

Praise the LORD for his unfailing love,

And give thanks for his great deeds.

Unfailing love –> great deeds

Once you experience this, you can go and tell everyone else about (the greatness of) your GOD!
– “Have you begun to stop trying to defend your sins? Then you have made a beginning of righteousness.”

Augustine of Hippo

Confession >> penance >> reform

Giving up >> new beginning

Either you start righteous and become a sinner, or you start sinful and become righteous!

How you see yourself now will determine where you go next, and ultimately where you end up.

This applies to both individual persons and social groups.

“If so, then…” and “If not, then…”

Self-justification & stagnation


Self-criticism & development

Your attitude to GOD, others & the world, is nothing but an outward expression of your intrapersonal dynamic.

Master Plan 2031 gives public transport a boost, proposes Metro on Bengaluru periphery.
‘Incarcerated’ donkeys released from Uttar Pradesh jail on BJP leader’s recommendation.
Gujarat polls 2017 is all about community votebank: Here’s what BJP, Congress candidate lists tell us.
Bali paradise turns to tourist nightmare as Mount Agung rumbles
SC Dismisses Plea Against ‘Padmavati’, Says Final Call Job of CBFC
Pope Francis urges respect for rights and ethnic diversity, sidesteps Rohingya crisis
Why shouldn’t the public get to know how BCCI is functioning? – Vinod Rai
World Air Pollution Day: 5 ways in which air pollution affects your mental health
Consumer should decide what is good and what is bad: TRAI chief on net neutrality
No loan waiver for capitalists, says Jaitley
– complaisance

Spectacle of animality

Animal interiority



Entomology & philosophy 

The insinuations of poetry

The irrational roots of all (including human!) life

The daydreams of our hidden life

The animal, the primitive, the child and the insane

The anthropological machine

Onto-theological critique

Deconstruction of traditional significations 

Constructed distinctions & arbitrary boundaries 

Beyond representation, toward pure encounter

The discourse of being

Redefining (divine) revelation as the unveiling of our (human) animality

Pardigmatic singularity


Sovereign representations

Moving from particularity to particularity, resisting the temptation of universalization


Safeguarding precarity 

Messianic intervention

The appearance of a justifiable political discourse out of political nihilism 

Christianity as the end of theology 

Religiously inflected terminology 

Canonical moment

Transition from Judaic law to Christian forms of life

Form & content; object & subject; universal & particular 

The inevitability of theology 

Violent condensation into semblances 
– Fully embracing determinism is ultimate freedom!
– Buddha – dropping into the metaphysical, by burrowing into the psychological……!
– Life is suffering (sorrow) >> suffering is life (passion)!
– In the world, it seems that everything at the highest & deepest level is fucked up, and only in the middle is there something good going on……

Getting out of this good/bad mindset is my greatest challenge.

Why is sadness bad, and happiness good?
– My primary goal is to become nothing.

But that is exactly what I am avoiding most vehemently!
– Beyond faith, hope & love

Suffering, death & glory!
– We are just self-deluded animals!
– Lower class immorality

Middle class morality

Upper class amorality
– “Aadharam” Tamil short film

(Referred by Chris Joseph)

My interpretation:

I think it’s about the question of personhood. And the point made is that, the affection (of & for another) (ஆதரம்)  is what *creates* personhood.

So, Inba is a person, because of the affection of the protagonist *bestowed* upon “it” (a doll)!

And his son is NOT a person (although a human) because he does not express affection toward his aged & sick father……
– The theologies of cultural intelligibility

Hidden work/secret agents

Forgotten histories
– Theology as ideology


Theology as critical theory

The heretic as double agent

De-authorized/uncapitalized truth

Survival & testimony

Dangerous memories

The legal force of cultural forms

The constitution of identity through narrative repetition

Ontology as normative injunction & not original foundation

Masking the ruses

Fleeing game

Weak messianic forces

Deconstruction as a challenge to the sovereign powers

Manufacturing the necessary ground

Signification/representation as the state of original sin

From being to existence

The pure functionality of separating & dividing

The limits of language

Essences, without content

The historic fabrication & institutional authorization of humanity

Pure potentiality ~ zone of indistinguishability

Fractured sense of self ~ caesura

Self-posited uniqueness

Metaphysico-political project

The divine, as an invention, to render the human thinkable

Well-founded, peaceful/natural strength (from below)


Artificial/violent power-impositions (from above)

Suspension of all sovereign decisions that underlie the general construction of representations

The revocation of every vocation & dwelling in the indescernibility of our situatedness – our only ethical option.

