– The Holy Spirit – the in-you GOD
How do I glorify him with my body?
By never letting my freedom to become slavery!
– No comparison, no jealousy/pride.
Between individuals – you Vs. me.
Between groups – us Vs. them
– Interpretation & application
Another false dichotomy
– There are certain things you cannot do well if you don’t understand them properly. And there are certain things that you cannot understand rightly if you’re not living properly.
– Argue, not about who is better/greater, but what true life is.
– In the world, the greatest among a people becomes their representative. But Jesus says that the way we treat the least among a group is what really shows our attitude toward them.
– “… we tried to stop him, because he does not follow (you) with us. But Jesus said…”
Hmmm… the classical fundamentalist-liberal clash.
Jesus takes different sides at different times…!
– Distinguish:
– ‘Might be’ – optative mood
– Mind-thoughts
– Distinguish:
– From lesser/greater –> least/great
The one who doesn’t care about ‘Who is the greatest?’ (& therefore doesn’t engage in comparison/competition), is the one who is least (content to be unrecognized), & therefore the one who is great (honored by GOD)!
– ‘Who is great?’ ~ ‘Who is right?’
Following the same One, but in different ways/styles/modes!
– Anti-busy activism
Agitating against restlessness!
– Healthcare – caring for health. What else?!
– Is reality unavoidable??
Doesn’t seem that way……!
– rank-&-file
– Visual aids for Scripture
– The apostate church
– desultory
– William Blake’s art from the Book of (St. John’s) Revelation
– Distinguish:
Conclusion (of the book)
Ending (of the story)
– Announce/declare/proclaim/testify to the eternal in what we have experienced!
– Apocalypse – a catastrophic ending to the (way the) world (works)!
– The Book of Enoch (OT apocalypse/pseudepigrapha) is not part of the deuterocanonical Apocrypha
– “Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy aloud, and blessed are those who hear and obey the things written in it, because the time is near!” – Rev. 1:3
“Write down what you see”
Translating the unfamiliar vision into familiar idioms, without compromising the strangeness of the revelation!
– ridded
– Rev. 1:19 – both… and…
From the heavenly/eternal/divine/spiritual perspective, time (past, present and future), space (here and there) and persons (me/us & you/them), all lose their distinctiveness & get mixed up!
– Sexual purity (chastity/virginity) is symbolic of spiritual life, just as adultery is used to connote idolatry.
– Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable
– ‘G-d instead of God’
– Disuse as misuse
– A prophetic pastor
– stiffed
– I guess, as Christians, we need to find a balance in the tension between living according to our (God-given) personality, and trying to change ourselves according to the demands of the Gospel/Kingdom.
– Jn. 14:26 + 21:25
So, what if the Spirit ‘reminds’ me of things that Jesus said/did, but which are NOT recorded in the Bible?!
– Irreverent faithfulness 😉
– Liberal Utopianism
Christian Existentialism
– Compare the early with the late Dostoevsky!
– Have early breakfast & early dinner
– The prudery in promiscuity (reactionary – sensual overcompensation)
The promiscuity in prudery (lewdness – repressed lust)
– My triangle of spiritual formation:
1. Inward work/self-development
2. Theoretical exploration
3. Relational ministry
All done in the context of nature-culture!
– redolent
– “It Follows” – it’s not about HIV you dummy, it’s about death (origin unknown)! What is life, but sex + death??
It creeps up on you ever so slowly, but you can never finally escape it, no matter how fast you run!
And if you’ve not lived for anything bigger than yourself, nor raised any children, then you will be completely erased from this world, with no trace left behind……
– Cavalry ~ Calvary
Confident ~ confidant
– Who is Elon Musk?
– Yes, I wanna have a few girlfriends… 😉
So what?! ;-[
– Rename:
Spiritual Edutainment Group
– The Glory departs from the Jerusalem temple & moves to Babylon.
The return to Israel is, not yet……!
Fiery & cloudy pillar –> throne on wheels surrounded by angels –> one human being –> dove & voice from heaven –> Cross –> flaming tongues –> ……!
– Does the Septuagint use the koiné Greek?
– Resurrection > immortality
– “It is the duty of every believer, man or woman, to seek knowledge.”
— Hadith
Hadith – a collection of traditions containing sayings of the prophet Muhammad which, with accounts of his daily practice (the Sunna), constitute the major source of guidance for Muslims apart from the Koran.
– Whoever says I am lazy is just a fool, & doesn’t deserve my response!
