– Cetylpyridinium
Offshore tax havens
Wage theft
– Repent from apathy and practice justice – this is true holiness/faithfulness!
Is Judaism, supposedly monotheistic, actually a purely ethical religion??!!
– Why have we built a paradise for offshore billionaires? | Thomas Frank
– Arun Jaitley lists 3 benefits of demonetisation, attacks predecessor Chidambaram for policy paralysis
– Agra: Local Muslims discuss need for gender equality and doing away with fundamentalism
– Don’t let Congress cheat workers out of basic rights
– Can one be super-rich without also being unscrupulous?
I don’t think so!
Any exceptions??
– Conservative CHRISTIAN
LIBERAL Christian
– Is living > learning, or learning > living?
– Loveliness & sadness
Romantic tragedy
Religious ambitions
Exquisitely cumbersome
Conflicts of will & reason
Boring wisdom
Simonist Popes
Guilty lovers
Critical appreciation
Earthly paradises
– Canto
– True premise with bad arguments
False premise with good arguments
– Whoever knew that the Summa Theologica could be an “exciting & throbbing work of literature”?!
– Mortal remains
How come??
– Longsuffering – What is salvation, but the treacherous & mysterious way of learning to enjoy (all aspects of) this life?
– Once you pass through the center of Hell, you emerge on the other side to mount Purgatory!
– Movies:
“Embrace of the Serpent”
Should I have watched this in the VR box?
Black & White suits it very well! The psychedelic vision in color then stands out even more powerfully…
Is Christianity a superstition too? Yes, of course! But, (some) dreams are more real than reality!
“It is not possible for me to know if the infinite jungle has started on me the process that has taken many others to complete and irremediable insanity.
In this case, I can only apologize and ask for your understanding, for the display I witnessed in those enchanted hours was such that I find it impossible to describe in words its beauty and splendor;
all I know is that, when I came back, I had become another man.”
– Theodor von Martius, Amazonia, 1909″
“This film is inspired by the travel diaries of…
These diaries are the only known accounts of many Amazonian cultures.
This film is dedicated to all the peoples whose song we will never know.”
“One river,
Two worlds”
As a Christian, I can’t help connecting the serpent with the Devil/Satan. The winding river in the midst of the Garden is the very source of (its) life!
– If you had to choose between happiness and greatness, which one would you prefer?
Do I have a choice?!
I think I am (sadly) destined for the latter……
But just because you’re sad doesn’t men you’re great, stupid!
Are you really working (your ass off) towards it??
– Fake subjects
– TV series:
“Masters of Sex” – Season 1
Art/passion can’t be kept out of science/reason, as long as humans are doing it…
The first revolution blurred the line between lust & love, the second will blend sex & death!
The hero breaks down (& is thereby healed) in the end – that’s the climax!
True love cannot be defined or even described.
People are fucked up, and they are wonderful!
Feminism – does women’s liberation lead to sexual promiscuity? Are women as driven about sex as men are?
The vulnerabilities of the powerful & the strengths of the weak
“Rousing America’s Curiosity”
– frisson
– The Christian form of wisdom/revelation is personal in focus, poetic in style & narrative in form, as opposed to other forms which are impersonal, prosaic & propositional.
E.g. Eschatology is integral to Christian theology. The Church lives (into/out of) the Story!
– Liturgy as the beautiful fusion of philosophy & art!
Absolutely essential for holistic (individual & communal) formation.
– Attended Mass today after a very long time.
It was good! 😁
Thank you, Lord. 🙏
– May all our intentions/desires become petitions/prayers!
– Consequences to an action:
  1. GOD as person – redeeming grace (unconditional!)
  2. Repercussions in the world – social, environmental, etc.
  3. Internal (self-making) – physical, moral & psychological
– “Police destroyed evidence!” – CBI
– I feel so good today morning! The high is just too great, unbelievable energy (feels so abnormal! 😛)…… ✨🌩☀🌟🌠🔥
Monday mornings usually, after the Sunday freak-out, are fresh & positive!
