“Fight Club” movie review (4/5)

WOW! Definitely one of my favorite films. Could there be any guy (“normal male”) who hates (or even dislikes) this movie??

Could a normal male be negative (or even neutral) toward alcohol or pornography?

What does postmodern masculine sanctity (or even sanity) look like?

How do I find/make my own “fight club”? If I have already done that, am I ready to move into “Project Mayhem”?

Is Nietzsche right about Christianity being an emasculating influence?

One cannot be a purely spiritual/abstract warrior without any physical/concrete component!

Who is Chuck Palahniuk?

Getting tired of my questions?? Well, I can only offer what I have……!







– The extraordinary everyday!

– Fluid arts

Video magazine

– Is it possible to integrate the erotic, the intellectual and the political in a spiritual formation group??!!

– Whenever you find something worthwhile, save & share it.

– The courage of hopelessness/tragedy


The cowardice of despair/resignation

Comedy is nothing but tragedy without an end……!

– Solitude + idleness + imagination = enlightenment!

– daft 






GIF slideshow 


– Fuck the System:

This present order/evil age

My daily rhythm/rule

Ministry plans

They’re ALL the SAME! 😡

What do you think lies behind/beneath these world structures/flesh drives??

O O O, Satan……….

– 22.6.17

– Asexual cuddling

Psychological nakedness

Spiritual friendship

Aesthetic intimacy

Intellectual partnership

Ethical conversation

Vocational support

– “I am available for anyone (student or faculty, male or female, young or old) who wants a trustworthy confidant, or is looking for a spiritual friend/conversation partner.

Let me know if you come across such a need…


– Nowness 



– My “ministry” is more about me looking for others out there who can give me the kind of company I want, rather than me providing something for a perceived need in the church/society!

– mirandum 

Bourgeois-ized existence 


Bohemian garb

Doubt, wonder & mystery

– A person who is not reflective, intentional & public, in her experience & practice of life, CANNOT be called “spiritual”!

The emotional-relational dimension can be healthy only when sandwiched between the intense & dynamic engagement with the private & political realms…

– TV series:

“Luther” season 1

So, do they finally have sex or not??

This guy is a bundle of contradictions. She seems to be more consistent. But even her world is being rocked by the sudden invasion of love.

This is not just another story where the main characters never die! Realistic, & therefore powerful. Why does fiction need to be so, in order to be appealing?

The hunter & the beast fall in love. And the death of the beloved beauty makes way for the sexy creature!

Compare the torment of detective Reed with O. J. Simpson’s anguish after (being caught & charged for) the murder.

– Movies:

“The Prophet” (based on the book by Kahlil Gibran)

Hmmm…… I found it too cute & romantic.

Even his view of death is too rosy for me!

No wonder X loves this guy. 

Will “The Alchemist” (Paulo Coelho) be better?

I found “Life of Pi” more arresting.

Are the common people really that innocent?

Maybe it’s just a bad film adaptation of a great book……


– Frivolity (Serious fun)


Triviality (Rhetorical sophistry)

– Making peace with rules


Making rules for peace

– pasty


Ramadan Eid

Moon sighting

– Implicit <–> explicit

Fearlessly and accurately articulating the repressed.

And unfolding the implications of the obvious.

– Future hits

– Sprinkle (generously) the spice of disciplines on the staple diet of spontaneous expression

– How many great historical persons had full-time jobs, were married and had children?


– Distinguish:

Personality (psychosocial)


Character (moral-spiritual)


– Maybe I should just become a home-maker (+/- father)……

I am feeling utterly worthless and lost! 😥

Adopt my ageing parents…?!

Mutual adoption??



– diremption 


– Spiritual suicide (is a process that) is far more damaging than (the event of) physical suicide.

– Becoming nothing ~ being everything!
Why should everyone be qualified or expert in one or two things?
Why can’t I just be me?
Why should I do something in order to be someone?
Why can’t I just live without any of these labels or roles?
My time has not yet come. I’m afraid it will be too late for me……!
So, should I just try to fit in or continue standing out? How long can I keep up this struggle, against all odds?? I’m weary. But I can’t give up, I don’t think I can ever do that……!
So, no more marketing myself, or trying to make something happen, that will give me validity & legitimacy in this world (in spite of all the pressure from without & torture from within), time to put my foot down and take my stand, forever.

– Psychological health
Philosophical attitude

– Not a victim nor a warrior.
Just a solo adventurer.
Off the road. Into the wild. On my own.
Farewell, my dear folks!
The LORD have mercy, on you & me.

– Mindful breathing, mild exercise, household chores.
These are what keep me sane/alive!

– Thanks for your advice, but I refuse to follow it.
I am playing a totally different ball game here. You don’t & can’t understand. And that’s okay with me. I am getting used to it.

– Spiritual hippy

​TV series – “The people Vs. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story” review (4/5 – very good, but not great) 

Fifth Amendment

The tension between protecting individual rights and the requirements for justice/conviction. The pitfalls of acquitting the guilty and indicting the innocent.

Americanism ~ Capitalism?





Trial by media


Justice (cultural ideal & social process)


Law (abstract principles & fixed procedure)

Celebrity ~ narcissist

Truth/evidence/reason & narrative/context/emotion

Can morality/ethics survive in this world, without the support of spirituality/religion?

The personal/private/chadacter/essence & the professional/public/image/performance

If, historically, the Whites were the oppressed group, would they have given the same verdict as the Black jurors in this case?

What improvements could be made in the criminal justice system to increase the conviction rate for the guilty?

Where was the American church in all of this?? Why is the Church such a miserable failure when it comes to dealing with such cardinal issues?!

What can individuals do, when even institutions fall victim to the wider cultural forces??


Trailer 1

Trailer 2

The Invisibles

Compare with “Watchmen”, “Matrix”, “Fight Club”, “V for Vendetta”, etc.

Hmmm…… does such reading/watching really produce real change in attitude/behavior, or is this all just intellectual titillation/spiritual masturbation? All idealism necessarily involves a degree of self-deception, that’s okay!

One needs to believe in the power of spirit to incarnate the word, in order to sustain the viability of the will in a nihilistic world…..

Real hope sinks all counterfeit goals, and then uses the remains of the old order as jetsam/flotsam to survive in the open ocean, until a new shore can be found!

You either parasitize the system to survive, as you plot creative destruction, or you allow the system to parasitize you and become one of the “walking dead”.

“What kills you makes you stronger”

Minority rights a good idea


– I agree. 

– Distinguish:













– What would a Nietzschean say to all this talk about inequality & justice? 

Can one be a Christian & still agree (or at least sympathize) with the maverick, firebrand philosopher? 

– All those who are “weak” must fight for (& win) their (deserved/special) rights! They cannot expect the strong to just give it to them out of mercy/compassion… But isn’t that cruel?