“White God” movie review (4/5 – Hit!)

WOW! Just like “Amores Perros” – gut-wrenching…


This is Foxy, my Hagen (‘Body’):-)

I have a Lili too 😉

Music, the transcendent language!

Note the slaughterhouse and the cows too. It’s not just about dogs…
I have completely stopped killing & eating goats, cows and pigs for the past 1 year or so. I think everyone should.

How do we make cities more safe and decent without destroying the urban flora and fauna?

Also compare with the crying need for human adoption, and the dangers of neglect/abuse (E.g. Terrorism)…

Another analogy could be the psychoanalytic relationship between the rational and the unconscious mind.

Why this title?? Maybe a reference to racism and the obsession with being ‘pure-bred’ (the answer is found in the review link)

G-O-D ~ D-O-G





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