– Alternate seminar & retreat on an annual basis.
E.g. If this year, you have seminar, then 2018 will be for retreat, & 2019 for seminar, etc.

– non-adventures

– I think Jordan Peterson & Camille Paglia are mistaken about “postmodernism”!

– Mk. 12:35-37
The temple was not only a place of ritual sacrifice (liturgical worship), but also of teaching (intellectual inquiry)! WOW… the combination of the two would be explosive πŸ’£
Reading Scripture with an inquisitive mind along with others who are both reverent & curious!
Wonder ~ delight πŸ˜‡
“How can the scribes say…?
So how can it be…?”
The sage/prophet as the one who stands between the crowd and the high priests, and destabilizes the harmonious hierarchy!
Hmmm…… Let me see if I can insinuate myself into the Christ University system, like a serpent/virus/spy 😈😎
Jesus ~ Socrates ~ Buddha ~ IJ
Who/what is the Messiah? This is a perennial question out of which flow rivers of living answers……….
“What did I just read?”
Who am I? Who do you say I am?
Who are you? Who do I say you are?
Who is Jesus – for you, for me, for him/her, for us, for them, for the world, for GOD, for Jesus?
Find something worth considering for an entire lifetime.

– Where has my depression gone??
Why? What? How? When?

– “Please pray for me.
Thank you!” πŸ™

– Sexualizing spirituality & spiritualizing sexuality

– How can liturgy save the city?

– Perfection is where extremes meet!

E.g. Chaos & order, freedom & bondage, life & death
– Intoxicated by solitude! πŸ˜‡
– Is this fantastic climate the greatest gift that I have received in/from Bengaluru?
– What did Nietzsche mean by “Beyond Good & Evil”?
Did he intend it as an indicator of the amorality of human decisions, like the choice between colors…?
So then, how do I choose between alternate ways of life??
Can there be no absolute evaluation?
– Know thyself ~ know the limitations of thy knowledge (& start pushing!?)
– The 3 Delphic maxims
– Somatic consciousness
Purgational self-criticism
Habitual comportments
Animal functions
Pre-psychological forces
Spiritual hypochondriasis
Looking well
The law of parsimony
– Why is self-examination so boring & bitter?
– Jesus – Son of GOD, King of Israel, perfect human & Saviour of the world
Grace: gratitude –> forgiveness
The Kingdom to come – the inverted world order
– Anti-aesthetic art
– Fuck the (fixed) daily rhythm.
The Earth 🌎 is 3/4th water πŸ’¦ (chaos) and only 1/4th land (order).
So, suspend the plan within the matrix of spontaneity, instead of the other way around!
– Dialectic:
– Development/growth/evolution
– Life is an intoxicating drudgery! 😷
– Do you have any understanding of Latin American & African philosophies?
World > West + East!
– Mindfulness – harmonizing, & ultimately integrating, emotion & will!
WOW πŸ˜‡πŸ˜²πŸ˜·
– Sleep + chores + study/reflection + entertainment + socializing = life.
What is missing here?
– Distinguish:
I want
I feel
– Norway – how could people in such a gloomy & cold climate be so happy??
– The multicultural self
Intercultural/world/comparative philosophy & spirituality
– Transcendental ego
Empirical ego
Intentional consciousness
– pariah
NPA (non-performing assets)
SJW (social justice warrior)
Radical imagination
Politics of possibility
Henry Giroux
World Social Forums
Stanley Aronowitz
Antonio Gramsci
Cultural politics
Public spirituality
Moral authority & political power
– It IS critical to BE critical.
IS it?
– Can an idealist also be conservative?
Can a pragmatist also be progressive?
Classical liberal
– Complacency, hypocrisy, cowardice, resignation, boredom, numbness, indifference, compromise, superficiality, mediocrity, (jealousy & bitterness too?), etc.
My intimate nemeses…!
– Being human – is it possible to be both a unique individual & a good citizen?
– Baroque conceit
Consensus reality & social responsibility
Freak ~ failure ~ original
Being truly myself ~ being fully human
Normalize ~ objectify ~ enslave
The sovereign subject
Self-trust >> risk-taking
The alienating logic of the defense-system
Consciousness as gullible energy
The inextricability of biology & society, & the task of spiritual liberation
Unconscious manipulation/deception
– From something,
To everything,
To nothing,
To (something NEW)……?!
– Depression (painful) >> boredom (emptiness) >> ??
– What is the main difference between Aana paana and Vipassana meditation?
– mercurial
Desiring desire
Earning time
The glorious ordinary
– Dark comedy/serious frivolity (“Ha ha ha ha!”)
Light tragedy/empty substance (“O, so sad!”)
– Subvert ~ infect ~ corrupt
Only total chaos can overthrow this monstrous order!
– How can something unreal die?
– The O is nothing but the I wholly curved in upon itself!
– What would happen to you in a year, if you simply made the small changes in your everyday life that you know you should?
– Jordan Peterson’s rules for life
(modified by me)
Speak the truth (& act as if you cannot lie).
Don’t do anything that you hate.
Pay attention.
Dream bold (imagine the brightest possible future for yourself) & then make a plan.
Stay connected with people. But be careful who you get close with.
Try to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible.
Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.
Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing, and see what happens. Nothing well done is insignificant.
Write down your earliest & most painful memories, expressing yourself as completely & clearly as you can. Learn to think critically & precisely through reflective writing.
Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions.
Treat yourself as if you are someone else that you were made responsible for, or someone dependent you had to take care of.
Ask for help when you need it. But beware of trying to save others. And whenever you feel like criticizing the world, check if your own house is in perfect order.
Dress like the person you want to be. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.
Don’t avoid something frightening if it stands in your way, & don’t unnecessarily do anything dangerous.
If you dislike your spouse/children, do something about it, sooner rather than later.
Love people & use things, don’t love things & use people.
Do not hide or run away from the negatives in you.
Note that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated.
Read something written by someone great. Get to know the works of art that have stood the test of time.
Pet a dog/cat when you encounter one, and don’t bother children at play.
Don’t let bullies get away with it.
Write a letter to the government, if you see something that needs fixing, and propose a solution.
Remember that what you do not yet know might be what you need the most.
Look out for reasons to be grateful in every situation.
– Putumayo
Rough Guides
– Is it possible that sometimes, reality is even better than fantasy??
– In cahoots
Brutal ineptitude
The marriage of illusion & futility
Smart packaging
Trigger warning
– I think Alan Watts & UGK are actually friends!
– Rationality is experiential/conditioned, and therefore also fallible/restrictive…
– Distinguish:
Real essence
Habitual nature
The tangle & rumble of spirit & emotion……
In order for the new to be, there is no need to resist the old, just desist from it!
Mat. 5:39
Resisting evil
Fighting the evildoer/evil one

