Family Enrichment Programme – Level 1 (Anugraha)


– Laughing off what you suffer!
– Heaven or Hell – thin line in between!
– Moving is natural, but dancing is an art.
– Education for life. Equipping oneself to handle the challenges of being a family member.
– There is always scope for improvement.
– Languishing – Neither fighting nor flourishing
– Family is one’s root. Where we know ourselves first!
– What is my role/responsibility in this relational issue?
– We belong to the same party.
– The web of interconnection & interdependence. Adjustment & adaptation.
Even individual inaction has communal consequences!
– Understanding the relational dynamics instead of just blaming persons
– Psychological dowry
– Handling problems in a way that complicates things further
– Psychological genetics
– Imprinting – history & context – upbringing & culture
– First 5 years of life – basic mindset
– Repeating the parental style/pattern – how to perceive, reason, respond & interact
– Uncovering & understanding her roots – all the diverse stuff she brings to the table
– Interpretive framework – what one uses to make sense of the self, the other & the relationship.
– 1. Genogram – biological/generational
– Genes – actively transmitted for 3 generations
– Inherited patterns
– Find out your fourth generation ancestors
– Move from who is right & who is wrong, to what is happening (within each & among us) & why
– Become aware & understand
– 2. Family rules – unwritten/implicit lines. Body language/gestures.
Do’s & don’ts
– “I am right” & “You are right”, but we relate wrongly!
“This is right” >> “This is the only/best way” >> “This is how I have been brought up”
– Family (of origin) rules >> marital expectations
– Formative values/doctrines
Blind controls
– Know, understand & respect my rules. And I do the same for you.
– Brain – not paying attention to details in the middle, but constructing an entire picture based on the initial & final perception.
The old wiring works first!
– 3. Drama roles –
1. Hero or heroine – admired, I am always right, I don’t need help, I must be the center, blaming others
2. Enabler/Helper – sidekick, assistant, helpful
Feel unappreciated, interfering,
3. Pleaser – low self-esteem. Image is important.
Cannot say No.
4. Clown – jovial. Wears a mask. Secret life.
5. Scapegoat. Resentful.
6. Invisible child. No big benefit or trouble. Mind their own business.
7. The little spouse – the child takes care of the parents. They will not succeed in life.
– Each role has positives & negatives
– Based on early family situation, you would have played one or two roles.
– The femininized man & the masculinized woman
– Birth order influences character formation
– Moderating each other – not sacrificing anyone. Creating a new family – not just recreating the old family
– 4. Birth order
– 5. Attachment – secure, resistant-insecure (infused identity – possessive), insecure-detached/avoidant (cut-off identity – afraid of intimacy), confused/disoriented
– Close yet distinct. Optimal distance.
Pursuer & distancer
– “I need your affection”
“I need your respect”
– “Love-buckets with a hole”
– I am with you & vice-versa.
I also have my own life, so I cannot (always) live for you.
– Identifying our respective baggages
– Know well what she likes/fears.
– Accuser & defender
Open conversants
– “I want you to be like me”
“I want you to be the way I want”
“I want you to do what I say”
– Is it worth losing this person/relationship for my ego-satisfaction?
– “What do I want?” => “What is best for us?”
– Stages in development of family
0-2 years – detaching from parents (& bachelor life) & attaching to each other.
2-4 years – children, questions about future
4-7 years – most difficult, disappointed due to lack of expected changes/improvements in the other, more commitments, psychological divorce
7-15 years – routine patterns, focus on children & forget marital issues
15-25 years – evaluation – questioning oneself (mid-life crisis), raising teens (stress),
25-35 – empty nest, no more distractions from each other (divorce?!), shock of rediscovering each other, death of parents
35 to… – Freedom, happiness, grandchildren, sickness, death of spouse
– Companionship & intimacy (includes sexuality)
Relationship with extended family (in-laws) & friends
Economic issues
Household chores
– Mutual consultation in decision-making
– Divorce: criticism >> defensiveness (counterattack) >> contempt (sarcasm) >> stone-walling (due to emotional flooding)
– Escalating negativity
– Reactions – exploding, suppress, suppress & explode (alternate!), displace/distract, psychological divorce >> stress!
Slow-killer – worse than other forms of stress. Involves double bind!

– Fear & anger are two sides of the same coin.
– Is my reaction proportional or disproportionate to the stimulus?
– Accommodate, adjust, adapt, compromise, negotiate
– What keeps me from, & what helps me to, live well? Why? How can I deal with this ‘stuff’ better?
– Pre-programmed >> unprogramme >> reprogramme!
– Awareness is not change. But it facilitates the process of learning & growth.
– “Watch your thoughts”
What predominates? Background tapes
– Detachment >> objectivity >> clarity
– Self-examination, evaluation & evolution
– The path of attraction:
Taste preferences
– Mythology & Anthropology
– Seeking that which is lacking in me – the complement!
– Anima (the feminine within the male) & animus (the masculine within the woman) – determined by what we liked & disliked in the parents & parental figures
– Stages of couple life:
1. Scanning – seeking that which we liked in, or what we liked but lacked, in parents – “Imago”
Evolutionary programming of the brain to look out for danger in order to protect oneself.
Involuntary & constant. Stops only when one is in infatuation/deep love. Continues even after marriage! Goes on up to death…
2. Exchange of love map – Bluetooth!
Love map comes from psychological genes. Each person is in love with their own imago, not necessarily or even primarily, their lover!
3. Attraction – increases to infatuation. Blinded, falling… ~ 9 months. But goes on for longer if there are wounds in the inner child – deep healing is required.
4. Romance – familiarity, discovery, complementality. We only see the mirror image >> disillusion! This is not my imago, but another individual. Disappointment >> hatred!
Unconscious marriage.
Shock & denial, anger, bargain, feel deceived, despair.
Unmet needs >> demands
Power struggle >> conflict
4. Resolution – accepting each other. Settling for imperfect other. Conscious marriage! Adjustment >> commitment >> happiness
Coming to reality.
Evolutionary adaptation >> technological manipulation
“That which does not bend, breaks!”
50-50 is too idealistic!
5. Stage of reality – you are good and I am good, but we are imperfect. Too much trouble is bad. No trouble is worse. Little trouble is good!
Getting what I want – mostly, but not all.
– Love maps:
Orientation, direction, guidance
What does my spouse love/hate?
We are very different. Female brain is bigger. Male – hunter-provider instinct. Lot of effort is required to try to understand the other – alien mindset. Building the love map.
Talking pattern, feeling pattern.
When we try to please the other, without understanding each other, we end up disappointing the other.
Likes/dislikes chart.
Vision statement – where do we want to be in 5 years?
Drawing love map.
– Small things are very important. Clarifying oneself to the other.
– “You should be like this” >> “I expect this from you”
Discussing sensitive issues when you are both feeling fine.
Never attempt to compel the other.
Notice the signs – speed-breakers, curves, no entry, etc.
– Psycho-geometrics – preferred shapes – personality types!
Circle – friendly – need care/concern – overly personal, self-blaming.
Triangle – leader, focused, decisive – need esteem – insensitive, lonely
Square – hard-working, determined, organized – need trust – overly meticulous, rigid
Triangle & square are closer.
Squiggle – Creative, energetic – need appreciation – disorganized, naive, illogical, impractical
Rectangle – searching, growing, curious, improvise, marches to one’s own beat – need freedom – can’t keep time, original, less adaptable, into their own world
– When you give the other what he/she needs, they will give you what you need.
– When both are same shape, they might have a smooth marriage, but they might not do well together in the world.
– Passive-aggressive
– Love languages:
Miscommunication across language barriers
– He is trying to love me ~ he loves me
– Influenced by parental love language
1. Words of affirmation – appreciation in front of others.
2. Presence – companionship – women prefer this – eyeing process
3. Acts of service – their service must be valued.
4. Gifts – making & giving money
5. Touch – men prefer this. More sensitivity in the hands.
– Learn to speak at least a few phrases in the other’s language.
– We need to give & be received.
– Find innovative ways in which you can express yourself and your partner can understand/accept
– Strokes – positive/negative, unconditional/conditional, discounting, indifference
– How you say something is as important as what you say!
– Quality time – eye contact, listening. Business gazing – eyes & forehead. Personal gazing – eyes & chin. Intimate gazing – eyes, neck, chest & stomach
– Don’t take the other’s love language for granted. Speak back to them in their own love language. Speak at least 30-50% in their language.
– The gift of self
– Implicit & explicit touch. Not just sexual. Emotional touch


