– Distinguish:



– Sleep:

1:00 am – 7 am – strict nights

3:00 am – 7 am – freaky nights (Saturday & Wednesday)

No chores/ministry on freaky days

Snack – Rs. 200 every Thursday
No exercise only on Tuesdays (Monk) & Sundays (Sabbath)
My new routine – 2 steps forward, 1 step sideways! 😉
– Desires/beliefs >> values >> priorities >> principles >> rules >> lifestyle choices >> habits >> character >> consequences >> experience >> wisdom!
– Double whammy

YouTube Kids

IDM (music genre)
– Movies:

“13 Assassins”

“The Green Room”

“Is the man who is tall happy?”
TV series:

“True Detective” Season 1

– sepia

savage & picturesque
– Whatever happened to that 13 year old kid in the ITTF event?!
– Table Tennis – Distinguish:




Topspin (forehand)/flick (backhand)



– kudos


– “Prestige/status is like a powerful magnet that warps even your beliefs about what you enjoy. It causes you to work not on what you like, but what you’d like to like.”

– Paul Graham

Define your own “success”!

You first gotta have the spine to BE yourself, before you can find the way to become who you OUGHT to be…

– Is my dad an” orphan”?
– According to ATP statistics, if one player takes the first 2 sets, and the other one takes the next 2, who has more chances of winning the last one?
– Are there any self-evident truths at all?
– A child who knows she is a child –> a child who thinks she is an adult –> an adult who knows she is an adult –> an adult who thinks she is a child!

I have met only one, two or maybe three “adult” females in my entire life!

– The neighborhood sociopath – be very careful in distinguishing the spiritual, moral, cultural & psychological issues (in that order!).

And first affirm their full humanity (therefore their value & dignity) before even attempting to “understand” or “help” them.
– Financial budget & stomach capacity as natural boundaries to calorific intake during indulgence!
– A keyboard with undo & redo…!?

What if we could convert all hardware problems into software challenges?!
– How can the spiritual/cultural BIOS of the individual/society be hacked (accessed, analyzed & repaired)?

Who can/should do this – GOD, me, guru…?

– At least once a week, wake up early & catch the sun rising.
– It takes at least 24 hours for me to come back to normal (with you) after (our) conflicts
– Liquid diet – Soya milk, spiced low fat lassie, infused herbal tea, sugarless mixed fruit juice, skimmed milk

Powders – Fenugreek, cardamom, cumin, coriander

Basil green tea
– Wellness mania

Emotion as sensation

Breathing space between stimulus & response

Courageous ~ creative

Confident ~ calm

Ignorant ~ slavish

Selfish ~ unhappy

Purity ~ clarity



Metta bhavana

Apps –, Mindly, Unstuck, etc. 

1. Sunday – feasting!

2. Monday – grilled chicken breast/fish/prawn + fruits/vegetables + nut/dry fruit mix

3. Tuesday – Liquids (fresh fruit juice, soya milk, herbal tea, spiced low-fat lassi)

4. Wednesday – brown channa/rajma + fruits/vegetables + nuts/dry fruit mix

5. Thursday – normal food + snacking

6. Friday – grilled fish/prawn/chicken breast + fruits/vegetables + cereal with skimmed milk

7. Saturday – ragi/millet/sprouts + fruits/vegetables + nuts/dry fruit mix

– New brief bio:

I am a 37 year old male, living in Chennai (India).

Currently in an intimate & committed relationship with a 27 year old girl. 

Christian/medical background.


Introvert. Open-minded & adventurous. Intellectual. Maverick. Eccentric. Contemplative. Autodidact.

Passionate about spirituality, philosophy, culture, sexuality, etc.

Love candid & serious conversation.

Looking for unique, interesting people, to make new friends. 

– The personal growth industry
– Workspace ergonomics

– edging


– démarche


Emile Zola (sexy name 😉) 
– Movies:

“A Brief Encounter” (1945)

Definitely deserves its place among the all-time great (especially romance) films! 

Imagine yourself in the place of the innocent partners, and the protagonist spouses. 
– Chew, DON’T gobble!

