A theory of imperialism – capital campaign


My/our response to the (evil) global trends must be both bold & thoughtful, not timid or naïve.

A community of resistance is (to be) formed by the networking of non-participants (in the current hegemony), and therefore alternative-life-seekers…

I think we need to pause and rethink certain recent choices by examining their trajectory compared with (vicious) market forces.

“Do we care?” – the healing touch


I was a medico.
Just forwarded this vital link to some of my friends who are in the health care field.

GOD have mercy on me, & this nation!

Looking at the big picture is a good tonic for (fighting) narcissism & depression!

To live is to survive AGAINST the odds. Time to perfect nihilism……

“Roots of the periphery” – notes from the margins


I/we need to move against the dominant, prevalent current of progress/development, both in the social & spiritual realms in my/our context.

Let’s start with “I prefer not to”!

Postmodern ~ subaltern ~ anti-orthodox theology

Hmmm… so, how does the move to Christ University measure up in this alternative scale??

Bible verse of the day


Weakness (Johannine “flesh”)


Sinfulness (Pauline “flesh”)


Spirit ~ infinite, omnipotent & perfect ~ biological process

Flesh ~ finite, fragile, fallible ~ body
– Temple ~ building 

Temple ~ body

The Pharisees & Jesus were using the word in very different ways, when they were arguing! Why was this not clarified by Jesus??
– Humiliation of the ego and communal solidarity

Individual uniqueness and social welfare

Flesh as Breath-temple – heaven-earth interface!

Glory ~ authenticity ~ fullness

Bible verse of the day 

“Why are you depressed, O my soul? Why are you upset? 

Wait for God! 

For I will again give thanks to my God for his saving intervention.”

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭42:11‬ ‭NET‬‬

Why? Why? ~ you have no need to be……! 😔😕😖

The key word is WAIT. For I will again…

Compare with the Buddhist doctrine of “anichya”. No mental state lasts (forever), & will pass away, if you only remain objectively aware of it (for long enough), as an ephemeral phenomenon.

There is no need for any divine intervention, this is the very nature of life itself!

What is it that compels you to quickly overcome your melancholy, so that you can “get on with the real business of living”? That is what is really killing you!

First, get rid of the need to “be normal” or “feel good”……….