– Pancha silaa



Bhavathu sabba maangalam



EPQ – Elevate Proficiency Quotient

– My therapeutic approach:

1. Question the system that defines standards and labels persons (scientism)

2. Become aware of the contextual (cultural/social/historical) factors that affect the individual psyche.

3. Take a holistic/spiritual/multi-

pronged approach to management – diagnosis, treatment & follow-up.

Personal growth > problem-solving

4. Medication as only an initial crutch. Always to be used sparingly and accurately.

5. Bring clarity and order into the thinking, lifestyle and planning – vocational guidance, rule of life, life plan, etc.

6. Discuss philosophical/theological issues

Carefully discern the moral/ethical dimension


– Still life

Psychomagic (Referred by Rowan Moses)


– Expansion of consciousness ~ personal transformation

Theoretical propositions & empirical studies

Dynamic systems (like small groups)

Episodes of individuation

Archetypal themes

Matrix model of inquiry into inter-related phenomena

Group processes

Case studies & literature review

Evolving research methodologies

Learning situations


– Movies:

Logan (2017)

Hmmm… Good, but could’ve been awesome.

Is this a Marvel movie?! Twas more like DC.

Cross ~ X

Reminded me a little about Abel Raj……

In every small group you need the renegade member, like the Wolverine!

– NEVER throw away your wicket.

Life is TEST cricket, not an ODI/T20 match!


Living warriors are better than dead heroes……

– Sublimation of the libido is possible only for a limited period (E.g. High Existence Challenges), NOT as a permanent option (E.g. Roman Catholic priesthood)

– ostensible

Peddling the line



– I must learn (how) to not get triggered when she gets triggered…

I can see her as my psychological or spiritual child/daughter/protégé


– Logan – Is Eden real?

Legion – what if you’re not insane?

– “May the souls of the faithful departed,

Through the mercy of GOD,

Rest in peace. Amen.”

– Embracing suffering willingly, out of love, and with hope –> peace & joy!

– Unnecessary suffering – eliminate/transcend

Necessary suffering – redeem/transform

– The Passion of the Christ – whose suffering is greater – Jesus’ or Mary’s?


– Adult-games (A/R rating!) that bring out their childish/innocent/playful/spontaneous/ curious/fearless/wild/pristine side……!

– Semi-recumbent

I want!

– Socrates has only female mentor(s)!

– ‘‘Bad erotics’’ are associated with ‘‘bad’’ speech practice, rhetoric, and ‘‘good’’ erotics with ‘‘good’’ speech forms, dialectic.

– The early Vs. The late dialogues

Aspasia Vs. Diotima

Pericles Vs. Socrates

Pausanias Vs. Plato

A parody of high style

Erotics beyond pleasure, procreation & politics


The real


The actual

The virgin as the half-female

Remarkable absence – “the woman who wasn’t there”


Philosopher Vs. Politician


Pederasty & pedagogy

Doubled figures

Agora Vs. Academy

Athenian/vulgar Vs. Uranian/ideal

“This consistent and persistent doubling has much more crucial consequences for the history of sexuality than any details of permitting or forbidding of this or that sexual practice.”




“When each of you has made his offering to the god, then you can have your discussion’’

Reciprocal desire, mutual pleasuring & egalitarian relating


Remodeling the classical homoerotic ethos

Unmanly desires

Halperin’s Plato

Idealized reading


– Distinguish:




– Fighting as relational catharsis!





– “What do you do when you don’t know what to do?”

The match between your belief system and the behavior of the people around you is what gives you (a sense of) security

The ought cannot be derived from the is.

Your moral system/hierarchy of values determines your perception and behavior

Paralyzed by chaos

Natural rights

Pragmatic truth > empirical fact

Functional ~ evolutionary

Theories as tools

Surreal ~ hyper-real


Nature/biology Vs. Culture/society

Character-shaping and world-retooling

Magic code


Camille Paglia


– imbroglio

– Movies:

“City of God” (2002)

Hood film – different from the usual crime movie

Title sounds like City of Joy (Calcutta), but what is missing is the Mother figure (Teresa)!

Where is the church gone here??

Spiritual formation & social engineering

This is a no-nonsense, brutally realistic, film – no masala to make it tasty or digestible, it’s relentless, no tenderness to relieve the violence & tragedy (because it’s a true story) …… and there’s no happy ending either.

– Evernote: Export note as pdf – use print note to pdf function (on PC)! 🙂

– “My book, O philosopher, is the nature of created things, and any time I want to read the words of God, the book is before me.”

— Antony the Great

Wisdom > academics

Learning > study

Word > words

But of course, without academics, study & words, where would we be??

“More than” is NOT the same as “other than”


– Positivity – gratitude (life), encouragement (self) & appreciation (others)

– axiomatic



Crisis of inaction

Power-systems and role-playing

Contextual transformations


“Fade to black”


– “You know the meaning of life, but you don’t understand (how you know) it!”

The meaning of life is more than you (can/do) understand. And you (already) know that!

– Distinguish:




– Distinguish:

Conservative (moral)


Frigid (sexual)





– aspic



– Spiritual disciplines – daily routine.
Chores – weekly schedule- Use flow/swipe on keyboard, to switch to single finger typing, so that the grip on a large screen mobile (mine is 5.5″) is easier.
This has benefits when it comes to avoiding finger /wrist stress.

– Why does the SwiftKey keyboard not work perfectly in all apps?
E.g. Evernote

– The Work

– Just like divine sovereignty is the framework within which natural chaos & human freedom flourish, so does personal growth/creativity can prosper only when there is rigorous planning & meticulous execution!

– Daily air-conditioning:
Sleep ~ 8 hours
AC – 8/1.5 ~ 5 – 5.5 hours

– Movies: “I am Legend”
“What are you doing?”
– “I’m listening”
The atheist becomes the greatest witness!

Marley – injecting pearls into swine, before they kill you for trying……


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