European cathedrals… alive again?!

WOW! What is life, but a festival of lights in the darkness of the night, and a carnival of shadows in the brightness of the day??

Surely, ‘leisure IS the basis of culture’ (Josef Pieper)!

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(even this image can be downloaded using Mozilla Firefox 😉


The Berlin Cathedral illuminated during the Festival of Lights

The domes of the Berlin Cathedral are already worth a photo during a visit to the German capital. But every year for the past 11 years, October brings the Festival of Lights to Berlin and many iconic structures in the city become a canvas for artists using light as a medium. From digital projections like those on the cathedral, to lasers, neon, and other light-generating devices, all of Berlin will be a-glow for the next ten nights. Best of all, the show is free—simply grab a map of all the light shows and start walking.

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