Good work, Joe. Keep it up. 😁👏🤝
– Relational discipline & Cosmic devotion
– dryer
Subvocalization & reading speed
Greek terracotta figurines – grotesques
Preen, primp, gloat
in bits & pieces
cameo; relief; brooch
– “If you can get nothing better out of the world, get a good dinner out of it, at least.” – Herman Melville
Does he mean, enjoy the food, or make some money?? 😜
– Asphalt Airborne (Windows PC) & GT Racing (iOs) – awesome games! 😀👍
– prunes
– A teacher’s priorities:
  1. The ideal of education
  2. Students, faculty & staff welfare
  3. Institutional authority & protocol
A teacher’s role:
  1. Facilitate students’ self-education
    (Supervision, guidance, correction, motivation, evaluation in stage 1 i.e. information >> knowledge.
    Questioning, reflection, application, connection, contextualization, collaboration, research, etc. in stage 2 i.e. knowledge >> wisdom)
  2. Be a role model of the ideal scholar and mature adult.
  3. Holistic mentoring of pupils. Done personally!
– Limiting beliefs and reprogramming the subconscious mind
Creation of the permanent underclass
– “The very word Christianity is a misunderstanding. In truth, there was only one Christian, and he died on the Cross.” – Nietzsche
– The mental body
Trivial ties
Philosophical therapy
Direct nature exposure
Special counsel
– Today:
Moonrise 02:45
Moonset 15:11
– News:
Supreme Court rejects plea for SIT probe into alleged judges bribery case
Myanmar boy can’t swim but floats on oil drum to Bangladesh
Will lead talks on Ayodhya, says Sri Sri
Saudi allows yoga practice as a sports activity
Scientists warn of ‘giant leap backward’ at climate talks; ‘Time is running out’: World scientists give humanity second warning on worsening threats to planet
US approves first pill with digital tracking device
Paradise Papers: Swift action will be taken against accused, says CBDT
IIFI row: Shyam Benegal reacts to Sujoy Ghosh’s resignation as jury chief (“S Durga” & “Nude”)
– Do not be deceived. God will not be made a fool. For a person will reap what he sows, because the person who sows to his own flesh will reap corruption from the flesh, but the one who sows to the Spirit will reap eternal life from the Spirit.
Galatians 6:7-8 NET
Cheating GOD!
Flesh ~ self ~ desire/emotion
Spirit ~ GOD ~ faith/consciousness
Did Paul remain a Pharisee even after his conversion?!
Are there any loopholes in the law of consequence??
– “Quiet is the first step to sanctification.”
— Basil the Great
Is “quiet” here a noun or adjective?
Faith/hope/love/peace/joy ~ Quietness!
Then why do we not have more of it in our lives/culture?? Because we are terrified of the silence/stillness, and we are addicted to all that protects us from it……
Sin ~ fear of GOD ~ self-sabotage ~ escape from salvation
– No hope, no courage
Or is it the other way around??
– Feast, AFTER the fast
– Distinguish:
MAY your future be brighter than the past
MAKE your future brighter than the past
– No more music during meals!
– Do you know how to create a stack in Evernote?
– What does it take to reset my default mode??
Am I ready & willing to do it?!
– Appropriating blessings/promises through positive confessions
From wishing to willing
Focusing your intentions to achieve your goals
– Home weather
– No space & time without thought. (UGK)
– Everyone learns from oneself and everyone teaches oneself.
Everyone everyone learns from others and everyone teaches others.
Everyone teaches from learning, and everyone learns by teaching.
Teacher + student + resources (from other teachers & students), all equal components, in free, dynamic & continuous interaction = education!
– Energy –> matter –> thought!
Evolution or devolution??
Hyperdeath, posing as superlife!
– Open elective – let’s move on from learning to living…… from knowing to enjoying.
Class dismiss!
– Distinguish:
– How can memory/repetition be used to fuel growth/progress?
– CBT ~ NLP ~ self-hypnosis
– Bio-feedback
Culture vulture
– “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”
– My art reviewers (from Metacritic):
Slate, Variety, NY Times, Time, Roger Ebert, Guardian, Atlantic
The Hindu
– Justice League – I think I’m finally done with superhero movies!
