“Doctor Strange” movie review (4/5 – Hit!)

WOW! I loved this movie even more than “Captain Fantastic”. Watched it in the cinema.
The blend of visual effects, plot, dialogue, action, characters and spirituality/philosophy was just perfect. The 3D was superb too. It never became boring or dragging at any point.

East meets West

I am a doctor and I am strange (medical –> spiritual). So……!?

Christian theology:
Agamotto – Christ
Ancient One, Strange, Mordo, etc. – the Church
Dormammu/dark dimension – Father GOD
Kaecilius – Lucifer/Satan
The bargain – the Cross/atonement
Kamar-Taj/Sanctum – churches
Guardians – clergy/theologians/ministers

The Garden of Eden, the temptation & the Fall

Compare with “The Matrix”, “Inception” & “Tron: Legacy”

Immensely enjoyable AND deeply edifying!

“Forget everything you think you know”
“There are other ways to save lives”
Expand your mind –> change your world

Breaking the rules in order to keep the Law.
Bending nature without breaking it.

Review & Trailer


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