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I am developing new “viewing techniques” for the mind/heart through spiritual exercise & philosophical innovation……

I might go mad, but I might also discover/invent greatness!

Worth the risk?

You need to trust the process/procedure, otherwise you’re gonna give up before the finishing line.



– Add self-help to critical theory

– Intellectual exploration

Physical moderation

Emotional numbness

Volitional empowerment

Social isolation 

Relational intimacy

Spiritual transformation

World revolution

…the politics of self!

– “Suicided by society”

– Posthumous apology – SORRY to all the Spiritual Formations Meetup members!

RIP (aborted) 🙏


– Gross and net income

Financial & assessment year

Form 16 & 26as



– TV series:

“Black Mirror” Season 1 episode 1-2

– From the seminar on Death to death of the Seminar!


– â€œExamine me, and probe my thoughts! Test me, and know my concerns! See if there is any idolatrous tendency in me, and lead me in the reliable ancient path!”

‭‭(Psalms‬ ‭139:23-24‬ ‭NET)

Beliefs ~ desires ~ values ~ worries ~ preoccupations 

Nature ~ tendency/predisposition 

No reflective/expressive journaling, no self-knowledge >> self-deception >> self-destruction

Painful ~ vain ~ idolatrous ~ destructive ~ alien

– 1Thes. 5:18-24

Useless/waste/distraction/irrelevant ~ evil 

Balanced routine (menu of disciplines & optimal rhythm) help you maintain a good attitude & stay healthy.

Your lifestyle shapes your outlook and vice versa.

Are you ready for the new/eternal world order??

Fighting fit

Be careful that you do not become insensitive to the whisperings & nudgings of the Spirit. Find out how, & do whatever it takes, to keep your ultimate destiny in sight always.

– Where is Doklam?

What does “Hurriyat” mean?

South China Sea

– Is your life,

Busy & boring or

Busy & interesting or

Idle & boring or

Idle & interesting?


– “Real time”


Mobius strip

– Creating demand with a new kind of supply


– YWF – young & wild is fine, but you can’t be free too…!?

– Do you budget for time, energy & space too?

Why not?? 


– Audiobooks

Poetry recitals

Interviews and conversations

Panel discussions

Scintillating podcasts

– A few weeks back, when I was walking back home, I pissed on myself (in the street just in front of my house), because I couldn’t hold it in any longer!

I don’t think anyone else saw…… 😥😛

– “Burned alive by time”

– Ask yourself, in each area of your life & then as a whole, are you healthy, sick or dead?

– Caedmon’s caesura 



Concept art

Mead hall

Family feud

Riddles & puzzles

Wars & games

– If Heorot is the contemporary West, & Grendel is Islamic terrorism, then who or what is Beowulf??

– Distinguish:







– Can something be both disgusting & inspiring?

– Triduum rhythm/cycle:

Day 1 – crazy/freak (includes Sabbath) – Sunday, Wednesday 

Day 2 – work on yourself (includes fasting/silence/unplug) – Monday, Thursday 

Day 3 – chores (includes ministry)

Minimize external requirements AFAP, so that (almost) all activities can be directed inside-out! – Tuesday, Friday

Saturday – work/chores/freak

– Movies:

“John Wick Chapter 2”

NOT as good as part 1.

– Paganism (so-called) & Christianity are inseparable!

– Boredom, day-dreaming, meditation & sleep


– Free period

– Vocation – distinguish between (your) core/essence & capabilities/strengths, and focus on the former! 

– TV series:

“Preacher” season 1 episodes 1-5

– Met Fr. Antony Kalliath & Anil Thalakottur in Vidyavanam.
And also visited Ram Menon with Sarasvatti G. C. @ School of Ancient Wisdom

Self-drove Maruti Celerio (automatic gear) from Revv Cars


– “Dont embarrass me (before them).”
“Fuck you (& them)!”

– This is the meaning of life.
What is that?
It is whatever!

– The only way to salvation is by overcoming the messiah complex……
To be free of the desire for freedom!
To be cured of the need for health.

– Heavy metal disco dance

– “One is one, and two is three”
(“Baby” – Royal Republic)
Is it any wonder that the girlfriend/wife is called “baby”?!

