“John Wick” movie review (3/5 – good)

A decent & stylish action movie

There is some deep shit even here! What is “the management”, “continental
“, “house rules”, “contract”, etc.?? Even assassins/mafia have a moral code, they must, in order to survive.

Sorrow can very quickly turn into rage, if provoked in the right direction & degree.

Notice – this is what made this movie worth watching for me – how Wick actually ‘stabs himself’ during the final fight with the villain! He wants to end his life after this last war, because he has nothing left to live for.
He intends to die bleeding, as he watches the video of his wife, but his steel will doesn’t allow his body to just give up and succumb, so……….

The spiritual man is the one who can turn into a demon if necessary, and whose training has made him so tough that suicide becomes impossible.

Wick-ed 😉

Even the boogeyman needs a friend. Who was Jesus’ Marcus? Peter or Judas?

“It’s personal (this time)” – isn’t it always?!




Author: jimmanueljoseph

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