“The Vanishing” movie review (4/5 – Classic!)

Nietzsche unleashed!
Life (freedom/power/joy)
Morality (order/meaning/control)

The BGM during the intense scenes was awesome!
The plot moves at just the right pace – not too fast and not too slow. And then finishes with the build-up and bang that you expect from every thriller.

The villain is the (anti-)hero here.
Are these two guys becoming ‘friends’ or even ‘soulmates’?!!

Psychoanalysis – dreams as prophetic visions

Some sex (between the lovers) would have been nice, and would’ve made the pain of separation even more palpable…

“When I was 16,
I discovered something.
Everyone has those thoughts,
but no one ever jumps.
I told myself,
“Imagine you’re jumping.”
Is it predestined that I won’t jump?
How can it be predestined that I won’t?
So, to go against what is predestined,
one must jump.
The fall was a holy event.
Why did I jump?”
There are at least 4 ‘jumps’ he makes during the movie. What are they?

“The eternal uncertainty” – not just another case of “curiosity killed the cat”

“You can know what happened to her only by experiencing what she did!”


Trailer (the man who wanted to know)


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