I would like to add – one is nothing, and one is all. 



 Die Marquise von O… (La Marquise d’O…, The Marquise of O, Éric Rohmer, 1976)

– I must continue to co-mentor Chellam, my life-partner (along with her) even when there is no formal SFG work going on…

Do I let her mentor me too? Do I really believe in mutuality even in this?

Why do I prefer the term “life-partner” to “wife”?


– I know what it feels like to behold a body like that. But what is it like to BE a body like that??

– innerconnectedness

– Spirituality Vs. Culture/morality/psychology

As opposed to,

Spirituality Vs. Materiality/physicality/sexuality


– IObit Driver Booster



Avast Antivirus

– Food is God.

Language is God.

Breath is God.

Body is God.

Motion is God.

– Distinguish:




Philosophical suicide


Suicidal art

– False emotions

– Freedom, creativity & nothingness

Negation, contradiction & imagination





– Film:

“வாகை சூட வா”

“பாகுபலி” 1 & 2

“Lost City of Z”

– TV series:

“I Love Dick” Season 1

– Is it possible to resist someone who finds you irresistible??


– Film:

“A Quiet Passion”

If Emily Dickinson was not that good at poetry, would she still be a great woman?


– Recluse >> eccentric ~ maverick ~ contemplative ~ rebel ~ artist ~ prophet ~ autodidact


– Let my life be just me & the world, with no others in between……!

And in my relationships, let there be nothing of the world in between.

– The Cross – Christ is mortal, unlike Jesus……! 

I believe that the Cross is a fundamental discontinuity &/or transformation in the Gospel narrative. It should NOT be seen as just an overcoming continuation of what went before, beyond the barrier of death.

On the Cross, the Messiah/spirit dies, and the Man/flesh resurrected!

This inverted spirituality is the greatest legacy of Christianity.

– Hallowed ~ hollowed


– The discourse of silence 

Images, things, ideas & words

The politics of experience 

Automatic writing

Mechanical imaginations

– The sovereignty of spontaneity 

Designing a disruptive/unleveling routine


– cenicle 






Vivisection of texts

Performative thinking

Formal experimentation

Exorbitant works

Unashamedly contradictory

From philosophical literature to literary philosophy 

– How can you prevent spirituality from becoming accessorized by the prevalent order?

– Alternative histories

– I think the next stage of my (d)evolution has begun!
Medicine >> theology >> spirituality/ministry >> self-education
No more small group meetings, seminars, retreats, online forums, etc. for me! Spontaneous one-on-one conversations are the only interpersonal interaction that will remain.
I am gonna focus on a purely inward work from now onwards, at least for the next 1 year.
This work will have no (obvious/immediate) social dimension.
There will be no formal structure or fixed role except my constantly changing personal/private routine.

– Time to descend into the abyss of my own nothingness/darkness/emptiness.
And see if I can survive this death……



– The science of life

The art of living



– Beautiful ruins

– The natural hermeneutical method

Critical & systematic reflection

Proceeding with collaborative curiosity & creativity

– Are women (generally, with not a few exceptions) more silly and stupid than men? If not, then why am I even asking this question?

– Spiritual conversation ~ naughty business! 😈


But you got it wrong – it’s “extraordinary people doing ordinary things”…!

– Fantasies of sex, violence &……?

Religion/spirituality, of course!

What do all three have in common (along with death!)?

Ask George Bataille!

– I have found my (next) goddess! 😉

– Freak ~ weirdo ~ creep


Read me my rights!

– Distinguish:

Political correctness


Ethical soundness

Cultural absolutism


Moral relativism

– “Shallow people” – Fuck it, NOT everyone ought to be “deep”!

Who will do all that other work then??

– Those who fit into the world, experience spiritual emptiness.

And those who refuse to conform, suffer physically.

So, everyone is fucked!

– I wish I could just shoot & kill half the dogs in my neighborhood.

If only…… I would……

– Are people shallow, because they are busy,

Or are people busy, because they are shallow?

Not everyone who is busy is shallow.

And not everyone who is shallow is busy.

