“Captain Fantastic” movie review (4/5 – Hit!)

It’s preachy, but still immensely enjoyable!

The hero carries the entire story on his shoulders.

Maybe education should function like a Christian monastery which trains people and then sends them into the world as missionaries.

I suspect that the wife must have strongly disagreed with his vision whenever she was in the depressive pole of her psychosis, and highly praise him when in mania…

The joyous funeral is, according to me, (one of) the most crucial part(s) of the movie.

Should I check out Noam Chomsky a little more in depth? I had seen the documentary video “The Manufacture of Consent”

In the end, the Captain does pass the test given for him by his wife/kids – he accepts his fallibility and imperfection both in character and knowledge!

Compare with the movie “Partisan” – the dark side of isolationism!

For the church today, what does it mean to be “in the world, but not of it”? Is it possible or preferable to be outside the system while still living within mainstream society?

City on a hill
Salt of the earth

So, what is “the real world”?

So, Judas is Jesus’ (best) friend after all!

Review (includes trailer)




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