– The labor theory of value
The marginal utility theory of value
Classical & Modern Economics
Demand function & supply function
Theoretical revolutions
A mathematical social science
Partial equilibrium analysis
Classical mechanics
Simplified general equilibrium theories
Axiomatic system
Neoclassical economics
Welfare theory
Old & new institutionalism
Transaction costs
The varieties of market structure
Differentiated products
Monopolistic/imperfect competition
Multi-national firms
Orthodox price theories
Keynesian economics
Effective demand & productive capacity
Inflation & depression
Macroeconomic aggregates
Human capital & equipment
– Magna Carta – great charter
– Round Table
Teach for India
– brandish
– “The idea had got into his mind that he would some time die unexpectedly and always when he got into bed he thought of that… The effect in fact was quite a special thing and not easily explained. It made him more alive, there in bed, than at any other time.” – Sherwood Anderson
– scroll
– Aztec pictogram
– Horologist – watchmaker
Chatterbox – magpie
Involution ~ elaboration
Palmist ~ chiromancer
– It’s amazing how quickly one can move from self-abasement to arrogance, & vice versa!
– Calm/relaxed & wakeful/aware
– Distinguish:
– The eyes/ears/skin/mouth/nose of the heart
– Seek/search/desire/cry out/ask/focus/pursue/investigate/hunt/dig ~ acquire/obtain/attain/achieve/extract/discover/find ~ Insight/wisdom/understanding/sense/discernment/perception ~
Upright/blameless/just/faithful/right/fair/integrity/honest/good/true/sincere/obedient/straightforward ~ Success/health/prosperity/peace/blessing/joy
Fear of the LORD ~ Knowledge of GOD ~ wisdom for living well ~ the Tree of Life!
– If theology is ‘faith seeking understanding’, then can philosophy be ‘understanding seeking faith’?
– The being/person of GOD > the name/doctrine of GOD
– Treasure – seek, buy, store & guard
– tumbleweed
– Protasis & apodosis
– Intensification through parallelism
– Shaping attitudes
– epexegetical
– Attentive ~ responsive ~ obedient
To incline/stretch/turn, your heart/mind, away from, toward…
Repent & follow! U-turn + move in another direction
– particle
Do I need to go back & learn English grammar again?! :-l
Basic or advanced?
– Interjection/ejaculation
– Personification & objectification
– cognate ~ conatus
– From GOD to man
Grace/revelation/promise/glory/presence –> joy/faith/hope/love/peace
– Metonymy of cause
Causal clause
Habitual imperfect
Noun phrase
Genitive of manner
– True ~ effectual
– From anthropomorphism to incarnation!
– Receive >> store up >> give
– Targum
– Sound counsel >> abiding success
– When she is tired/upset/ill, pamper her!
– hypocatastasis
– The dynamic/tension between sexuality & friendship/family is fascinating! 😃
– Watching movies instead of reading novels.
Listening to music instead of reciting poetry.
– நல்யோசனை
– ‘The primitive as paradisial’
Insurmountable alterity
Writing as embodied agency
Encounter with the other as the utopic site of transcendental excess
The aesthetics of absence
Divine calling –> spiritual walking
The civilized perspective
The possessed, the insane & the inspired
The demonic cry & the mystic silence
The Name that cannot be named
Spatializing the grids of intelligibility
Authoritative discourses that seek to interpret & therefore constrain the rupturing diabolical event.
Power is always on the move!
The anonymity of power
Archeological strategies to expose the architecture of control
Explain ~ manipulate
The spiritual porosity of language that keeps it permeable to the divine
Subversive ~ psychotic
Social inquietude
Practice ~ tactic
Displaced affects & disseminated effects
Distensive space
Expansive heterospatiality
Instaurational act
Heterological plenitude
Theological watermark
The garden of delights is a place to get lost in
– You change cultures, & the prude becomes the prick & the prick becomes the prude!
– “It Follows” is definitely a better/greater film than “Don’t Breathe”.
It is critical that we don’t really understand the nature & origin of the phenomenon, except a few clues, just helping us to survive longer, which only prolongs the torture of not knowing why or what……!
– For the dogmatist, the pluralist looks like a relativist.
And for the relativist, she looks like a dogmatist!
– For the subjectivist, there is no subjectivity!
– Lawyer – expert in interpretation (of the law) & (legal) argumentation
– “What must I do to be saved?” ~ “How do I inherit eternal life?”
Let the Good Samaritan take care of you!
– “How do you read?” ~ “What do you understand?”
– How was Jesus able to argue with the experts & beat them at their own game??
He had the wisdom of the heart, whereas they only had the intellectual qualifications!
But not every Jew will agree that Jesus won.
– Future indicative used with imperatival force
– Content, style & intent
– Emphatic syntactical position
– participle
– Contemporary requirements
– Finite verb
– Body – my own animal/pet/instrument/vessel/vehicle
– From being to becoming
‘Who we are called to be’
– Mercy/love > obedience/follow
– Love –> extremities!
