– Dream:

To Vijyakumar – “Uncle has friends everywhere to help him!”

He has just got a loan without any hassle.

– This guy, after listening to the 3 interviews with people who have been influenced by U. G. Krishnamurti, says that the main thing he got out of it was UG’s advice to (a depressed) Mahesh Bhatt about going back into the world of showbiz and pursuing his ambitions by competing and achieving…!

– Ejaculatory prayer

Financial inflation ~ spiritual _____?

– Distinguish:




– “Dear Z,

I was thinking of you, and I wanted to say this:

1. What will be your core role as you take up leadership in ABCD?

2. What is your chief calling as an individual?

3. What is your vision & mission as a Christian?

3 >> 2 >> 1”

“I think you are essentially a student & preacher of the Bible/Gospel.

And this must continue to be your focus even as you take up this new task.

That will never change no matter where you are & what position you hold!


“Therefore, you are NOT (primarily) a counselor, or organizer or strategist or thinker or motivator, etc., etc…”

“Evangelist-pastor might be a good job description!”

– Suicide ~ homicide ~ deicide

– Christ/Kingdom/Gospel <– Spirit/Church/Word

– Act. 8:34-35 (NET)

“Then the eunuch said to Philip, “Please tell me, who is the prophet saying this about — himself or someone else?”

So Philip started speaking, and beginning with this scripture proclaimed the good news about Jesus to him.”

– Maybe the first Christians (the Apostles) did not get the true & full meaning of the Cross of Christ, just like the Jews did not get the Crux of the OT, which Jesus later came to reveal……!

So, who/what is going to reveal the NT to us??

– Karl Barth said we need to hold the Bible in one hand, and the newspapes in the other. But what are the elements (of true spirituality) missing here?


– Old/Middle English

– AAp’s defeat in MCD election, another black day for Indian politics!

Suicides and homicides broadcast over social media! Why??

Why was Ivanka Trump appointed as the POTUS’s assistant??

France, divided into 2, just as the USA in the last presidential election – Macron ~ Hillary & Le Pen ~ Trump

NITI Aayog

– Ignorance –> illusion –> misery

– “There is no mind/self. Once that is knocked off, then there is no way of you knowing now, what you are left with!” – UGK

“There no way of experiencing resurrection from this side of death.” – RFC

– UGK & “the natural state” – has he ejected the fruit of knowledge, and eaten from the tree of life instead?!

– Being entertained by the suffering of others!

– Biology


Sensuality + culture + spirituality


– It is human to be inhuman,

And it is inhuman to be human.

– Pure being


“Just do it!”

– The courage to give up.

Do you want it?

– I know how I can (more than) compensate for not going through the full Vipassana course!

Peering into the VOID

Suicide is the only way to (lose) salvation.

– “All argument is circular”





Where/how did this new paradigm come about??

– The only unforgivable sin is unforgiveness.

– Abandoning spirituality

Observing existence instead of passionate living

The perfect circle


– Signal – the writing on the wall

– The freedom of material necessity


The law of spiritual reason

– Achieving perfect resignation

– Plurality ~ fullness

All in, & from, nothing!

“The centre cannot hold.” – Yeats

– symbology

figure (v.)

– ellipsis ~ ellipse29.4.17

– Priority – physiological instinct & situational urgency over abstract thought & cultivated conscience


– The only way to get rid of egocentrism & ethnocentrism, is to attack & destroy their father – anthropocentrism!

– 3 levels of reality:
1. Metaphysical VOID
2. Biological process
3. Cultural consciousness
This is the right side up.
So start inverting the upside down order.
The body is caught between 1 & 3. For too long it has been dominated by the 3. It’s time to liberate it, by connecting it with the 1.
2.5 is psychology.
1.5 is where you wanna be!
Are 1 & 3 connected by a loop?!

– I cannot just accept UG’s saying that “there’s no way out”.
At least I want to know how I can live best, in light of this fact.
How can I make the most of what is given, in spite of the obvious limitations?

– The Fall ~ self-consciousness
Undeceive – we need to be disenchanted from our sense of self-importance & entitlement, as an entire race.

– Meditation as a purely physical exercise


– “Be content with your misery” – UGK

– Theology as meta-paradigm

– zeroing

Ordinal & cardinal



– Anamnesis & “aana paana”

– Creating > creation

– “Are all circularities vicious?”

“Nothing is (at) my center”

Metaphorics of the O

– Can my body be liberated from my mind, without killing itself?

Can the mind be killed by using the body?

No ego, no body!

– Redefining life as biological process, as opposed to the conscious self……

– Formative thinkers who challenge not only our beliefs, but actually reshape our mode of being in the world

– Perfect nihilism & coming full circle – the negation of negation, and the birth of the NEW

– Even the “One” begins with O! 😎


– ALT Balaji

Ekta Kapoor – now there’s a woman worth ogling!


– Examine ~ inspect ~ speculate

“A balance sheet of choices”

Irrational reality & rational truths

Sovereignty/calmness ~ steadiness/stability ~ confidence/strength

– Empire



– Learning to move from a pre-planned rule to a more organic system

If you don’t know what to do, just take a 10-15 minute break of silence, stillness & breathing.

Then you will be able to get back in touch with the wisdom of the body!

– Distinguish:





– Nothing (else) matters
Nothing (really) matters
Queen > Metallica!

– I don’t understand >> I want to understand >> I try to understand >> I don’t need to understand >> there is no understanding >> there is nothing to understand!
Understand?? 😈

– nothingness.org

– Rebirth
Born again

– If UGK is living in the natural state, then why is there no sexual bonding with the wife & genetic bonding with the kids & parents?

– Do as little as possible.
Become as great as possible!

– When you’re living, use 90% of income for yourself (& family) and give 10% for charity.
When you die, leave 50% of wealth as inheritance, & 50% for charity!

– Focus 80% of your time & energy on the interface between your inner & or world chiefly through your body

– The carnal man
The cultural man
The physical consciousness

The social psyche


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