– Life course
Curriculum plan

– ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final – match analysis:
What was the reason behind India’s dismal performance yesterday?
Just another (rare, but inevitable) “bad day at the office”? I don’t think so.
Why were the Indians less hungry/passionate than the Pakistanis?
I think it’s a matter of the heart/mind and not just strategy/skills.

But the result is good for cricket overall! Pak is back with a bang πŸ‘
– Noam Chomsky
Slavoj Zizek
– “I would prefer not to”
– Super-Id
– Serious comic
Profound graphic novel
– Art Spiegelman
– Those people who (claim they) are not narcissists are the most dangerous monsters around!
– Anarchism
– Which is better – a contemplatively (s)paced lifestyle or regular spiritual disciplines?
– What are the greatest/best graphic novels of all time?
– Female intellectuals



– Current

– “Go Irish”

– A human being is not born. No one is a human being by nature. A human being is made, just like DNA is transcripted into RNA & then translated into protein. The protein (body) then becomes the base from which the spiritual work is done…

– I live in this 3D world, but I am originally from the 4th dimension!
Therefore, I am nothing here, and this is nothing to me……

– “Again” – Archive (lyrics)
The music, the lyrics and my mood mingle perfectly to create absolute bliss!

– Distinguish:
Melancholic aggression
Nihilistic ressentiment

– Rock:

– Self-criticism – what a society needs the most, will never be considered by that culture as “good” or “positive”…
In fact, it will always be seen as negative or worthless!
There is nothing we hate or avoid more than (what is required for) our own salvation.
In short, the true messiah is always a crucified one.