Sip, DON’T gulp!
– Unwind or die! 
– Start using timer for 5 min. break every 30 min. spent on e-stuff
– Distinguish:



– Mindful meditation

Mindful breathing

Mindful sitting

Mindful eating

Mindful excretion

Mindful bathing

Mindful cleaning

Mindful walking

Mindful talking

Mindful fucking

Mindful sleeping

Mindful waking

Mindful working

Mindful resting

Mindful living

Mindful dying
– 2 off days per week – 1 for relaxation (Thursday) & 1 for entertainment (Sunday) 

2 movies per week – 1 critical/heavy & 1 light/fun

Indulgence:regular ~ 1:5

Extreme:moderate ~ 1:2.5
– Health math – BMI, WHR & BMR calculation
– Vitality > fulfillment

Expression >> happiness 
– Dream:

I lie down & try to discern the essence of Christianity. 

Is it high ideals? Is it loving people? Is it Jesus Christ? 

I am not satisfied by any of these answers… 
– Free online self help/personal growth/self development/life skills/mentoring/coaching/training courses

Time for Immanuel Joseph v. 3.0! 😇
– 3 levels of Rule of Life:

1. Founation/essence – underlying rhythm

2. Regular/routine – repeating activities 

3. Particular/scheduled – important tasks
– Meta-counseling
– “Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life; define yourself.” 

– Robert Frost

If you don’t respect yourself, then don’t expect others to respect you! 

All are equal in worth, but not everyone is equal in accomplishment. 
– Alternate days

3 days a week – chores

3 days a week – contemplative 

(Morning & night rhythm – 6 days a week)
– Distinguish:



– Web apps
– Shit happens. 

Fuck yeah! 
– Webby



Content discovery & curation
– TV series:

Legion – Chapter 1

There is no Marxism, only Marxists. 

There are no capitalists, only capitalism. 

GOD – Christ, Gospel & Church – Holy Trinity! 

“What if you’re NOT insane?!”

What if they all were wrong?! 
– Movies:

“The Prestige” (2006)

Hmmm… 4/5

Nice title, with double meaning! 

So, who won in the end?? I don’t think anyone did. 

Compare with the movie “Amadeus” 

The Bhagavad Gita teaches that you can/must kill your enemy, because of the fact of (his/her) eventual reincarnation… 





Peter Rollins’ book “The Divine Magician” – the pledge, the turn & the prestige 
– Use your mind to heal the body! 
– Distinguish:

Machine (technology), 

Beast (body) & 

Mind (spirit). 

Machine (exists) for (the sake of) beast, 

Beast (exists) for (the sake of) mind. 


Mind (can be used) for (taking care of) beast & 

Machine (can be used) for (serving the) mind. 

Mind makes machine, yes. But never does the mind & beast exist for the machine! 

Beware the demonic reversals…… 💀
– Yes, there is no self – Buddhism (metaphysical/subconscious mind) 

Yes, the self is one with GOD – Hinduism (mystical/collective consciousness) 

Yes, the self is a unique individual – Christianity (existential/will) 

Yes, the self is the functioning cerebral cortex – secular humanism (empirical/biological organism) 



Author: jimmanueljoseph

This is a collection of my journal entries, & anything that catches my attention... So, no full articles, just "glimpses" - sparks to light your FIRE! DISCLAIMER: Not everything I post is mine (including opinions & experiences) _____________________________________________________________________________ Immanuel Joseph (Male; Born - 11.08.1979, Madurai) What am I doing?? Actually, nothing much! But I am a self-employed, part-time, freelance spiritual worker. What that means exactly, I myself don't know...... I don't have a job. But I have a hobbies...... Lay, maverick, eccentric Christian thinker & spiritual friend (MBTI - Insightful Facilitator) - passionately seeking to better experience, understand & enjoy life! Reclusive & contemplative autodidact. Controversial conversationalist Living with Salome Divya _____________________________________________________________________________ My LinkedIn Profile: My Ministry: My Testimony: Twitter Email/Google Plus Facebook YouTube Cell Phone/WhatsApp +919840227977 My Framework for Spiritual Formation Groups Resources for Spiritual Formation Group

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