– Mysticism as 4D projection of theology & theology as the 3D shadow of mysticism 

Both are essential for creatures like us – actually 3D with potential for 4D interaction…… 

– Distinguish:

The everyday


The ordinary 
– Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
– New rule of life:

Essential balanced/healthy routine

Basic chores

Relating to those around 

Moderate sleep & food & sex

Fuck all self-made systems & social norms

Live simple. Live free. Live strong! 
– Socialization 



– Doomsday prophecies & indecent proposals

Gandhi, Nehru & Ambedkar

Core emotion & spiritual discourse

सत्संग, नामदान 
– Did marriage begin as incest? 

– Life-partners – you both need to maximize each other’s freedom! 

Both freedom from, and freedom for… 
– Sometimes, more information about something only leads to more misunderstanding!
– Stability through safety & trust

Me-we-us + you + he/she/them

Maybe you & I are part of the me. 

And he/she/them is part of the we (social relations) 

Organs >> body >> world
– My actions do impact you, yes. But I am responsible only for my behavior, & you are the one responsible for your feelings. 
– Full of desire, yet totally free! 

Think >>believe >> know >> love

Love > know > believe > think

Life >> persons. Person > life! 
– selfsameness 

Our most unassuming assumptions

Exploring truth, caring for self and creating new modes of being

Impudence as a virtue

Cynic parrhesiastic game ~ Socratic dialogue – sublimewe experiential learning 

– Her influence on me is revolutionary! Am I doing the same to her?? 
– Movie:

“உரியடி” – meaning? Can objective violence be fought by a subjective response? Can the Powers be fought without clashing with ‘flesh & blood’? Many so-called non-violent people are just apathetic cowards… 

“La La Land” – the us is a success when the me’s (I & you) are fulfilled…!? 

“House of Cards” Season 1 – intoxicating, drunk with passion/lust & ingenuity/intrigue. There is conflict even within the wolf-pack! 


Sin (lively) 


Evil (deadly) 
– “Mathesis” & “askesis” 

Theoretical exercise 

Athletic theory

Constructing a behavioral matrix ~ a foundation for ethics

Truth games

Oversimplify ~ mislead

Truth, self & language

Reflective sensing


– Sometimes, the “life partner” could be more than one person, at different times……? 

No one relationship can fully satisfy all the dimensions of a human being! 

I think that the complete/perfect life-partner should be a combination of male & female, young & mature, intellectual & emotional, etc. to be optimal.
Let all be in harmony, 

Let each be free, 

And let every one be intimate with other, 

This for me, is unity & bliss. 

– Grigor Dimitrov – my next favorite in tennis…? 

– dotage 



Concern, consideration & care

Artificial/manufactured/implanted desires

Self-serving fictions

Elite complacency

Indian exceptionalism 

Penne & zucchini

Summer squash

Social Psychology, Cultural Anthropology & Political Philosophy 

Pankaj Mishra

Wage slavery

The superfluous man, the disinherited masses

Competition & mimesis 

Demagoguery & anarchy

Terrorism & individualism

Live-streaming murders

Nihilism & ressentiment 

Identity & approbation 


Mimicry & vanity

Multimedia dreams

Ideology & national unity

Social metamorphoses 

Lutyens class

Money, power & sectarianism 

Ambitious hacks/hirelings 

The dawn of an era of harsh clarity

In-built systemic contradictions

Cults of disaffection & fantasy
– Let everyone find the (different kinds of) intimacy they desire in another (or another(s)

Everything is complicated! But some things are better than others

As long as two (or more) people are going to live together, share materially and support each other in personal growth, their relationship will continue to flourish. So, there is no need to fear that there will be any dilution or distraction! In fact, fulfilled individuals are better lovers…

Instead of focusing on one “primary relationship” (Us), if we focused on fulfilled persons (You & Me), then the relationships between such individuals would automatically prosper…!
– A global network of local groups! 

The us is NOT a natural phenomenon, like marriage. It is what is formed by the many me’s, as a response/challenge to the we. 

– You are not yet enlightened, because you are so in love with darkness. 

The enlightened person is the one who has fallen enough out of love with darkness, that he/she can now choose to open their eyes! 