Christianity – General Introduction & History


– Angles – member of a West Germanic people that migrated to Britain in the 5th century A.D

Mutual excommunication!

– Mendicant friar – beggar brother

– Secularization not as a marginalization of religion, but as the evolution of the church in relation to culture.

– Assisi – map – Italy

– Mount Carmel – map – Israel

– Albigensian heresy – Catharism (pure ones) – Christian dualist/gnostic sect – southern France & Northen Italy

– Guild

– Tension in monasticism:
Contemplation/mysticism/individual holiness
Ministry/reform/social work
Where does the academy/theology/university figure here?

– St. Augustine & Thomas Aquinas – refer articles

– Even Luther was standing on the shoulders of many other giants gone before him, who were too ahead of their times to succeed in their mission, but they became the ones who prepared the world for someone like Luther……

– Curia Romana – the body of congregations, offices, permanent commissions, etc., that assist the pope in the government and administration of the church.

– Benefice

– Vatican City is present within Rome



– Rise of city-states

– Secularization – church-state separation

– The early/biblical/NT/Pentecostal/Apostolic Church

– Neither heavenly nor worldly, but spiritual!

– Popes as king-makers!

– Public morality

– Defending individual freedoms in such a way that public morality is not offended, and protecting the common good in such a way that human rights are not violated.

– Society = individuals + the people + institutions + culture/traditions + environment

– Internationalism

– Ecclesiastical democracy

– Almost all progress in the world has come from rebels/heretics/liberals!

– Proto-Protestants

– Authority – Pope => Bible => Spirit

– Bohemia



– Inquistion – against internal heresies/cults
Crusades – against external threats

– Papal States
Vatican City State

– Sacerdotalism

– “As soon as a coin in the coffer rings, the soul out of purgatory springs!”

– Printing press in the West – Johannes Gutenberg – 1450

– Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus

– Rotterdam

– Wittenburg

– Zurich

– Geneva

– Voluntarism

– Compare Augustine’s conversion and Luther’s religious experience

– The problem of defining the line between those who are saved/inside the church, and those who are unsaved/outside the church.

– Solas – sola scriptura, sola gracia, sola fidei, sola Christi

– Anti-Christ – the embodiment of evil

– Scholasticism

– Philip Melanchthon

– Neo-scholasticism
1879 – Aeterni patris (eternal father) – Refer in CS Articles

– From Roman Catholic to Protestant => from Church to Christianity => from Christianity as religion to Christ-spirituality.
From Pope to Bible to Church to Spirit

– Thomas Aquinas (1224-74)

– Martin Bucer

– Basel

– Strasbourg

– Pastor – practical leadership of the local congregation.
Teacher/doctor – theologian – not fixed to one parish, works in seminary also.
Presbyters/elders – group of lay leaders who team up with the pastor for administration
Deacons – executive assistants to help carry out the work of pastor & presbyters (pastoral committee)

– Mass – dismissal (RC), divine service (Lutheran)

– Synaxis – eucharistic assembly

– Missal

– Basque

– Secular Clergy
Diocesan priest

– City of Trent

– Roman Catholic sacraments – Eucharist, baptism/christening, religious ordination, marriage, catechism/confirmation, confession/penance, anointing of the sick
Potestant – Eucharist, baptism, preaching

– First Vatican Council – 1869-70

– Loyola, Spain

– “Ecclesia reformata, semper reformanda” – “The Reformed Church, always reforming”; “The church is always to be reformed” – Karl Barth (1947)



– Religious evolution => political development!

– Fiscal deficit
Public budget balance
Government debt

– Bastille

– Third estate

– Bourgeoisie

– Estates of the realm
Fourth Estate

– Nobility

– Proletariat

– Land-owners

– Descriptivism
Rusellian theory of names

– Intensional semantics

– Formal/symbolic/mathematical logic

– Modulus – absolute value/information content

– Robert de Lamennais

– Jansenist vs. Jesuit

– Calvinism as an Augustinian heresy

– Papal Bull

– Cornelius Jansen

– “Unigenitus de filius” – “only begotten son of God”

– Francois-Marie Arouet – Voltaire (pen-name)
David Hume
Immanuel Kant

– Holy Roman Empire/Pope => nation-states/Protestant & episcopal churches

– Gallicanism (France), Erastianism (Switzerland)

– Napolean Bonaparte => Napolean I

– Coup d’etat

– Notre Dame – cathedral in Paris

– Marianists – Society of Mary
Society of Sacred Heart

– Stigmata/stigmatic

– Catholicism, nationalism & communism

– Vesailles

– Otto von Bismarck

– Prussia

– 1917 October Revolution (Lenin – Soviet Union)

– Karl Marx (1818-83), Germany

– When the Church is too closely associated with the government, possesses enormous power (economic, cultural, moral, etc.) and majority of the people are its members……

– Friedrich Nietzsche – 1844-1900, Germany

– Sigmund Freud – 1856-1939, Austria

– Immanuel Kant – 1724-1804, Germany

– Ludwig Wittgenstein – 1889-1951, Austria/Britain

– 80 years war – 1568-1648
30 years war – 1618-1648
Peace of Westphalia – 1648

– German – Rhineland, Bavaria

– Catholicism (conservative)-Holy Roman Empire-monarchy-feudalism (anti-socialist)
Protestantism (progressive)-nation states-democracy-capitalism (pro-socialist)

– Czech – Moravia, Bohemia

– Masters of suspicion



– Rerum Novarum – “New Things” – Revolution

– John Henry Newman (1801-90), Edward Pusey & Oxford/Tractarian Movement

– The Evangelical Awakenings
First (c. 1731–1755)
Second (c. 1790–1840)
Third (c. 1850–1900)
Fourth (c. 1960–1980)
– John Wesley (1703-91), England
Jonathan Edwards (1703-58), America

– New England

– Ritualists Vs. Revivalists

– Distinguish:

– Branch theory of the Church

– Azusa street revival – 1900-03

– Calvinist & Arminian strands of the evangelical revivals

– Boxer Rebellion – 1898-1900. Chinese anti-Western imperialism & anti-Christian

– Cultural Revolution – 1966-76. Communism – Mao Zedong

– Qing Dynasty => Republic of China (1912-49) => Civil War => People’s Republic of China

