– Harnessing & channeling sexual energy for spiritual growth
– The transcending of the ego, & the resultant communion with GOD, through the pushing of the self to the extreme, when transformation is the exact opposite of survival!
Heb. 10:20
Come on, let’s do it.
It’s do or die.
We’ve got nothing left to lose, & everything to gain.
– When are we (not) relatively speaking?
– Adding new/foreign elements to the mix – dangerous (for preservation) & essential (for development)!
– It is better to be another small (forgotten/unnoticed, but not insignificant) link in the tangential chain of change, rather than a huge cog in the wheel of stagnant rotation…
Who knows what I could be contributing to, in the future, with my small steps of faith & hope!?
– Sexual promiscuity could be either due to inner emptiness (leading to addiction) or spiritual fullness (self-expansion).
What about the entrepreneurial spirit? Why is that not seen as ‘just greed’, but instead glorified, as the drive to discover, create & improve?
– Extreme sensuality becomes spiritual
Extreme spirituality becomes sensual
– From dualism (morality) to triadism (spirituality)!
There is no non-duality.
– What is love without lust?
What is conscience without desire?
– The discipline of indulgence & passivity.
Those who can never, fully let go of themselves in gay abandon or, experience bliss in absolute stillness, are as retarded and morbid as those who lack will-power & ethical seriousness!
Infantility (raw childishness that characterizes pre-adolescence)
Immaturity (the final barrier to adulthood, on the other side of adolescence)
Only those who overcome both these phases will reach true adulthood. Now that’s a challenge great & worthy enough of our lifelong pursuit!
There are those who have no concern or desire for maturity, & there are those who diligently seek it, but do not have a clear or complete vision of it.
– The quintessential question is NOT “Why?”, but “Why NOT?”.
That is the prerogative of the human, the god-animal!
– Cyber/remote sex
The Kingdom of GOD/Garden of Eden/Heaven/New Earth/City of Man
The luminous dark… Sensücht!
– Carnal lust
Divine discontent
Burning bush
Burnt offering
– Sentience & sapience
– Cutting edge – the growing facet is always bleeding!
– Too neat to be true.
– Everything is complex. That’s the simple fact.
– Mores ~ morality
Customary standards
– Becoming excellent, by pursuing perfection, without falling into despair.
– “There is a method in the madness. But there is also madness in the method.”
– “Change is not always in our control. But how we respond to it is.”
– “Nothing carries more clout than money.”
Hmmm…… Really??
– Our faith in the Fall seems to be greater than our faith in the Resurrection.
Hmmm…… Of course, which of these has more support from direct experience?
– Breath –> word –> creation ~ Spirit –> Son –> Father
– Death – is this body the person?? Can I touch him/her now?
– Aromatherapy
– Enjoying achievement
Achieving enjoyment
– In order to overcome depression, you need all 3 – understanding (past), mindfulness (present) & purpose (future).
– Health, fitness & beauty
– Like –> love –> worship
Dislike –> hate –> fight
– The givens – what happens when what is taken for granted, changes?
– Can I be kind to myself, and also push myself??
I find this (doing both together), impossible to do! 😓
– Spouse:
Pulling from above & pushing from below
Pushing from above & pulling from below?
– Fame is so lame
– Is it right or good to compare an actor with his/her on-screen personae?
– The last judgment:
…… and the children shall arise, and condemn their parents, for failing to provide them with the vital resource of spiritual leadership!
– Legacy
– Experts, peers & clients
– Most people are such a waste of Breath……! 😟
– Autoerotism
– Total Body Fat
– Touching the bereaved,
Touching the dead,
Touching the coffin…
– Is treating two unequal parties as (if they were) equals, justice?
– Who are ‘your people’?
What is ‘your land’?
Which is ‘your creed’?
– “Do not stand idly by when your neighbor’s life is threatened. Do not nurse a grudge against any of your relatives. Confront people directly so you will not be held guilty for their sin. I am the Lord.”
Neighbors, relatives & friends
How many people around you, do you love on a regular basis?
How many people are an integral part of your life?
– “And God will not let you be tried beyond what you are able to bear, but with the trial will also provide a way out so that you may be able to endure it.”
(1 Corinthians 10:13 NET)
I don’t think I believe this…
– Propriety
– What’s the difference between a mercenary & a spy?
– Benevolent rebuke
– Fellow citizen
My fellow citizen(s)
– Nourishing & retaining anger
– Each person is either great or small, depending on the context in which you place them.
E.g. A doctor outside the hospital
– Do this, “so that you may be children of your Father in heaven.”
What if I don’t……?
– Enemies – those whom we find impossible/difficult to love.
– Being better than most others, being different from the common crowd, IS the reward for being virtuous/noble!