Risking the emptiness

Central hiatus

A regression beyond

Freed from all indebtedness to the anthropological

The dissolution of politics as the beginning of the ethical task

Poverty of being/world

The movement of openness

The easy perpetuation of violent representations

Immanence ~ materialism ~ pantheism ~ animality

A hidden theology – potential re-enchantment of our post-religious world

Dichotomous logics

Irreducible particularities/absolute singularity

Pre-linguistic paradigms
– Who does the double-agent serve?

Well, himself, of course!

(Or is it the greater ideal of – non-partisan – justice?)

Maybe he’s the only sane one among the lot, of patriots & criminals……

Reality is indefinite!

An unmediated opportunity to encounter the O/other

Conceptual & social indeterminacy
– Effectively challenging any attempt to foreclose critique, resistance & hope

The politicization of education

Developing a language of hope

Power, conformity & reproduction

Organized collective struggles

Civic courage

Productive, deliberative & directive practice

Moral identity & political agency

Popular culture as a teaching machine

Public pedagogy

A democratic perspective

Market fundamentalism

Standardized competition

Deskilling of school faculty

Economic Darwinism

Accused of “Un-American behavior”
– My life:

1. To become nothing (in the eyes of the world & myself). To be liberated from the need to “be someone/do something”.

2. To live intensely & entirely in the moment, and learn to enjoy spontaneity.

3. To participate in the subtle movement of the weak messianic forces that subvert the powers that be.
– gander
– http://carltonbale.com/1080p-does-matter/

So, I have decided to buy a 43″ (Full HD) LED TV
– Society of the spectacle ~ spectacular life!


– Conscientious dissent
Public values
Democratic spaces
Social responsibility
Confronting power
Analyzing trends
The moral imperative of political agency
Dialogue & accountability
Neoliberal education
Citizen power
Questioning common-sense views
A constant re-examination of the boundaries between the sensible & the subversive
Changing the forms of self & social recognition
Diversity, compassion & dialogue
Vital interrogations
Knowledge as a power-relation
The forces that influence & determine self-definition
The construction of experience
The multiplication & dissipation of desire
Shared vision
Ethical intervention
Justifiable policies
Assigned meanings, official knowledge, established modes of authority
Necessary risks
Energizing traditions & transformative skills
Prophetic interpretation
Unlimiting possibility
Inspiring responsiveness
The promises & perils of the future
Legitimation of certain social forms
Imagining a more perfect democracy
Ideals >> questions
Challenges >> struggles
Zombie politics & today’s youth
Against schooling
The military-industrial-academic complex
Training in idolatry
Patriotic correctness & academic freedom
Common dreams
Inverted totalitarianism
The professor as public intellectual
Pedagogy as cultural politics
The death (not end) of history

