– Prudish idiot-fuckers (the repressed masses)


Sexual model-angels (the liberated few)

Watchman Nee – the spiritually dead person feels that the normal Christian is having a fever.

I think this analogy can be used for sexuality too!

How could it be that people who are so intellectually sophisticated are also sexually retarded?!

Why is that so surprising to you??

No wonder……….


– Inspiration >> motivation >> commitment >> discipline >> perseverance >> progress!

– Enjoyment > entertainment

– O the pleasures of mindful defaecation! 👶

It’s comparable to sexual ecstasy……

Those who are too decent & cultured are not welcome to this blog, fuck off & run back to your comfy cribs, kiddies 😈

– Somaesthetics




– “Auld lang syne”


– Way of the Cross – focusing on Mary’s experience (along with the disciples) is a very unique Roman Catholic approach, and really essential/powerful!

Refusing to carry your own cross –> imposing unnecessary burdens on others!

–  Louie C. K. – “Whip it out!” 😨

– Twinkle, twinkle……

Aeroplane, Venus & stars

– Distinguish:




– Many spiritual masters fail when it comes to sexuality, and I don’t mean this moralistically!

– Family day of silence!

Contemplative home


– Let my blog be your content curation/discovery source! 👍

– Hit the ground running, everyday 🏃

How to? Let me show you!

– Your greatest nemesis is your true saviour!

– Vipaasanaa – at the deepest/highest level of consciousness, the distinction between what you’re doing (observing) & what you’re experiencing (Breath), breaks down!

And so does the division between mind & matter, will & world, inner & outer, self & GOD, present & eternity, here & there, me & you, etc. etc……….

– Friendship-based sex & sex-based friendships

Moral relationships & relational morality

– “Inclusion of youngsters will keep the seniors on their toes”


– “I am Legend” climax

“I can heal you (all)!”

But they don’t want to be healed, they want to eat him. So, he readies himself to become their food, & since his blood (divine life as omnipotent love) itself is the cure……….! 💥💥💥

– These traffic police have no clue about manning a crossroad junction. How come?!

– “I’ve been messin’ around!”

What about all you tidy souls?


– balmy





prejudicious publicity

Body ornamentation & modification




– I don’t understand how my purchase of consumer durables can be financed by a loan with 0% EMI!

The cost must have been included in the product price itself…

– You might stop earning when you retire, but you quit working only when you die!

You might stop earning when you retire, but you quit working only when you die!

You might stop earning when you retire, but you quit working only when you die!

You might stop earning when you retire, but you quit working only when you die!

You might stop earning when you retire, but you quit working only when you die!

Vocation > work > career > job

Value > productivity > earning

– YouTuber

Day job, night mission

Slower, deeper, richer

– Malcolm X


Martin Luther King Jr.

Non Violent Communication


George Bataille

Conformist Vs. Romantic Vs. Revolutionary

– Birthdays are a good time to review one’s new year resolutions & long-term plans.

– I’m gonna fuck these prudes until one of us gets killed!

Laugh them all away to Hell……….

Corporate petting sessions

– Evolved systems


Imposed structures


– Requiem Mass – listen to it, & your eyes will be opened to eternity!

All the bullshit around you – all this talk (& worry) about reputation, morality, money, status, trivial domestic gossip, etc. are nothing in the light of REQUIEM.

But whatever this culture despises, like the body, sexuality, creativity, curiosity, etc. are eternal!

– What’s the difference between lime & lemon?

– The selfishness in self-denial!


– Can world history be seen as a long series of sibling rivalries?

– Dream:

I enjoy smoking a cigarette

– Nowhere to belong – the price of individuality, in a flat world!

– Soul



A better representation of the essentially conflicted human condition, than the ‘flesh vs. spirit’ metaphor.

Naturalistic/eternal culture


Artificial/ephemeral religions

– Christ – GOD, as the forever-crucified Man!

– The wilderness/jungle within

– “I can (afford to) lose my mind, if you (promise you) won’t lose yours”


– White noise

Pink noise


– Am I guilty of being ashamed??

Uniqueness implies impudence!

– Why don’t I go back to Prima’s Bakery and give positive feedback (appreciate them) about the awesome mango birthday cake?

If it was terrible, wouldn’t I have complained promptly??

– I must never exercise in the afternoon (12 – 5 pm)! Doing certain activities at certain times makes me feel depressed.

Follow the diagram from Unstuck to match tasks to their appropriate diurnal period (for me)

– The self/ego is created at the frictional/dynamic interface of culture/superego and biology/id.

The individual/person is the one who realizes this, refuses to be a passive subject of these forces, and instead, takes up his/her calling of actively creating oneself by exercising their free will!

– Justified & glorified, therefore also being sanctified!

– The temporality of the eternal –> the eternality of the temporal!

– Chrismation

Conscientious objectors

Implementation methodologies

Capacity building

Technology transfer

– No prayer & fasting,

No holiness and love

– The Apostles experienced the transfiguration first, and then the crucifixion.

But all other disciples (including us), experience the crucifixion first and then the transfiguration.

Transfiguration – the resurrection BEFORE crucifixion!

Resurrection – the transfiguration AFTER crucifixion!

– Ararat, Hebron, Moriah, Sinai, Zion, Tabor, Calvary

– Gen. 7:22 – “Everything that had the breath of life in its nostrils…”



– Wounds, failures & weaknesses

Gratitude, pondering & aspiring

– Watching sports without commentary is like watching a movie on mute!


– Movies:
“Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them” (2017)
Hmmm… A mediocre film. I don’t know why it was rated so highly @ Metacritic!
I watched it mainly to check out the 3D TV in Chris’s house.
Magic ~ technology/mystical knowledge
The divisions & conflicts within the expert community
Condescending is no better than hostile!
The troubled relationship between the conscious mind/mainstream culture & the unconscious mind/alt subcultures…
Archetypes (spiritual) Vs. Powers (political)


– TV series – “Billions” pilot episode

– Clinging to truth, without resisting evil!

– Calvary – GOD, not only in the innocent victim, but also in the guilty & condemned!

Women of Jerusalem – recognizing our own misery is essential to empathizing with others around us.


Bible verse of the Day 

But if we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.
1 John 1:7 NET


Transparency is essential for fellowship. 

But then, what about privacy? That is only for the details of one’s life, which do not have much bearing on the (other person’s) knowledge of oneself. 

Integrity = truthfulness + privacy

Common faith ~ shared light

I don’t believe in censorship: Richard Peña


Leveraging the power of art, to enable the common man in transforming the power structures of society.

Or maybe redemption can also be found within the depths of the individual soul, even in the midst of the harshest cultures or material conditions……

Contributing to social justice, while seated in positions of privilege