– Private logic Vs. Common sense 
Hidden purposes
Mistaken goals

Sense of equality & social interest

Unique worldview & lifestyle 

Imbibed values & acquired needs

Agenda & attitudes

Interpreting early memories

Unconscious decisions

Beliefs as working ideas

Mental blocks

Attainable assignments 

Consistent patterns & recurrent themes

Client-led therapy sessions


Non-verbal exercises 

Language ability 


What was your place/role in the family constellation?

Self-image & expectations 


– paronomasia

Private tunnel

– Who is Tetiana Aleksina? πŸ˜‰
Do you really wanna know?
What if I don’t?
You’ll never know what you’re missing…

Isn’t that better?


– Too tired to relax??

– Distinguish:
GOD (Being)
(Divine) Presence

– gala
Ground reportage
Policy analysis


– Mini-series


– cat’s paw
Ignorant outspokenness
Cowardly ambivalence
Social types & their political consequences
First citizens
Logos, nomos, aletheia
Education vs. Sophistry
The problematization of democracy – equality & freedom; truth & power; speech & education
Institutions, practices & ideas
New questions that incite debates and induce crises
Humane & beneficient tyrant
Constitution & hierarchy
Personal virtues & political institutions
Aletheia vs. Doxa
Rational courage
The parrhesiastic figure & the care of the self
Socratic game
Illustrious, distinguished
Aptitude + education = success
Sparta vs. Athens
The wisdom required to discern the true sage
Personal formation
Giving an account of one’s life
Critical discourse vs. Examination of conscience
The intelligible form of one’s lifestyle – the harmonic relation between logos & bios
Chafe at learning
Trail of my integrity
Military wisdom & political courage
Ontological harmony
Dorian mode
genos & demos
Virtue – testing the relation of the interlocutor’s existence with truth
The vital place of advisors in any form of government
The art of statesmanship
The Cynic School
Priest Vs. Prophet
King vs. Sage
Philosophical truth & moral virtue
Aesthetics of the self
General schema & intermediate forms
Epicurean – relationships
Cynicism – politics
Stoicism – self
Clinical technai

– Truth-telling in relation to oneself is wisdom.
Truth-telling in relation to others is love.
Truth-telling in relation to power is justice.


– impersonation
Commercial & cultural ties
Foreign interns
Veiled message
Learning deficit
Enforcement Directorate
Cosmic dust
Local self-government bodies
Agrarian economy
Conundrum in the dialogue >> pugnacious debates
Ethical ideologies
Conservation governance
Depredation by Western MNCs
Corrupted traditions
Aid packages
Normalizing ties
‘One-China Policy’
Cyclone Vardah
Ripple effects

– Can taming be done without any cruelty?

– Go offline (mobile & Internet) during fasting days!

– Include 30 Challenges for Enlightenment (High Existence) to my New Year Resolutions

– Third Isaiah
Isa. 63:16
Divisive internal struggle
Origin, identity & destiny
Geostrategic & socio-economic factors subsumed under religious & spiritual meanings
Communal efforts
Conflicts for redefinition
Collecting & editing >> composing!
Self-conscious reconstruction
Political stability through religious reform
Recontextualizing history
Decree of Cyrus
Second Temple Psalmody
Reinterpreting tradition
The normative story & the narrative law
Military colony

Escaping the trauma of conquest, through surrender


– Gymnosophists
Indo-Greek synthesis
Spectacular, scandalous & provocative witnessing
Exemplifying > explaining
Doctrinal personification
Mythical personalities as philosophical modalities
Lives as canonical commentaries
Heroes > authors
Critical preaching
Impromptu public address
Autobiographical sermons
Christianity & Cynicism
Popular philosophy
A mode of life completely free of social institutions, political opinions, cultural norms & rules of law
Inversion of standards
Desacralizing customs
Fire worship
Sun vs. Son
Moral authority ~ spiritual power

– Eleutheria, Autarkeia – No enjoyment of freedom/liberty without the achievement of independence/self-sufficiency!

– Parrhesia

– YouTube – persons becoming topics!

– uncial


–  National Pension System (NPS)
Behavioral therapy
Extinction of classical conditioning
Neutral stimulus
Exposure therapy
Systematic desensitization
Operant conditioning
Reward learning
Animal intelligence

– Parenthood (anticipation) anxiety ;-(
Alopecia areata (beard)

– Maya: (from World Wisdom)
“The Sovereign Good is real, the world is dream;
The dream-world has its roots in the Supreme,
Who casts His image in the endless sea
Of things that may be or that may not be.
The fabric of the Universe is made
Of rays and circles, or of light and shade;
It veils from us the Power’s burning Face
And unveils Beauty and Its saving Grace.”
β€” Frithjof Schuon
Theology, depth psychology & critical theory – all coming together in mystical spirituality.
This world is NOT necessary!
Things (including Christ) both reveal AND conceal (GOD) – this is essential for our salvation (to know, & not be destroyed).

– “When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced.
Live your life in such a manner that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice!”
β€” American Indian Saying
Most people live in such a way that, when they die, they cry and the world rejoices!
The deadweights.
And what about those babies that are greeted by laments and regrets??
Remembering one’s beginning & ending is essential to live well in between. So never let all the noise & chaos get to you!
We need to recover the wisdom of the ancient indigenous (now mostly extinct!) peoples……
When Jesus died, most people did rejoice, right?? And didn’t he cry when he died?!


– “Pleased as man with men to dwell”
WOW! Am I (yet)…??


– Advent – preparing for the celebration!

– A confirmation sign from the sovereign one…

– Apodosis & protasis

– Higher logic


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