“Arrival” movie review (4.5/5 – Superhit!)

First of all, I was late for the movie and missed the first half hour! So, I watched it a second time – the very next show. This roundabout way was a great experience of the mysterious (& circuitous) nature of time explored in the movie…

What happens when the temporal (Man) meets the eternal (GOD)?! BOTH are transformed forever……

Based on “Story of Your (Hanna’s) Life,” a Ted Chiang short story


Profound and mind-blowing

Watching it on a huge cinema screen definitely helped…

Great music too.

This director is truly versatile!

Compare (Amy Adams) with (Jodie Foster in) “Contact”. Also compare with “Interstellar”

Metalanguage and metacommunication

“In the beginning was the word……”

Are we ready yet to eat the fruit of knowledge that would give us control over time, space and gravity??

Revelation & apocalypse ~ encounter & metamorphosis

Ultimately, wasn’t it all about love, marriage and family?!

“Why are they here?”

Mystical experience/spirituality –> theology/language –> science/culture




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