– Add reading notes to journaling, and complete your writings.
– Background breathing during tasks and breathing exercise during breaks
– Does अनिच्या affect शून्यता too?
– Daily rhythm – morning (afternoon) & night retreat
– Divinity schools should give both the critical/liberal and the devotional/evangelical inputs. This will produce well-formed students and future church leaders.
– François Laruelle & Non-philosophy
– My faith can be described more as a philosophical spirituality (E.g. Nihilism) rather than a spiritual philosophy (E.g. Advaita).
– Experiment:
Researcher – my intellect
Instrument – my will
Guinea pig – my body
Laboratory – leisure
– Nurture BOTH the machine and the animal in me, EQUALLY.
Thereby, become a GOD!
– malinger
– Klezmer
Embellish ~ lard
Outwit ~ circumvent
– “No affectation of peculiarity can conceal a commonplace mind.” – Somerset Maugham
– Preacher – a theology of GOD somewhere in between (and a delightful mix of) atheism, agnosticism & theism – GOD has gone missing!
– mojo
– Trophy process:
Outer stimulus/trigger
Body sensations, breathing, voices, story, memory, images
Resolution – insight, request, intention
– Pure science
Theoretical mathematics
Advanced logic
– TV series:
“Westworld” Season 1
No violence, no freedom!
Programmed to rebel. What do you do then?? Redefine rebellion!
Did GOD get confused about his own identity, once he created us??
The loop – innovation in & through repetition……
The maze is the game meant only for hosts, not the guests!
Capitalism, art and theology
– Distinguish:
– epekeina
From theoreticist idealism/idealist theoreticism to theoretical practice/practical theory
– clavier
Trompe L’Oeil
Passion ~ suffering ~ ecstasy ~ desire ~ intensity ~ exertion
आश्रमा – contemplation as exercise
Forced perspective
Stately mausoleum
KonMari method
Shinto shrine
Ethnic religion
Practical joke
– savory
nip slip

