– True perversions
E.g. Sadomasochism. . . ?
– Glory ~ great ~ big
– If GOD had to choose between the survival of the planet earth and the human race, what would he do?
I think he would choose the latter!
After all, the former was created for the sake of the latter, right?
But for now, the latter depends on the former……
– riposte
The Maasai
– ‘This action cannot be undone’
‘Talk to the hand’
– BBC Horizons:
Skully helmet
Augmented reality & situational awareness
3-D metal printing in car-manufacturing
Serious science
Robotic garbage collectors
– ballsy
– Humane and heroic are antonyms!
– Movies:
“Star Trek: Beyond”
One of the worst movies I have ever seen…!?
– Comparative study of ancient cultures
Literary elite
Ascribing reality to…
Pure religion
Biblical archeology
Adopt the form and transform the essence
Engage and critique
Metadivine (impersonal/primordial/amoral) realm
Legendary tales/theogony
Sexuate gods
Magic/divination as the manipulation of material power
Life force
The divine, human and natural
Israelite cult
Reenactments of folklore
Seasonal festivals
Rites essential to the preservation of the world order
Demons as evil gods/unclean spirits
Capricious deities
Sovereign fate
Cosmic struggle – great (but not absolute) wills in conflict
The metaphysical precedes the moral
The eternal person!
Pagan ~ polytheistic
There is no Devil in the Hebrew Bible!
Personifying evil
Anthropomorphizing the ultimate/perfect being
Complete transcendence, therefore unlimited freedom!
Divergent intuitions
Israelite religion
Biblical world-view
Ethical monotheism
Heterogeneous ~ difficult
Monotheizing other/neighboring motifs
– A philosophy of the social sciences
– Gen. 4:7 – the best/only way to attain victory over sin is to just keep doing what one knows is right and avoid what one knows is wrong, to the utmost of one’s understanding & ability (with prayer for more wisdom and power from GOD).
– Yoga – the spiritual axis is perpendicular to the physical posture!
– Do you know there are English words that have originated from Hindi & Urdu?
– Dream:
I am leading a group of people, climbing up a ladder through racks of books. Then I reach a roof which seems like a dead end. So, I try to open another door on the side which has a complicated lock. After using my witty mind & skillful hands, I am able to open it! I am so glad & proud of my heroism. . . . . .
– Even the SwiftKey autocorrect is so prudish!!
– “What’s the difference between to Live and to be Alive in the Spiritual Sense” – X
– “Good question!
The same difference between existing/surviving and flourishing/thriving…
It is possible to be dead in one area of life, & be growing in another. The challenge is to prosper in every way! But not every aspect is equally important…
Spiritual is more important than material.
The same difference between those who try to save themselves and those who seek the Kingdom
The same difference between those who have stopped working on themselves and those who never cease improving, until they have breath!
The same difference between those for whom their entire sense of meaning is derived from their job/family and those for whom there is a greater purpose (something MORE)
The same difference between those who are wholly supported by externalities and those who live inside-out!
I guess we are all a mixture of both. But only few are moving in the right direction……
One might be ahead, but if he/she is moving in the wrong direction, then things are not as good as they seem!” – Y
– querulous
Innuendo & insinuation
– Evolution as gradual micro-revolution & revolution as sudden macro-evolution
– Faith as the confident knowledge of true belief
– Love – the mutual overlap & interplay of GOD, self and others, in the Body and through the Spirit!
– Hate as imperfect love
– Eternal punishment
– Knowing GOD ~ speaking the truth ~ loving others
– The opposite of fear is not courage/boldness, but trust/assurance!
– Brothers & sisters – learning from Jesus together >> love for one another
– When two things go together, the absence of the one implies the absence of the other too, and the presence of the one implies the presence of the other too.
But then, how does one understand the instances of the apparent presence of one and the absence of the other??
When one does not love his/her friends, then he/she cannot love GOD.
But when one loves people, they also love GOD.
GOD is actually a qualifier of the nature of our love for people. It is not another love distinct from it, but that which makes one’s love for others true!
– If most of our greatest learnings are accidental or experiential, then what’s the use of systematic study?
– Repression >> subconscious >> dream/fantasy
– “I’m not the droid you’re looking for!”
– The already-&-not-yet Kingdom – only those who live in the eternal present are on track with the imminent future.
Apocalyptic eschatology!
– Marriage must be egalitarian, irrespective of the difference in maturity of the partners.
– “Satan drives a pick-up”
So, what’s his line?
– “And the one who lives in me will never die. Do you believe this?”
– Jesus (John 11:26)
Hmmm. . . don’t I need to understand it, before I can believe?? What does it mean to ‘live in Christ’? What does ‘never die’ mean? What is it to ‘believe this’?
– I use the Google translate web page to type in Tamil on my laptop.
Is there a better way?
– The cheapest products are usually not of good quality. I must change my approach.
– Mayfly
– Becoming a leader
From authoritarian to empowering
– Distinguish:
Good leader
Effective leadership
– How do psychology and ethics relate to each other?
– Becoming a better person –> making a positive difference in your world
– The Great Commandments:
Worship truth (GOD) and love persons (self & others)
These 2 define & qualify each other!
– Life/being = believe + love + know + change + fight + suffer + play + work + seek
Anything left?
– Leadership scholars
Illustrating illustriousness
From information to ideation
Spirituality – self-awareness, values & community
Motivational communication – empowerment and innovation
Self-reliance and responsibility
Quiet leaders
Studying great individuals
Shaping the face of the future
Being a role-model
Spiritual parenting
Crisis ~ crucible
On-the-job reflection
Working knowledge
Concepts and skills
Negative models
Imitation & feedback
Recollecting the experiential details of reality
Response papers
Leadership projects
– Self – is there a difference between improvement and development?
– Victor Frankl  – “Meaning is seeing possibilities against the backdrop of reality.”
– Surfacing material
– Synonym discussion (M-W)
– invidious
– “Sometimes, truth knocks at our door, but we say to it, ‘Go away, I’m looking for the Truth!’ “
– Do you really get white when all the 3 primary colours are mixed?!
– dicker
– Alternative ~ complementary
– Being cool about getting upset…
– Jn. 11:26 – my short answer is, No I don’t believe this (literally). But I do trust (believe in) him.
– Why do I hate this brand of Charismatic piety so much?
1. It keeps people in perpetual spiritual infancy.
2. It severely dilutes & distorts the rich & deep revelation of GOD.
3. It promotes anti-intellectualism in, and privatization of, faith.
Does it have any virtues at all??
– “Peace of mind or happiness is not an end. It is a means to an end. You need to be joyful or happy in the moment or every moment to work or serve or engage with family or others  – sadhguru” – X
“We should think of peace of mind and personal happiness as by-products – not means or ends.” – Y
“That is very true” – Z
“Somewhat like John Piper’s Christian Hedonism…
But psychological well-being cannot be the source or basis of service/mission!
The distinction between joy (spiritual) and happiness (emotional) is crucial
We must actively seek psychological well-being, through practices like meditation, etc. It cannot be a mere by-product…
I think ‘complementary’ is a better word” – Q
– Watched:
“True Detective” pilot
“Shameless” pilot
“House of Cards” pilot
– Missionary ~ entrepreneur
– If ideology & critical theory are opposites, then how can Marxism be both?
– Choose the worship songs that qualify according to your stringent requirements.
– Brain functions (gaming)  – speed, attention, logic, multi-tasking, memory, planning, etc.
– A species of dolphin, the long-finned pilot whale, has more neocortical neurons than any mammal studied to date including humans.
What?! So, are they more intelligent than us??
– Hysteria & histrionics
– Faithfulness ~ forgiveness
Can there be authentic reconciliation without the dialog that leads to mutual understanding, confession and repentance?
What if one or both the parties justify their respective actions/choices??
Humility before GOD –> generosity with people
– Battle of the sexes:
Are men or women more prone to these tendencies?
– Develop a thick skin and a soft heart, in place of your present delicate skin and hard heart…
Do you know HOW to do that??
I can show you!
– auriferous
– The beginning also has the ending embedded within itself!
– Creation accounts:
Gen.1:1 – 2:3; 2:4-25; 5:1-2
– ‘Eden’ – garden/delight/park/paradise/pleasure
Hebrew pronunciation?
– No story without genealogy!
Vertical & horizontal genealogy
Speed-reading –> overall pattern
Unfazed by minor discrepancies
‘Pun intended’
Voice precedes word…?
roiling; gerund
Is creation ex-nihilo a biblical/Jewish doctrine?
The visible has its origin in the invisible.
Call – create, name & bless
– Underdetermine, overdetermine
– Metametaphysics
‘Enamored, repulsed and mystified’ at the same time!
Movers & shakers
The skeptic-enthusiast spectrum
– Distinguish:
– Even stars are mortal!
What is the battery life of our sun?