– Shogun – any one of the military leaders who ruled Japan until the revolution of 1867–68

– Francis Xavier in Japan – 1549

– Kakure kirishitan – secret Christians in Japan

– Edo/Tokugawa shogunate – 1603-1868 – persecuted Christians & destroyed the church

– Matteo Ricci – Italian Jesuit priest (1552-1610)

– The European Colonial era was from the 16th century to the mid-20th century.
European colonies @ 1898

– “The Great Powers”


– Internet – mid 1980s

– Social media – Web 2.0

– Postcolonial Studies – academic discipline featuring methods of intellectual discourse that analyze, explain and respond to the cultural legacies of colonialism and imperialism, to the human consequences of controlling a country and establishing settlers for the economic exploitation of the native people and their land. Drawing from postmodern schools of thought, postcolonial studies analyse the politics of knowledge (creation, control, and distribution) by analyzing the functional relations of social and political power that sustain colonialism and neocolonialism—the how and the why of an imperial regime’s representations (social, political, cultural) of the imperial colonizer and of the colonized people.

– Contemporary History

– Globalization as neo-imperialism



– Civil society – aggregate of non-governmental organizations and institutions that manifest interests and will of citizens.” Civil society includes the family and the private sphere, referred to as the “third sector” of society, distinct from government and business.

– Public square – civic centre – community gatherings

– NGOs & NPOs

– Harmony, solidarity & service

– Charismatic – supernatural answers to prayer

– Refer: “Intra-religious Dialogue” by Raimon Panikkar

Some old stuff

– redevivus
– Pew Foundation
– Matthew Fox
– Joseph Campbell
– aver
– “ex opera operato”
– spiritualism ~ spiritism
– Disciple of Christ – becoming fully human by following the divine person
– “Sovereign” is a better word for GOD than “almighty”. And “eternal” is a better word than “sovereign”
– Habits, fruits & gifts
– “homo viator”
– Small groups of serious adult religious education
– Heart-body-social-head-theology
– “But in my spiritual life I have learned that hope and grace do not come cheap. They require honest self-scrutiny first, and then confession, an offering up of our own inner darkness to the source of forgiveness and transformation.”
– fraught
– The 4 temptations for any Indian citizen:
Callous apathy (resignation)
Flee to greener pastures (escape)
Violent revolution (subversion)
Loving, faithful & hopeful work for reform (witness)
Bitterness & despair (1-3)
Responsibility & eschatology (4)
– Dalit capitalism
– VPN may be a basic need for all the connected
– Holistic well-being & spiritual warfare always go hand-in-hand!
– Apocalyptic/eschatological
– K-12
– Secularism/materialism/scientism/humanism as a ‘religion’
– Suvarna
– When was the Babri Masjid demolished?
– Om
– Swastika
– Tantra
– Julia Sweeney – “Letting go of God”
– Youtube spirituality; trailer-mania……
– GOD waits – actively!
Willing me on………..

– About me
Gettin’ fucked by life
Suri Ben Noah (1959 – Present) is a passionate creative writer based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Creative writing, seeking Truth
Favourite Films:
My Life; The greatest drama of all time
Favourite Music:
My vibes – “Can you hear it now?”
Favourite Books:
Everything except what I scribble
Why the fuck am I still alive?

– politization
– Political psychology
– ‘ressentiment’
– Religious wars
– Compromise, accommodation & conciliation
– archaism
– fissiparous
– Blessed are those who see GOD, for they shall become pure in heart
– Historical/mystical/liturgical spirituality
– “Your own wickedness will punish you. You will see what an evil, bitter thing it is to forsake the LORD your God, having no fear of him.”
– “If a man divorces a woman and she marries someone else, he is not to take her back again, for that would surely corrupt the land. But you have prostituted yourself with many lovers, says the LORD. Yet I am still calling you to come back to me.”
– Lightstock sucks!
Bing rocks!
– Life in the Spirit (Christianity – religion) = Gospel truth (theology) + the way of Jesus (spirituality)
– animality
– Sacramental, narrative, intuitive beings
– visceral
– Creative Commons
Open Education
– Caledonian Antisyzygy
– blue-chip
– personable
– Ikea
– David-Cain
– Panic Fight or flee
Peace More options!

- Anger without bitterness/malice/violence
– Disappointment with oneself & frustration with the world
– God submitting to man’s rage!
– The sin of provocation
– The slighted ego
– Spiritual emphases (GLORY):
The love of GOD
The truth of GOD
The power of GOD
The holiness of GOD
Which is yours?