– Piddling (about)



Halfwits & heavyweights

– SFG – the real spiritual formation group


SCG – the spiritual conversation WhatsApp group


– What do I have to prove (mainly to myself) that I am not just a abstract thinker/flashy talker, but an authentic individual?

1. My counter-cultural (contemplative) lifestyle

2. My bold/open sexual expression

3. My public positioning of (controversial) faith and invitation of challenge/argument

– Theory – exploration

Practice – experimentation

Experience – adventuring

– Love – you said it is respect for, acceptance of, & care toward the other.

But you missed one thing:

DESIRE for (to be with) the other!

– Update my CV. Add moderating spiritual conversation WhatsApp group & blogging, as ministries.

– FII – Foreign Institutional Investor



– Self-objectification



– Burger King is a flop.

– Last time I went home (Chennai), I felt like crying, when I saw a childhood photo of me, smiling widely, standing with my parents…!?

– SFG/SCG is FOR you, if……

SFG/SCG is NOT for you, if……

– Write 3 statements for each:

I am…

I am not…

– Dynamic systems

Chaos & complexity

Action understanding

Imitation & empathy


– Should I have completed the 10 day Vipassana course, in spite of my doubts & other difficulties?

It would have made it easier for me to consistently practice mindfulness after I returned from the retreat.

– Meetup – great app for someone like me!

Referred by Vishal Kevin.

I can join interest groups, meet new like-minded people, and also use it as a platform to promote SFG & SCG……

Bangalore is far ahead of Chennai in many ways!

– vogues

Moving from acceptance/normality to popularity/success to power/influence… Are you moving on this track?



– ⚠📢

_Dear folks…_

*It is time for Annual Retreat 2017!*

This year, we will be learning to play an experiential learning game called SUBLIMEWE.

It is for people of any religious (or non-religious) background, who want to develop the aptitude & skill to live on LIFE’s terms, by equally loving oneself and others.

Avail this unique opportunity to see how the “gifting culture” moves us toward a “world that works for everyone”!

Saras (Sarasvatti G. C.) will be available to help us get acquainted with the whole process.


Part 1 (Introduction) – 12-15.8.17

Part 2 (Integration) – 25-27.8.17


In/around Bengaluru (will be fixed & informed within next 2 weeks)


Rs. 6,000 per head (approximately)

Please reply and confirm your participation in the next 1 week. You can decide about attending Part 2 after you finish Part 1.

If anyone needs financial support, please let me know ASAP.



– To mystic/cosmic, add mythic!



– Mutual support for self-facilitation
Fractal self-organizing- Christ University offers B. Sc. Psychology. And Asoka University offers B. A. Psychology.
What’s the difference?

– I know why the people in Bangalore look more beautiful than the folks in Chennai (no doubts about that!), or so I think:
1. There is more (genetic) intermingling here, between North, South, West & East India. The cosmopolitan mix produces better results, because of natural selection from a greater variety of options & combinations.
2. The climate is cooler and more amiable, so that might have a more positive effect on skin complexion.
3. The culture here is more image (& health?) conscious and fashionable, so people invest more on staying fit & looking good.

– “Last night, I was upset about you not _____ with me, but _____ with them (in spite of the work you had to do).
I don’t know why I got hurt!
It’s not your fault, I guess…
Maybe I was lonely, angry & sad, because I felt left out (& I didn’t want to join either!), and even despised all of you together as a “happy group”…
The conversations you all were having was really getting on my nerves! I couldn’t help it. I felt disgust, hatred, etc. rising up from within…
I just wanted to get out and find some peace in solitude.
Something very deep/old inside me is in tumult 😓
Sorry ✋🏽
You don’t have to do anything about it. And I don’t think you can help either……
I think this is somehow related to my critical intellect, sexual lust, depression, introversion, etc.
All these seem to be symptoms of some great “wound/lack” inside……! Maybe, I don’t know
I was trying to relax by closing my eyes & breathing. Then I just went to sleep. Escaping the pain/trouble
I am so sick, and this world is so fucked up.
I am numb to this life. I don’t believe in God or love or truth anymore……
Nothing really matters!
There is so much inside me, waiting to explode & destroy everything around me
I am afraid of (what’s hidden/buried in) myself
You are more like them, than like me.
Spiritually, I am alone.
And all I want is to be left alone in peace. That’s all.
I will NEVER be a parent.
You go ahead & have a normal/healthy life. But spare me the bother……
I have nothing against you.
I just want to be true to myself (I couldn’t be otherwise).
And you should do the same”


