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“Age of Anger: A History of the Present”

WOW! An Italian professor of communication, living in Tamil Nadu, interviewing an Indian public intellectual… 

Pankaj Mishra – I should follow this guy! 

Reminds me of the book on Nihilism I read recently… 

We desperately need the birth of a new political spirituality! 

What could be the role of the church in this context of crisis?? 

Anatomy of a protest: An on-ground account of the jallikattu agitation on Marina Beach – The Hindu

Superb article! Concise, clear & informative, therefore enjoyable…

How can law & order be maintained during such a mass spontaneous, democratic movement??

Compare with the Arab Spring & Occupy Wall Street.

Does protecting & promoting local culture also mean that one should be against globalization?

Heed this 67 year old tryst

Being a Christian is much much more (& maybe even other) than just love, joy & peace…!

A supremacist is just the public face of a narcissist, right?

The faith & hope of (some great) Indians in (a presently not-so-great) India, is truly awe-inspiring!

The opposite of reflective listening is projective speaking (sublimewe)!

Tamil Nadu’s untenable Act on Jallikattu

Compare this with the sacrificing of human lives for the sake of preserving culture/heritage, in a movie like “Monument Men”.

What exactly is the physical harm done to the bulls during the sport?

Is this a classical case of aesthetics Vs. ethics?