What is the relationship between ignorance & desire? 
– Rebellion, riot & revolution 
– SwiftKey for Android is much better than in iOs. Why? 
– | Om Namah Shivaya |

“I offer to Siva a respectful invocation of His Name”

The nature of the mantra is the calling upon the higher self; it is the calling upon Shiva, the destroyer deity, to aid in the death (destruction of ego) and rebirth achieved during meditation. This goes generally for mantras and chants to different gods, which are different aspects of the higher self.
| Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu |

“May everybody in the world be happy!”

– Movies:

“Bang Gang” – what would a (sexual) orgy look like, if not fuelled by wild teen hormones, but by adult sagacious intimacy?! 

Distinguish from:

Gang bang

– Tell it as it is

F*ck/fcuk is a contradiction! 
– Joseph ~ spiritual theology ~ small group ministry

Saras ~ sublimewe ~ the device

In what order? 
– Another (purported) philosopher-psychologist dialogue:
1. The danger for the (so-called) us-orientation folks is that they might unwittingly be letting their personal fulfillment be determined by, or be at the mercy of, the state of their close relationships (family, marriage, friendships, etc.). 
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Refer the above pic: 

I understand the foundation of dependence as spiritual/inward (GOD), the ground floor of independence as psychological/personal (self) and the upper stories of interdependence as relational/social (others or world). 

The middle layer is crucial for moving from private to public success! Many people seem to be building the higher floors without a sound foundation & ground floor… 

This is fertile ground for the evil of codependency (& more)! 
2. The danger for the me-oriented people (like me) might be narcissism. So, we need to be in vital & authentic inter-personal relationships to guard against it. In a similar fashion, the us folks would need to exercise solitude & introspection in some way, to keep from falling over, because of lopsidedness… 
3. I think the words “I” and “you” and “he/she/them” are very important. The “me” must include the I & you. And the “us” and/or “we” must include he/she/them. This must be made explicit in the game, rather than left latent/implicit. 

This would keep people from mistaking the me for I, and mistaking the us of sublimewe for an exclusive/restrictive you-me dyad. 
4. We must also be more concerned about seeking “the truth”, rather than just focusing on “my reality”. Emotionalism and rationalism are equally harmful distortions! Getting in touch with one’s own beliefs & values, and understanding those of others, who are different from oneself, must lead to a greater clarity about what is common to us as human beings, irrespective of our orientation/perspective… 

Pluralism should not lead us into the slippery slope of relativism! Dogmatism is the opposite danger. 
5. Finally, while accepting & affirming what I am now, we should never settle for stagnation or mediocrity… 

Each one needs to keep moving their own faith closer to the truth and developing their practice according to their experience of this truth-faith dialectic. 

For this, we surely need each other! 

– Maybe sublimewe should be called sublimeus instead (because of the us being more explicit/emphatic than the we)?? 

– To keep philosophy/spirituality from becoming glorified/mystified psychobabble, it needs an authentic dialogue partner in theology……! 

– Filioque:

The us is what happens at the intersection of the me(s) and the we. 
Just like the Holy Spirit is what happens in between the Father & the Son. The Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father & the Son. The Son proceeds only from the Father. The Father does not proceed from the Son. 
So, the Father & the Son are persons, but the Holy Spirit is not! 
The US is therefore NOT an “entity” (in the strict sense of the word) like the me the we are distinct (though not separate) entities. 
The us is not a third circle, but a zone of overlap/contact/interaction between the circles of the me(s), in the context of the we… 
The us of sublimewe is a response of the me(s) to the we. But marriage or other social relationships are actually a formation/product of the we using the me(s)! 

– Queer philosophy & corporal spirituality:
All hail the FLESH! 🙂

– Why did Kierkegaard hate journalists so much? 

Didn’t he know of any good journalism?? 
– “…those who have never learned do not want to learn.” 

– Healthy snack – nuts (cashew, walnut, pistachio, groundnut, almond) + dry fruits (raisin, fig, dates) mix! 

– Leather – are buffaloes/cows killed for their hide? 

Is referring PETA a good idea? 