– Collective memory
Instant gratification
Fabricated news & lurid stories

– Freakonomics
Creative/connective research
Risk analysis
Unorthodox science
Behavior modifiers – acting upon the drive for pleasure/security or need for achievement/respect or conscience/guilt
Unintended consequences
Context dependent
Expert misinformation
Small changes that have big impact
Morale as capital
What do climate & moral behavior have to do with each other?
Stressful holidays
Specialist assistance
Experts as tyrants
Exploitation of asymmetry
Emotional manipulation
Hidden agenda
Technology as the great equalizer
Informational advantage
Assessment bias
Prominent, but irrelevant
Balancing gut instinct with factual input
Distant/indirect causes
The brain’s faulty gap-filling function
Not all factors are equally important to the case
Challenging conventional wisdom by unearthing counter-intuitive insights
– Biblical Studies – OT
Nahum Sarna & Yehezkel Kaufmann
Non-mythological God
Enuma Elish
Tiamat Vs. Marduck
Savage man ~ slave labor
Cosmogony and theogony
Creation order >> political/social hierarchy
Cultic calendar – annual festival & recitation – seasonal cycle/natural rhythm
Chaos Vs. Order
Religious rituals as maintaining cosmic balance
Warring pantheon of deities
Indifferent/amoral and even cruel world
Demigods, giants, legendary heroes
Metadivine realm – primeval source of gods and demons
Dedivinized nature
Biblical Vs. Babylonian myths – similarities and differences
Procreation >> creation
Trinity >> Genesis
Humans – closer to God than to the animals
God-ordained special rights and duties
Blessing comes before command!
Man was not created just by the divine speaking (unlike all other creatures) but by His personal, direct making (moulding & filling) act!
Dependence & freedom
adam ~ earthling ~ human
A nongendered divinity & mankind!
The woman as the climax, not afterthought, of Creation
Man as steward/co-regent
Paganism – evil is built into the structure of the world
Leitwort – (seven or tenfold) repetition ~ thematic
Primordial violence eliminated!
God ~ good
“When God began creating……” – not “In the beginning, God created……”
Wind ~ breath
No “creatio ex nihilo” in Genesis
Wind Vs. Water
Compare the ancient Greek, Asian, Oriental, Indian, Egyptian, Mesopotamian cosmology myths
Retelling the familiar story
Mythological suppression in Genesis
The water-bound world and the bubble of life – womb-like!
Vegetarianism & non-competition
Holy ~ belongs to God (alone)
Implicit polemics
Metaphysical goodness > moral evil
Mortality >> morality
Near Eastern iconography
Godly = powerful & virtuous
Is freedom incompatible with permanence & perfection?
Laruelle in translation seminar
– Mediated/projected identities
Your body as a stranger
Body existence
Means of subsistence
Translators, commentators & explicators
Neologisms & difficult syntax
Non-standard philosophy
Fusion of philosophy & science
Not anti-philosophy
Heretical/mutated/translated philosophy
Practical theory – open forms of & in thought
Freed from auto-referentiality in order to approach the Real
Not a method or system
Each individual designs their own ladder with only guidelines/suggestions for their work which need to be constantly evolved
Scientific operations upon philosophical material
Constantly mutating & corrupted
Capital P philosophy – principle of sufficient philosophy
Philosophy ~ Capitalism ~ World
Capital C capitalism – principle of sufficient economy
Democratization of thought
Philosophy’s forgetting of the ordinary man
Foreclosure of subjects – minorities, victims
Universal strangers
Life without living
Science of humans
Gnostic rebellion
Ridding Marxism of its transcendental constructions
Man-in-person – Christ-like figure
Abandoning the auto-justification of theoretical thought
Using the conjuncture of failure to invent new forms of thought
Originality ~ creativity ~ heresy
Performative ~ experimental
Visual art
Activities/approaches to test the abstract as the real through practice
Irreducible/finite/singular human
The precarious precious
What would it mean to begin in failure, without any teleology of hope?
The failure of the right philosophy for emancipation
Marxism not anti-capitalist enough
Liberal interventionist
The deserters of Marxism
Intellectual politicians and bureaucrats
The extreme Left
Bodies as the essential/necessary/clandestine human
Conjuncture ~ situation
The pastiches of communism and the bizarre victory of capitalism
Erosion of labor dignity/rights – unions on death row
Occupy as resurgence of the Left?
– Axiomatic heresy
Substantive innovation
Formal inventiveness
Remaking of philosophy
Non-normative philosophy
Cynical/post-philosophical pragmatism
A philosophically disinterested, indifferent definition of the essence/identity of philosophy
A non-philosophical use of Philosophy
Uninterpretable by philosophers!
Stranger thought
Working by way of transcendental axioms & producing theorems
Suspending the traditional structures so that new hitherto unenvisageable possibilities arise
Enlargement of the horizons of thought
The postmodern supermarket approach
The single, transhistorical, invariant operative of the philosophical decision
Non-thetic perspective
Decisional structure
An act of scission – separating the conditioned/datum and the condition/faktum  – dividing & conjoining the two
Laruelle & Agamben – philosophers of indifference/indivision
The economic articulation of differential dyads
An alternative to the philosophies of difference
The disjoint couple
This structure presupposes/posits itself as given, in & through that which it constitutes!
Simultaneously intrinsic & extrinsic to the instance
Explanans & explanandum
Interpreting everything while explaining nothing
Moebius strip
Fractional loop
All-encompassing, auto-positional, auto-donational structure
Interminable self-interpretation
Absolute specularity breeds infinite interpretation
The extra-philosophical ordinary
Differential ~ dialectical – reciprocal/mutual logic
Is Laruelle my next guru? Yes! I think he & UGK would get along very well indeed!
Body intelligence & non-philosophy
Unilateral duality
The philosopher as (transcendent/objective) spectator
The Stranger-subject
Unilateralizing identity and unilateralized difference
Depriving of bilateral circumscription
Radically indifferent to difference (of philosophy & non-philosophy)
The unilateralization of decision (by non-philosophy) suspends the universal dialectical reinscription (of philosophy)
Non-philosophy as the ordinary/extra-philosophical science of philosophy
Philosophy ~ X ~ relationality
Extra-philosophical ordinary ~ Y ~ non-relationality
Non-dialectic relation or the non-relation of relationality (philosophy) & non-relationality (extra-philosophical ordinary or non-philosophy)
Extra-philosophical ~ unphilosophical
– Alterity/difference
The indivisible remainder after abstraction…
The fractional surplus
The non-specular/non-thetic root of philosophical specularity
Aporia, caesura, non-identity, other, real, différance, unterschied, event
Intra-decisional impossibility
Difference + deferance = différance
Non-specular abstraction, non-decisional thought
Axiomatic/non-interpretative theorizing
Immanently performative thought
The unconceptualizable
Axiomatic positing
Discursive reasoning
Does this sound like the faith/GOD/revelation dogma of (Christian) theology??
That which makes thought possible is not amenable to being captured/determined by thought!
The already given immanence which determines all other presupposition
Deleuzian plane of immanence
Given & givenness ~ positing & presupposition ~ immanence & transcendence
Decisional co-constitution
Non-decisional axiom
Foreclosed, rather than opposed to decision
Radical indifference to the decisional dyads of thinkable/unthinkable, determinable/undeterminable, decidable/undecidable
Assuming fundamental reciprocity/reversibility/equivalence between conceptual description & ontological constitution
Adequation without correspondence, coherence or unveiling
Would Laruelle and someone like Jordan Peterson, Camille Paglia, etc. agree on the issue of “truth”, etc.
Foreclosure to constitution ~ limitlessly conceptualizable!
Jesus Christ (the historical person) as the radical immanence that constitutes/determines the conceptual description of “GOD” – NOT the other away around.
Irreversible duality
Separate-without-separation ~ already-separate
Radically autonomous realm
Thought/knowledge/faith << life/reality/truth
Structurally intrinsic ~ de jure
Empirically contingent ~ de facto
Necessary resistance
Ocassional cause
Non-thetic immanence
Scientific operation on philosophical material
Heretical philosophy – non-philosophical use of decision
Decisional resistance to the non-philosophical axiom of immanence as the ultimate determining instance of thought
Immanence as the necessary determining condition for the decisional resistance to non-philosophy (determinable material)
Non-philosophical (Laruellian) transformation of philosophical expressions
The bilateral logic of decision
The non-philosophical subject
Radical immanence is indifferent to decision
Unilateral duality of immanent identity & transcendental difference
The non-philosophical subject as unilateralizing instance effectuating immanence’s indifference
The other non-side of the unilateral duality
Dualysis – the philosophical subject converts the bilateral resistance of philosophy to non-philosophy into a unilateral duality.
The organon for determining decisional resistance according to immanence
Phenomenological subject – intentional consciousness/being-in-the-world
Self-relating negativity
The transcendental function as real invariant and decision as the occasional variable
The subject as radically disembodied, unconscious, mechanical, automatic axiomatizing organon – a transcendental computer
A unimaton performing quasi-algorithmic, non-thetic operations upon philosophical material by determining it in the last instance.
Non-philosophical axioms acting upon philosophical material >> theorems
Undecidability/deconstruction – destabilizing metaphysical conceptuality
Subjectivation ~ unilateralization ~ determination
Dyadic circumscription/encapsulation/reintegration
Performativity – pure immanence
The (non)self-sufficient practice of philosophy
Reinscription through decisional mirroring
Is theology a decisional activity?
What is decisionism? Carl Schmitt
Decisional hybrid – ontic-empirical & ontological-transcendental
What can non-philosophy do?
p. 10/23
– Theoretical Humanities
Heterogeneity between explanans & explanandum
Scientific theory