– Pray ~ bray 😉


– Cetylpyridinium
Offshore tax havens
Wage theft
– Repent from apathy and practice justice – this is true holiness/faithfulness!
Is Judaism, supposedly monotheistic, actually a purely ethical religion??!!
– Why have we built a paradise for offshore billionaires? | Thomas Frank
– Arun Jaitley lists 3 benefits of demonetisation, attacks predecessor Chidambaram for policy paralysis
– Agra: Local Muslims discuss need for gender equality and doing away with fundamentalism
– Don’t let Congress cheat workers out of basic rights
– Can one be super-rich without also being unscrupulous?
I don’t think so!
Any exceptions??
– Conservative CHRISTIAN
LIBERAL Christian
– Is living > learning, or learning > living?
– Loveliness & sadness
Romantic tragedy
Religious ambitions
Exquisitely cumbersome
Conflicts of will & reason
Boring wisdom
Simonist Popes
Guilty lovers
Critical appreciation
Earthly paradises
– Canto
– True premise with bad arguments
False premise with good arguments
– Whoever knew that the Summa Theologica could be an “exciting & throbbing work of literature”?!
– Mortal remains
How come??
– Longsuffering – What is salvation, but the treacherous & mysterious way of learning to enjoy (all aspects of) this life?
– Once you pass through the center of Hell, you emerge on the other side to mount Purgatory!
– Movies:
“Embrace of the Serpent”
Should I have watched this in the VR box?
Black & White suits it very well! The psychedelic vision in color then stands out even more powerfully…
Is Christianity a superstition too? Yes, of course! But, (some) dreams are more real than reality!
“It is not possible for me to know if the infinite jungle has started on me the process that has taken many others to complete and irremediable insanity.
In this case, I can only apologize and ask for your understanding, for the display I witnessed in those enchanted hours was such that I find it impossible to describe in words its beauty and splendor;
all I know is that, when I came back, I had become another man.”
– Theodor von Martius, Amazonia, 1909″
“This film is inspired by the travel diaries of…
These diaries are the only known accounts of many Amazonian cultures.
This film is dedicated to all the peoples whose song we will never know.”
“One river,
Two worlds”
As a Christian, I can’t help connecting the serpent with the Devil/Satan. The winding river in the midst of the Garden is the very source of (its) life!
– If you had to choose between happiness and greatness, which one would you prefer?
Do I have a choice?!
I think I am (sadly) destined for the latter……
But just because you’re sad doesn’t men you’re great, stupid!
Are you really working (your ass off) towards it??
– Fake subjects
– TV series:
“Masters of Sex” – Season 1
Art/passion can’t be kept out of science/reason, as long as humans are doing it…
The first revolution blurred the line between lust & love, the second will blend sex & death!
The hero breaks down (& is thereby healed) in the end – that’s the climax!
True love cannot be defined or even described.
People are fucked up, and they are wonderful!
Feminism – does women’s liberation lead to sexual promiscuity? Are women as driven about sex as men are?
The vulnerabilities of the powerful & the strengths of the weak
“Rousing America’s Curiosity”
– frisson
– The Christian form of wisdom/revelation is personal in focus, poetic in style & narrative in form, as opposed to other forms which are impersonal, prosaic & propositional.
E.g. Eschatology is integral to Christian theology. The Church lives (into/out of) the Story!
– Liturgy as the beautiful fusion of philosophy & art!
Absolutely essential for holistic (individual & communal) formation.
– Attended Mass today after a very long time.
It was good! 😁
Thank you, Lord. 🙏
– May all our intentions/desires become petitions/prayers!
– Consequences to an action:
  1. GOD as person – redeeming grace (unconditional!)
  2. Repercussions in the world – social, environmental, etc.
  3. Internal (self-making) – physical, moral & psychological
– “Police destroyed evidence!” – CBI
– I feel so good today morning! The high is just too great, unbelievable energy (feels so abnormal! 😛)…… ✨🌩☀🌟🌠🔥
Monday mornings usually, after the Sunday freak-out, are fresh & positive!
Good work, Joe. Keep it up. 😁👏🤝
– Relational discipline & Cosmic devotion
– dryer
Subvocalization & reading speed
Greek terracotta figurines – grotesques
Preen, primp, gloat
in bits & pieces
cameo; relief; brooch
– “If you can get nothing better out of the world, get a good dinner out of it, at least.” – Herman Melville
Does he mean, enjoy the food, or make some money?? 😜