– BBC News – the week in pictures
– Elisabeth Nietzsche
– Faith is living in the light of the revelation, of the loving GOD, which gives us hope for a bright future
– Love
– Dogmatic constitution
Doctrinal tradition
– Insegnamenti – Teachings (Italian)
– convoke
– dicastery
– technologism
– sociocracy
– hinterland
– Protestant observer at the Vatican Council
– ‘Post-evangelical’ – ’emerging’, ‘ecumenical’ movements
– Malcolm-X/Islam
Martin Luther King Jr./Christianity
– Grammar (syntax), (sound) philosophy & (fiery) rhetoric ~ Scripture (revelation), (accurate) theology & (prophetic) preaching!
– New Monasticism
– Hutterites & Mennonites
– Community:
Living with each other, in unity & love
Living close to Nature, in harmony
Living without private property – voluntarily
Serving each other & the society around us with our unique GOD-given SHAPE
Working hard to be a self-sustaining household, but with a contemplative/Sabbath rhythm
– Perennial, hot-button issues, like the need for leadership, a common covenant, membership, accountability, and confronting conflict.
Temperamental mood-swings, possessive impulses and cravings for physical and emotional satisfaction, powerful currents of ambition and touchiness, the desire for personal influence over others, and human privileges of all kinds – all these place seemingly insurmountable obstacles in the way of true community…
– Stability, simplicity & submission
– Spirit, love & work
– Anabaptists, Moravians & Quakers
– Suffering, compassion & action
– Pride, sloth & anxiety
Greed, adultery & murder
Lying, selfishness & violence
– Fighting evil – in the self, in the community & in the world
– The necessity, certainty & loyalty of community
– Community – Spirit, Church & Kingdom
– Member, helper or guest
– screwball
– Worshipping one GOD together, sacrificially serving one another, and being open & welcoming to outsiders
– True community
Organised institution
– Objective obligations
– “Through him, both of us have, in the one Spirit, our way to come to the Father”
– Going out into ‘the world’, to work & serve (& earn), but never becoming grafted into its structures & methods!
– Contemplation, politics & ministry
– A life full of passion, risk & joy
A life full of purpose, character & discipline
A life full of love, sacrifice & service
– Poverty, chastity & obedience ~ Money, sex & fame ~ Scripture, prayer & community
– Homestead
– Group life – liturgy (Scripture-reading, singing & praying), study, conversation, sharing, eating, serving, confrontation/discipline, etc.
– Silent prayer, reflection & discussion
– A chosen race, royal priesthood & holy nation – cultural/ethnic, political & religious dimensions of the Kingdom, reflected in the church!
– L’Arche, L’Abri, Bruderhof, Finkenwalde
– The New Monasticism
– “I-&-Thou”
– Celebrate, catechise & discern
– Slow, deep, rich
– One day proactive/planned/focused
One day reactive/spontaneous/distracted
– Entertainment is not what you go to when you’re feeling empty, but when you’re full! The self must be independent of something in order to (rightly) enjoy it…
– Noam Chomsky, Carl Sagan, E.O. Wilson, Steven Jay Gould, Susan Sontag, John Updike, Edward Said, Henry Louis Gates, Camille Paglia, Alan Lightman, Gerald Early, Steve Pinker
– hashtag
– Wiki-…
– vituperation
– specialism
– Spark – A Burning Man Story
– Contemporary public intellectuals list
– Different levels of ‘community’:
Physical cohabitation
Spiritual unity with periodic regular gathering
Core-group, trial members & outsiders
– Integrity, privacy & accountability
Anything to be ashamed of?
Nothing to hide!
– Faith (steadfast) – what do you live for?
Hope (endurance) – what are you working toward?
Love (labor) – who do you belong with?
– Cross-pollination & fertilisation
– In the world, but not of the world
Against the world, for the world
Fearing GOD alone & serving all the world
– Embracing our weaknesses & follies…
The great/only sin is that of triumphalism &/or resignation!
– Love is the great Yes, within which there is the freedom to say No!
– Christianity: Religion, spirituality & theology new politics, economics & culture!
– Altering the community life for the sake of the members’ individual vocations within the structures of the world, & vice versa…
– Theology = liturgy + discernment + prophecy
– Reality = cause, people, things & tasks
– GOD – presence + purpose = power!
– Embracing (affirming & even celebrating!) creatureliness, in fallibility, fragility, mutability & finitude……
– Ministry is service to people that flows out of holiness (offering one’s body as holy & living sacrifice to GOD + not conforming to the World through mind renewal + being transformed through the pursuit of perfection)
– Legalism & antinomianism always go hand-in-hand!
– “How I became an accidental activist” – Naomi Colvin
– “Breaking out: How to build influence in a world of competing ideas” – John Butman
– Quantified self
– Leaning in
– Creative destruction
– Civil disobedience
– Continuous improvement
– Big Think
– Intentional communities
– Synopticon
– Double-bind
– The housing bubble
– Red herring
– Remixing Ecclesiastes & the Song of Songs!
– What does Girard mean when he says “Christianity is the solution to violence”?
What exactly happened when Girard ‘converted to Christianity’?
– Weird science fiction & profound philosophy!
– Criticality, creativity & integrity – nothing else matters!
– Errant knight
– The self, the world & GOD – all in MY head!
– Socratic Christianity
– Moderated dissolution!
– Christians committing genocide against Jews
– Blood libel
– Calumny, obloquy, traducement
– How does the scapegoat mechanism produce social differentiation??
– Legalism anti-nomianism Freedom

The dynamic of Grace!
– Martyr cult
– Evolution is (progressive/perpetual) revolution!
– Simone Weil
– Personal identity & universal unity
– Subaltern = divine!
– Hannah Arendt
– “Saved From Sacrifice”
– Edward Said
– Great modern Jewish rabbis
– Neuroscience, astronomy & theology
– Computational models
Intuitive solutions
Simulation experiments
– Keeping an ear to the ground
– Biopics, documentaries & short films
– ad ignorantiam
– The knowledge of good & evil (our obsession with it) is the root of all our problems!
Man – God-like – going beyond morality to humanity!
Christianity as the most radical humanism
Love, the only law – the liberating bond!
– Salome’s scholarship to study at a university in France – can I come too?!
The Psychology H.O.D of Madras University wants me to be a resource person for their weekly seminar
– Psychology through a combination of literature & anthropology
– Christianity, culture & conversion
– Evil = violence
Nothing more, nothing less.
Free-will is GOD’s highest value!
– Truth, friendship & violence
– The new (immoral/amoral!) morality
– perduring
– From bond-slaves of a transcendent deity, to free men who harness themselves for the highest common good
– From Church dogmatics to Christian philosophy
– distension
– propaedeutic
– Poetry/lyrics/sermons/speeches should always be read aloud
– “Take away the stone” => “Come out!” => “Let him go”
– The Supernatural has wholly entered into (penetrated/pervaded) the natural!
– “Ask the Lord to send into..” “Go! I am sending you out…”
– “Yet be sure of this…”
– There are no ‘evil desires’… only desires out of order/place/control
– The sceptic’s faith – “The Kingdom of Heaven is so far away from us”
– Gaul
– Death-of-GOD, atheist, secular theology
– Mindless & pitiless
– CROSSed!!!
– What matters ultimately – becoming a (good) Christian, or being-in-Christ?
– The beauty of GOD’s wild & the ugliness of our city!
– Someone who ruthlessly suppresses him/herself (out of a strong sense of morality) is more predisposed to violate another person, than someone who has learnt to relax & enjoy oneself!
– “So be it” ~ “So it is”
“So it ought to be” ~ “So we should do”
– Socratic Method
– 1Cor.6:12 + Jas.2:13
– The Socratic & the Christian
– Max Maxwell
– Evernote
– Caring for the neglected/downtrodden, loving our enemies & being true to oneself
– The erotic, the spiritual & the political
– Becoming independent of branding, internet, entertainment, occupation, media, automobiles, competition, indulgence, repression, activism, theology, ministry, religion, morality, etc.
– Subverting subversion
– bender
– Humour & curiosity
Empathy & altruism
– Photo blog
– Joe Kiran Perez – chellam’s maverick, playboy ex-classmate