“Dear folks…
It is time for our *ANNUAL RETREAT 2017*!
This year, I would like to offer the following proposal:
To gather, explore and play with an instrument, designed for
experiential learning called *”sublimewe”.*
It is a coined term which describes a space for us to be in a mode of unlearning and deepening into self, enacting mutuality with others and emboldening all those in the sphere of your influence for sake of unity, authenticity, diversity and widespread well-being.
It is for people of any affiliation (be it religious or non-religious), who want to develop the aptitude & skill to living on LIFE’s terms, by equally caring for and loving self and others.
I welcome you to utilize this unique opportunity to see how “gifting
culture” moves us toward a “world that works for everyone”!
Two or three practicing players of the sublimewe game, including Saras (Sarasvathi G. C.) will be joining along with us as we create the whole retreat experience together.
Maximum number of participants ~ 10 only (excluding the 3 facilitators), so please respond promptly to register.

*Dates* :
– Part 1 (Introduction) – 12 – 16.8.17 (5 days & 4 nights)
– Part 2 (Integration) – 17 – 19.8.17 &/or 25 – 27.8.17 (3 days & 2 nights)
(You can decide about attending Part 2 after finishing Part 1)

*Venue* :
In/around Bengaluru – the climate is very pleasant, & with good
options for inexpensive retreat spaces.
(Place will be fixed & informed within next 2 weeks)

*Cost* :
Approximately Rs. 6,000 per person – including travel, food and accomodation – for Part 1 alone
(but financial constraints need not keep anyone from coming.
So please inform me if you need support…
And generosity from those who can afford is encouraged!)
The core practice of sublimewe is based on a principle of shared responsibility (unlike business as usual.)  All aspects of the retreat
is held by each one that will be joining and participating amongst us, particularly financial co-responsibility for all expenses in conducting our event.
Therefore, further details on expenses will emerge as part of the retreat convening & organizing process.
Please reply, if you are interested in being a part of such a venture, so I can call you and then we can discuss the details and finalize your plan.

*Contact* :
+919840227977 (Immanuel Joseph)

– Connect and integrate Spiritual conversation WhatsApp group, local spiritual friendship small group, Immanuel Joseph’s Blog, annual retreat & seminar!
A veritable ecosystem for personal flourishing and world transformation 😇👍👏

– Artifical intelligence
Natural wisdom

– How can I nurture a sharp attitude of healthy criticism, without falling into the dark pit of morbid cynicism?
How can I have strong beliefs that produce committment to a clear path, without being blinded by my confident zeal?
There needs to be a balanced tension & dynamic interaction between faithful action and self-doubt to keep one from the twin risks of violent dogmatism and relativistic paralysis……

– Ogle:
Admiring & enjoying, without killing & consuming……

– Gifting time
Spiritual donation
Personal sharing
Moral exchange

–  “Advertisement for starting a Spiritual Formation Group (to be forwarded to your students & colleagues in all 3 campuses of CU, via your network, by WhatsApp/email):
My name is Immanuel Joseph. I am a 37 year old Tamil guy, married to Salome Divya (Assistant Professor of Psychology). We live in Hulimavu, close to the Christ University campus on BG Road. We moved here from Chennai last month.
– I come from a Christian, medical background. I have been engaged, as an independent practitioner, in conducting small group meetings, retreats, seminars, & one-on-one mentoring for more than 8 years now. I have had basic formal training in Theology & Counseling. I am a contemplative autodidact.
– The Spiritual Formation Group (SFG) is how I express my passion for holistic growth through radical education, intellectual dialogue and mutual support (which are also, according to me, the most pressing needs, especially among our youth).
This is for any adult (above 18), who is interested in understanding themselves better, relating intimately with others, learning more deeply about their world and experiencing GOD in & through the mystery of this life.
– This is NOT mainly a Christian fellowship, or group psychotherapy, or academic/cultural club, etc. But it includes some of these elements and more (authentic friendship & personal transformation through reflection & conversation)!
If you want to try something new/different that might be edifying, enlightening & inspiring, or you feel that something crucial that is essential for that next stage of your evolution is lacking, or there is a sense of dissatisfaction & frustration with the superficiality, mediocrity & busyness of contemporary society, then the SFG is for you!
– Those who would like to be part of such a community, please contact me, so that we can arrange an initial intro/orientation meeting, where I can give more details and we can discuss how to take this initiative forward, together.

