– Diversity of opinions is good for self-education.

As long as the quality of the primary relationship is not negatively affected, I think anything (emotional, romantic, spiritual or sexual) is alright!

I think married people should give maximum freedom to their partners.

As love increases, fear decreases!

Self-control and (physical) safety measures are essential.

The more mature/responsible one is, the more freedom one is able to handle & share!

Adulthood is not a stage, but a never-ending process!
– Desire + discipline = motivation!
– Flesh/matter + spirit/energy = life/world/GOD!

Spirit does not mean non-material, but that which animates/gives life to, stuff.
– 1Pet. 5:7 – you cast and he cares or you care and he casts…

The opposite of anxious is not relaxed, but prayerful.

Let GOD do the worrying for you!
– “But blessed are your eyes, for they see. And blessed are your ears, for they hear.”

Visualizing & audializing

“The account of the mission ends with several remarks about joy.”

Rejoice ~ bless ~ glorify ~ praise ~ thank!

The pre-messianic, messianic & post-messianic age

Intelligent + humble = wise

Are you able to become a beginner, repeatedly?

Humble ~ open – honest ~ free ~ relaxed ~ unassuming

Unique flaws – the truth of our glorious imperfections!

Worldly fears


Holy awe

Accepting God, myself, others & the world, just as they are!

Intelligent – humble = vain

Humble – intelligent = naïve

Be BOTH pure & mature!

GOD – Father-Lord

Reverence ~ indirect reference

Syntactical & conceptual similarities

What a great honor to live in such a time, at the fullness of this great revelation!

Blessed ~ happy ~ lucky ~ chosen ~ special ~ gifted

The highest is accessible only to the lowly.





– Distinguish:






– darnedest



Skilling India


#I am Defiant

Football team killed in plane crash!
– Freedom/privacy/mobility


– If I have to walk away from my family (wife & kids), would I be able?

Does this mean I am just human, or that I am a coward? Or are they both the same thing?!

Who knows what I would do under certain extraordinary conditions??
– Where are those soaring depths?
– Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC)

– Can one be a slave to one’s own convictions?

Are there certain (rare) forms of slavery which are good??
– “Believing in the need to believe” & true content

Power configurations

Operative apparatuses & interpretive disciplines

The textuality of (the experiences & practices of) everyday life

Stratospheric/ethereal aesthetics

Dominant ideologies


Alternative/divine ordering

Tactical resistances & reactionary micro-politics

Consciousness/perception & experience/representation

“Truth as the march of metaphors”

Religious models for postmodern philosophy

The aesthetics of (all) experience and aesthetic experience

The metamorphosis/rebirth of Theology
– Is anything really inanimate or essentially unconscious? Isn’t all matter pervaded by energy/spirit?
– Bio-hacking!

– Olympian

Ideas > techniques
– Everyday, stretch your (present) limits a little.
– How I treat my body ~ how we relate to each other ~ how man interacts with the environment
– Religion/philosophy >> spirituality/arts >> science/technology
– Instead of bringing the social & professional dimensions under the purview of the personal/inward life, we’ve got it all inverted and therefore become screwed up!
– How do you keep the fire burning inside, when it’s so cold outside?
– “Do you think the advertising you are doing, for ventures like 123, is ethical??” – X

“Well I’ve bypassed the cruel dungeon of ethics a long time ago. Most of the stuff in the world is not ethical and even the Universe is not ethical but complex. I don’t think in terms of good and evil anymore, but in terms of adding complexity….I dont intend to do this all my life but this is the path that I have to go through now and I’ve thought this through for a long long time…” – Y

“Ha ha ha! The cruel dungeon of ethics…… 😅😂

Ethics is an integral part of the complexity of life! Getting rid of it is only oversimplification. And ethics is not the same as dogmatic moralism…” – X
– The discipline of self-love


The love of self-discipline 
– Overextended empire

Extravagant propaganda of the Davidic dynasty

Partial restoration of a subsistence economy
– New Oxford Annotated Bible – was Sennacherib’s invasion of Jerusalem thwarted by the angel of the LORD, or was he pacified by a heavy tribute from Hezekiah??

Was Cyrus’s decree for the rebuilding of the Jerusalem temple just a part of his general policy of religious tolerance throughout the empire, or a consequence of a supernatural intervention?

The anonymous prophet known as ‘Second Isaiah’
– Post-exilic Judaism – without king or temple

Post-modern Christianity – ?
– 3 categories of Jews:

1. Those who were left in Judea

2. Exiles who stayed in Babylonia

2. Those who returned to Jerusalem

– Metacommunication
– “Your affectionate smile is like a sunflower 🌻 in my life! ☺”
– Keep the mid-week semi-off day a floating one!

Anywhere between Tuesday & Friday will be good.
– “His loss is irreplaceable, but his presence is always there. He is & always will be blessing you from heaven.” – X

“…that could be said of Jesus Christ also! But in a more profound & real way than for any other person

His presence & his absence exist together as a paradoxical experience now! And he is fully here, even more than when he was in the flesh, not just up in “heaven” somewhere. ”
– What is the meaning of “good” or “bad” when used to describe a job, and what do they mean when qualifying a boss?

Is being a Christian a “good” job? Is GOD a “good” boss?
– “AMEN! And return to CHRIST, not Christendom or Christianity.” – X

“But can Christ & Christianity be fully separated??

Isn’t the Bible & the Church (as tradition & community) also Christ (the person) mediated to us through Christianity (the religion)??” – Y

– “Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools, because they have to say something.

— Plato
“Vision without action is a daydream. 

Action without vision is a nightmare. 

— Japanese Proverb
Hmmm… sounds like something I might say!?

What do you do when you’re surrounded by fools, and most of your past is either a daydream or a nightmare?

Time to repent – both spiritually and contextually!

– Austerity measures
– “It was a beautiful mistake!” – from the movie “Captain Fantastic”
– I love you ~ I accept, respect, & care for, you!
– didgeridoo




– Breaking out

Coming out
– American exceptionalism

– cagey


– From saving to investing


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