Minority rights a good idea


– I agree. 

– Distinguish:













– What would a Nietzschean say to all this talk about inequality & justice? 

Can one be a Christian & still agree (or at least sympathize) with the maverick, firebrand philosopher? 

– All those who are “weak” must fight for (& win) their (deserved/special) rights! They cannot expect the strong to just give it to them out of mercy/compassion… But isn’t that cruel? 

Love Is Love Is Love Is . . . Cut the Mike


This could have happened in a Christian (Protestant or Catholic) church as well…! How about mainline/liberal churches like the Anglican/Episcopal? 

Has GOD commanded me to find & follow “my truth”? What does it mean to be true to myself and also be a faithful Christian? Does one have to choose between the two sometimes? 

What does the “law of love/liberty” mean when it comes to clear violations of a code of conduct? 

Specially Pakistan


It is especially difficult for me as an Indian supporter to see the final as Pakistan’s brilliance rather than India’s lethargy. 

I must learn to watch sports with less partisanship. I switched the channel once the top 4 Indian batsmen were dismissed cheaply! By doing so, I missed enjoying live the fireworks of Panda…… 

Is it possible to be an Indian fan and still be a good student of the game? 

Is it possible to be a patriotic Indian and still be a good global citizen? Isn’t being both, the only way to be any one…!? 

Neil Strauss – Emotional incest & sexual addiction

via Neil Strauss – Cheaters, Sex Addicts

Subtle abuse

Family dynamics

Attachment theory

I know and accept that I am psychologically unhealthy/damaged. And my current emotional problems and sexual behavior are linked to my early childhood in some way. But I also believe that there is much more to this (who I am today) than just psychology (personal philosophy, cultural context, etc.)!

How was I parented? –> how I relate to significant others in my life (especially the opposite sex – spouse, etc.) –> how I parent another (ministry, children, etc.)

Is my intellectual predisposition actually a symptom of my emotional retardation/relational avoidance?

Avoidance in addicts and addiction in avoidants

Become the kind of person you want to date

Childhood resilience!

Criminal negligence of self!

(I only listened to the talk, not the discussion)



– Alternate seminar & retreat on an annual basis.
E.g. If this year, you have seminar, then 2018 will be for retreat, & 2019 for seminar, etc.

– non-adventures

– I think Jordan Peterson & Camille Paglia are mistaken about “postmodernism”!

– Mk. 12:35-37
The temple was not only a place of ritual sacrifice (liturgical worship), but also of teaching (intellectual inquiry)! WOW… the combination of the two would be explosive 💣
Reading Scripture with an inquisitive mind along with others who are both reverent & curious!
Wonder ~ delight 😇
“How can the scribes say…?
So how can it be…?”
The sage/prophet as the one who stands between the crowd and the high priests, and destabilizes the harmonious hierarchy!
Hmmm…… Let me see if I can insinuate myself into the Christ University system, like a serpent/virus/spy 😈😎
Jesus ~ Socrates ~ Buddha ~ IJ
Who/what is the Messiah? This is a perennial question out of which flow rivers of living answers……….
“What did I just read?”
Who am I? Who do you say I am?
Who are you? Who do I say you are?
Who is Jesus – for you, for me, for him/her, for us, for them, for the world, for GOD, for Jesus?
Find something worth considering for an entire lifetime.

– Where has my depression gone??
Why? What? How? When?

– “Please pray for me.
Thank you!” 🙏

– Sexualizing spirituality & spiritualizing sexuality

– How can liturgy save the city?

– Perfection is where extremes meet!