– “Planned Parenthood”
Stock market, forex, commodities
Neutralizing the terror infrastructure
Top brass
Surgical strikes
PoK & LoC
Serious & sustained diplomacy
Joint statement
UN Resolution
Result-oriented engagement
Targeted strategies
Substantive dialogue
National Security Adviser
Most Favored Nation
– autophagy
– Evidence > allegations
– Walk – sick & tired of s(h)itting
– Pronounce ‘white’ – h-wite!
– First + last = fast!
– Ideological gulf
Ethical monotheism
Salvation history
Revolutionary conservatism
A history of misinterpretation
Popular misconceptions
Cherished presuppositions and astonishing claims
Theological monolith
Sublime depravity
No hagiography in the Hebrew Bible!
The call of duty
Is there such a thing called biblical religion?
Ethnic religion
Moral & existential issues
No philosophical/dogmatic/catechetical/systematic theology in the OT
No word for ‘religion’ in the Hebrew language
The interaction of literature/culture and religion/politics
Oracular writings
Former (stories) and latter prophets (sermons)
Temporal events that reveal an eternal covenant
12 minor prophets = 1 book
24 books = Hebrew Scripture
Jewish Study Bible
Secondary readings
Law – past; Wisdom – present; Prophets – future
– Sedentism and nomadism
– Events –> Scripture –> events!
Song of Songs – an erotic multi-voiced love poem’
– The Trinity (note the order of persons)
1. Father/Id/biology/passion/life
2. Son/superego/culture/purpose/reason
3. Holy Spirit/ego/psychology/personhood/ individual uniqueness
– Compare & contrast:
And I’m not talking just about sexuality.
– Wormhole
Event horizon
String Theory
– First episodes watched:
‘The Preacher’
‘True Detective’
‘House of Cards’
– Evangelicalism is NOT a monolithic or homogeneous entity. And that’s good!
– ‘Cut off from the land’ (Judaic expression)
– Not keeping one’s word is the essence of evil!
Adam & Eve should’ve just gone back to GOD, and discussed & clarified with him about what the serpent had told them (before they decided what to do about the desire to eat the fruit of knowledge)…
– From ‘Six Feet Under’!
– Perverse, twisted, crooked, dark, uneven, wayward, immoral, wrong,
– Distinguish:
Slutty ethics
– Think twice or thrice before making a promise, but once you’ve made it, don’t even consider cancelling it.
You can modify it later, but with only with good (enough) reason.
– The tried-&-true path is made by good people who’ve gone before us, including those who are walking with righteousness now!
– “Whoever goes to be with her never comes back to the way of life”!
Why so hard??
– மாறுபாடான பாதைகள்
– surmisable
– “The road of excess leads to the palace of Wisdom.” – William Blake
Aaah… an anti-Proverbs proverb!
No extreme, no balance.
No heat, no light.
No dream, no vision.
– Differential equations
Civil rights & environmental pollution
Imperialism & poverty
Social relevance, analytical rigor & aesthetic elegance
Standardised syllabus
Value judgments, philosophical preconceptions, and ideological biases
Progressive taxation, price stability & full employment
Positive & normative economics
Special interests
Statistical inference
Mathematical model
Isolate, abstract & simplify
Logical deductions
Personal preferences
Scientific conclusions
Testing theories
Established facts
Empirical verification
Confident predictions
Undisproved hypotheses
Uncertain accuracy of competing theories
Human labs & experimental economics
Product market & factor market
Goods & services
Macroeconomics & microeconomics
Input-output analysis
Balance of payments
Technical constraints
Factors of production
Firms & households
Efficiency choices
Strategic interaction of complex forces
Utility functions
Consumption patterns
Paired alternatives
Supply curve, demand curve
Price determination
Equilibrium/market-clearing price
Reasonable forecasting of the direction &/or magnitude of change
– snide
– Hieronymus Bosch – Garden of Delights triptych
Glossography & calligraphy
Interlinear commentaries
Writing as a visual art
Social atomism
Theological bodies
Brownian motion
ch = \t\ + \sh\
Distinguish: Minute & Indivisible
Efficient, final, formal & material cause
– Lost, between the Garden & the City, in our own wildernesses (desert-jungles)!
– The freedom of simplicity
The simplicity of freedom
– ‘The intimate universal’
– The religion of Philosophy
– The very fact that someone like Donald Trump is a presidential candidate, is a matter of great shame for the USA!
Were the 30,000 odd emails deleted by Hillary Clinton, personal or official?

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