– All heroism is essentially tragic, and all narratives are ultimately comedic.

– Christ University – if you are widely reputed, and rated as a top/premier institution, then you are definitely NOT radical/subversive!

– Sleep/leisure as the most productive/generative of activities!

– Leisure the basis of culture & the philosophical act by Josef Pieper
Blessed are those who fully read my journal entries, for they shall be rewarded with such priceless treasures……! πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Ž
The essential/crucial/vital luxury

– How willing am I to see myself in the light of the other?

– Education ~ philosophy ~ spirituality!

– Nutan

– Why is it that we hear (& are disturbed by) the dog-fights only late at night (when we go to bed)?

– Change the motto of Christ University:

From “Excellence & Service” to “Knowledge & Freedom”! 


– Ultimately, the Liberal Arts might be the most useful (to being human) than all the other fields of knowledge put together!

– Vicious virtues
Virtuous vices
E.g. Industry & laziness

– Professor – publicizing the private is the only way to access truth!
From opinion to knowledge, through conflict…

– But what if your life partner is not your soul mate (and your soul mate is not your life partner)?

– Becoming fully yourself IS changing the world!


– The armchair in my living room is the frontline in the spiritual war of our age!

– What is “natural justice”?

– Movies:
” Wonder Woman” (2017)
Mainstream Hollywood films (especially the superhero genre) are no longer solid (theological) substance. I must turn to the arthouse stuff for that.
Gal Godot is super. But Wonder Woman is naΓ―ve.
War as truth. Satan as the great peace-monger!
Her romance with one man is what sustains her love for mankind.
What is the significance of the watch that is left in Diana’s hand by the hero?

– Cricket – the India-Pak rivalry is dead. It’s a total mismatch, folks! This is a different kind of sadness for India fans……

– “Hic et ille”

– What is the difference between a thing & its reflection?
Nothing, & everything.

– Sleeping with the specs on

– Finding new fuck-buddies
Hidden contacts

– Aesthetic imperfection (double meaning)
Wonder Woman (2017 Hollywood movie) is too nice and The Tempest (BBC production of the Shakespeare play) is too heavy.
I need something in between……

……like Louie (TV series by Louie C. K.)??


– Deconstruction as counter-interpretation
Sincere but wrong
Double whammy

Statesman/public servant
Fake/paid news
Hung parliament
Aelia Capitolina
Hidden traditions

– Maybe I should use the power of the Internet better to overcome my isolation & listlessness……?

– Who (among those around me) is seriously interested in the spiritual life anymore?? 

Well, even I have nothing better to do, that’s why……! 


– From good to great ~ from busyness to contemplation – from health to enlightenment ~ from happiness to misery!
There is a joy (spiritual) that lies in the very depths of sorrow (psychological).
Being profound/authentic has a very high price indeed. The question is whether it is worth all that pain……
The most terrifying abyss lies WITHIN!
Do you dare to enter, & stay??

– Do you know that all the garbage from our houses finally ends up in their backyard?
Well, now you do.
But what are you going to do about it?
Should you do anything at all?

– Distinguish:

– “Civilization and its Discontents”
Now, through prolonged repression & neglect, turned into malcontents 😑
– catercorner
Negative capabilites
Proscenium arch

– “Why is there something rather than nothing?”
Get the book! πŸ˜‰

– It is possible to be confident but wrong. And it is possible to feel dejected while in the centre of “GOD’s will”. 


– nimesis
symbolic environment
Secular theodicy
Bureaucratic discourse
Mass suasion
semantic slippage
Symbolic manipulations
Organizational logic & official ideology

– I must live for one year without any clearly defined occupational role. I must see if I can fall in love with myself, or at least learn to live happily with myself, by going through a long period of intense solitude & unlimited freedom……

– Can democracy/citizenship & nationalism/patriotism coexist?

– Isn’t it easier to believe that a personal GOD created this world, with conscious & intelligent beings as ourselves, rather than the evolution, of life from organic matter, & consciousness from biological beings?
Or is there a third alternative……??