E.g. Chaos & order, freedom & bondage, life & death
– Intoxicated by solitude! 😇
– Is this fantastic climate the greatest gift that I have received in/from Bengaluru?
– What did Nietzsche mean by “Beyond Good & Evil”?
Did he intend it as an indicator of the amorality of human decisions, like the choice between colors…?
So then, how do I choose between alternate ways of life??
Can there be no absolute evaluation?
– Know thyself ~ know the limitations of thy knowledge (& start pushing!?)
– The 3 Delphic maxims
– Somatic consciousness
Purgational self-criticism
Habitual comportments
Animal functions
Pre-psychological forces
Spiritual hypochondriasis
Looking well
The law of parsimony
– Why is self-examination so boring & bitter?
– Jesus – Son of GOD, King of Israel, perfect human & Saviour of the world
Grace: gratitude –> forgiveness
The Kingdom to come – the inverted world order
– Anti-aesthetic art
– Fuck the (fixed) daily rhythm.
The Earth 🌎 is 3/4th water 💦 (chaos) and only 1/4th land (order).
So, suspend the plan within the matrix of spontaneity, instead of the other way around!
– Dialectic:
– Development/growth/evolution
– Life is an intoxicating drudgery! 😷
– Do you have any understanding of Latin American & African philosophies?
World > West + East!
– Mindfulness – harmonizing, & ultimately integrating, emotion & will!
WOW 😇😲😷
– Sleep + chores + study/reflection + entertainment + socializing = life.
What is missing here?
– Distinguish:
I want
I feel
– Norway – how could people in such a gloomy & cold climate be so happy??
– The multicultural self
Intercultural/world/comparative philosophy & spirituality
– Transcendental ego
Empirical ego
Intentional consciousness
– pariah
NPA (non-performing assets)
SJW (social justice warrior)
Radical imagination
Politics of possibility
Henry Giroux
World Social Forums
Stanley Aronowitz
Antonio Gramsci
Cultural politics
Public spirituality
Moral authority & political power
– It IS critical to BE critical.
IS it?
– Can an idealist also be conservative?
Can a pragmatist also be progressive?
Classical liberal
– Complacency, hypocrisy, cowardice, resignation, boredom, numbness, indifference, compromise, superficiality, mediocrity, (jealousy & bitterness too?), etc.
My intimate nemeses…!
– Being human – is it possible to be both a unique individual & a good citizen?
– Baroque conceit
Consensus reality & social responsibility
Freak ~ failure ~ original
Being truly myself ~ being fully human
Normalize ~ objectify ~ enslave
The sovereign subject
Self-trust >> risk-taking
The alienating logic of the defense-system
Consciousness as gullible energy
The inextricability of biology & society, & the task of spiritual liberation
Unconscious manipulation/deception
– From something,
To everything,
To nothing,
To (something NEW)……?!
– Depression (painful) >> boredom (emptiness) >> ??
– What is the main difference between Aana paana and Vipassana meditation?
– mercurial
Desiring desire
Earning time
The glorious ordinary
– Dark comedy/serious frivolity (“Ha ha ha ha!”)
Light tragedy/empty substance (“O, so sad!”)
– Subvert ~ infect ~ corrupt
Only total chaos can overthrow this monstrous order!
– How can something unreal die?
– The O is nothing but the I wholly curved in upon itself!
– What would happen to you in a year, if you simply made the small changes in your everyday life that you know you should?
– Jordan Peterson’s rules for life
(modified by me)
Speak the truth (& act as if you cannot lie).
Don’t do anything that you hate.
Pay attention.
Dream bold (imagine the brightest possible future for yourself) & then make a plan.
Stay connected with people. But be careful who you get close with.
Try to make one room in your house as beautiful as possible.
Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today.
Work as hard as you possibly can on at least one thing, and see what happens. Nothing well done is insignificant.
Write down your earliest & most painful memories, expressing yourself as completely & clearly as you can. Learn to think critically & precisely through reflective writing.
Do not carelessly denigrate social institutions.
Treat yourself as if you are someone else that you were made responsible for, or someone dependent you had to take care of.
Ask for help when you need it. But beware of trying to save others. And whenever you feel like criticizing the world, check if your own house is in perfect order.
Dress like the person you want to be. Stand up straight with your shoulders back.
Don’t avoid something frightening if it stands in your way, & don’t unnecessarily do anything dangerous.
If you dislike your spouse/children, do something about it, sooner rather than later.
Love people & use things, don’t love things & use people.
Do not hide or run away from the negatives in you.
Note that opportunity lurks where responsibility has been abdicated.
Read something written by someone great. Get to know the works of art that have stood the test of time.
Pet a dog/cat when you encounter one, and don’t bother children at play.
Don’t let bullies get away with it.
Write a letter to the government, if you see something that needs fixing, and propose a solution.
Remember that what you do not yet know might be what you need the most.
Look out for reasons to be grateful in every situation.
– Putumayo
Rough Guides
– Is it possible that sometimes, reality is even better than fantasy??
– In cahoots
Brutal ineptitude
The marriage of illusion & futility
Smart packaging
Trigger warning
– I think Alan Watts & UGK are actually friends!
– Rationality is experiential/conditioned, and therefore also fallible/restrictive…
– Distinguish:
Real essence
Habitual nature
The tangle & rumble of spirit & emotion……
In order for the new to be, there is no need to resist the old, just desist from it!
Mat. 5:39
Resisting evil
Fighting the evildoer/evil one

– Life course
Curriculum plan

– ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final – match analysis:
What was the reason behind India’s dismal performance yesterday?
Just another (rare, but inevitable) “bad day at the office”? I don’t think so.
Why were the Indians less hungry/passionate than the Pakistanis?
I think it’s a matter of the heart/mind and not just strategy/skills.

But the result is good for cricket overall! Pak is back with a bang 👍
– Noam Chomsky
Slavoj Zizek
– “I would prefer not to”
– Super-Id
– Serious comic
Profound graphic novel
– Art Spiegelman
– Those people who (claim they) are not narcissists are the most dangerous monsters around!
– Anarchism
– Which is better – a contemplatively (s)paced lifestyle or regular spiritual disciplines?
– What are the greatest/best graphic novels of all time?
– Female intellectuals