Black-legged kittiwake colony on cliffs, Ireland


“Every Friday is Black Friday on the seaside cliffs of Ireland, though the black-legged kittiwake soaring past probably doesn’t care about those holiday sales. At a glance, this seabird looks like your average seagull, but the kittiwake can hold this over its fellow gulls: There are just two birds in the genus Rissa. Find the black-legged kittiwake across the North Atlantic, then head west to the Bering Sea, where the comparatively rare red-legged kittiwake lives.”

Awesome! Beautiful!

I really need to move closer to Nature and live in community, rooted to the earth……

This could compare favorably with any computer-assisted 3-D graphic design!

Metaphor – the conscious and the unconscious mind (Psychoanalysis)

Is that Peter Rollins walking on the surface?? Ha ha ha……

Did you notice the birds ‘inside’ the cliff?!


Author: jimmanueljoseph

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