– ‘Lakshman Rekha’

– Can you have a purely platonic relationship  with a very attractive member of the opposite sex?

Can you have an erotic encounter with an unattractive member of the opposite sex?

– Distinguish:




– Group therapy

Relational dynamics:




Education laboratory

Experimental, experiential & relational learning

Concepts + persons = process!

Changing attitudes by exposing assumptions

Interpreting impressions

Introspection & expression


Managing & learning styles

– How well can I take negative/critical feedback?

When I meet someone or experience an event which makes me feel small/immature, how do I respond?

Can one be a good leader without also being a good follower?

– Time & space

Matter & energy

Gravity & light




– Why are university campuses so green & beautiful?

Does education have anything to do with being in touch, & living in harmony, with Nature?

– What is the difference between being in touch with oneself & being full of oneself?

– falafel



Is leavening the same as fermentation?

– Not all modification is improvement

– ‘Jatayu’ (Hindi)

– mace (ICC Test Championship)

– Balochistan

– Diplomatic war

– ‘Taking a nosedive’

– Is N. Ram (The Hindu’s chief editor) a fundamentalist (anti-religious) Liberal?

– The News: Top Stories – in a world like ours, were there are so many urgent and serious problems, how can we choose our careers without even considering whether they make any contribution toward these burning issues?!

– Does survival always imply dominance?

– Sentient machines

Deep Knowledge

Venture capital firms

Omniscient algorithms

Modernize = Westernize?

– Your scientism is so naive!

– Reading for infant death (from The CSI Book of Common Worship) – Ps. 63:1-8!

– Holy – pure/unique/whole

Who is this GOD? >> what does it mean to be His people?

Faith ~ humility ~ gratitude ~ generosity

Deceive ~ rob

Concrete/tangible holiness

Justice > legality

Profit without exploitation

Morality > convention

Feeling, speaking and doing

Neighborliness – From ‘bearing a grudge’ to ‘correcting/reproving’

Complex laws

The practical wisdom of trust

Spiritual cooking

Kosher butchering



Sabbath ~ festival

Fearing GOD, loving oneself and caring for others

Explanation for commandments

Faithfulness and originality

The divine act that gives birth to a special people!

How is love a commandment?

Having eternal life ~ worshiping GOD ~ obeying the Law ~ being led by the Spirit


– What is the First Amendment & Second Amendment (US Constitution)?

– Distinguish:





– “The Godhead is the source from which all things do rush.

And then return to it.

An ocean it is thus.” – Angelus Silesius

WOW! Death can never completely devour life, because GOD swallows them both (being & nothingness) together, in his infinite becoming! 😂

When I said that I refuse to choose either life or death, what I meant is, I believe in GOD……

– Whenever you forward something or post a link, add a comment or two of your own.

– froward

– “What’s GOD done for you?

He loves me.

What has GOD done for me?

He loves you too.” – Cope (Christian metal band)

– FROM SPIRITUAL CONVERSATION WHATSAPP GROUP (contact me if you’re interested in joining)

Ashok Daniel: I would like to give the title as “Does Religion promote more Love and Justice for human beings, nature or whole cosmos or Violence?”

What has been the history of various religions so far in regard to the above

Immanuel Joseph: Good question! I guess we can take it in both ways…

But the word ‘religion’ itself is modern

Another fascinating question, especially relevant for Solan (OT) is that of monotheism.

Did the OT prohibit the worship of other gods because there is only one true GOD or (also) because the other religions of the time brutalized their cultures? And, did GOD destroy the Canaanites, mainly because of their violence/immorality or was it only due to idolatry?

The word ‘religion’ is NOT found in the Hebrew Bible!

Each word in this title needs to be probed deeply before anything substantial can be said about it as a whole!

I think even capitalism (as an ideology) becomes an integral part of this theme, in our context…

Would the other cultures have been judged so severely if their religions were not abusive of humans & the environment?

Is it inevitable for any form of idolatry (worship of gods other than Yahweh) to become immoral/violent?

Isn’t Yahweh himself called the ‘Lord of hosts’ (Jehovah Sabaoth – the warrior GOD)??

This again brings out the real tension between truth & love, which I don’t think can be easily resolved, as most people do… they usually just subsume one into the other…

Is sexual immorality just another form of violence? If so, can adult, consensual, private sexual activity be called ‘immoral’?

Are evil & violence synonymous?

Surely, not all violence is evil. But isn’t all evil, violent?

I think violence should be seen as something far greater than just war/murder

I have learnt from New Age stuff that violence is primarily inside ourselves. We are constantly at war, within!