(not gonna watch this one)
– “Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you.” (From “The Velveteen Rabbit” by Margerie Williams)
– “The quest for pep and personality…” – Alan Watts
– Underground/repressed/dangerous knowledges
I am going to illuminate the dark side of the moon!
– The story of the Chinese farmer
– Fun > pleasure
– “But to all who have received him — those who believe in his name — he has given the right to become God’s children.” – Jn. 1:12
“The democratization of divinity”
If Jesus was the Son of God, then so are we and everyone else……
But what about those who don’t believe this?? Well, then they would not be capable of experiencing/enjoying this marvelous truth!
– rapcore
Tamil rock
Indie music
Explaining it all away……
– Meaningfulness
– “Holiness provokes idolatry”
What does this mean??


– Hey sis… you ask me to repent & believe, so that you can be more comfortable to relate closely with me, but, I have something to say to you as well.
  1. Why don’t you try to accept me as I am?!
  2. Maybe you should stop trying to convert me yourself, and just pray for me, committing me into (your) God’s hands, instead.
  3. Consider how your exclusive/arrogant faith is disabling you from interacting healthily with people of other views…!
– Movies:
“The Lego Batman Movie”
Should be seen on a large screen with high resolution & surround sound.
Superb fx!
Nice punchlines!
Did the comedy become boring or frivolous toward the end?
All introverted idealists are like Batman. E.g. Me!
Both Batman and the Joker have a huge stake in rescuing Gotham!
Was all the relationality just another Bat-ploy to fulfill the (seemingly impossible) mission??
Common heart-need –> sticking heads & hands –> healing the world!
How does one keep a burning sense of vocational identity from becoming megalomanic narcissism?
“Always be yourself… unless you can be Batman.”
– sendup
Magisterial probe
– Is (my brand of) spiritual growth, relevant to people in real crises (Struggling to survival – E.g. Poverty, sickness, war, etc.)?
– Are the replicants in Blade Runner mechanical on the inside, like the androids in Westworld?
How are they distinguished from humans?
Maybe the line of distinction that underlies the stability of the world-order is not that between the humans & replicants, but the one dividing the conformist-slaves from the free-rebels!
– My 3 point sermon:
1. Get alone, be silent & breathe.
2. Listen, read & think.
3. Sleep, wake & act.
1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 1 >> ……
– “For by the grace given to me I say to every one of you not to think more highly of yourself than you ought to think, but to think with sober discernment, as God has distributed to each of you a measure of faith.” Romans 12:3
Learn to see your strengths as gifts and weaknesses as opportunities, then you will avoid the twin pitfalls of complacency & despair!
– “The most profitable thing for a man is to know his own worth.”
— Kalila and Dimna
And the most tragic thing for a man is to be ignorant of his own uniqueness!
“Soul/individual > entire world” – Jesus
We live in a world in which great powers demean the person, and thereby enslave the masses. So we must beware of this great danger, and duly compensate for it, by urgently reclaiming the self (From…??)!
– News:
Father throws four daughters out from UP train; mother says ‘paid price for giving birth to girls’
Women police elated at breaking glass ceiling
Stress taking a toll on your health? Eat these food items to keep worries at bay
Riding the bike to work may be just as effective for losing weight as exercising at the gym five days a week
Supreme Court order: Tainted MPs, MLAs may face music
Trump vows to terminate green card lottery after New York attack
The Indian Cricket Team Should Not Undervalue MS Dhoni’s Experience, Says Adam Gilchrist
– In OT times, to forget God (Yahweh) was to become brutal.
Because there was no other option wherein one could be humane/ethical in that context, filled with demonic deities & nihilistic cultures.
The final judgments in the Book of Revelation don’t look any different from those visited upon ancient Israel & their enemies……!
So, what (do we do) now??
– Apology culture in the entertainment industry
Sexual harassment in Indian academia
Institutional banning of consensual relationships is an infringement on individual rights?
What about women who use their sexual prowess (with male superiors, peers and subordinates) to get ahead of the competition?
– India Today magazine editor’s note
– Sex slavery in India
– Spiritual consumerism
Complete fealty
– When it comes to GOD,
Forgetting ~ disobeying ~ hating
– “Display (through the religious traditions), the historical accretion of our collective resistance to true divinity…!”