– “I am available for anyone (student or faculty, male or female, young or old) who wants a trustworthy confidant, or is looking for a spiritual friend/conversation partner.
Let me know if you come across such a need…

Dear friends…
This is a forum for free exchange of views (beliefs & values) & open/mature/serious dialogue.
For adults ONLY.
Language – English
– No more forwards (pictures, videos, jokes, Christian messages, etc.) will be allowed in this group. So please avoid sending them.
You can send relevant forwards (Max. 1 per day). Whoever posts a forward must also give a brief description or comment.
– If you find anything that is good (important,  useful, interesting, & relevant to the theme of this group – serious discussion of faith/life), then you can send just the online link (URL). But this also, only a maximum of one per day per person.
– But you can send small excerpts like quotes (max. 2-3 sentences/a small paragraph).
– If anyone violates this rule, they will be given a warning. The next time, they will be evicted from the group.
– I am bringing in this rule so that our conversations will be more authentic & substantial.
Please cooperate.
Any feedback can be sent to me personally, not in the group.
Friends, please avoid any communication that is not meant for the entire group, but only for an individual.
– I was part of another WhatsApp group in which the administrators had this rule, & I saw that it really helped to maintain a better quality of conversation!
– But when it comes to expressing your own views & experiences, you have FULL FREEDOM!
– Let the conversation flow! Let us all feel free to express ourselves fully. Let us accept & respect each other. Let us push & shove each other, as we clash, in the pursuit of truth & glory – together! 👣
– Diversity/variety of persons, & therefore theologies is a wonderful & complex fact! 😇✨
Let us just enjoy being exposed to the Great Other, through encounters & communication with all these others.
I would request everyone to just relax & speak their minds without any fear! 🍷
It can be difficult, frightening & painful to interact with radically different persons/views, but that is what helps us grow! We are forced to stretch. Otherwise what’s the point in any conversation?? We are NOT here to just rub each other’s backs……
– Dear folks… Please note that we will be focusing on spiritual conversation (the purpose & title of this group) and NOT personal confrontation. The latter can be done in private chats with individuals on WhatsApp!
– Here, we will be trying to distinguish between WHAT is being said and WHO is saying it, and then concentrate on the former, NOT the latter.
– This will be followed as a strict rule!
– And although Christian theology is an integral part of the exchanges in this open forum, spiritual conversation is not limited to it!
Spiritual > Christian.
Faith > religion.
So get ready to be exposed, & to explore!
There is no obligation to participate in the chats. You can join in whenever you can/want.
– If anyone doesn’t like the experience, please feel free to contact the administrator(s) to give feedback (in private chat), or leave the group.

– Hegre Art


– I love sleeping in the light, and staring into the dark! 😎


– quorum

–  Silent Planet – Understanding Love As Loss

–  Neck Deep – Where Do We Go When We Go (Official Music Video)


– Today, I saw a school  girl on the road in front of my house. She was so beautiful and sexy – indeed she looked perfect!

My heart fluttered and skipped a beat – I was moved with adoration and hurt with desire……

I have such experiences rarely.

Should I be ashamed or afraid??

T. S. Eliot once said that D. H. Lawrence was a “very sick man indeed”…

The lives and times of joy-hogs

Ha ha ha ha!

I hesitated a lot before I wrote this down (& then published it). Why??

So, instead of censoring it, I recorded my feelings about the recording too, along with the account of the original experience……

NOW, you can judge me, and expose yourself, in the very act!

– “Strangely incurious”


–  CATHOLICISM: The New Evangelization – Trailer

– Congratulations on starting a Meetup

– “Run” – Foo Fighters