– Reading as an escape from self-confrontation

– What do you do? ~ Show me your clothes
Who are you? ~ Get naked in front of me now!

– If I am brutally honest, I would accept that i can’t see a way out of (bio-cultural) determinism, yet! 


– Cricket – what, India can’t defend 321?! And then they (commentators) say it was not quite enough!

– My job is to become nothing by doing nothing, and therefore to expose to this world that all its sound & fury signifies nothing!

– The romanticization of sex

– Distinguish:
All together constitute life/spirituality/prosperity/being!
Missing any one by conflating one with another results in death/deficiency/regression/depression.

– Is what is not articulated &/or communicated not understood/known?

– earful

– Is it “appropriate” for someone nearing 40 to be “sexy”?

Huh!? Fuck that shit…… 😈



– Depression – trying a new method of self-care (as essential to the treatment, along with medication).
Pamper the flesh – just relax completely, whenever you feel miserable. Then slowly, coax the body using the will to move & perform the usual routine, but this time with more awareness & finesse.
Mindful breathing + yoga moves = body-mind integration
Somaesthetic approach…
Let’s see how this goes.
The mind thinks all that the body wants is safety, pleasure & rest, but it is wrong! The mind does NOT know the body. We must stop thinking about, & speaking to, the body, & start listening to it more.

– From the wild animality of the jungle (dangerous environment), we have now moved into the impersonal mechanism of the city (enslaving systems).
How shall we regain the garden again?
Can it ever be??
We, as individuals have lost touch with our own bodies, and as a society we have been alienated from the planet.
Why did this happen, & how can we rectify this?

– The Arts need the Sciences just as much as the Sciences need the Arts.

– Moving from culture as nature to nature as culture.

– Melancholia (film) – is it possible to optimally function in this world, & also be ready (even eager!) for its extinction?


– Uniqueness


– Distinguish:

– Jordan Peterson hates postmodernism, but loves Nietzsche. How come?

– Randomize ~ revolutionize ~ radicalize ~ liberate!

– The antidote to depression is not medication (retreat), it is aggression (offense)!
The war of socio-psycho-biology and philosophico-mystical-spirituality

– True life is neither inward nor outward, it is (all that goes on) in-between!


– Can the pure physiology of UGK & the perfect nihilism of Nietzsche be harmonized &/or integrated?
Spirituality is more than (mere) biology, but it is also less than (contemporary) culture!

– nugatory
Zero point
self-alienation & self-knowledge
subsurface structure
Originatory & originality

– Cardinality & ordinality
I always used to count the day in which we are born (zero age value) as our first (by numerical order) birthday.
I am the Zero without which you are not one.
I do nothing, so that you can be something!

– Ellipse

– Zero, infinity & uncertainty
Negating the negative!
E.g. Solitude vs. Depression

– Precept

– Superficiality & compulsion >> stress
What could be the antidote then?

– Curiosity + criticality >> creativity! 


– Zeroing in
Zeroing out

– Tinder as a social psychology experiment

– Distinguish:
E.g. I am a post-Christian, not ex-Christian

– Bengaluru – the confluence of North & South (India)
Maybe I don’t need to learn Kannada after all. I can manage with Hindi…

– Intellectual > academic

– Radical ~ negative ~ critical ~ subversive ~ liberatory ~ revolutionary

– Hostility



– Dusk today ~ 7:05 pm

– Spiritual formation = studying the great + self-examination + dialogue

– Thoughts ~ representations
Rationality & morality
Desire & will
What (beliefs & practices) does it take to have (true) knowledge of the (real) self?

– Trying new non-routines
Dis-&-re orienting… ad infinitum!

– If you have accepted that you are outside the world-system, then why do you still struggle to maintain a social identity??
You are not strong enough yet, to be completely free…!
(but you will become, if you keep at it)

– Remembrance (of my own principles) as reactivation (of my spirit)

– The poet as heterodox prophet/marginal expert

– The politics of the individual
The rhetoric of Ethics and the ethics of Rhetoric
Thinking without knowing, & knowing without thinking
Speaking without loving, & loving without speaking
Believing without doing, & doing without believing
Criticizing analysis and analyzing criticism
Madness & magic
Development as modification
“situated” (adj.)
Social theory & human science
The plural self
Revisionist agenda
Disempowering practices

– How did Critical Theory itself become an ideology?!

