Adoramus Te 


Gloria in excelsis Deo
Et in terra pax hominibus
Bonae voluntatis

(Glory to God in the highest

And on earth peace among men

Good will) 

Holy night dawns with the Savior’s light
Hope has come, born is the Chosen One
Mary’s heart treasures the Word of God
Child and King, great is the promise You bring

Adoramus Te Adoramus Te
Et Laudamus Te Et Laudamus Te
Adoramus Te Adoramus Te
Iesu Christe

(We adore Thee

And we praise Thee 

We adore Thee

Jesus Christ) 

Wise men bow before You as we do now
Son of man unfold Your sovereign plan
You hold the stars and You hold my heart
You have been, You are, You will be, Amen

Adoramus Te Adoramus Te
Et Laudamus Te Et Laudamus Te
Adoramus Te Adoramus Te
Iesu Christe
Iesu Iesu Iesu Christe


WOW! This has become one of my favorite Christmas songs, along with other similar ones, like “Pie Jesu” by Future of Forestry 

The Latin does add an exotic & divine flavor! 

No tradition, no innovation! 


Author: jimmanueljoseph

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