This is a collection of my journal entries, study notes & anything that catches my attention or fancy…

So, no full articles, just “glimpses” – sparks to light your Fire! (NOT for kids or prudes) 

DISCLAIMER: Not everything I post is mine (including opinions & experiences)




Immanuel Joseph (Male; Born – 11.08.1979, Madurai)


– “So Joe, what is it that you do?”

– “I am trying to be as fully alive as possible, as consistently as possible!”

Lay, maverick, eccentric thinker & spiritual friend (MBTI type – INfp – Insightful Facilitator) – passionately seeking to better experience, understand & enjoy life!

Christian/medical background

Spiritual Formation Group founder-leader

Reclusive & contemplative autodidact.

Controversial conversationalist



Living with Salome Divya, in Bengaluru, India.


– The Spiritual Formation Group (SFG) is how I express my passion for holistic growth through radical education, dialogical reflection and mutual support (which are also, according to me, the most pressing needs, especially among our youth).


– This is for any adult (above 18), who is interested in self-awareness & cultivation, relating intimately with others, learning more deeply about their world, and experiencing GOD in & through the mystery of this life and growing.


– This is NOT just a Christian fellowship, or group psychotherapy, or academic/cultural club, etc. But it includes some of these elements and more (authentic friendship & personal transformation through reflection & conversation)!

If you want to try something new/different that might be edifying, enlightening & inspiring, or you feel that something crucial that is essential for that next stage of your evolution is lacking, or there is a sense of dissatisfaction & frustration with the superficiality, mediocrity & busyness of contemporary society, then the SFG is for you!


– Those who would like to be part of such a community, please contact me, so that we can arrange an initial intro/orientation meeting, where I can give more details and we can discuss how to take this initiative forward, together.

(Also, administrator of Spiritual Conversation WhatsApp group. Email/call me to get invited!)



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My Testimony:


My Framework for Spiritual Formation Groups

Resources for Spiritual Formation Group

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