– Socio-psychic – all persons are influenced by their culture, but not all individuals are able to affect the society in which they live.

– Is any religion as thoroughly historical (in its theology) as Christianity?
Not even (contemporary) Judaism!


– If to live (physically) is to die, then to die (spiritually) is to live!
Things change,
Shit happens,
Life goes on.

– One can “get used to” almost anything……

– Listen to the silence,
Peer into the void,
Feel the numbness,
Taste the blandness,
Smell the breeze,
Commune with yourself,
Contemplate the ineffable
Narcissus, becoming Leviathan……!

– proem

– Converting the naturally passives into active, and the previously actives into passive…
– What does the (external) climate have to do with the (internal) mood?

– Classical science
The hermeneutic approach

– “To know who I am is a species of knowing where I stand.” – Charles Taylor
Hmmm… (my) identity is rooted in (my) morality.
Autobiography as introversion.
Even if one is in constant flux, there is still a place for identifying your position in the present.

– Bible Project – reading the entire Bible as a single, unified (meta)narrative is problematic, isn’t it?

The Eternal
The One
Hyper-immanent personal process!

– dharna




– Ideologue’s guide to perversion

Reverse brain-washing

– I am more contemplative/introverted than most people. But how come I bailed out of the Vipassana course on the 4th day, and the others were able to continue and finish it??


– Is it possible to live (i.e not destroy oneself), once you have fully embraced the truth/fact, that there is no meaning/purpose of life (except life itself)?

– If the negation of life is not death, then what is it?





– Nitzschean charity

Divert all funds, from supporting the survival/uplift of the “weak/struggling”, to preserve those (individuals & groups) who are living/fighting “at the edge of time”……!

The death of certain folks/movements is more precious than others…?


World Vision >> Wikileaks 

Save the Children >> LibGen

William >> Abel

Pownya >> Shanthuru



– Meditation – breather >> breathing >> breath!

– God >> GOD >> G-d >> gOd!

– Used Audacity for noise reduction of my positive affirmation recordings… πŸ‘

– Distinguish:

The barking dog


This dog barking


– It seems that UGK has somehow defaulted to the Edenic state.

But (according to Christian theology), the way back is barred, and we can only move forward (toward the New Jerusalem) now.

Add Nietzsche’s idea of the “eternal return of the future in the event”, and you get an awesome solution that takes the journey beyond the deadlock……



– Your thoughts & feelings don’t matter.

Even your beliefs & desires don’t matter.

Only your will & actions matter.

Frustration/despair/sorrow is the result of not realizing the above truths.

But happiness/peace/positivity is NOT the result of realizing them!

– Yes, depression is only for sissies.

But there is a sissy in everybody, right?

– It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are… You are ALONE!

Only very few people have realized this fact, & even fewer have embraced it fully.

First you see the truth, then it kills you, because it destroys the foundational illusions that sustain your current existence……

And after this, if you’re still breathing, it liberates you, totally!

– If there is a lone wolf among a thousand sheep, who is under threat??


– From




– Mind as culture within.
Most of your thoughts & feelings are just experienced (passively) by you. They are NOT yours!
Only what you do (by actively moving against your own beliefs & desires) is upto you (freedom of choice). The will is your ONLY way out!


– I wish I was cool.
Or I wish I was not bothered about whether I was cool.
Now I wish that I didn’t wish…… πŸ˜‡

– I had another dream of being “reconciled” with Rowan & Vanya.

Does this “mean” anything??

– I must look into the philosophy, theology & spirituality of sleep, insanity & the unknown……

How about mind, language & biology?

– Thinking about thinking 

Praying for my prayers

Believing in belief

Living out (of) life

– Romanticism >> scepticism >> mysticism


Oblivious ~ cowardly 

Feminist (critical member)


Feminism (her movement)


– Thinking out loud:
Based on our experience of the world today, what great/lasting impact did the so-called great ones make??
Maybe we will have to see the world as it might have been if these special persons had not lived……
Then the difference might show itself more obviously!?


