Bible verse of the day 

“But I say to you who are listening: Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you.”

Luke 6:27-28 NET

How does a critical/radical theorist love, do good, bless and pray? 

Respond to the intimidation & manipulation of the powers that be, with the quiet courage that comes from knowledge. 

You will know the people of the truth, by their contrast to the powerful, who are characterized by pride, insecurity and violence. 

Dare to be an underdog in this brutal world! 


Bible verse of the day 

“Before I formed you in your mother’s womb I chose you. Before you were born I set you apart. I appointed you to be a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5 NET

“Before” is the key word! Your true vocation predates your actual birth…… 

So, it has never been up to you to choose who you are. It is only yours to know it & act accordingly. 

Mother ~ womb – before there was nothing, there was something! 

Be human. Prophesy! 



– Ideologue’s guide to perversion

Reverse brain-washing

– I am more contemplative/introverted than most people. But how come I bailed out of the Vipassana course on the 4th day, and the others were able to continue and finish it??


– Is it possible to live (i.e not destroy oneself), once you have fully embraced the truth/fact, that there is no meaning/purpose of life (except life itself)?

– If the negation of life is not death, then what is it?





– Nitzschean charity

Divert all funds, from supporting the survival/uplift of the “weak/struggling”, to preserve those (individuals & groups) who are living/fighting “at the edge of time”……!

The death of certain folks/movements is more precious than others…?


World Vision >> Wikileaks 

Save the Children >> LibGen

William >> Abel

Pownya >> Shanthuru



– Meditation – breather >> breathing >> breath!

– God >> GOD >> G-d >> gOd!

– Used Audacity for noise reduction of my positive affirmation recordings… 👍

– Distinguish:

The barking dog


This dog barking


– It seems that UGK has somehow defaulted to the Edenic state.

But (according to Christian theology), the way back is barred, and we can only move forward (toward the New Jerusalem) now.

Add Nietzsche’s idea of the “eternal return of the future in the event”, and you get an awesome solution that takes the journey beyond the deadlock……



– Your thoughts & feelings don’t matter.

Even your beliefs & desires don’t matter.

Only your will & actions matter.

Frustration/despair/sorrow is the result of not realizing the above truths.

But happiness/peace/positivity is NOT the result of realizing them!

– Yes, depression is only for sissies.

But there is a sissy in everybody, right?

– It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are… You are ALONE!

Only very few people have realized this fact, & even fewer have embraced it fully.

First you see the truth, then it kills you, because it destroys the foundational illusions that sustain your current existence……

And after this, if you’re still breathing, it liberates you, totally!

– If there is a lone wolf among a thousand sheep, who is under threat??


– From




– Mind as culture within.
Most of your thoughts & feelings are just experienced (passively) by you. They are NOT yours!
Only what you do (by actively moving against your own beliefs & desires) is upto you (freedom of choice). The will is your ONLY way out!


– I wish I was cool.
Or I wish I was not bothered about whether I was cool.
Now I wish that I didn’t wish…… 😇

– I had another dream of being “reconciled” with Rowan & Vanya.

Does this “mean” anything??

– I must look into the philosophy, theology & spirituality of sleep, insanity & the unknown……

How about mind, language & biology?

– Thinking about thinking 

Praying for my prayers

Believing in belief

Living out (of) life

– Romanticism >> scepticism >> mysticism


Oblivious ~ cowardly 

Feminist (critical member)


Feminism (her movement)


– Thinking out loud:
Based on our experience of the world today, what great/lasting impact did the so-called great ones make??
Maybe we will have to see the world as it might have been if these special persons had not lived……
Then the difference might show itself more obviously!?


– Meditation


So, both the way back (to Eden) and the way forward (to the New Jerusalem) are blocked to us.
The Garden is closed by the flaming swords. And the City is closed because the human mind is not capable of overcoming itself.
If there is any possibility of divine revelation (& therefore our salvation), our last resort is to probe the wounds for the flow (of blood & water)……….


– “Nannagae Kannada gotthilla”

– Free man from humanity!
Fuck moralism, spiritualism & capitalism


– All successes are also failures.
And all failures are also successes.

– Instinctual discipline
Wild wisdom
The plural/fragmented/conflicted self – the broken body – Eucharist!

– To live, without meaning, is strength.


– I am tempted to try & regain my lost faith.
I am tempted to return to the old disciplinarian regime.
I am tempted to adopt more conventional roles to survive in this culture.

– Teleology/eschatology/theology

– Noise cancellation headphones

– Hygiene

– Life is not these things.
Life is more than these things.
Life is less than these things.
Life is other than these things.

– Why should you agree to cease?


– Indulgence is a sign of depression.

– Should I alternate periods of mind over body with periods of body over mind, or just equalize/moderate both at all times?
How do I distinguish whether a desire/motivation is arising from the body or the mind??
The bloody romance of flesh & spirit – c’mon, be sportive now!

– Morning ritual – sitting in the dark, looking out through the open window into the daylit outdoors……

– Feeling one’s thoughts,
And thinking one’s feelings.
Is there any way out of this??


– Write an original line everyday.
Stop any & all “reblogging”

– Can doing nothing be a hobby?
What will happen if I continue living like this?
Why not?
Moving from passive activity to active passivity.

– Fascinated by life, but not passionate about living!

– vertiginous

– So Joe, finished your Tinder swiping for today?

– Following moods >> nowhere/anywhere/everywhere
Ready, steady, stop!

– Existence > experience

– The way to cure depression & the way to live fully are diametrical opposites!

– Doing >> being >> be(com)-ing


– UGK – and the Flesh became word, & dwelt among us……!
The grizzly man (Timothy Treadwell)
This dog barking (UGK)
Diogenes the Cynic

– Depression – the realization that I am NOT the centre of existence is both excruciating & exhilarating!
Existence > life

– All true revolutions are bound to fail.

– litotes

A theory of imperialism – capital campaign

My/our response to the (evil) global trends must be both bold & thoughtful, not timid or naïve.

A community of resistance is (to be) formed by the networking of non-participants (in the current hegemony), and therefore alternative-life-seekers…

I think we need to pause and rethink certain recent choices by examining their trajectory compared with (vicious) market forces.

“Do we care?” – the healing touch

I was a medico.
Just forwarded this vital link to some of my friends who are in the health care field.

GOD have mercy on me, & this nation!

Looking at the big picture is a good tonic for (fighting) narcissism & depression!

To live is to survive AGAINST the odds. Time to perfect nihilism……

“Roots of the periphery” – notes from the margins

I/we need to move against the dominant, prevalent current of progress/development, both in the social & spiritual realms in my/our context.

Let’s start with “I prefer not to”!

Postmodern ~ subaltern ~ anti-orthodox theology

Hmmm… so, how does the move to Christ University measure up in this alternative scale??