“Religion is faithlessness”
Ordinary ~ unredeemed
Religion as a strategy of resistance to the divine – redeploying foundational (inspired) experiences via a reinvented worldliness
Irreligious admirer
The attempt to manipulate, contain or domesticate divinity
Overcoming the centripetal force of self-involvement
– Sexual violence & violent sex
Idolatry, blasphemy, sacrilege, apostasy
– I think, one of the reasons they want me to repent is that my heretical spirituality threatens their sense of security & confidence in the religious status quo!
– GOD created humanity in his image, so that they could in turn remake him in their own likeness!
– Parallel construction (grammar/syntax)
– Dealing with (negative) emotions:
1. Listen, & attend, to them.
2. Use will to move body.
Alternate the 2 strategies.
– Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunities. Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you should answer everyone.
Colossians 4:5‭-‬6 NET
Being gracious ~ answering wisely
Openness to, & concern for, the other >> speaking with penetration!
– mandarin
– “Art is the lie that enables us to realize the truth.” – Pablo Picasso
New ideas >> revolutionary techniques
Theoretical exploration >> practical innovation
Without imagination, knowledge only deceives!
Once a week, do something different, create something new……
“The Sea & the Mirror” by W. H. Auden
Current situation as raw material for the making of future reality!
– Don’t forget to check out the Google doodles regularly
– News: (These are the headlines that caught my attention. Do your own reading & commentary!)
Sitara Devi
Parallels To Aarushi Talwar Case In Ryan International Schoolboy Pradyuman Thakur’s Murder Investigation
Delhi inches towards ‘public health emergency’ as toxic haze leads to near zero visibility
Aam Aadmi Party may nominate Raghuram Rajan to Rajya Sabha: Reports
Hyderabad Police prohibits begging on city roads ahead of Ivanka Trump’s visit in November
The ‘heat’ on elephants receives top award
Stephen Hawking: AI Could Be the Worst Event in the History of Civilization
Origin of life on Earth: Scientists discover the ‘missing link’
Midnight snacking disrupts body clock, increases risk of diabetes, heart diseases
IndiGo brawl: Airline defends sacking of ‘whistleblower’, says he ‘instigated the incident’
Fears of a flare-up in crude oil prices following the shakedown in Saudi Arabia
IndiGo brawl: Airline defends sacking of ‘whistleblower’, says he ‘instigated the incident’
Is the film “Padmavathi” a work of historical fiction?
– Bengaluru Wiki
Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) project
Bangalore beats San Francisco, Tokyo among 45 other cities to become city with best digital environment
Tahsildar & tehsil



via Spotify, Google Art, Bing & Skype

  • New Spotify look!
  • Geography lesson – Eleuterio Pagliano
  • Circular-window-at-Genko-an-Temple-Kyoto-Japan
  • Snow leopard, Tien Shan Mountains, Kyrgyzstan
  • Wave building – Oahu, Hawaii
  • Cormorants on the dock, Cancún, Mexico – yair hazout
  • A Soyuz descent module returns to Earth
  • Skype with Solan, etc.
  • Skype with Shanthuru
  • Skype chat with Shanthuru


– “Dear B, “think”ing that God&devil are one may lead to insanity.Rather, seek the God, father&son who are one & there is possibility to enjoy Spiritual freedom.” – A
“Hey A!
Thank you for the expression of concern, anyway.