– Paul Augustine Luther Barth

– Amos Swaminathan – “death of seed” (blog)
– periphrastic
– imprimatur
– O.P
– Doing GOD’s will ~ living in harmony with Nature
Keeping the Law ~ loving oneself & others
Fear-of-the-LORD ~ revering Life
– Josephus, Maimonides & Zoroaster
– Love as the ‘law of liberty’
– Grace as the fulfilment AND (therefore) cancellation of the Law!
The NT both elevates AND undermines the OT
– 2 Cor. 3:6-18!
– Interpreter ~ teacher ~ equipper ~ liberator
– 2Pet.3:15a
– Mat.23:23-24 – the only sins/evil – hypocrisy, violence & despair!
Straining the Camel & swallowing the gnats…
– Being a sensual libertine, without becoming hedonistic/nihilistic.
– Belief vs. Truth
Desire vs. Reality
Christ vs. Christians
GOD vs. Man
– Christ – breaking all boundaries – ethnic, cultural, economic, religious, political & finally moral!
– Eastern Orthodoxy (theology & liturgy) is more conducive for the flourishing of my new faith!
– “My Christ”
– Alfonso Cuaron
– irregular verb
-The Great I AM -Teacher, Perfecter, Shepherd, Inheritance, Precious
– Passing the Planet
– Goodness Billionaire
– Intra-ordinary
– “It is more blessed to give than to receive”
– Creator-Sustainer-Redeemer
– For this life AND the next
– Wages vs. Reward
– Money & Power
GOD & Love
– World-wide Witness Opportunities
– Transformation through Power
– Step of faith >> miracles!
– People-Planet-Culture
– Consumer >> Contributor
– A dying man’s words – a convocation address to the living!
The imminence of death >> the urgency of life
– Sexual greed
Spiritual pride
Material anxiety
– One overcomes all
– Prejudice/bias/apprehension
– Wisdom, skill & team-work
– Every-ism
– Selfishness, greed & cruelty
– The sin(s) of the victim
– Hello >> Halo
– Positive energy
– Morality, culture & environment
– Heart-mind & body-spirit unison
– Unity >> synergy >> progress
– Radical democracy
– Anointing authority to everyone
– Together toward a better future for all
– Dignified development network
– Self-governance
– Charitable trust
– Garbage, sewage, etc.
– Challenges as opportunities
– Catastrophe >> suffering >> compassion
– Predators or stewards?
– Youth enlightenment & empowerment
– Sociocracy
– Constitution Preamble
– Exploitation vs. Emancipation
– Smart streets
– Yoga & social conscience
– Taking charge of your neighbourhood
– Social conscience, personal identity & relational turmoil in “Ranjhanaa”
– Light vs. Blindness
– “Shadow of turning”
– From sacrifice to offering
– Holy King – qualify me to serve!
– Techno-socio-spiritual infrastructure
– Rights/privileges & responsibilities/duties
Liabilities & obligations
– The cardinal questions:
What do I really want?
What is important/valuable/meaningful to me?
How do I find my place in the world?
Why am I alive? What is the purpose that I can be passionately focused on?
Who am I? What is human nature? What is unique about me?
What would be the best way for me to live now?
Where do I want to go from here?
How can I live truthfully/wisely & responsibly/lovingly in this given context?
What is it to live in harmony with Reason & Nature?
In what way can I make this world a better place for everyone around me?
– Reality, meaning & truth
Experience, reason & faith
– True objectivity is inter-subjectivity!
– Internet slang
– Erotism
– Investigation, discovery & problem-solving
– “Mad Men”
– Linguistics
– Deconstruction
– Chaos Theory
Change Theory
Game Theory
– Simulacrum
– Philosophy & religion ~ Love & sacrifice ~ Sex & death ~ Union & dissolution ~ Desire & violence
– Romantics as a field of study/exploration
– Distinguish:
– Rimbaud & Baudelaire
– ‘101’
– Federal Shutdown
– The examined, engaged & exciting life
– Malala Yousafzai
– Middle Eastern female film directors
– Constitutional law & governance
– A living document
– ‘amicus curiae’
– Impartial observer, insightful interpreter & benevolent adviser
– Civil liberties & national security
– Due process
– Amending powers
– Directive principles
– Fundamental essence
– Inherent restrictions
– Universal standards
– Compensatory vs. Punitive measures
– tort
– Of occupation & resistance
– Evergreen classics
New & noteworthy
– Feminism, ecology & sexual morality
– Radicalism vs. Fundamentalism
– Mystical, rational & societal
– Liberal families
– Totem, taboo & transgression
– Promoting critical reflection, initiating debates & facilitating discussion
– The romantic, erotic & marital
– The goodness of being over non-being
– roister
– sunup
– dubstep
– iTunes Festival – live gigs! 🙂
– The party scene
– Spiritual disciplines love GOD

