– Indivisibility posited as the guarantee of autonomy

Heteronormativity & autoimmunity

Indemnity & virility


Political lexicon


philosopheme (philoso-meme)

Physiology of emotions

Science & speculation

Spiritual volition

Ontogenetic development

Evolutionary layers & psychoanalytic theories


The Liberal/Progressive move to sanitize erotic practice

The politics of disgust that polices the sexual borders


Blood sports

The leakiness of the desiring body & the cultivation of fluid-exchange

The differential implications of sex play

Encompassing other axes of social exclusion


Homo sacer – sacred ~ accursed!


A theory of history & a history of theory

Temporalizing sovereignty

Theopolitical performance in premodern texts

Thinking affect & affective thinking – the conscious one!

Royal/robotic crying machine

Cameo studies that queer the fantasies of power

The contemporary rhetorics of mobility

Inherently disruptive of the solid/mechanical dominant cultural logic

Disconcerting any attempt at static identification

The paradoxical role of Disability Studies

Inside Flesh by SUKA OFF


Logorrheic discharges

Porn film festival

– Sleep for a minimum of 6 hours (4 sleep cycles) at night. Then get around 1-2 hours of siesta


– George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

The Fourth Way

Esoteric Christianity

The Work

Third state of consciousness

Self-observation –> self-remembrance and non-identification

Self-evolution and creating traditions

Dividing the attention between external experience and internal state

Foundational effort

Detachment and liberation

Focusing energy on abandoning negative imagination

Wasted attention

Relentlessly (mercifully!) removing all unnecessary suffering

Silent, objective witness

Notice contradictions, imbalances and distortions

Artifice, absurdities and lack of control

Perfect passivity


Uncritical, neutral awareness

Soul-stripping, psychological upheaval and spiritual awakening

Endure severe necessary suffering for ultimate salvation

Impartial and compassionate consciousness

Deeper quality of awareness –> clearing the ground for a new sense of identity

Directed attention, purified of the pre-existing, ubiquitous and tyrannical filters, illusions and attitudes

Delicate developmental and birthing process

Discerning & sorting energies

New, hitherto unknown, ways of seeing

Recovery of your essential nature, that is buried beneath acquired personalities, through a vigilance that is independent of moods, features, etc.

The conscious presence of your spirit!

Accessing timeless being

From knowledge to understanding, through practical experience

Verifiable truth

Tracing the source of your sleepiness/negativity

Support group

Persuading one hundred others to become initiates

Used many different means to transmit his vision of the human dilemma and human possibility

Motivation ~ non-satisfaction

Lacking being

The Yazidis

– When GOD spoke (in the beginning), was there any spitting?

Philosophical drooling

Fore-speech, fore-scene, fore-lust


Unqueer works of historical inattention

Solid mechanics & the leaky flesh



“Who will write the history of tears?”

The call for a “writing in blood” – a visceral, performative act

Lovers’ discourse

Fecund carnality

Privileged site

Systemic morphogenesis

dividuality – confluence, infiltration & cross-contamination

The under-thematized role of redefined subject positions

The nostalgic utopia of the re-enchanted world

Gothic horror, parapsychology & critical theory

State military appropriation


The anoedipal, pre-Cartesian & nomadic war-machine

Social libido


Economies of fear

Semantic cross-roads

Ideological neo-imperialism & neo-liberal capitalism

Vasectomied ejaculate

Ecosophical chaos

Creative aproduction


Inscribing timeless time

– Spiritual ~ mystical ~ cosmic

– Seemingly prudent compromises, benign dispositions & useful habits

Specialization and fragmentation

Worship = pray + love + work

Doctrines and ethics

Needs ~ challenges ~ opportunities


European Reformation


American Fundamentalism

Reading Scripture formatively

Catholic community

The Pledge of Allegiance


The Catholic Catechism


– Add to healthy diet – minced chicken, canned Tuna

– Founders



Corporate governance

The Hindu Huddle

“Boko Haram” –  “Western influence is a sin” and “Westernization is sacrilege”.