But conversation, not advice, is the name of the game!” – B
“I understand nobody in the conversation group has any right to prescribe because nobody believes in existence of malady. Just few years ago, we also had long talks, understood sin and committed ourselves to a certain way and boundary. What happened? Why contradicting? In any conversation, don’t we need atleast a position or reference for oneself, if not the same ref for all in conversation.. I don’t know what is your position… Because conversations are not forever, we are limited by time and space, in reality we have to arrive at something(absolute linearly)or disappear from life (cyclic ).. Forgive me for the criticism.. Medical practitioners of various practices(western, homeo, indian etc) can discuss theories of medicine and diseases in a group.. Conversation cannot be the end in itself. Patient needs advice and a particular course because time is not on our side.. I am afraid you slowly becoming self-referenced… I request you to reconsider Trinity and seek once again, the God of the Bible, in simple prayer. Please acknowledge Authority.. Did this all start with a frustrating battle with morality in our formative years?? Did our failure to overcome lust which contradicted our faith in the saviour lead to some form of disillusionment with Christianity? Did we not also believe that God sometimes uses fleshly tendencies to deal with our intellectual/religious pride which is more dangerous ? We had some understanding of ourselves ,did we not, we were not insane because Someone else had the ultimate authority over our destinies….Am i nobody to advice you?…just because i cannot personally engage with you now on a continuous basis or my knowledge is not as wide as yours, which is true… Would you not bow to God and pray the prayerJesus taught us? Is God not our heavenly Father? Can we not address Him thus? Let us not rebuke God but call for help.. Have we become too proud to call upon our creator who wants to save us to the uttermost? The thoughts you have are not totally foreign to my mind..but i judge them simply as evil and reject them as not mine nor God’s as Lord Jesus rejected the words of the Tempter when He was alone in solitude, as you are now, in the desert to be tempted… Please acknowledge Authority and call for help..” – A
“Good morning, A!
We will always have the right to advice each other.
What I meant by “conversation, not advice” is, we need to come toward the other with curiosity & openness FIRST, to try and understand the other as fully as possible, BEFORE responding with our own views. Got it?
I guess you were taken aback by my comment about Satan. That’s understandable! But I did not say it just to offend or provoke. Such scandalous beliefs are hinted at in the Bible itself! You just have to read it with as little presupposition as possible, and you will see so many new & amazing things you had missed before!
In fact, I am glad that you have texted me! 🙂 It shows that you’re still interested in spiritual things and concerned about me.
The version of B you knew has been left behind long back! Just as you desire to convert me, so I too want to persuade you. But, irrespective of the end result, I do believe in the value of conversation as an end in itself. It is just like how we view love or relationship. What is the purpose or goal of that??
Many things you have said about the group and me, are not true.
If you’re interested, we can revive our friendship again by reopening the lines of communication, by phone and even meeting, periodically.
– Movies:
1. “Annie Hall”
Woody Allen is a genius, both as a thinker & as an artist!
The pessimistic comedian
A non-optimistic apology for intimate relationships!
The problem of the meaning of life is inextricably interwoven with the question of human nature!
Art need not be a temporary escape from the travails of real life, but a redemption of suffering through a deeper exploration of the human experience……
2. “Lipstick Under my Burkha”
Refreshing to watch a quality Hindi film! On par with any English drama.
I am on a mission to restore leisure, entertainment, sexuality, etc. to their rightful place in human life – essential, not optional!
Love/romance & lust/sex can never be fully separated. This false dichotomy must be recognized as such and discarded ASAP.
“Where there is desire, there is gotta be a flame,
Where there is a flame, someone’s gonna get burnt.
But just because you’re burnt doesn’t mean you’re gonna die.
You gotta get up & try, try, try……!”
All societies are repressive. True or false?
Desire knows no age, gender or CLASS… “FUCK YOU!”
Is freedom a unique human need (as opposed to safety, pleasure & reproduction)? Could it be primary, even above the so-called basic needs?!
– markup
Yard sale
– “Carmen Queasy” – Maxim
“Firestarter” – Prodigy
What’s the genre?!
– What I am commanding you today is to love the Lord your God, to walk in his ways, and to obey his commandments, his statutes, and his ordinances. Then you will live and become numerous and the Lord your God will bless you in the land which you are about to possess.
Deuteronomy 30:16 NET
Love ~ live
Obey ~ blessed
If you love life, and want to be blessed, then understand & obey the laws of reality.
– Practical jokes
– “Know the glorious,
Keep to the lowly,
And be the Fountain of the World.
To be the Fountain of the World is
To live the abundant life of Virtue,
And to return again to Primal Simplicity.”
— Tao Te Ching, 28
Be complex in knowledge and simple in lifestyle.
Great ideas (theory) + small actions (practice) = good life (experience)!
Be perpetually refreshed by returning to the perennial wisdom of the ancients!