….but, the more you try, the harder it gets!
– What is (the essence of) holiness?
– “GOD” = everything together, & more!
– The tension between desire, willingness & ability
– Biological + social + ecological = psychology!
The spiritual is the mystery beneath, within & above this dynamic…
– theogony
– fl. – flourished
– “How Not to Make Money”
– Politics, religion & morality
– The Gospel of Judas
– Distinguish:
– Self-overcoming
– aporia
– Articulation, understanding & explanation
Reflection, discussion & debate
– Rational ~ virtuous
Consistent – lacking self-contradiction
– Socratic sophistry
– Who I am = what I want/pursue/value + what I believe (to be true) + what I know (is real)
– infrangible
– Glory – terrifying darkness!
– “The word of the LORD is tried in the fire”
– The Spirit is NOT the light that illuminates my way, but the fire that lights my candle!
– “The Blood that cleanses”
– Holiness as the unity of heart that enables us to enjoy life as a whole (including everything)…
The saint as the free, restful & focused person
– “God of heaven,
when the foundations are shaken
and there is no escape,
test us, but not to destruction…”
– The LORD’s throne is in Heaven, he watches over us & tests our hearts.
– reconnoitre
– Redefining faithfulness, holiness & righteousness:
Steadfastness, uprightness, honesty, etc.
Self-control, discipline & principled living
No irreverence, self-contradiction or deception
– Sincerity = unity of belief & desire!
– Creative relational energy as ultimate reality (GOD, Life, Love)
– Scientific mysticism!
Aesthetic ethics
– Moral superiority, religious confidence, theological naïveté & spiritual immaturity
– Third Eye
– Marshal McLuhan
– canard
– bandcamp
– Mixed orientation relationship
– Ambient music
– Reformist
– Privation ~ negation
– Spiritual pilgrim – the road is my home!
– Journeyman
– Indenture
– Indefinite ~ infinite
– Vital activities
– Life certificate
– Citizens Charter
– Fair Practice Code
– Take at least 10-15 deep breaths everyday
– ‘True truth’
– No understanding without experience
No experience without understanding
– The Eternal
The Numinous
The Mysterious
– Scripture – this could mean much more than, & also maybe very different from, what it seems like or what you think!
– You not only cannot know GOD completely, but whatever you do know of GOD cannot be perfect!
– Living wholly in the present is NOT living purely on random impulse. It is going deep into Reality (kairos), & refusing to allow the passing of time (chronos) to sweep us away…
– Omnipresence as transcendence!
– Should we also accept our non-acceptance of each other & even of ourselves??
– World theology
– Mystery & ministry
– provenance
– Honesty, fairness & compassion
– The greater good
The lesser evil
The greater evil
The lesser good
– Spiritual > moral > social > psychological
– Passion, creativity & clarity
– schadenfreude
– Patience, prayer, pain, thought, love, longing……
– The source, center & basis of all existence is also a universal human experience!
– Wilfred Cantwell Smith
– If you are okay with someone treating you in a particular way, then does that also make it okay for you to treat the other in the same way?
– I am a libertarian!
– Improvisation ~ adventure!
– inter alia
– Christian ~ spiritual ~ humane!
– recondite
– Quantum theology
– Probabilism
– Spooky reality!
– Grace & truth ~ Love & knowledge ~ Freedom & choice
– No true learning, without critical reflection upon personal experience, dialogue with contemporary culture, and finally contextual application!
– Fullness & wholeness ~ joy & healing
– meme
– Hyperdub
– flashforwards
– caper
– koan
– The Sopranos
Mad Men
X Files
Twilight Zone
– Addicted, to poison!
– jouissance
– slacker
– picaresque
– “Get a word in edgewise”
– Contemplate & discuss
Explore & practice
Celebrate & create
– Free Hugs Campaign
Random Acts of Kindness
– thunderclap
– Can (viewing & saving) NatGeo pictures be as edifying as (doing a course on) Theology or Psychology?
– Your Shot
– Auteur commentary
– prefecture
– Thoughts & emotions ~ beliefs & desires ~ mind & body
– artiste
– No spiritual edification, without deep awareness/consciousness, physical involvement, sensual stimulation & emotional impact!
– miscellany
– “Yeah, bitch!”
– Holy shit!
– Home stretch
GOD ~ reality/universe/life
Buddhist ministry
Meditation Centers
Dharma groups
Zen monastery
Orientation as motivation!
Shadow side
Indic knowledge
Interesting & profitable
‘Armchair approach’
Analytic Philosophy
Continental Philosophy
Terminology & structure
Starting with the descriptive, & then moving on to the prescriptive – not the other way around.
Meditation, community & compassion
Spiritual salvation & sexual liberation
‘Begging the question’
Family resemblances
Philosophy as reflective seriousness
Intellectual virtues – independence, perseverance, courage, integrity & clarity
– No compromise,
No regrets,
No apologies,
No guarantees!
– invidious
– Axial Age
– The Bible & sex
– Can the telephone shower effectively wash off chunks of stubborn, sticky shit?!
– Science, character & faith
Knowledge, morality & spirit
– Perspectives, values & rituals
– Narrative ethics
Educational story-telling
Situation & pathos
Events & relationships
Contextualizing & personalizing virtue
– Reader
– Broad guidelines
– Character & community
Discourse & Consensus
– Principlism
– Pastoral, clinical & medical
– Reformed, fundamentalist & evangelical
– Biospiritual & psychosocial
– Individualize, personalize & customize
– Evidence
– The need for novelty/variety
The need to emote/vent
The need to connect/converse
– Wrestling includes embracing!
– Movies:
How to Describe a Cloud (Mandarin)
Oh Boy (German)
– insouciant
– soporific
– mold
– lissome
– drolly
– Always have a Plan B
– Egocentric, ethnocentric & anthropocentric
– Movies:
Cheap Thrills
Vegetarian Cannibal (Croatian)
– bootleg
– blow (n.)
– sugar daddy
– Genre-bending!
– “Bury my eyes into this life!”
– Art-house
– Mood piece
– Cult classic
– Gloom-fest
– deadpan
– Black humor
– Magic realism
– In-carnation – In order to LIVE WITH someone, you also must (be willing to) DIE FOR them!
– unflinching
– de-tabooize!
– Movies:
A Touch of Sin (Chinese)
Young & Beautiful (French)
– Is man a wild or a domestic animal?
He is neither AND he is both!
He is free 🙂
– Movies:
Blue is the Warmest Colour (French)
– He/she who does not live in harmony with his/her body, knows nothing yet about the meaning of life!
– ensiform
– nobleman
– pooh-bah
– outlook
– tableau
– Bon vivant
– Life > world > self
– shakedown
– townie
– jig
– share link
– Movies:
The Shooter (Danish)
– mendacity
– rakish
– louche
– Movies:
The Grand Beauty (Italian)
Ponmaalai Pozhudhu (Tamil)
– “She who has fully enjoyed her body can never again live in submission.”
– No one & everyone
Anybody & somebody
– Movies:
Six Acts (Hebrew)
Harmony Lessons (Kazakh)
– middling
– humouring
– Francophile
– flunky
– obsequious
– ballsy
– oneiric
– hardboiled
– Fair game
Open season
– Human flesh = Worded earth!
– Tell Joanna to watch “Few Good Men”
– Listen to Words, SFG recordings
– Theology as systematic, critical & imaginative reflection on spirituality.
Ethics as systematic,…… on morality.
– App of the week
– Intimate (spousal) interrogation!
– Self-preservation, self-control & self-respect
Self-denial, self-sacrifice & self-emptying
– The more independent she becomes, the more I am attracted to her……!
– What we are
What we want
What we ought
– Metaphysical ethics
Ontological morality
– Evolutionary perspective
Medical dimension
– Marxist & Feminist
Phenomenological & Existentialist
– Existentialism – dialectic & crisis
– Dialogue & debate
Conversation & discussion
– Indirect experience
– Friendship & sexuality
Marriage & chastity
Is the substance leaking out of the borders, or is the boundary itself blurred??
– Lust as ‘forbidden love’!
– Violent love
Holy lust
Heavenly Eros
Extreme desire
– All theology is mystical, & therefore doxological!
– Literature = psychology + philosophy
– One-flesh union & self-transcendence!
– Material/sexual/emotional
– What does the Song (of Songs) have to do with marriage?!
– Christian gnosticism
– Virtue & virility
– Romance as a romantic idea!
– Both narcissism & altruism are morbid perversions/poisonous evils!
– Spirituality & religion ~ sexuality & marriage
Organic unity or artificial imposition?
– If your vocation is more inward (like mine), and less of social justice/welfare, then it’s ok to emigrate to a (more) developed country (politically & economically), so that you can focus more on stuff like philosophy, spirituality & culture, instead of spend so much energy fighting the structural evils around you……
– Roger Ebert
– iPad & Torrent salvation!
– Disagree, not disregard
– Sex – nature, desire & activity
– Autonomy, harmony & happiness

– What you have
What you do
Where you live
Who you live with
What you like
What you live for
– Freedom of the will & self-mastery
– lapsarian
– stupendous
– Knowledge, joy & love ~ truth, beauty & goodness ~ faith, hope & love
– Psychobiography
– Marxism
– Philosopher
I am not a capitalist – living to make money
I am not a socialist – working to make the world a better place
I am not a spiritualist – seeking GOD
So what am I?!
But I don’t want to be just another hedonist or epicurean……
– Beauty, talent & fame
– founder
– nugatory
– Kabbalah
– Read more literature – novels, poetry, etc.
– Everything is taxed!
I want to live in a country where there is least government interference…
– laconic
– nettle (v.)
– disapprobation
– Desires, duties & principles
Goals, interests & expectations
– dudgeon
– ruck
– sangfroid
– Maintain the sense of the divine with rigorous (exhausting, & ultimately futile) spiritual discipline… or relax, enjoy life & be good!
– effrontery
– sprig
– papier-mâché
– Are spirituality (tree of life) & morality (tree of knowledge of good & evil), lovers, or enemies, or……?
– dumbles
– Apolitical philosophers
– The only deontological ethic is Kant’s categorical imperative.
The only ethological ethic is love.
The only utilitarian/teleological ethic is the highest common good.
– Be original/authentic
Be substantial
Be interesting
Be relevant/significant
– Where does morality fit into the scheme of the True, the Beautiful & the Good?
– “You must always do what you feel/like/want”
Law (of desire) ~ slavery (to desire)
– dweeb
– No freedom, no justice
– tribunal
– The only obligation/duty is to uphold the rights of others as for oneself!
– alfresco
– Women theologians
– No variety, no vibrancy!
– Elevating the level of public discourse
– The theology of GOD
– Questions as angles

– Experience belief practice

– Worship – loving, knowing & serving GOD
– Human being (personhood) > human life (biological)
– Is there a “right to die”?!
– What about ‘natural abortions’??
– In biology, life is no more valuable than death… Both (together) are vital!
– Euthanasia
Stem cell research
– Deicide, suicide & homicide
– Legalism, libertarianism & slavery
Authority, freedom & welfare
– Blood, sweat & tears
Money, possessions & status
– Freedom > survival?!
– Does GOD want to be ‘sovereign’?
– The process of dying
– homestead
– The non-aggression axiom
– A relationship between equals that is mutually empowering
– When GOD takes in Egyptians & Ethiopians as “my people”, is he being ‘unfaithful’ to Israel?
– diss
– Victorian sexual morality & capitalist economy
– Repression
– wend
– No transcendence (of diversity), no universality/unity

– Pure consciousness perfect bliss!

