Theater: “Dear Liar” review


– The performances by both the actors (real life husband-wife!) was excellent. The fact that this was a true story added to the seriousness and enjoyment.

– The meaning of the title could be interpreted as falling in love with theatre (fiction that brings out the truth of life)!
– The last few lines also give closure to the long relationship, and finally we realize that the main theme of the play is not romance, but the art-form that brought the two protagonists together (a playwright and an actress) – theatre!
– Finally, the attraction of the contrasting characters can be seen as archetypal – the tense, yet passionate dynamic between the intellect and the affect. And what facilitates their inter-communication is humor/wit – the secret ingredient that sustains our desire for life in the midst of intense personal tragedies and social calamities!
– But I thought that, after the first act, the momentum had picked up and the flight was ready to take-off, but it never came in the second act! Maybe this reflects the nature of (the first and second halves of) life itself…
– And, did they (ever) have sex??

Author: jimmanueljoseph

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