– News:
GST Decision ‘Not Taken By PM Modi Alone,’ Says PM Modi
In Jharkhand, 11-year-old dies of starvation as her family did not have Aadhaar-linked ration card
Catalonia separatism
China, India can help solve Rohingya crisis
IGNOU 2018 admission
Mogadishu bombing: al-Shabaab behind deadly blast
Austria turns sharply to the right in an election shaped by immigration
39 percent of cancer cases in India recorded in Haryana
All you need to know about India’s first Ayurveda Institute (NABH accreditation)
Bengaluru rains: 16 dead in last two months as ill-equipped city suffers wettest season in history
– Real virtuality
– revOlution
Subtle cues
– Studying “abnormal” people is essential to a proper understanding of being human!
E.g. Autism
– Why is entertainment/recreation so important?
Because it is a uniquely human activity/need!
Is it?
– Preparing for this open elective course (that I’m gonna teach) is so good for me……! 😎
– Stop >> reset >> start again >> ……
– Drop the idea of using nutmeg powder as a psychedelic!
– Genesis (in Hebrew):
Adam (Mankind) – the godlike creature => man/husband+woman/wife (human partners) ~ male+female (sex of any animal)
Eve ~ mother of all the humans (except Adam)
A different Hebrew word is used for Adam, man/husband and male.
A different Hebrew word is used for woman/wife, female and Eve/mother.
Adam – parent of Eve?!
GOD (father) + Adam (mother) => Eve!?
Man ~ ruddy ~ red earth/bloody soil!
There are 2 biblical traditions in conflict – one which portrays Adam as male, and one which uses that all-important word to refer to mankind as a whole (both male & female).
Or should this be seen as 2 different sides of the same coin rather than a conflict?
The man represents mankind, since the woman herself was separated out of the original man.
Still, the whole picture looks heavily patriarchal/hierarchical……
– How is the discovery of a new planet in the solar system significant for human welfare?
– outre
Soul survivor
– “More human than human!”
“Too much is never enough!”
“Would it be wrong, would it be right,
If I took my life tonight?”
“Is that all you got?
I’ll take your best shot!”
“I’m not afraid of fading…”
– “தீப ஒளியால் மனதில் உள்ள மாயை எனும் இருள் அகலட்டும்
தித்திக்கும் இனிப்பால் வாழ்க்கை இன்பமயமாகட்டும்
சரவெடிகள் போல் மனதின் சங்கடங்கள் சிதறட்டும்
புத்தாடை போல் புது வாழ்வு அமையட்டும்
தங்களுக்கும் தங்கள் குடும்பத்தினர் அனைவருக்கும் இனிய தீப ஒளி திருநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள்”
– Elegiac sadness
“The Tumbler of Our Lady”
Le Légendes Épiques
Tristan & Iseult
Naraka Chaturdasi
– Movies:
“Blade Runner 2049”
Visually stunning!
Was there a cut in the film (by the cinema theater)?! How did K suddenly end up with the rebels while Dakard alone is taken to Wallace??
No sentient being, even if not “fully human”, can be seen just as a utility. What about the humans who are “less than fully” human??
As machines become more intelligent, humans are becoming less humane……
The search for “something real”
joi & pornography
Identity + independence + intimacy (freedom)
Power + technology + fear (slavery)
Using corporate clout, to subvert ideological brainwashing, via entertainment!
The hero takes neither the side of the dominant power structure nor the underground rebellion, but expresses his own resistance to depersonalization by prioritizing intimate relationships (like romance, friendship & family) – that was a great letdown for me!
Compare with “Arrival”, “inception”, etc. – after exploring grand philosophical/spiritual/moral themes, the final point comes down to something as mundane and domestic, as inter-personal love!
Connect with Westworld (TV series) too.
Those who fight any evil, risk becoming like that very enemy!
Dakard ask K, “But why?! Who am I to you??” – “What could be more human than to die for a worthy cause?”
The one tiny miracle that breaks the world!
Trailer subtitles:
00:00:14,603 –> 00:00:16,298
Every civilization
00:00:19,010 –> 00:00:22,596
Was built off the back
of a disposable workforce
00:00:24,756 –> 00:00:26,800
But I can only make so many.