– Meditation


So, both the way back (to Eden) and the way forward (to the New Jerusalem) are blocked to us.
The Garden is closed by the flaming swords. And the City is closed because the human mind is not capable of overcoming itself.
If there is any possibility of divine revelation (& therefore our salvation), our last resort is to probe the wounds for the flow (of blood & water)……….


– “Nannagae Kannada gotthilla”

– Free man from humanity!
Fuck moralism, spiritualism & capitalism


– All successes are also failures.
And all failures are also successes.

– Instinctual discipline
Wild wisdom
The plural/fragmented/conflicted self – the broken body – Eucharist!

– To live, without meaning, is strength.


– I am tempted to try & regain my lost faith.
I am tempted to return to the old disciplinarian regime.
I am tempted to adopt more conventional roles to survive in this culture.

– Teleology/eschatology/theology

– Noise cancellation headphones

– Hygiene

– Life is not these things.
Life is more than these things.
Life is less than these things.
Life is other than these things.

– Why should you agree to cease?


– Indulgence is a sign of depression.

– Should I alternate periods of mind over body with periods of body over mind, or just equalize/moderate both at all times?
How do I distinguish whether a desire/motivation is arising from the body or the mind??
The bloody romance of flesh & spirit – c’mon, be sportive now!

– Morning ritual – sitting in the dark, looking out through the open window into the daylit outdoors……

– Feeling one’s thoughts,
And thinking one’s feelings.
Is there any way out of this??


– Write an original line everyday.
Stop any & all “reblogging”

– Can doing nothing be a hobby?
What will happen if I continue living like this?
Why not?
Moving from passive activity to active passivity.

– Fascinated by life, but not passionate about living!

– vertiginous

– So Joe, finished your Tinder swiping for today?

– Following moods >> nowhere/anywhere/everywhere
Ready, steady, stop!

– Existence > experience

– The way to cure depression & the way to live fully are diametrical opposites!

– Doing >> being >> be(com)-ing


– UGK – and the Flesh became word, & dwelt among us……!
The grizzly man (Timothy Treadwell)
This dog barking (UGK)
Diogenes the Cynic

– Depression – the realization that I am NOT the centre of existence is both excruciating & exhilarating!
Existence > life

– All true revolutions are bound to fail.

– litotes



– Dream:

To Vijyakumar – “Uncle has friends everywhere to help him!”

He has just got a loan without any hassle.

– This guy, after listening to the 3 interviews with people who have been influenced by U. G. Krishnamurti, says that the main thing he got out of it was UG’s advice to (a depressed) Mahesh Bhatt about going back into the world of showbiz and pursuing his ambitions by competing and achieving…!

– Ejaculatory prayer

Financial inflation ~ spiritual _____?

– Distinguish:




– “Dear Z,

I was thinking of you, and I wanted to say this:

1. What will be your core role as you take up leadership in ABCD?

2. What is your chief calling as an individual?

3. What is your vision & mission as a Christian?

3 >> 2 >> 1”

“I think you are essentially a student & preacher of the Bible/Gospel.

And this must continue to be your focus even as you take up this new task.

That will never change no matter where you are & what position you hold!


“Therefore, you are NOT (primarily) a counselor, or organizer or strategist or thinker or motivator, etc., etc…”

“Evangelist-pastor might be a good job description!”

– Suicide ~ homicide ~ deicide

– Christ/Kingdom/Gospel <– Spirit/Church/Word

– Act. 8:34-35 (NET)

“Then the eunuch said to Philip, “Please tell me, who is the prophet saying this about β€” himself or someone else?”

So Philip started speaking, and beginning with this scripture proclaimed the good news about Jesus to him.”

– Maybe the first Christians (the Apostles) did not get the true & full meaning of the Cross of Christ, just like the Jews did not get the Crux of the OT, which Jesus later came to reveal……!

So, who/what is going to reveal the NT to us??

– Karl Barth said we need to hold the Bible in one hand, and the newspapes in the other. But what are the elements (of true spirituality) missing here?


– Old/Middle English

– AAp’s defeat in MCD election, another black day for Indian politics!

