Nature Reserve


“Rietvlei Nature Reserve, South Africa

If these two cattle egrets really are having a spat, it’s likely over which one has the best insect-eating spot on the zebra’s back. The common name for these birds comes from their penchant for standing atop cattle, zebras, antelope, and even rhinoceroses, so they can gobble up the flies, ticks, and other pests the larger animal attracts. This Bruchell’s zebra may not be delighted about the squabble on its back, but it’s a small price to pay for steady pest control.”
Hmmm… are these two squabbling birds even aware of the zebra (on which they both are standing)?
Is the zebra aware of the fact that it now needs a ‘nature reserve’ to survive on this planet?
Is man really “outside of” this picture??
What does GOD have to do with this? The corollary of this question is “Who or what is man?” If only we had not forgotten this question for the past few centuries……….
There is only one species which does not live in a symbiotic relationship with the others!

FCRA violation: Congress, BJP withdraw plea in Supreme Court

What about Indian business influencing politics…. Is that okay then??

Ah! The BJP & the Congress, united at last, in the mire…

Maybe it’s time we started looking for justice & freedom for the people, outside of the political system/process.

In Donald Trump recount election drama, news media is again being taken for a ride

Ha ha ha! This movie is turning out to be a thriller……

Hmmm… just as the demonitisation move turned sour, could this news become sweet late into the night?!

Finally, intelligentsia to the rescue of the people, as the media & political class fail miserably…!

Son can stay in parent’s house at their mercy, has no legal right over it: Delhi HC

I am a son living in his parents’ house. And I wholeheartedly agree with this ruling!

I am married, but not a parent (yet)

The economics of love
The economy of power

Demonitisation debate

Congress charge
Transgender community
I am starting to seriously doubt the motives behind the move.

I think it is a huge tragedy for those in the unorganized sector & the poor!

If every piece of news that seems to be good keeps turning bad, then maybe we should stop believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel……

How do we preserve democracy if we completely write off the political class??

“The Guest” movie review (3.5/5 – hit)

An enjoyable thriller! 
How can we be both hospitable and prudent in this (dangerous) world? 

We must trust others, but also try to ensure our own safety. 

There is no choice but to do both. The only question is, “How?” ! 

We can never know what is inside someone’s heart. So, beware before you judge, whether that evaluation is positive or negative. 

Better safe than sorry – we must try to prevent bad things from happening to us & our loved ones, not just do whatever it takes to right the wrong after it has happened. 

The hero looks too good! Did that have some effect on winning the affection (& attraction!) of the host family? 

Is he a bad guy or is he a machine? Which one is more terrifying?

Can one be both a super-hero & fully-human?