00:00:27,090 –> 00:00:28,101
00:00:28,814 –> 00:00:30,509
Happy Birthday.
00:00:34,821 –> 00:00:37,054
There is an order
to things.
00:00:39,301 –> 00:00:40,400
That’s what we do here.
00:00:42,327 –> 00:00:43,403
We keep order.
00:00:46,705 –> 00:00:49,767
The world is built on a wall that separates
… kind
00:00:51,214 –> 00:00:53,200
Tell either side there’s no Wall
00:00:54,298 –> 00:00:55,498
You bought a war.
00:01:02,298 –> 00:01:03,403
You’re a cop.
00:01:04,989 –> 00:01:06,196
I had your job once.
00:01:07,789 –> 00:01:08,996
I was good at it.
00:01:16,101 –> 00:01:17,549
I know.
00:01:18,203 –> 00:01:19,469
What do you want?
00:01:20,065 –> 00:01:22,305
I wanna ask you some questions.
00:01:28,021 –> 00:01:29,810
The key to the future
00:01:32,320 –> 00:01:34,196
is finally unearthed.
00:01:35,701 –> 00:01:36,894
Bring it to me.
00:01:40,327 –> 00:01:41,701
They know you’re here.
00:01:56,109 –> 00:01:57,607
I always told you
00:01:57,818 –> 00:01:59,396
You’re special.
00:02:02,298 –> 00:02:04,196
Your story isn’t over yet.
00:02:04,894 –> 00:02:06,596
There’s still a page left.
00:02:14,501 –> 00:02:16,996
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– Iraq Explained — ISIS, Syria and War
– Conflict in Israel and Palestine: Crash Course World History 223
– (Self-)cultivation is your life-work.
(World-)transformation is pure Gift!
– Breathe the sky!
Inspiration (spirituality) + expiration (death) = respiration (life)
– I guess I disagree with St. Paul – “all things are beneficial (in their right place)!”
– media trainer
– What’s the difference between Rock & Alternative?
– Ass delights!
– “Certain Women” is rated R (Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian). Sex, smoking and sadness. Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes.”
– “To S.A.
I loved you, so I drew these tides of men into my hands
and wrote my will across the sky in stars
To earn you Freedom, the seven-pillared worthy house,
that your eyes might be shining for me
When we came.
Death seemed my servant on the road, till we were near
and saw you waiting:
When you smiled, and in sorrowful envy he outran me
and took you apart:
Into his quietness.
Love, the way-weary, groped to your body, our brief wage
ours for the moment
Before earth’s soft hand explored your shape, and the blind
worms grew fat upon
Your substance.
Men prayed me that I set our work, the inviolate house,
as a memory of you.
But for fit monument I shattered it, unfinished: and now
The little things creep out to patch themselves hovels
in the marred shadow
Of your gift.”
– T. E. Lawrence (From “Seven Pillars of Wisdom”)
– au fait
– Movies:
  1. “களத்ததூர் க்ராமம்”
Too melodramatic for my liking, and the fight sequences look more like dances!
The sound/voice was also of poor quality.
I expected Ilayaraja to do better! Maybe he has crossed his prime……
The hospital “ICU” motif is the metanarrative!
Government indifference/inefficiency + police scavenging/brutality –> death/murder of the poor
Truth – is it what “really happened” or what (almost) everyone believes happened?
The Naxal way – an option or a predicament?
The leader is the one who takes initiative in the midst of despair and fear, gets killed for it, and thereby changes the scenario!
In this world, justice will always be a rarity. Accept it!
  1. “Ingrid Goes West”
Actually, this is not a (typical) comedy film… it is a tragedy!
It might have been better if it was only 1 hour long, like a TV series pilot episode.
Social media
Real relationships
The necessity of sharing, to make life worthwhile, and the importance of solitude, to rescue us from codependency.
The lack of a sense of personal purpose and overall meaning predisposes us to inner emptiness & herd mentality.
The celebrity cult – compare with mainstream religion! Get disillusioned, ASAP. Period.
– in media res
M.O – modus operandi
Squad goals
Consumer response to health crisis
in the throes
Primary sources
Anton LaVey
New Religious Movements
– Government intervention
User-driven technological innovation