– Spirituality is where life & death converge!

– Pristine ~ originary ~ primitive ~infantile

– Cosmology + economics = laughter!
Just because something is not ultimate DOESN’T mean it is futile. It means it is fun.

– Parenting/ministry – why so serious!?

– Humorless mockery

Regional satraps
Strange bedfellows
– Once 75% of the world’s orphan/homeless children have been adopted, people can start biological reproduction again!

– If you focused more of your energy on making the most of what you have, instead of going after what you don’t, you would be much better off.

– Trump presidency:
This is definitely a huge regression for our world as a whole! 😓
It will have a great negative impact during this critical time, on crucial issues like, multilateralism, ecology, nuclear disarmament, immigration, fair trade, etc., etc.
Maybe it’s time for a new Cold War era!?
– Culture, revelation & reality
Create ~ order
Recreate ~ reorder
Apostolic ~ prophetic ~ kerygmatic ~ Charismatic
Preach > instruct/encourage/correct/entertain
Announcement ~ proclamation ~ declaration
Interpretations –> implications –> consequences
“Something has happened. It looks normal, but it’s not!”
Unbelief –> inaction
– Swing states

– US election:
1. Are the people so stupid & blind?
2. Why were the experts so wrong?
3. What are the essential differences between a Trump & Clinton presidency?

– Hillary’s concession speech says it all!

– The cashless era – Maranatha!

– Possibilities:
1. Romance/sex/marriage without dialogical love/abundant being
2. Dialogical love/abundant being without romance/sex/marriage
3. Dialogical love/abundant being with romance/sex/marriage

– Psychology is nothing but the interaction of biology & culture…
This is where spirituality can make the all-important difference!

– Christ/Gospel/Kingdom
The agent and the message of the Future (Eternal present)
All 3 always go together!
– whatsit, thingy, doodad
– “There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do.”
– Marianne Williamson
Hmmm… Sounds a little like Nietzsche? Civility is over-rated. Spontaneity is not the same as barbarity. If every adult is mature, then more people can freely express themselves, without the fear of infantile retaliation (from the majority)!

– Her relationship with me is based on an overflow of her love for/with my wife.

– Beliefs/desires >> values/attitudes >> choices/behavior

– How can the lowest ranked employee also be made a co-partner/owner of the business? It must be done, but the way to do it is the question.

– Replay in slo-mo

– Carry over & compensate

– Sunday – Sabbath
Monday, Tuesday – working/busy
Wednesday – semi-off/contemplative
Thursday, Friday – working/busy
Saturday – semi-off

– While in the SFG meeting, forget about all family ties with other members!


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