– I am both a misogynist & a feminist. 

I am male, therefore I am a chauvinist. 
– [12/01 6:14 pm] Immanuel Joseph: Faith is expecting too much… Expecting The unexpected & unimaginable

[12/01 6:16 pm] Immanuel Joseph: So we can relax! And we don’t need to know everything or be sure of anything

[12/01 6:16 pm] Immanuel Joseph: The Call itself can evolve!

[12/01 6:26 pm] Immanuel Joseph: I believe you have already begun. So I don’t think there is any need to push yourselves too much! Just taking things as they come and being perceptive/discerning might be enough…?

[12/01 6:34 pm] Immanuel Joseph: I think the future for you both should be more of smart work than hard work

[12/01 7:18 pm] Immanuel Joseph: I agree that GOD is sovereign (absolutely free), so anything is possible and the potential is always unlimited for dramatic & radical interventions

[13/01 9:36 am] Immanuel Joseph: Theologia crucis (deus absconditus) is actually just another form of theologia gloria (deus revelatus)!?

[13/01 9:40 am] Immanuel Joseph: Jesus replied, “The time has come for the Son of Man to be glorified.

John 12:23 NET


[13/01 9:41 am] Immanuel Joseph: Eschatology is the temporal unfolding/development of apocalyptic/eternal reality…

[13/01 9:43 am] Immanuel Joseph: So, instead of saying the glory comes *after*, should we say the glory lies under/hidden, even in the HERE & NOW (within, among & around us)??

[13/01 9:44 am] Immanuel Joseph: Jn. 12:24 

…so the act of dying itself is life-giving… So no need to *wait* for a resurrection that is to come??
– Ethics is plural, right?! 

Ethics > psychology/culture

– Aishwarya Dhanush – beautiful conservatism!? Hmmm…… 
– Bharathi, Bharathidasan & Manikandan


– Should I start using a personal finance manager app? 

– Conscious coexistence 

Connected choice-making

The conscience of the Us 

Dance partner


Baby-making metaphor

My truth, your truth & our shared reality

Mutual satisfaction 

Needs & strategies

Sex, money & language

What am I going to do >> doing it >> what did I just do

– Pure awareness



– Bloodless coup via subversive friendships

Delivering persons from:

1. Fear of systemic authority

2. Selfish desires & cares

3. Division/isolation from others
– Plucking ideas from the air! 

Playing sublimewe 24/7

Stabilizing the frequency

Incredible resonance 

Twin flames
– Focusing on your breathing, when driving, is NOT mindfulness! 
– I am able to use only a 5″ (screen size) mobile with one hand. 

– iterative

“Beware of touts”


– What if your soulmate and life-partner are two different people? 
– “Doctor Strange” movie – Compare the characters & plot with the persons (me, Saras, Salome, Jairaj, etc.) in my life now…! 

– eldrich





“Cabal of Sanctimonious Hypocrites”



“My Year of Reading Dangerously”


– “True Detective” – pessimism as radical, realistic optimism!

– Sublimating spiritual love into sexual lust!

What does it mean here to “be like water, my friend”?!


– Structure exists to support spontaneity!

Living out of body-awareness instead of system-consciousness

– The Focusing Institute


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