– The amazing challenge of forgeing one’s identity apart from the usual bases of family, job, class, caste, creed, etc.
– Things so glorious that they far exceed even your capacity to desire or imagine!
– I love you ~ I wait for you
I love you ~ I delight to do good to you
– The GOD who intervenes for his people.
Hmmm…… Does he?? I haven’t seen.
So what does that mean?
OT to NT – from the GOD who dramatically acts in history, to the GOD who prepares an eternal destiny.
Isa. 64:4 –> 1Cor. 2:9
– ‘Son of’ ~ like
– Holy ~ blameless ~ perfect
– How many bad/evil/inhuman/demonic people have you met?
– I have never experienced the death of someone who was emotionally very close to me.
– Always back up your important data in 2 places – one cloud & one local.
– What shall we do in the next spiritual formation group meeting??
– Is it the adult children’s duty to take care of parents when they become old & dependent?
Can money compensate for personal assistance?
How can a couple, who have their own child, also provide (practical, moral & financial) support for their ageing parents?
Is it the parents’ duty to babysit their own child?
Can hired help or grandparents compensate for the personal care?
How can a couple, both of whom have jobs, provide adequate parental support to their infant/baby?
– What does breast-feeding have to do with the Fifth Commandment??
– How do family duties relate to spiritual values and social responsibilities?
– One day per week – Sabbath.
One day per week – overall structure of workday, but without the usual content.
Five days per week – routine duties
– The spiritual life is NOT about ‘overcoming’ or ‘conquering’ the Fall. It is about ‘surviving’ or ‘weathering’ it.
What is the difference?
– If you want to cope & thrive, first get out of this toxic (physical & social) environment.
EJECT, for life! Or stay, & die……
You have a choice about what you do (about your location), but you don’t have a choice about the situation & its consequences.
(If you think that you CAN grow, irrespective of all this ambient negativity, you are just another foolhardy coward.)
Mark my words, there comes a time when you must kick off the dust of this soil, in judgment against its pathetic & hopeless inhabitants (zombieland), or become one of them yourself.
– I don’t see anything noble or praiseworthy in those adults who sacrifice their individual & marital fulfillment for the sake of their elderly parents!
In fact, they are all fools & cowards in my eyes.
– I see religious faith (belief in GOD) as a double-edged sword, which can be as destructive as it can be positive…
– Sorry, I couldn’t care less about your wise advice!
So you can go shove it down your own gutter.
– Distinguish:
– Second Temple Period
– Winded ~ pursy
– Bacchanalia
– marque
– batiste
– Cremation ~ incineration
– I want my body (at death), to be given for organ donation, and the remaining to be cremated and dissolved in some nearby water body.
– conurbations
– columbaria
– Domestic politics
– The changing nature of life (faith, hope & love)
– Shifting identities
– Foundational moments
The perfect origin
Forging narratives in order to establish traditions
– Anachronistic faith
– Shaping authoritative figures
– quartered (adj.)
– Anti-depressant
To take or not to take……
– If I find this (relatively) relaxed routine so tough, then how will I cope with a more demanding lifestyle in the future?
– Professional control of death
– The criminalized poor
– medicalization
– I think the role of medication in the management of depression should not be seen negatively. It is an integral part of the holistic approach.
– What do you?
Nothing much.
I do some spiritual work.
I try to understand life, improve myself & help others grow.
Oh, I see……
– trundle
– Mahasweta Devi
– Anand Gandhi
– Namrata Joshi
– Virtual/augmented reality
– “The internal arts”
“The Spiritual Legacy of Shaolin Temple”
Martial culture
– Can peer-pressure be positive?
– When the Law is transferred from stone tablets to hearts of flesh, is it just simple transcription, or is there more translation going on?
I think more in favor of the latter.
– How difficult it is to help/serve people when the very nature, means & end of your work is despised by the society in which you live!
Man is always kept farthest from what is needed most……
We have blundered enough by making the stupid distinction between the important & the urgent. It’s time we made the important urgent. Let everything else wait!
– Will I ever be happy with myself??
I don’t know.
But I can continue working toward it, without worrying too much about achieving the goal as soon as possible…
– Distinguish:
– ‘Sudden enlightenment’
– I refuse (your glorified brand of) voluntary servitude!
– I have only two options:
Social suicide
Spiritual suicide
The sooner I make my choice, the sooner I find peace!
– What is life, if not a constant struggle against death?!
– I need MORE madness, NOT less!
– anti-guru
– Radical institution
– Change preparation time for, seminar to 1 year, and for retreat, to 6 months.
So, every 3 years, there will be 2 seminars & 2 retreats, instead of 1 seminar & retreat every year.

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