Mozart’s Requiem Mass 



Rest/light (bright/silent peace)


Oblivion/fire (dark/dumb heat)






The mercy of God is the saints’ only hope! This is why their prayers will be heard by the Almighty one (who has power over death).

No Lamb of God, no salvation for those (sinners) living under the dominion of death (whom God MUST save)!

There are 2 ways in which a concert like this is approached – those who see it primarily as a ‘musical evening’ of aesthetic enjoyment, and those who see it as a ‘theological/mystical experience’ of spiritual reality. I see it as both, but the former is subservient to the latter. Without the lyrics, the music is nothing much!

And of course, there is the third category who lack both the musical and religious taste-buds… they should be thrown out into the outer darkness!


Author: jimmanueljoseph

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