Schedule (brief)

Liturgical rhythm:
– The Resurrection – God’s last laugh!
– The 2 Great Commandments
– Holy Eucharist
Browse – apps, sites, etc.; stuff in PC
Check out Bing/NatGeo photo (daily)
Feeds – Flipboard/Feedly
Holy Sabbath (First day of the week)
How is it with your soul?
The Hindu – Sunday Magazine; Cinema Plus; Literary Review
Word/quote of the day; Mind-game; yoga (daily)

Download Philosophy Talk, Homebrewed Christianity, etc.
Liturgical Rhythm:
– Pentecost – Creation & New Creation.
– The New Commandment, the Golden Rule & the Great Commission
– Baptism & Feet-washing
The Hindu Newspaper (Sunday Magazine; Cinema Plus; Monday Education Plus)
Study – Movie; Theology Quest; Spiritual Theology (book)

Liturgical rhythm:
– Incarnation – God with us; God in the other
– The Ten Commandments
– Confession & Penance
Study – Religions; News
TT Coaching (Tue. & Wed. 7-8:30am; Tue. – Fri. 7-9pm for kids)

Fasting day (with sil. n sol., schedule/resolutions review, foundational stuff, liturgy, & Scripture). Buy 100% fruit juice. Balancing posture, breathing…
Liturgical Rhythm:
– Epiphany – the call to justice and peace
– The Beatitudes & the Great Blessing
– Catechism & Confirmation
Plan/revise for SFG Meeting

Liturgical rhythm:
– The Christian walk of costly discipleship
– The I AM sayings
– Preaching of the Word & Funeral
Weekly thought » sms list
Study – Fiction; Poetry; YouTube/Vimeo

Download iTunes song of the week
Liturgical rhythm:
– The Cross – identifying with the crucified Messiah
– Fruit of the Spirit
– Holy Matrimony & Religious Ordination
Music time
Study – Secular Course; Metaphilosophy; Theology book on my table
Weekly thought » SFG

Liturgical rhythm:
– God’s reign in the community of the saints
– Spiritual Warfare
– Extreme Unction & Laying on of Hands
Social networking – Twitter/LinkedIn/WordPress
Study – Movie; Desiring the Kingdom; TV
SFG Meeting