From an idea to an institution

The Hindu Huddle

The India Today Conclave

The India Foundation

The idea of nation-building

Flagship events

Global footprint

Going back to the drawing board

Alternative narratives, fresh ideas

Spiritualize politics, secularize religion and socialize business


National security and international relations

Opinion makers

From politics to governance

Freewheeling discussion

Open forum

Decolonising the Indian mind

“Vasudev Kudumbakam”

– Knowledge + experience = expertise


– Salvation – liberation, healing, transformation, perfection, integration, reconciliation, fulfillment, realization, restoration, renewal, etc.

In a nutshell… inspiration/revival!

– Story as instruction

Stem-cell texts

Religion = spiritual + ceremonial + ethical

The Law as the gift of guidance to the covenant community

Worshiping God ~ loving self & other ~ meditating on revelation ~ obeying the Law ~ caring for nature ~ developing culture

Poetry as prophecy

Anecdotal wisdom

Prophetic (preaching) ~ apocalyptic (insight) ~ eschatological (futuristic)


Bogus repentance and unmitigated grace

“Give us a king, like all the other nations around us”

Historical faith – oxymoron?

Portrait (identity,character)


Photograph (appearance, features)

Jesus > Abraham + Moses + David

Unique memories –> artistic emphases

Who Jesus was –> who Jesus is –> what the church is (or ought to be)

James & Jude – brothers of Jesus

The personal/domestic as the father (or rather, the mother!) of the social/political – the narrative genealogy!

Gospels – shaping/forming us into the image of this Jesus

Hebrew Scriptures – Jesus – Church – all bound together and harmonized by the Spirit!

A missionary religion – decidedly not esoteric!

Scripture. founder, leaders and communities

Material context

Christianity – in between Judaism/Jews & paganism/Gentiles

Reading rightly ~ studying well

Authorized purpose

Intentional pattern

First & last word – putting Genesis and Revelation together!




GOD, his salvation story and the people of GOD

Apocalyptic as a literary genre

A decisive moment

Funding a hopeful courage

Torah-Gospel-Apocalypse – Revelation as law, narrative & apocalypse

Substance & style ~ message & language

The advice of the writer on how to use his/her work

Reading aloud & hearing the words ~ believing & obeying the message

Evocative – features/details coalescing to create an atmosphere/mood!

Proclamation as the dominant and essential genre of Christian theology

Subjective & objective genitive – the revelation of (from & about) Jesus Christ

Neither slave not employee, but bond-servant!

Followers, witnesses and messengers

Leadership as  a pastoral function!

Overcome ~ endure – hold on (to Him) until that day (when He returns)!

– Better late than never


Too little, too late

– ruse


– Forgiveness (love/mercy) must be unconditional and living amends (truth/justice) must be voluntary, if the reconciliation process has to work. 

It may not be simple or clear, to distinguish the victim and the culprit. 

The desire for revenge and the escapist route must be rigorously resisted, from within, by both parties. 

A spiritual revolution is required to make political harmony possible! 

E.g. The FARC truce in Colombia

– I must (be willing to) see the Other in me, and the Me in the other. 

– A dialogue IS a dynamic interaction of 2 or more monologues! 

– Distinguish:




Can I be a person of both eccentricity & of integrity? 

– Nutrition:

Add veggies & pulses to nuts & dry fruits

New supplement – Chyavanprash

– I must stop this stupid habit of always choosing the cheapest possible option, irrespective of the quality, even though I might be able to afford a better product. 

– What is it like to not feel (for) one’s thoughts? 

And how can one not think (about) one’s feelings? 

– fUck Death <–> lIve Strong 💪 👍

lIve Strong <–> fUck Death 👊👎

– Automatisms/mechanizations 


– 2 types of support:





– Fuck life ~ die strong








One hour of silence, solitude & stillness everyday! Will that make me miserable &/or save my soul? 

– “There are many truths of which the full meaning cannot be realized until personal experience has brought it home.” 

– John Stuart Mill

…Concepts + practice + reflection = experience!


– Simon Armitage & the Pennine Way

Urur Olcott Kuppam Vizha 


Natural library 

Protest poetry


– Practising table tennis as contemplation/meditation 


– “Trust in GOD, & love yourself”

Now, let’s create a world in which everyone can keep saying this to themselves & to each other!

– GOD ~ life/universe/energy


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