“Brooklyn” movie review (3.5/5 – hit)

Beautiful film.

I was disappointed & angered by her hesitation and double-mindedness about returning to the USA! It was only when her ego was offended by intimidation, that she boldly came out as a married woman whose primary loyalty lay elsewhere…

Being frank & straightforward, instead of scheming your way out of things – a typical female trait (vice)??

The innocent victim-mother is also a selfish and manipulative woman!?

The only saints in the movie seem to be the elder (dead) sister and the Italian lover boy…

Most of today’s church (contemporary English) worship-services are as yawn-worthy as the Latin mass!

What defines ‘home’??
Is it possible that where you belong (spiritually) may not be where you are most comfortable (psychologically)?

I DON’T believe that aged parents are the responsibility of their adult/married children!
Roots –> wings –> NEW (transplanted) roots

The Good Life
The American Dream

Last ship travel – the narrative has come full circle! Well done, lassy! Keep it up.




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