The Invisibles

Compare with “Watchmen”, “Matrix”, “Fight Club”, “V for Vendetta”, etc.

Hmmm…… does such reading/watching really produce real change in attitude/behavior, or is this all just intellectual titillation/spiritual masturbation? All idealism necessarily involves a degree of self-deception, that’s okay!

One needs to believe in the power of spirit to incarnate the word, in order to sustain the viability of the will in a nihilistic world…..

Real hope sinks all counterfeit goals, and then uses the remains of the old order as jetsam/flotsam to survive in the open ocean, until a new shore can be found!

You either parasitize the system to survive, as you plot creative destruction, or you allow the system to parasitize you and become one of the “walking dead”.

“What kills you makes you stronger”


Author: jimmanueljoseph

This is a collection of my journal entries, & anything that catches my attention... So, no full articles, just "glimpses" - sparks to light your FIRE! DISCLAIMER: Not everything I post is mine (including opinions & experiences) _____________________________________________________________________________ Immanuel Joseph (Male; Born - 11.08.1979, Madurai) What am I doing?? Actually, nothing much! But I am a self-employed, part-time, freelance spiritual worker. What that means exactly, I myself don't know...... I don't have a job. But I have a hobbies...... Lay, maverick, eccentric Christian thinker & spiritual friend (MBTI - Insightful Facilitator) - passionately seeking to better experience, understand & enjoy life! Reclusive & contemplative autodidact. Controversial conversationalist Living with Salome Divya _____________________________________________________________________________ My LinkedIn Profile: My Ministry: My Testimony: Twitter Email/Google Plus Facebook YouTube Cell Phone/WhatsApp +919840227977 My Framework for Spiritual Formation Groups Resources for Spiritual Formation Group

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