Spirit vs. Flesh

Superego vs. Id

But this conflict/tension may not be bad, because it produces growth

The Christian doctrine of the Fall, in terms of alienation or fragmentation of things that are meant to be united/together might be the best explanation for violence

The Hindu view is the illusion of diversity in a reality that is unity

The Trinity – diversity of manifestation/persons and a oneness of essence/nature. This might be the way out of violence, which is a result of the refusal/failure to acknowledge the diversity within any unity, or the unity in the midst of all diversity

There is a diversity within each individual. And there is a unity among all creatures…

Intellect vs. Emotion

Masculine vs. Feminine (in every male & female)

The alternative to dualism is not monism, but trinitarianism! Or in other words, the problem of diversity is solved, not by trying to reduce it to an ultimate homegenous unity, but by introducing MORE variety…

– I need to find new ways to improve myself, other than the usual self-study.

– Obstacles/contrary/divisions


– Rom. 16:17-19 – I’m afraid I find myself on the wrong side of this passage – maybe you all better stay away from me, folks!  😉

“…using pious sweet talk to dupe unsuspecting innocents.”

Does that sound like me??

What do you think?

Don’t just be sincere, be smart too!

“…making sure every ‘good’ thing is the real thing. Don’t be gullible. ”

“Stay alert like this, and before you know it, the God of peace will come down on Satan…”

The best way to get to your destination is by keeping your eyes on the road.

The only way to hit the ball exactly where you want it, is NOT by looking at that spot on the table!

– ‘Better than the best’

WOW! Hmmm… But what does that mean??

Does it have to mean anything (something specific & clear), in order to have the desired effect?!

– “… உண்டாக்குகிறவர்களைக்குறித்து எச்சரிக்கையாயிருந்து, அவர்களை விட்டு விலகவேண்டுமென்று…”

Be focused on ~ be alert ~ stay away from

“… நயவசனிப்பினாலும் இச்சகப்பேச்சினாலும், கபடில்லாதவர்களுடைய இருதயங்களை வஞ்சிக்கிறவர்களாயிருக்கிறார்கள்.”

Children are innocent, or naïve – they’re easily fooled!

“நீங்கள் நன்மைக்கு ஞானிகளும் தீமைக்குப் பேதைகளுமாயிருக்கவேண்டுமென்று…”

Obedience ~ shrewdness

In those early days, when the Church was a fledgling society in a hostile environment, this was the advice. But now, when the church itself has become a huge, frigid monster, what would be apt counsel??


–  Poliça

– Do you know how to type in accented characters in a Windows PC (without touch screen)?

– ‘hors de combat’


“The old saying ‘Don’t just think/talk, DO something!’ is one of the most stupid things one can say, even measured by the low standards of common sense.”-i wonder y its so?! Dng smthn s much better than jus thinkn/talkn..” – X

– “Pro. 19:2; Rom. 10:2” – Y


– Illiterate poet

– Spiritual Conversation WhatsApp group:

I think words like engineering and management are not fit for spiritual/inward work…
A common (& lethal) error even in ‘Christian leadership’
More an art than a science!

I think one of the greatest shortcomings of the New Age (Jaggi Vasudev, etc.) is the lack of critical theory! There is almost no structural/systemic dimension (capitalism, democracy, etc.) to their worldview. They are almost exclusively focused on the inner world. This is where Christianity, I feel, is strongest – public theology!

In this aspect, Devdutt Pattanaik (a Hindu mythologist) is much better than many others…

Actually, there is no one thing called ‘Hinduism’!
In fact, during the earliest period, there were Christianities (more than just one fixed orthodoxy)!
There is not only unity among diversity, but also a plurality within each unit!

The interaction between secular psychology & religions (especially the eastern traditions) is very fertile – transpersonal psychology, etc…!

The ‘glass ceiling’ is a serious problem. The reservation for women in the parliament is a good move”

– Warrior society 

– “Behavior that’s admired is the path to power among people everywhere.” 

– Pagan Christianity 

– Hrothgar, Heorot, Grendel, Beowulf, 

– marauders 


Family feud



– Search the Bible for ‘no difference’ 

– The WhatsApp Blog

– Female-friendly porn

– EVERYONE who is born is meant to be born again, through death & resurrection!
May we all realize who we are in Adam, as revealed by Jesus Christ – icons of the eternal in the here & now.


– Life is an opportunity, therefore also a responsibility (to be enjoyed maximally, together with others), in a world which is beautiful & broken!

– Distinguish:




– Note the implied narrative sequence 

Greedy for experiences

Thought ~ self-talk 

Luk. 12:17 – “What should I do (now that…)?” 

Vocative (case) 

Indebtedness & gratitude (& fear?) – what happens when the repayment due date arrives?? 

The ego and its god 

How does one become ‘rich toward God’? 

The panic of joy! 

O how hard it is for a worker & achiever to trust in the Christ! 

How is ‘justification by faith alone’ (a morality of grace or a spiritual psychology) linked to material detachment, simplicity & generosity? 