– Asphalt Airborne (Windows PC) & GT Racing (iOs) – awesome games! 😀👍
– prunes
– A teacher’s priorities:
  1. The ideal of education
  2. Students, faculty & staff welfare
  3. Institutional authority & protocol
A teacher’s role:
  1. Facilitate students’ self-education
    (Supervision, guidance, correction, motivation, evaluation in stage 1 i.e. information >> knowledge.
    Questioning, reflection, application, connection, contextualization, collaboration, research, etc. in stage 2 i.e. knowledge >> wisdom)
  2. Be a role model of the ideal scholar and mature adult.
  3. Holistic mentoring of pupils. Done personally!
– Limiting beliefs and reprogramming the subconscious mind
Creation of the permanent underclass
– “The very word Christianity is a misunderstanding. In truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the Cross.” – Nietzsche
– The mental body
Trivial ties
Philosophical therapy
Direct nature exposure
Special counsel
– Today:
Moonrise 02:45
Moonset 15:11
– News:
Supreme Court rejects plea for SIT probe into alleged judges bribery case
Myanmar boy can’t swim but floats on oil drum to Bangladesh
Will lead talks on Ayodhya, says Sri Sri
Saudi allows yoga practice as a sports activity
Scientists warn of ‘giant leap backward’ at climate talks; ‘Time is running out’: World scientists give humanity second warning on worsening threats to planet
US approves first pill with digital tracking device
Paradise Papers: Swift action will be taken against accused, says CBDT
IIFI row: Shyam Benegal reacts to Sujoy Ghosh’s resignation as jury chief (“S Durga” & “Nude”)
– Do not be deceived. God will not be made a fool. For a person will reap what he sows, because the person who sows to his own flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit.
Galatians 6:7-8 NET
Cheating GOD!
Flesh ~ self ~ desire/emotion
Spirit ~ GOD ~ faith/consciousness
Did Paul remain a Pharisee even after his conversion?!
Are there any loopholes in the law of consequence??
– “Quiet is the first step to sanctification.”
— Basil the Great
Is “quiet” here a noun or adjective?
Faith/hope/love/peace/joy ~ Quietness!
Then why do we not have more of it in our lives/culture?? Because we are terrified of the silence/stillness, and we are addicted to all that protects us from it……
Sin ~ fear of GOD ~ self-sabotage ~ escape from salvation
– No hope, no courage
Or is it the other way around??
– Feast, AFTER the fast
– Distinguish:
MAY your future be brighter than the past
MAKE your future brighter than the past
– No more music during meals!
– Do you know how to create a stack in Evernote?
– What does it take to reset my default mode??
Am I ready & willing to do it?!
– Appropriating blessings/promises through positive confessions
From wishing to willing
Focusing your intentions to achieve your goals
– Home weather
– No space & time without thought. (UGK)
– Everyone learns from oneself and everyone teaches oneself.
Everyone everyone learns from others and everyone teaches others.
Everyone teaches from learning, and everyone learns by teaching.
Teacher + student + resources (from other teachers & students), all equal components, in free, dynamic & continuous interaction = education!
– Energy –> matter –> thought!
Evolution or devolution??
Hyperdeath, posing as superlife!
– Open elective – let’s move on from learning to living…… from knowing to enjoying.
Class dismiss!
– Distinguish:
– How can memory/repetition be used to fuel growth/progress?
– CBT ~ NLP ~ self-hypnosis
– Bio-feedback
Culture vulture
– “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”
– My art reviewers (from Metacritic):
Slate, Variety, NY Times, Time, Roger Ebert, Guardian, Atlantic
The Hindu
– Justice League – I think I’m finally done with superhero movies!
(not gonna watch this one)
– “Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you.” (From “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margerie Williams)
– “The quest for pep and personality…” – Alan Watts
– Underground/repressed/dangerous knowledges
I am going to illuminate the dark side of the moon!
– The story of the Chinese farmer
– Fun > pleasure
– “But to all who have received him — those who believe in his name — he has given the right to become God’s children.” – Jn. 1:12
“The democratization of divinity”
If Jesus was the Son of God, then so are we and everyone else……
But what about those who don’t believe this?? Well, then they would not be capable of experiencing/enjoying this marvelous truth!
– rapcore
Tamil rock
Indie music
Explaining it all away……
– Meaningfulness
– “Holiness provokes idolatry”
What does this mean??