Bull, cow & buffalo
– Nihilism, pessimism & anarchism

– Violating persons in the name of “relationships” – demonic follies! 😠
– Domestication of the Queer 

refluidify ~ vivify 

The body’s abjectified traces & productions

Fertilizing without birthing! 

The alt-realm

Corporal paroxysms 

Visceral vocabulary 

Poetry, fiction & theory

Intermediary materiality & sublimation

Moving from affectivity to intuition

Wage slavery

– The what & the how come BEFORE the why! 
– If you’re living with people who do not appreciate (who) you (are), then it’s time you moved out and connected with others who do. 
– If we both compromise our own unique/extreme positions, move toward each other and meet in the middle, then is that a win-win solution? 

No! Then, we both lose, because no one gets what they really want. 

Is the glass half empty or half full? 

The challenge, can both your cup and mine be filled?? 
– Milo Yiannopoulos:

Very interesting & provocative

This guy basically is for free speech as against political correctness. 

I agree & applaud that! 

Free speech also includes hate speech, explicit/obscene language, etc.

Some others are using his speech as a tool to promote their own (narrower) causes… 

The distinction he makes between (hate) speech & (violent) acts is very important. 
– 2 single persons – 1 + 1 = 2

Marriage – 1/2 + 1/2 = 1!

Fuck that shit! 😠

I want an intimate relationship which is synergistic, not reductionist…… 

1 + 1 = 4! 😇


– What is the fourth dimension??

Unified theory

Square –> cube –> ??

Circle –> sphere –> ??

Triangle –> tetradhedron –> ??


Sacred geometry

The star tetrahedron

– Environmental history


Democracy – movement, association & dissent

The (evil) genius of the caste system!

Prejudice >> restriction

Constitutional religion

Discrimination as violence

Dalit intellectuals



State industrialization >> liberalization

Dispossession ~ exploitation

Linguistic states

Sinhala & the LTTE




Civility ~ nonviolence

Mass poverty


Demographic dividend

Jobless growth

The intellectuals, industrialists and politicians

Pernicious myths spread through malevolence and ignorance

Zero-waste philosophy

Systematic scorn

Environmental economists

Energy policy






Benign power

Elections-only democracy

Suppression of civil society

Modifying/amending the constitution

Partisan police

Outsourcing politics

Compensatory overreach

The politicization of the bureaucracy

Panchayati Raj

Princely states

Can widespread illiteracy & universal franchise go together?

The monstrosity of perfectionism

India > Hindu/Hindi

Anti-national patriots

Jingoism & hysteria

– Fiction – thematic novelty, stylistic excellence and depth of insight

– Netas & babus

“மக்கள் போராட்டம்”

– Is it possible to be both public and intellectual?


– “Sant mat”

– “बिजली, सड़क, पानी”

– Religious imaginations

Modern myths

The heavenly man

A spiritual adventurer full of sober enthusiasm



Fantasy enactment & fetishism

Venus ~ Lucifer



Kierkegaard ~ churchyard!


Individuality & eternity

Inwardness ~ reality!

Spiritual liberty


Social survival

– Skepticism as enlightenment

Nihilism as salvation

Pessimism as liberation


– Word parts – root, prefix & suffix



De jure fact

De facto spirit

Going glocal, and Tamil chauvinism 

– Around a month ago, suddenly my iPad Mini’s storage dramatically increased (long ago, it had in a similar drastic fashion, decreased). To this day, I don’t know why.

But does this (synchronicity!?) have anything to do with meeting Saras/sublimewe (approximately a month back)……??


– “I would like to be (one of) your life-partner(s), ma,am!”

– I must stop using leather products.


– I’m in love with your (& my) body!

– Experiential learning, group dynamics, crucible of relations, human process laboratory, sensitivity training, T-group, action research


– German – did Luther and Nietzsche both speak the same language?!

The innocent wild

Amor fati – being numbered with the masters in ceremony (emcees) of existence

The necessity of redemption ~ the redemption of necessity

The history of GOD or the story of the eternal

“One repays a teacher badly, if one remains only a pupil!”



Volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity


– Female phallus


Speed philosophy



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