– Distinguish:
– Movies:
“Ghost in the Shell” (1995)
Reproduction as reincarnation
Alright, but why choose ME??
The grades of maturity & the imperative of mentoring – Project 2501, Major & Batou
Was “Ex Machina” inspired by this film?
– Work on family:
Destroy marriage & transform parenting
– No more “Easter”, only “Resurrection Sunday”
Today at St. Luke’s was the gold standard for all RS worship services! 👏😇
Liberation from genetic traits, cultural forms, political powers & psychological strongholds >> exultatant, indomitable joy
I take refuge in the ever-present wounds of the living Jesus, as I struggle with my own finitude, frailty & fallibility……
Live ~ rise
Reign ~ triumph
This is a true champion – he doesn’t rest on his laurels, because he relishes the fight!
The Alleluia people who keep moving from Hosanna to Amen!
– escritoire
“very true”
– Music for every mood
– Distinguish:
– jamun
– Everyone must write all their remaining wealth to charity in their final will, instead of handing over everything to their own children as inheritance. This will ultimately lead to a more equitable world!
The best way to help poor people is definitely NOT by giving them money.
– Today is Easter Monday.
What is it?
– A blessed Resurrection Sunday to all who seek for, & suffer with, Jesus the Christ!
GLORY be 🕴🏼
Let everyone else stay asleep 😴
Resurrection is the hope that sustains those who suffer with Jesus, & the wounds of crucifixion are the hallmarks of those who will participate in the final glory…
Therefore, crucifixion & resurrection always go hand-in-hand. One cannot be understood or experienced apart from the other
Resurrection Sunday – REJOICE!
This is the key note of the Christian life. Never take anything too seriously.
Of course there are very important stuff to work & fight for, but all in a spirit of levity & gaiety……
The SABBATH now underlies & overarches every other day of the week.
Focus foremost on relaxing & enjoying, then everything else will fall into its rightful place.
This is the faith that not only conquers, but overturns this world 🌍
Anything includes even survival, etc.
– Martyr or apostate?
– Bliss ~ numb
Those who have tasted death (egolessness) by choice, shall live forever……
–  Be warned against a Christian (mis)interpretation of the Hebrew Bible!
And I call myself a Christian 😁
– Traditional ascription
Non-canonical scriptures
– Jewish orthodoxy & Christian heterodoxy
Christian orthodoxy &……?
– “The writer of this letter views his own days as evil, and for this reason, these ordinances of the Lord (which he writes) must be sought out diligently.”
Is religion a paranoia? Not always & not for everyone, but yes, mostly.
Is Christianity a religion? Yes (on the surface) & No (in truth)
“A new law which is without the yoke of necessity”
Divine obligation & human freedom
“All we need is to learn to read the signs”
Decipher ~ murder
You try to see Christ in the Scriptures by reading them symbolically, but what if Christ himself is a symbol, that arises from the Scriptural Jesus, and interprets/judges every place & time?!
Interpretation as the violent task of reconciling inconsistencies in the data – to create an intelligible picture of belief, out of the chaotic fragments of experience & practice.
The power of teaching and the teaching of power
The fear of the creator, the love of man and self-submission belong together
Virtue ~ grace & truth ~ integrity & generosity
– Overcoming (the desire to be released from) suffering
– Can peer pressure ever be good?
What does mysticism have to do with religion?
– “Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.”
– Tupac Shakur
Today’s cultural reality is nothing but the dream of yesterday’s society!
And tomorrow’s reality will be the creation of today’s dream.
Therefore myths are more powerful than facts!
In fact, TRUTH itself is myth
– tartare sauce
– If you really love me, then STOP helping me!
– Charity – only for:
  1. People in spiritual work, with no kids.
  2. Handicapped, elderly or children, with no one to help. Eg. Orphans
  3. The poorest of the poor. Help through NGOs
What about relatives and friends?
– When parents age & become dependent, they should move in to a house close to their adult son/daughter, and have a helper living with them.
They should not expect their offspring to move in with them, leaving all their dreams/plans, just to take care of them.
– This sudden tiredness makes me rethink my entire lifestyle! :-{
Maybe I AM a monk, trying to BE a “normal guy”……
– Can someone who has a full time job, is married, and has a child, have an optimal (personal/spiritual/holistic) life??
I DON’T believe that is possible, without seriously compromising at least one or two of the above mentioned areas (especially in an urban context)!
Show me at least one exception, and I will change my mind……
You (people) have NO clue about what you’re missing out on!
– Is your life shitty?
Defecate shame!
Acts 5:41 + Phil. 3:19
“So they left the council rejoicing because they had been considered worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of the name. “
“Their end is destruction, their god is the belly, they exult in their shame, and they think about earthly things.”
End ~ God ~ glory
Purpose >> destiny
See also Luke 6:22-23; 2 Macc 6:30
CHOOSE your shame!
WHO are you living before??
Gen. 17:1b
“I am the sovereign God. Walk before me and be blameless. “
(All Scripture references from NET version – refer notes also)
– The masses/mob/crowd/world
The person/individual/will/soul
– WHO wants to be stretched/challenged/pruned??
NOT me……!
How can I respect my limits and still continue to grow?
– GOD, the sovereign one – the one who grants/blesses and takes/judges
The ONE deity who controls BOTH fertility AND war, UNLIKE the other heathen gods.
– FUCK happiness
FUCK harmony
FUCK success
Instead, pursue the way to the True life/the true way to Life/the Truth about the living way/the living truth of the Way!
Death & resurrection
Nourishment & growth
From the GOD who protects, provides and guides,
To the spirit who inspires, subverts and (re)creates!
– When watching Angel TV with my mother today, I realized how (someone like) X must be seeing me, as I (or someone like me) might see (someone like) Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj – a fake prophet/charlatan/impostor!
– Methodological virtues
– Problems ~ challenges ~ opportunities
– heyday
buttonhole (v.)
– “The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon the business known as gambling.”
– Ambrose Bierce
Ha ha ha! Hmmm…… investing in the stock market is the gambling business currently in vogue.
– If UG is an optimally functioning body with no interference from mind/thought, then how come he still retained language knowledge & ability?
– Dream:
V (& R) and me are reconciled!

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