– Hey sis… you ask me to repent & believe, so that you can be more comfortable to relate closely with me, but, I have something to say to you as well.
  1. Why don’t you try to accept me as I am?!
  2. Maybe you should stop trying to convert me yourself, and just pray for me, committing me into (your) God’s hands, instead.
  3. Consider how your exclusive/arrogant faith is disabling you from interacting healthily with people of other views…!
– Movies:
“The Lego Batman Movie”
Should be seen on a large screen with high resolution & surround sound.
Superb fx!
Nice punchlines!
Did the comedy become boring or frivolous toward the end?
All introverted idealists are like Batman. E.g. Me!
Both Batman and the Joker have a huge stake in rescuing Gotham!
Was all the relationality just another Bat-ploy to fulfill the (seemingly impossible) mission??
Common heart-need –> sticking heads & hands –> healing the world!
How does one keep a burning sense of vocational identity from becoming megalomanic narcissism?
“Always be yourself… unless you can be Batman.”
– sendup
Magisterial probe
– Is (my brand of) spiritual growth, relevant to people in real crises (Struggling to survival – E.g. Poverty, sickness, war, etc.)?
– Are the replicants in Blade Runner mechanical on the inside, like the androids in Westworld?
How are they distinguished from humans?
Maybe the line of distinction that underlies the stability of the world-order is not that between the humans & replicants, but the one dividing the conformist-slaves from the free-rebels!
– My 3 point sermon:
1. Get alone, be silent & breathe.
2. Listen, read & think.
3. Sleep, wake & act.
1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 1 >> ……
– “For by the grace given to me I say to every one of you not to think more highly of yourself than you ought to think, but to think with sober discernment, as God has distributed to each of you a measure of faith.” Romans 12:3
Learn to see your strengths as gifts and weaknesses as opportunities, then you will avoid the twin pitfalls of complacency & despair!
– “The most profitable thing for a man is to know his own worth.”
— Kalila and Dimna
And the most tragic thing for a man is to be ignorant of his own uniqueness!
“Soul/individual > entire world” – Jesus
We live in a world in which great powers demean the person, and thereby enslave the masses. So we must beware of this great danger, and duly compensate for it, by urgently reclaiming the self (From…??)!
– News:
Father throws four daughters out from UP train; mother says ‘paid price for giving birth to girls’
Women police elated at breaking glass ceiling
Stress taking a toll on your health? Eat these food items to keep worries at bay
Riding the bike to work may be just as effective for losing weight as exercising at the gym five days a week
Supreme Court order: Tainted MPs, MLAs may face music
Trump vows to terminate green card lottery after New York attack
The Indian Cricket Team Should Not Undervalue MS Dhoni’s Experience, Says Adam Gilchrist
– In OT times, to forget God (Yahweh) was to become brutal.
Because there was no other option wherein one could be humane/ethical in that context, filled with demonic deities & nihilistic cultures.
The final judgments in the Book of Revelation don’t look any different from those visited upon ancient Israel & their enemies……!
So, what (do we do) now??
– Apology culture in the entertainment industry
Sexual harassment in Indian academia
Institutional banning of consensual relationships is an infringement on individual rights?
What about women who use their sexual prowess (with male superiors, peers and subordinates) to get ahead of the competition?
– India Today magazine editor’s note
– Sex slavery in India
– Spiritual consumerism
Complete fealty
– When it comes to GOD,
Forgetting ~ disobeying ~ hating
– “Display (through the religious traditions), the historical accretion of our collective resistance to true divinity…!”
“Religion is faithlessness”
Ordinary ~ unredeemed
Religion as a strategy of resistance to the divine – redeploying foundational (inspired) experiences via a reinvented worldliness
Irreligious admirer
The attempt to manipulate, contain or domesticate divinity
Overcoming the centripetal force of self-involvement
– Sexual violence & violent sex
Idolatry, blasphemy, sacrilege, apostasy
– I think, one of the reasons they want me to repent is that my heretical spirituality threatens their sense of security & confidence in the religious status quo!
– GOD created humanity in his image, so that they could in turn remake him in their own likeness!
– Parallel construction (grammar/syntax)
– Dealing with (negative) emotions:
1. Listen, & attend, to them.
2. Use will to move body.
Alternate the 2 strategies.
– Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunities. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should answer everyone.
Colossians 4:5‭-‬6 NET
Being gracious ~ answering wisely
Openness to, & concern for, the other >> speaking with penetration!
– mandarin
– “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – Pablo Picasso
New ideas >> revolutionary techniques
Theoretical exploration >> practical innovation
Without imagination, knowledge only deceives!
Once a week, do something different, create something new……
“The Sea & the Mirror” by W. H. Auden
Current situation as raw material for the making of future reality!
– Don’t forget to check out the Google doodles regularly
– News: (These are the headlines that caught my attention. Do your own reading & commentary!)
Sitara Devi
Parallels To Aarushi Talwar Case In Ryan International Schoolboy Pradyuman Thakur’s Murder Investigation
Delhi inches towards ‘public health emergency’ as toxic haze leads to near zero visibility
Aam Aadmi Party may nominate Raghuram Rajan to Rajya Sabha: Reports
Hyderabad Police prohibits begging on city roads ahead of Ivanka Trump’s visit in November
The ‘heat’ on elephants receives top award
Stephen Hawking: AI Could Be the Worst Event in the History of Civilization
Origin of life on Earth: Scientists discover the ‘missing link’
Midnight snacking disrupts body clock, increases risk of diabetes, heart diseases
IndiGo brawl: Airline defends sacking of ‘whistleblower’, says he ‘instigated the incident’
Fears of a flare-up in crude oil prices following the shakedown in Saudi Arabia
IndiGo brawl: Airline defends sacking of ‘whistleblower’, says he ‘instigated the incident’
Is the film “Padmavathi” a work of historical fiction?
– Bengaluru Wiki
Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) project
Bangalore beats San Francisco, Tokyo among 45 other cities to become city with best digital environment
Tahsildar & tehsil



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