GOD is not a fixed’ point of reference’, but that enigmatic & ambiguous entity/event/process that decentres all other gods/idols/foci! 

“Will you pray for me?”


– Converting talent into expertise, 

Converting expertise into achievement, 

Converting achievement into fame, 

Converting fame into wealth, 

Converting wealth into power, 

Converting power into meaning.

The last step is the ultimate folly, because it’s impossible! 

– snuff movie

– ‘Intensive retreats’

– 2Tim. 2:22-26

WOW! I hate this passage. I vehemently object to its condescending & arrogant attitude toward opponents/critics… 

Are there ‘evil desires’ typical of old age?! Check out the movie “Requiem of a Dream”. 

Should the youth(ful) pastor be castrated?? 

The lust for argument

Serious ~ honest

Prayer as the opposite of indulgence…! 

Argue, not just for yourself or your own views, but for whatever the truth might be. Engage the other, with humility, patience & gentleness. 

No community, no virtue! 

Avoid silly/ignorant controversies

Infighting – may be it is essential for effective witness!! 

Now, I must try to see the truth-value in the conservative side (to which I belonged!)… I can understand why they what they say, and I see the sense in it, although I cannot agree with it. 

The privilege & honor of being a slave/bondservant of the Lord: Hmmm… I don’t understand what this means! How can giving up your freedom to another be a good or noble thing?? 

No criticism, no correction. 

Education as training – theoretical practice & practical theory

The Devil traps & captures, whereas the Lord gains voluntary worshippers. Is it possible to be both a devotee and an individual?? 

– Forgiving my own unforgiveness toward myself. 

Letting it seep in, instead of grabbing for it… 



– “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have.

I must stand with anybody that stands right, and stand with him while he is right, and part with him when he goes wrong.”

— Abraham Lincoln 

Does this apply to Jesus too?? 

The principled man – how does the religious man (Kierkegaard) respond to such a stance? 

Is this an expression of (an outdated) universal/liberal/secular-humanist ethic? 









– Instead of searching online for the difference between two (or more) things, just look up the definition & description of each thing and do your own comparison.

– Moral theorist & social reformer


– aperçu

– enunciandum


– Not all those who are famous are great, 

And not all those who are great are famous. 

– Need to come up with new games that are both fun & edifying/educative. 

– Round Table

Teach For India


– Victory stele 

Ancient Israel as a geopolitical entity

Destruction layers


Fictional retroversions 


Tribal confederation >> monarchy >> dynasty

Divine sanction of political centralization 

Premonarchic tradition

Conservative ~ reactionary

– Professional standing army


Mustered voluntary militia

– The (a)historicity of (all) the major events & characters in the (biblical) Pentateuch……! 

– Biblical historians 


Philosophical theologians 


– He who has learned to criticize himself will know how to command others. 

– Do you treat yourself as a ‘person’?? 

Then how can you even hope to love others?! 

– Distinguish:




– Critical mass

– Sharing theoretical knowledge & experiential insights >> practical inferences! 

– No partnership, no mission! 

– Deny yourself & take up your cross ~ as you follow & learn from me, you forget yourself! 

– The Future is NOT yet to be! 

– Man is a religious being, whether we like it or not! If not the traditional ones, then he will come up with new religions… For We MUST worship something/someone
Some ministers are agents of the Truth too! But sadly, they are rare exceptions today
…we need to deconstruct AND reconstruct, religion!
The Bible critiques itself (if only we read it with an open mind & bold heart)!
I think the best way to avoid idolizing any one of the elements in the faith-life is to keep all of them in a perichoretic dynamic, and refuse to make anything the fixed centre. I feel that even making Jesus Christ such a reference point can become idolatrous, because it is very easy to make MY idea/image of him take the place of the REAL Lord!
The doctrine of verbal plenary inspiration ends up capturing & limiting the Spirit wholly within the words of the Bible!
At the centre of this dance is the overflowing void – GOD!!!

The swirling vortex is a blinding light whose immense gravitational power keeps all the elements spinning around itself!

– Compassion + thoughtfulness = service

– GOD, & the personalizing of all human systems/structures

– “Prophets are those who participate with GOD, in the work of judgment & promise.” 

– Kingdom people > church members

– Dovetailing:

Worship & witness

Discipleship & fellowship

– Reward > award


– Blind photographer

– Guitar licks 

– “The wise man consents to everything, because he identifies with nothing.”

Then a wise man would also oppose everything, because he identifies himself with nothing!