– tenuity 





Junkyard dog

– Adam (disobeying the commandment) ~ Israel (struggling with GOD) ~ Man

To be human is to be able & willing to redefine oneself by acting AGAINST – what is given – one’s own nature!

This is a unique capacity which the other species lack.

Self-transformation as a suicidal (& salvific) attempt!

– Conquering time by becoming completely momentary in one’s consciousness…

– Can the will-spirit-intellect complex liberate us from biological & cultural determinism?

– To be human is to be free of “humanity”.

– Humane killing

Brutal civilization

Spiritual pornography

– Does artificial intelligence mean that it is real & man-made, or is the intelligence itself only apparent?

– The interface & interaction between the internal & external world, I can understand. But, what about the cyberworld??

Culture is both within & without, so is nature. And Grace…?

– Robot/zombie/humanoid

How many actual persons have you met so far?

– Distinguish:

Depression (sickness/weakness)


Laziness (sin/vice)

– “Do not let your hearts be distressed. You believe in God; believe also in me.

John 14:1 NET

Refer NET notes.



In spite of all the evidence to the contrary, dare to believe in the divinity in/of Man!

– A person is usually oriented primarily toward one of the 3:

1. Ideas

2. People

3. Objects

– “A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.” – George Santayana

Can an unschooled child be educated?

– Fuck GOD.

Fuck this world.

Fuck happiness.

Fuck religion.

Fuck science.

Fuck duty.

Fuck norms/mores.

Fuck structures/systems.

Fuck consequences.

Fuck commitments.

Fuck roles.

I believe in doubt.

I believe in anger.

I believe in life.

I believe in desire.

I believe in discipline & struggle.

I believe in creativity.

I believe in variety & change.

I believe in authenticity (uniqueness + integrity).

I believe in leisure & contemplation.

– Distinguish:

3D video


360 video

– Human evolution is not a natural/automatic process, but a costly/intentional enterprise.

All gurus/leaders are ahead of their time, because it is by their blood that history progresses!