Suicides and homicides broadcast over social media! Why??

Why was Ivanka Trump appointed as the POTUS’s assistant??

France, divided into 2, just as the USA in the last presidential election – Macron ~ Hillary & Le Pen ~ Trump

NITI Aayog

– Ignorance –> illusion –> misery

– “There is no mind/self. Once that is knocked off, then there is no way of you knowing now, what you are left with!” – UGK

“There no way of experiencing resurrection from this side of death.” – RFC

– UGK & “the natural state” – has he ejected the fruit of knowledge, and eaten from the tree of life instead?!

– Being entertained by the suffering of others!

– Biology


Sensuality + culture + spirituality


– It is human to be inhuman,

And it is inhuman to be human.

– Pure being


“Just do it!”

– The courage to give up.

Do you want it?

– I know how I can (more than) compensate for not going through the full Vipassana course!

Peering into the VOID

Suicide is the only way to (lose) salvation.

– “All argument is circular”





Where/how did this new paradigm come about??

– The only unforgivable sin is unforgiveness.

– Abandoning spirituality

Observing existence instead of passionate living

The perfect circle


– Signal – the writing on the wall

– The freedom of material necessity


The law of spiritual reason

– Achieving perfect resignation

– Plurality ~ fullness

All in, & from, nothing!

“The centre cannot hold.” – Yeats

– symbology

figure (v.)

– ellipsis ~ ellipse29.4.17

– Priority – physiological instinct & situational urgency over abstract thought & cultivated conscience


– The only way to get rid of egocentrism & ethnocentrism, is to attack & destroy their father – anthropocentrism!

– 3 levels of reality:
1. Metaphysical VOID
2. Biological process
3. Cultural consciousness
This is the right side up.
So start inverting the upside down order.
The body is caught between 1 & 3. For too long it has been dominated by the 3. It’s time to liberate it, by connecting it with the 1.
2.5 is psychology.
1.5 is where you wanna be!
Are 1 & 3 connected by a loop?!

– I cannot just accept UG’s saying that “there’s no way out”.
At least I want to know how I can live best, in light of this fact.
How can I make the most of what is given, in spite of the obvious limitations?

– The Fall ~ self-consciousness
Undeceive – we need to be disenchanted from our sense of self-importance & entitlement, as an entire race.

– Meditation as a purely physical exercise


– “Be content with your misery” – UGK

– Theology as meta-paradigm

– zeroing

Ordinal & cardinal



– Anamnesis & “aana paana”

– Creating > creation

– “Are all circularities vicious?”

“Nothing is (at) my center”

Metaphorics of the O

– Can my body be liberated from my mind, without killing itself?

Can the mind be killed by using the body?

No ego, no body!

– Redefining life as biological process, as opposed to the conscious self……

– Formative thinkers who challenge not only our beliefs, but actually reshape our mode of being in the world

– Perfect nihilism & coming full circle – the negation of negation, and the birth of the NEW

– Even the “One” begins with O! 😎


– ALT Balaji

Ekta Kapoor – now there’s a woman worth ogling!


– Examine ~ inspect ~ speculate

“A balance sheet of choices”

Irrational reality & rational truths

Sovereignty/calmness ~ steadiness/stability ~ confidence/strength

– Empire



– Learning to move from a pre-planned rule to a more organic system

If you don’t know what to do, just take a 10-15 minute break of silence, stillness & breathing.

Then you will be able to get back in touch with the wisdom of the body!

– Distinguish:





– Nothing (else) matters
Nothing (really) matters
Queen > Metallica!

– I don’t understand >> I want to understand >> I try to understand >> I don’t need to understand >> there is no understanding >> there is nothing to understand!
Understand?? 😈


– Rebirth
Born again

– If UGK is living in the natural state, then why is there no sexual bonding with the wife & genetic bonding with the kids & parents?

– Do as little as possible.
Become as great as possible!

– When you’re living, use 90% of income for yourself (& family) and give 10% for charity.
When you die, leave 50% of wealth as inheritance, & 50% for charity!

– Focus 80% of your time & energy on the interface between your inner & or world chiefly through your body

– The carnal man
The cultural man
The physical consciousness

The social psyche