– Only the lazy are hassled. The active are always slow & steady!
– Absurdity, tragedy & happiness
– Fate, philosophy & joy
– Sex & Agape
Love & Eros
– licit
– Bug fixes
– Hot marital sex
– Legal philosophy
– Sexual metaphysics

– Conservative liberal radical!

– Normality, morality & legality
– Contentious, provocative, controversial
– Kosher lust
– canonist
– Richard Posner
– Self-governance
– Masturbation, pornography & marriage
– Marxism, feminism & environmentalism
The real, the natural & the sane
Sabbath rhythm (whole week) Vs.
Weekly Sabbath (one day)
The feeling heart, the understanding mind & the hearing/seeing ears/eyes
In the path of progress, you need both the energy to advance toward destiny & the safeguards against getting derailed!
Redeeming guilt, by mutually reconciling the super-ego & the id, within the matrix of the ego
Ecosystem – the physical, biological, social & spiritual Web!
Paradox &/or dialectic?
The lack of terror/awe before GOD shows that he/it is nothing but a figment of your own projection (preference converted into imaginative reality)!
Worship as appeasement, offering & cultivation
Abraham/Genesis, Moses/Exodus & Paul/Romans
Nature & Humanity
Law & Grace
Salvation & mission
Self-revelation & law-giving
Solidarity & salvation

Ideals values priorities

Environmental engineering
Spiritual capitalism
Depression, addiction & aggression
The Other within the Self!
Becoming accustomed to horror
Grammar school
Curiosity, humour & resignation
Disgust, horror & remorse
Addiction, conflict & despair
Memories, fantasy & emotion
Soulfulness – inner priesthood/personal religion
Radical re-imagination
Improvement, transformation & perfection
Honouring the dead
Sentimentality = silliness?
Affectivity = stupidity?
Art – the link between spirituality & science!
Logic, scope & consequences
Views & values
Choices & practices
Internet slang
Meaning > definition
Psychological truth Existential ethics
Intellectual ~ artificial?
Passion/desire vs. Purpose/focus
Lapis lazuli
TED themes
TED books
Body ownership & property rights
Capitalism & sexuality Communism & morality
Metaphysical bookstore
Inner body Pain body
Old & new consciousness
Ego, self & soul
From thinking to knowing
From believing to loving
From feeling to being
From reacting to expressing
The automatic
The autonomic
Harmonising & integrating the aesthetic & the ascetic!
Divine commandments, social morality, individual convictions, spiritual truths, religious doctrines, miraculous revelations……
Deeply, fully & intensely human!
Versions – studio, live, unplugged, remixed, etc.
Whatever love is or not, it is anti/non-hate!
Narcissism & Solipsism
Mindlessness ~ vulgarity
Euphemisms as distortions & even deceptions!
Generous & meticulous
Stupendous ~ Stupefying!
Voluptuous, luscious movies
Repulsive beauty!
Royals vs. Rulers
Callous desire
Punt Ferryboat
Plebeian Patrician
Nobility Aristocracy
Hereditary & honorary titles
Evil ~ lesser
Quantum theology!
Love – biological, sexual & psychological
What about intellectual, moral & spiritual love??
Jack Monroe
Food bank
Secular sermon
Idolatry ~ insubordination
So be it!
Sublimating fear, powerlessness & loneliness
Stanley Siegel
Sexual ethic:
Casual, smart & responsible
Honesty & trust
Respect & generosity
Fantasy, promiscuity & intimacy
Violet Blue
Erotic, sexual & romantic
Intelligent Lust
Intellectual, aesthetic & moral
Sattva, Rajas & Tamas
Aspiration, rejection & surrender
Cosmic consciousness
Knowledge, power & freedom!
Inward plumbing ~ upward reaching ~ all-encompassing!

Body, mind & will Spirit, consciousness & love

From thinking, feeling & acting Being, knowing & yielding

Relax, imagine & laugh
Listen, embrace & walk
Prana, Kriya, Isha

Spirit/GOD Word/Christ (medium) Body/man

Delusive Dupe
Down quilt
Why do you throw your mobile & tablet around like that?!
Parley Armistice
Meretricious persiflage
Lover of wisdom ~ seeker of truth
Faith ~ imagination ~ understanding
Tantric sex
Supra-mental knowledge
Vital falsehood
The Christian caricature of other religions!
Our chief work is to overcome the omnipotent & ubiquitous grip of vanity (contemporary culture), and ascend up into the realm of Spirit, and then descend into the depths of matter, so that from that extreme height & depth, a new middle may spring forth, fresh & vital!
The spiritual significance of the brain, face, heart, stomach, skin & genitals
Suffer, not give up, & laugh!
Maybe the only way to find out what you really want is to let go of all that you think you want!
That is the Only Commandment…… The Great Ought!
Using sarcasm for rebuke!

Shock apathy!

Delusions & projections
Fighting is not always, or even usually, hating…
Soup, stew, sauce
Negative happiness
Detail (v.)
Stigma, taboo & moralism
Pleasure, procreation & salvation
Disciplinary canons
Mystical dogmas!
Consciousness, rationality & conscience
We, in & through the Son, relate to GOD as Father who begets us, & the Holy Spirit who proceeds from the Father into us and through us into the world…
Confess, experience & follow Christ
Right knowledge/theology, right worship/liturgy & right living/ethics
Divine revelation & human subjectivity
Heresy & apostasy
The meaning of place & occasion
Believe, pray & love ~ think, feel & act

Incarnation transfiguration crucifixion

resurrection ascension


The whole package is called Atonement/Salvation
Faith, hope & love ~ trust, work & enjoy!
Liturgical (ecclesiastical) ~ sacramental (cosmic)!
Ontological dangers
Person, life & work
Maybe I should join (collaborate with) SCM (Student Christian Movement) – Liberal ministry in Chennai!
Sometimes, contrary to our certain expectations, mistakes can be worse than sins!
Agriculture & the Eucharist



– Post-exile: Zerubbabel » Esther » Ezra » Nehemiah

Rebuilding: Temple (national religion/culture) » Walls (city) » Houses (individual)

– Glamour/fashion/ad/ gaming industry, etc. – ok as hobbies, but professional??


– What you actually want


What you should want

– Time for me to jail-break (myself from) the iPad!

– The evil denial of our physicality, affectivity & therefore also our sexuality. Time to put an end to this bullshit once & for all!

– Alternate:

Get things done


Stop & smell the roses

– Would you call your own father, a fool or a clown, straight to his face?!

– Repentance, unrepentance & rerepentance

– “What have you gained from all this isolation, Joe??”

– Pride – they don’t deserve my company!

– “Please pray that my daughter will get a good job & husband – preferably in Bangalore or Singapore, not Chennai…”

What is the great difference between their worldliness & my own selfishness??

– Time for Theology to pluck its head out of the ground, & take biology, psychology & culture seriously!

– The dead are the most consistent, secure & content of all people!

– From TV to music,

From internet to reading,

From mind to body,

From self-absorption to socializing……

– Saints:







Which one are you?

– Humanism > philanthropy

Can (love of) man survive without (faith in) GOD?



“Boiled Beans on Toast”

Never really took off…

– Movies:

“Payanam” (Tamil)

Mmm… Maybe being in the military is not all that bad (unchristian)!