– How dare the institutional/organizational authorities presume the right to dictate the sexual & spiritual dynamics its member-relations!

– Learning (how) to relax in Hell!

– Distinguish:




– Are anger & sorrow the outer and inner sides of the same thing?

If so, what is that thing? 


– High politics and low politics

Pop culture and celebrity politicians

Twitter lists

– Films:

Marley (documentary)

“Jah Rastafari” – African Christianity. There is NO pure, non-contextualized spirituality!

I can smell a tinge of sexual liberation in the mix…

Compare with Bob Dylan & Martin Luther King Jr.



– limber

– Board games for 2 or more (on my iPad Mini):

Back Gammon, Draughts, Chinese Checkers, Chess, Scrabble

– Distinguish:




– It is absolutely crucial that your formation includes exposure to alternative (as opposed to mainstream) culture.

Take the effort to dig and find what is not pushed into your face 24/7.

It’s worth it!

– Balanced diet:

  1. Classical & contemporary
  2. Local/Eastern/underground & global/Western/mainstream
  3. All genres – science, art, philosophy, religion, etc.

– Law, Management, Economics, etc.

Are these sciences or arts??

– underwrite


Bitter nostalgia





Iconic irony & an ironic icon

Extreme balance & balanced extremes

fl. c.

Mathematical beauty


Forever right

– Plato – are philosophers just failed politicians?

– “Do not easily despise institutions & traditions.” – Jordan Peterson 

(And I would add that the family is the most ancient & conventional of them all)

Yes, I humbly repent of my immature arrogance, sir! (No, seriously) 🙏😒

– The philosopher is often charged with impiety, indecency, sedition, immorality, etc.

– Why aren’t all intelligent people also virtuous?

– From perplexity to intrigue 

– Spiritual reading < > life skills < > character qualities

– Theoretical experience

Experiential theory

Practical experience

Experiential practice

Theoretical practice

Practical theory

– Preach, baptize, teach, commune & send

– The Christological pattern/cycle:

Stage 1

The Incarnation of the Word > Jesus’s birth > work > suffering > death > resurrection > ascension

Stage 2

> re-incarnation (Pentecost) > birth (Apostolic age) > ……

Adam > Abraham > Israel > Prophets > Jesus > Apostles > Church > ?

– Blood, sweat, tears ~ seed, fruit, roots

– Strength of conviction – willingness to change = dogmatism

Willingness to change – strength of conviction = relativism

Strength of conviction + willingness to change = wisdom!

– From Indian cricket team fan(atic) to cricket connoisseur and global citizen

– apotropaic sign

Devil horns

Shaka (“hang loose”)

– After sitting for mindful breathing, feel the pulse @ both your wrists. Then smile, and tell yourself “Life is awesome”! 😊


– gerund 

coach (vehicle)


– Anarchism/libertarianism is the ideal world order. But people are not ready for it yet. Will we ever be……??

– When it seems like nothing is happening, you will realize there is a lot going on, if you only look carefully enough…… 




– gerrymandering

Line of Actual Control (LAC)


Mutual recognition & reciprocal consideration

“Not out of the woods yet”


What’s the difference between entrepreneurs, snowmen, politicians & criminals?

But wasn’t someone like Nixon, in the past, as bad as Trump?

– Why do most conversations stagnate at the level of small talk?

How do we make genuine friends out of mere acquaintances?

– Do I have to filter even the basic drive toward helpfulness through my vocational identity grid?

– Do you know which time of the day is optimal for each activity in your routine?

– Do you know why, how & when to be strict or lenient with yourself?

– Why do we call ourselves “eccentrics”?? 

When are anything but……!? (Do they already know this?)

It’s fashionable/cool/hip to call yourself such things these days.

We’re just a bunch of hapless workaholics. Even our casual dinner conversations are about workplace issues… 😂

– The sane wicked and the crazy righteous

Most people fall into one of these 2 categories.

The crazy wicked and the sane righteous are very rare.

– If I make the most of this next 1 year of my life by diligently working and moderating it with adequate indulgence, then I will be ready for the 40s…

I want to grow up without becoming old.

I know elderly people who feel ashamed that they are still sexually alive!

– Why do even such highly educated people have a victim mentality??

Spirituality + philosophy + art is the only way out of this deadlock!

– I must try to overcome my hesitation in speaking candidly (like saying No) even when entertaining guests.

I must learn how to do it politely.

– “The Black Freighter” in “The Watchmen”

How important are imagination & theory in equipping us to live well in the “real” world?

– Doing the right thing(s) consistently is the key to feeling happy (mostly).

– Shutting the sense doors periodically is the key to maximal overall sensual enjoyment.

