“Vandi Chodai”(Tamil) play review – (3.5/5 – Hit)

Guru-sishya, Chiranjeevi, Adayaalam, vaitthiyam/thozhil, mooligai, etc.

So full of hidden and explicit meanings!

The failure of education to enlighten – wisdom vs. knowledge –> ignorance

So happy to be able to get engaged with the arts, in my own vernacular at last!
Many thanks to The Hindu for promoting local culture(s)

Comparing the insights of this play with the truths of Christian theology is very exciting.
E.g. The eschatological judgment of the various social classes – the poor/victims are vindicated with everlasting life and the middle/upper class which was complicit in the sustaining and promoting of dehumanizing systems are condemned to be born as goats (to be butchered) in their next generation.

The transformation of the goat to man, and the man to goat, is a central metaphor for understanding the play as a whole.

Sage ~ Messiah ~ Lamb-Man!

The Hindu Theatre Fest


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