So, can a wise man still be passionate about, or believe in, or be committed to, anything??
– “I could die for you. But I couldn’t, and wouldn’t, live for you.” – Ayn Rand

…& I shouldn’t/mustn’t/oughtn’t, because I am not you… I am me! And since you are you, & not me, never live for anyone else either. EVER!
– Existentialism


– The spiritual body

Corpus mysticum

Eucharistic participation

Aesthetics ~ Poetics
Theory/philosophy/criticism of art, taste & beauty

The endlessly pluralizing/diffusing one substance
Reality & truth; Meaning & rhetoric

A theological reading of…

Economies of salvation

Performance theory & vocation

Interpretive community & narrative identity

A dramaturgical approach to (the practices of) everyday life

Experimental theater & social rituals – exploring the boundaries between art & life.

Indigenous folklore

Innovative forms

The Dada movement – anti-aesthetic art!

Elected imbecility

Mediated immediacy


– Self-respect





– “It’s okay,

It’s okay,

Everything’s gonna be alright.”

– I was thinking, maybe Biblical Studies should be primarily about the passage itself (E.g. Joshua’s conquest of Canaan), & only secondarily any particular theme or topic (E.g. Theology of violence). What comes out of an open-ended inquiry & interaction with the text might be much more powerful & relevant than any pre-planned agenda (E.g. Response to New Atheists)!
So, the topic comes out of the passage, & NOT the other way around!

Choosing passages based on an already selected theme maybe doing it upside down
– Solan Chelliah: According to Jung, individuation refers to the lifelong process of creative growth through which an individual human being becomes more and more whole, that is, becomes a unique and complete person. This process is not an easy one; in fact, it might be said to require a good deal of heroism on any one’s part. Individuation demands the deliberate and often painful choice to grow into greater psychological consciousness and to allow a creative dialogue between the conscious and unconscious parts of our personality. Those like Joshua who pursue the path of individuation are bound for the promised land of maturity.”
Sauvé, John R. 1992. “Joshua: a story of individuation.” Journal of Religion and Health 31, no. 4: 265–271. ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, EBSCOhost (accessed October 13, 2016).

– Immanuel Joseph: I love the word ‘individual’!

Jung is a great spiritual guru, although primarily a psychologist!”
– outlays

Resource allocation

Input combinations & product results

Firms, households, & . . . . . .

Optimal utility

Equimarginal principle

Technical thinking

Preference function

Ranking objectives

Efficient strategy

‘Economics imperialism’ & non-economic phenomena

Rational choice theory
– Do you take time to give feedback on the apps you use, like ratings in the store, error reporting, suggestions for improvement, appreciation, donations, etc.?

Or are you just a ‘consumer’?

– Group therapy

Peer counseling
– Psychoanalysis


– Refer Wikipedia only when you have no other (better) source
– freshman

– ‘Naraka Chaturdashi’
– Who is Bob Geldof?

– Sing unto the LORD

(Praise the God of Israel), 

O you kingdoms of the earth! 
– Can charismatic worship complement rigorous theology? 

Hmmm. . . . . . I really don’t know. 

Could there be theological worship & intellectual charismata? 
– Is the chief & greatest work of GOD, inward (within the human soul)? 
– “When the LORD restores our fortunes, 

We were like those who dream.”

Spontaneous/involuntary/unconscious laughter. . . . . . 

WOW! Caught off-guard by Grace.

I have become so used to experiencing & expecting the negative, that I can’t even believe it when prayer is answered. But isn’t that why it is called ‘miracle’ . . . ? 
– Fall ~ disenfranchisement
– “The LORD has done great things for them, 

So we are glad.” 
– Spiritual cruelty – Nietzsche

Let the weak have mercy on the strong, for a change! 

Jesus was actually quite hard on those close to him, then how did Christianity come to be associated with weakness?? 
– Glorifying GOD ~ godifying GLORY
– From:

“He is my everything , he is my all. . . ”


“He is in everything, & all is in him”! 
– Spirit – too immediate/intimate
– Why is the Virgin birth not given much importance in the Bible, unlike in the RC church? 
– Keep all these 5 always together:

The Cross, the empty tomb, the physical resurrection, the ascension & Pentecost

Whenever any one is mentioned, recall all the other 4 & place it among them. 

What about the Second Coming?? 

I think, maybe, all the 5 together is the sixth!? 
– The foreign lands, within India
– I do not belong to the East or to the West (or to the Middle), but to the underground subculture(s) beneath mainstream society, in all these places & throughout all times. . . ! 
– Studying as working, 

Working as studying. 

What about earning? 

Just a side-effect or the essential purpose? 

Maybe it’s neither – a basic necessity . . . 
– “Have mercy on me, O God, 

For I dwell among ravenous beasts.”
– “Be exalted O God, above the heavens, 

Let your glory be over all the earth.”

How can a believer/devotee sing this, and not have a clue about how it challenges & even undermines all powers & authorities?! 

How successfully has the church privatized, and diluted beyond recognition, this GLORY. . . . . . 


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