– Distinguish:





“Colour Blind”

Fuck this linguistic bullshit!


– Movies:

“Red Riding Hood”

– Movies:

“Ip Man”

“The Grandmaster”

– Comparing theology/revelation to the progressive evolution of the parenting dynamic:

1. Childhood – “Do as I say because I say so.”

2. Youth – “I will help you understand why you should follow my advice.”

3. Adult – “Go, with all that I have taught you, & take it forward in your own unique way! I am always with you in spirit……”

4. Parent – pass on your legacy to the next generation so that they in turn will take your accomplishments to the next future step of development.


– Remediate

– What should be special about my life is not what I did or said, but how I lived and who I was – qualitatively different!


– 3 kinds of days:

1. Working/course

2. Relaxation/ entertainment

3. Exploration/creativity

– The best (& only) way to save mankind and transform the world is by being still! If we want new life, all we have to do is just (stop trying to not) die……

– I am gradually but surely becoming a Buddhist! So can I still be a Christian?

– Thomas Merton’s post-monkhood love-affair!

– Instead of solitude & contemplation being small islands scattered here & there in my lifescape, filled with the ceaseless waves of planning & activity, they should be the calm ocean upon which all other islands of work are submerged & suspended…

Whatever happened to my dream/goal of the still, deep & full life??

– Creativity, compassion & courage

– My ultra-ordinary life!

– Boredom is not that bad. Why are people so scared of it?!

– Naked, nailed & alone

The Crucifix of Christ and human freedom/dignity

– Are the Quakers ‘liberals’?

– How do I live humanely (meaningfully & pusposefully) in a world where little children die in accidents, & are raped/killed?? Can my life make any difference (for better or for worse) at all?

In spite of the great persons, events & movements in history, look at what the world has come to today……!

Is this unrealistically pessimistic?


Jn. 10:30 – is this also an “I AM” saying?

Men are cruel/greedy & women are manipulative/jealous.
Which is worse?


Bias (fabric)

Caravansary Khan





Only the one who is no longer afraid of death is free to live fully!

Today – 32C, but feels like 38C!

Totem Xat

Davy Jones’ Locker



Influenced by, and influenced……



– Metro Plus Theater Fest:

Macbeth (Manipuri!)

Where is Modi in all of this?


– Man vs. Time

Man vs. Space

Man vs. Matter

When will you learn to “stop kicking against the goads”, Joe??

Dance with, instead of fighting against!

– When you prioritize your values, remember to distinguish between means & ends.

– The rare handful of persons who are too far ahead of their time are great blessings to the world, but they themselves are cursed!


– Are we supposed to expect a tide of saffron terror to be let loose in the near future, in this great country??


– Movies:

The Wolverine

If you “had to” kill your own beloved, would you?

– Movies:

The Exterminating Angel (Spanish)

Why this title??

Surrealist documentary – one of the best movies I have ever seen?!

So does history hold the key to unlocking the future?

I know where they are gonna get stuck next – traffic? or office?


– I think it’s enough if I finish the dual M.A in 4 years, instead of the previously planned 2…

– Adobe

– Galleon

– Salamander


– 916 gold = 91.6% = BIS = 22K

– Exercise – cardio, stretching, strengthening, posture & breathing

– Myuzik

– HOW you make money is more important than how MUCH money you make.

– “Hey… One small advice: Don’t immediately get into anything else after you leave this job. Just spend a few months doing nothing. It would be essential to get back in touch with your self!”

– The teacher is the student who is (primarily) self-taught. All other students are just students, not teachers.

– Do you want to travel to all the (attractive) countries of the world before you die?

– So what is the real cause/reason/motivation/purpose behind this major change/decision?

– Ugly/bland » pleasant/agreeable » attractive/beautiful » gorgeous/stunning!

– What is the opposite of reify?


– Yes, but sometimes (& in some ways), money is more precious than even time!

– I kill insects only inside my house.



Slipshod Slovenly


“The funk”

Human ~ humus!

America, the bloody-beautiful!


The status of ex-slaves

Keeping promises
Evolving convictions


Conscience as contextual, critical & compassionate consciousness

“Cut against the grain”



How can I be passionate about certain social evils which have not affected me personally?

Doing the M.A without being dominated-controlled by the system/deadline/evaluation of IGNOU or M.U!

Coping with one’s own public powerlessness by exercising domestic power over the most vulnerable!

The danger of reinforcing the worst, in our pursuit to reach out & grasp the best!

Christian fellowship meeting – let’s talk sex today, folks!

Ordered, collective, symbolic actions

Mystery ~ ambiguity ~ ignorance ~ chaos!

Playlets of melancholy, desire & anger




Ethical emotions

Secular liturgy

The Latitude Festival


The sermon should do for the N.T (& the entire Bible) what the N.T did for the O.T!
Progressive revelation (past), contextualisation (present) & extrapolation (future)…

Apocalyptic & eschatological exposition!

The sermon is the articulation & explication of the meeting point & dynamic interface that forms between Scripture that moves toward us, & our own lives that move toward GOD……
Therefore, the pulpit lies somewhere halfway between the Bible & the congregation, thereby becoming the vital bridge that gives life by connecting Word & flesh!

– Know your limitations, so that you know how much you can stretch!
– Yes I know this is what you believe, but I’m asking you to think it over again…
Will you?
– Spirituality, philosophy & service

– One man’s reason is another’s nonsense!
– Tree & bark ~ spirituality & religion ~ love & marriage ~ relationship & institution ~ person & society ~ Grace & Law.
1. Which is more important?
2. Which one is the means & which one is the end?
3. What does one do when they contradict each other?
– “Gladly forever adore him!”
– Sermon – evoking a particular (powerful) mood & be touched-moved, rather than (brilliant) points to remember-apply!
Imbibe the Spirit, by delving into the Word (exposition), & express it through words (preaching) that in turn recreates the same inward effect in the hearers.
Preaching is NOT GOD speaking through the preacher, but the preacher him/herself speaking out of his/her experience & encounter with the living Christ in Scripture…
– “The best just got better!”
– 2 different views of Preaching:
1. Evangelical – the sermon as playing within the circle of Scripture.
2. Liberal – the sermon as running on & taking-off from the launching pad of Scripture.
– Expository preaching – what would this passage sound like if it was written by me, inspired by the same Spirit as the Apostle, in this contemporary context?
What would be the vocabulary, the style, the central thrust of the message? How would it be the same & how would it be different?
– Movies:
Promised Land
Finally, it was a personal insult that made him change course, rather than any conscientious penance or passion for a higher cause!

– Living over-cautiously is more dangerous than living with gay abandon!
– “You will never again be a saint or pastor in my eyes!”
– GOD wished me “Happy Birthday!” today (through a sign in heaven) – this has made my day complete/perfect! 🙂
– The greatest danger with any substance or activity that is intensely pleasurable is not addictive potential, but its power to numb one to the suffering of others (especially ‘the least of these’) & social evils……

– Rather than completely repress our ‘animal instincts’, it would be better to express them in an enlightened-moderated manner.
“Just creatures for a while…”
Then the violent eruption can be prevented!
So, are concepts like ‘sublimation’ just myths??
– I want to be a paragon of ingenuity (creative improvisation)! 😉