– The Trinity – biological reproduction/social unit (Father, mother & child – family/marriage) is subordinate to spiritual regeneration (Father, Son & Holy Spirit – church/kingdom)!
– Why have a Paralympics??
– Canonical criticism
– Structure/frame/context as a clue to interpretation of the content
– Doxology & benediction
Praise (to GOD) ~ blessing (for us)!
– How can, and why do, people undergoing intense trauma, write poetry?!
– Blessed – holy, healthy & therefore (truly) happy!
– The Gospels as the Church’s/Christian’s Torah.
– Read, revere, meditate, recite, believe and enact
– Narrative liturgy and liturgical narrative
Myth & metanarrative
Comprehensively shaping a particular way of being together in the world.
– Theology (thinking, speaking, reading and writing about GOD) must always be accompanied, & nurtured by, prayer (hearing from, talking to, & living with GOD)
– Passive-aggressive
– The Messiah had to be a divine figure, because no mere human could perfectly represent GOD!
– Archetype/ideals:
– Conventional power
Divine appointment
– In what way are authentic morality and true faith related?
– What is the use or point of sensation, without perception??
– The messianic function of the psalmist!
– Tone-deafness
– Should I consider starting (alternate) Sunday morning church services?!
– Nourished by the execution and fulfillment of the divine purpose!
– Word + Body + World = Spirit!
– Food, shelter, sleep & sex
– The Bible as scripture, literature, canon & sacrament
– B. Ed. is necessary for teaching in school, but not for college professors. Why??
– Is seeing God as a ‘person’ with whom we have a ‘relationship’ just another anthropomorphism?
– If a Gentile convert to Jesus did not have to embrace Judaism, then what about a contemporary Indian convert to Christ? Does he have to embrace Christianity?
Judeo-Christian &
– Who I am,
Who I want to be &
Who I am required to be
– There are certain things that you should never do/choose/change purely for the sake of someone else, with no intrinsic motivation.
E.g. Marriage, career options, religious affiliation, ethical values, parenting, etc.
– Professionalism is (integral to) ethics.
– “The world tried to make her an outcast, but she cast out the world instead!” – about Rekha (actress)
– hoary
– In the past, people found it natural to relax & had to be motivated to work. Now, it’s exactly the opposite!
I must swim against this tide, even if it drowns (& kills) me……
– Is life the ultimate value?
What could be more precious than life?
– The wisdom of unknowing
– Ritualistic animal sacrifice & meat-eating
– Since I am sober & intellectual, I am attracted to people who are bubbly & passionate, but without being (too) shallow & sentimental.
– I want to be the text I read everyday!
Who is the author??
Why is it always easier to read (other) books?
I need to develop a method of self-talk/inner dialogue.
– Maybe I should try the first half of the day for things-to-do & the second half for contemplation, instead of alternate day for each activity.
Hmmm… Balance –> harmony –> integration!
– What do you think about these people who have these high-flying corporate jobs, & are also passionate about crazy hobbies?
Where is the question of the real you, if the ‘self’ is an illusion (or concoction)?
Are they hypocrites or cowards or……?
Hmmm… What is wrong with wanting it all? Isn’t there always a sacrifice involved in any choice?
What if they are also involved in some philanthropy?
In this world, can one do the right thing & get away with it? Is that why we need Heaven?
– excogitate

Author: jimmanueljoseph

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