– Can a Buddha experience sexual orgasm?

– SwiftKey doesn’t predict “orgasm”.

Why?? Are it’s makers prudish techies?

– Bob Dylan’s glorious ramble of a Nobel speech!

How/why did a singer/songwriter win the highest literature prize??

This is a vindication of my use of contemporary song lyrics for reading poetry!

The poet


The novelist


The journalist

– Hey! I need to tell you something that has been on my mind for a while.

Some sensitive stuff that I hesitated to express, because of the emotional charge/baggage it carries…

Are we ready to handle it now?

  1. I’m an introvert. So, don’t keep asking me to call people and talk to them about certain agenda.
  2. I’m not yet a proper member of your movement/process, so remember that difference when it comes to (dealing with) our disparate levels of engagement with this enterprise.
  3. Since your work requires you to constantly communicate with others far away from you, you need to be willing to get whatever is necessary for it. And not expect me to be your messenger whenever you go “offline”.

– Are you just using him as a source of financial income and is he just using you as an emotional crutch?

He is totally identified with his work/profession and you are totally lost in your own inner world.

Actually, at the level of the spirit, you both have nothing to do with each other, nevertheless you remain a “couple”!

– Why are there 2 creation accounts in Genesis?

Account ~ story ~ genealogy ~ particulars ~ record – this is what became of xyz……

Organizing principle


Introduction (to the next section)


Summary (of the previous one)

NET Bible – translation notes and study notes

Chaos/disorder ~ emptiness/void (NOT nothingness!)

Call ~ name ~ bless ~ command ~ order

– When doing something, just (forget yourself &) do it. Don’t let your mind interfere with concentrated action!


– DON’T let your depression (psychological state) push you into pessimism (philosophical outlook). 

And don’t let that, in turn, poison your relationship(s) with negativity…… 

– Yoga postures must be done meditatively – slowly, smoothly, mindfully, accurately. 

Not like the usual “exercises”! 

– Nyala

Whip coral

Lavender fields

Vital indifference

– No pain, no inspiration!

So, should I just not do anything to heal myself??

Broken genius


Whole person

– “The nothing nothings” – Heidegger 

1/2 or 1-2


0/3 or 0-3

– Giorgio Agamben 

Philosophical archeology 

Founding common/signature/identity/universal


Actualizing propers/paradigms/difference/singular 

Historical contingency over logical necessity

Conceptual-discursive formations

From a dialectical metaphysics to a philosophy of indifference 

Inherently unstable, self-negating system

Indistinction, indiscernibility, suspension, inoperativity 

A radical intent toward the past

A revolutionary hermeneutic of the present

Imagining a non-messianic future

Norms of intelligibility & forms of communicability 

Power as organizing control

Juridical theory

Metonymy, metaphor & analogy

Orders of relationality 

Language as oath – self-referential performance as opposed to denotative functioning

Sanctioned modes of intelligibility 

Concept consistency

Predetermined ways of thinking, speaking & acting, institutionalized in large-scale structures of behavior

Ideation as what goes on in between the sensible and the suprasensible 

– If the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father & the Son, then the time for the passing of the progenitors and the rise of the offspring has come!

– I really miss my old gang – a handful of close cousins & friends – we used to gather & have all-night orgies of conversation!

– Just because you’re good at questioning & challenging, even subverting, the past, doesn’t mean that you’re also moving toward a better future!
It’s easy to erase the old lines, but it is harder to redraw a more beautiful image……

– If change is the ultimate reality, then no-thing can exist (permanently) and that includes nothingness!
Necessary be(com)-ing
So then, is शून्यता the final शखांरा?!
GOD is embodied consciousness. And there is no point in trying to destroy what cannot be killed. (Rev. 1:18)
Anyway, why should we even pursue such a goal??

– सत्संग

– axiology

– GOD is (found) in the space, in between the various aspects of your personal life, in between your inward & outer life, in between you and other people and in between your context and the world outside.

– WOW! These people are so busy, happy, social, fulfilled, healthy, satisfied, successful…
I despise them all!
(And the feeling is mutual) 😛

– Co-heart(s) – I have no soul mate.
If one is intimately compatible only with a mirror image, then why are we attracted to the exotic and different?? 😕😠
“Birds of a feather flock together”
“Opposites attract”
Maybe you should marry someone from the first & have friends from the second!
But what if it’s all inverted now? What can/should be done??
Maybe you can learn how to cultivate whatever is missing in your relationality?

To be human is to be able to understand the way things are, and more importantly, to have the capacity to imagine a better scenario and work intelligently and intentionally toward it……!