– cyclostyle

– Purity:

Ceremonial ~ spiritual!

– Stopped using keyboard aids – auto-complete, correction & prediction!

– Inward — outward — upward

– Focus ALL my study on stuff directly (or at least indirectly) related to spirituality.

– Intense, simple & complete

Keep it that way, always & forever!

– Eternity ~ abundance

– Mould ~ moult

June – retraining period


– “Dey Kabaali…

Naan Joseph da!”

– Shift my center of gravity from head to heart.

Spiritual ~ contemplative ~ mystical ~ transformative ~ vital.

Make all study subservient to the art/science of living well.

– Everyday half hour meditation & half hour exercise.

This 1 hour (+ 1 hour solid study) becomes the temple/thin place out of which flows life – the wellspring or fountain of streams in the desert!

– Passive consistency


Active change

Passive change


Active consistency

– High intensity circuit training (HICT)

– Only fruits for dinner, except on Thursdays & Sundays (weekly 2 off-days)

Meat-eating only on off-days.

– Workout session – in first half of the day (before lunch)

Meditation session – second half

– Dinner – fruits, nuts, dates, corn, carrot, cucumber, etc.

– Soya milk on fasting days

– Do these things everyday for 1 month, then you will experience the change in your spiritual status…!

– Commiserate

– Pain, anguish & despair

– Buddhism – how can detachment & compassion go together?

– gamify

– life-tracker


– “New bodies”

Ah yes! Exactly what we need – sexual resurrection……

– Movies:

“Floating Weeds” (Japanese) – Hit


– “Idea: Each person/family can identify others in their inner circle, with whom they would do well to be in touch, forever. Then plan their respective futures in such a way that they are physically proximal (meeting every 2 weeks or so) to at least one other person/family in that inner circle…

The gathering with everyone else can be once in 2 years or so.”

“Maybe we can do something like that to make our futures converge!”

– “All I wanna do is trade this life for something new,
Holding on to what I haven’t got…!” – Linkin Park

“So close, no matter how far,
Couldn’t be much more from the heart.
Forever trusting who we are,
And nothing else matters!

Never opened myself this way
Life is ours, we live it our way
All these words I don’t just say
And nothing else matters

Trust I seek and I find in you
Every day for us something new
Open mind for a different view
And nothing else matters

Never cared for what they do
Never cared for what they know

But I know” – Metallica

– catfish (v.)

fembot (n.)


– Equal parts:

Meditation, exercise, reflection & study

– The brutality of sentimentality!

– My BMI (body-mass index) is in the overweight category, and my WHR (waist-to-hip ratio) is in the obese category!


How & when did this happen??


– Thank GOD, I don’t feel depressed when getting up in the mornings……!

– Kleptocracy

Putin’s Russia

– “Do you think that when a doctor (working in a corporate hospital) does numerous (obviously unnecessary) scans a day for a patient who is on ventilator & is going to die in few days, he/she is “just following orders”, and is totally innocent of the malpractice??

Don’t you think there is a difference between the technician & the medically trained specialist?

Wouldn’t continuing to work in such a system, actively abetting & directly contributing to such blatant abuse, cause the sure death of one’s conscience??

Can such gross systemic injustices be perpetrated without the cooperation of an army of people to execute them (knowingly & unknowingly)? Or is the culpability limited only to the policymakers at the top??” – X

“…so easy to question. So difficult to answer. is it right or wrong. Answer is simple wrong.  Can we and do u fight every wrong in the street in the society which u r a unwilling party or witness. Can we fight every politician who swallows resources meant for your current or ward or street. Can u or do u fight every crime u see in the road.
We can stay away from known criminal actions and fight which we can meaning fully fight
I want to run a low cost set up serving deserving poor. But I realize I do not have a market for same. People decide what system they want and the system determines what everyone should do. If u r not the controller of system, u have to be party to it.
People  who don’t want to get genuine service at concession in psg general wards come to the present famous hospital I train in and pay through the nose to get operated by trainees like me….
And my boss wants us to do all tests for everyone as he believes people come to him for the belief that nothing will be missed in this hospital. Not for the judicious use of wisdom to cut down the tests and minimize expenditure….” – Y
“Hey… I appreciate your willingness to at least wrestle with these issues! It’s so easy to just become numb
I don’t think one is responsible for practices in which they are not directly involved…” – X
“When people like u, who I still believe was one of the best brains of batch shy away from medicine to serve through other means, what will lesser mortals with lesser conviction like us practitioners do when people come to brands and brands employ us with opportunity to use and upgrade the hard earned skill
Now , I train at this age supporting a family in stipend to update my skills. Should I go to XYZ where my patients will not come in recognition of my skills and loose skills and take a less than deserving pay or take up a job with a better pay and chance to stay updated in this hospital when they offer me a job
Tell me, what’s  the way out” – Y
“It is sad that medical doctors become pawns of an unscrupulous system! I think you should choose places which are ethical & scientific when looking for a job.
Sometimes, we can have jobs which have good pay without compromising any of our moral values, but sometimes we must choose between the two!
I believe more people like you must get together with other like-minded colleagues & friends in medical practice, to come up with new options that are better than the existing opportunities. I still think the government setup doesn’t have many of the unethical practices of the corporate sector
As individuals, we might feel helpless against a huge nexus of criminal structures, but together with others in the same cause, we have a fighting chance! The primary challenge is never to give up one’s principles, no matter how costly…
“What does a man profit, if he gains the whole world, & loses his soul?”
When one person has decided that she will never participate in unjust practices (remember the Hippocrates Oath we all took?), then the fight to resist the corrupt forces can begin!
There are many hospitals in India which strive to be ethical & scientific. And people like you can even consider starting new hospitals based on sound values, along with NGOs, etc. Just sharing some ideas……
Doctors should start thinking, reading, praying & discussing with other doctors about these issues, instead of dumbly accepting the current scenario as fate
I hope people like Y will take up such crucial challenges to make a real difference for the future of this great profession, unlike others who can only see moving from speciality to super-speciality as “progress”…” – X
“I am proud to have worked at both junior level and senior level in a super speciality in a premier hospital of India for 7 years which unusually has best ethical practices in the world thanks to the HOD. I am talking about XYZ. HOD is Dr. ABC, one of the pioneers in DEF. It is just that government hospitals provide more opportunities to be ethical but the opportunities are not always utilised.
He himself used to say that if govt. Hospitals are good in a place, it can eat up all private hospitals as he was previously HOD of railways hospitals

I am seeing the truth here in GHI… More than 85% of health care is by government sector (Unusual in other parts of India).” – Z

“how about u starting an NGO to promote just medical practices.. u can work on the system if not in the system. Not a sarcasm, but an appeal” – Y

“Oh… Sorry, that’s not possible, because I have decided to concentrate on spirituality. My job is to inform & motivate others who are already in the field, to bring in the necessary changes…” – X

“So is that spirituality ? To inform and motivate others in their respective fields to bring necessary changes?” – A
“Hmmm… Yeah, my work is just like education – providing knowledge so that people can understand the truth, & act accordingly. But of course, it is not purely theoretical. We all have to work on ourselves first! Then we should know our place in the world… Our role/function within the big picture.
I guess all of us are involved in “loving” in so many different ways… But can one truly “love” without a strong spine to resist evil in our context??

GOD BLESS our entire batch, so that each of us will grow as individuals, and be a precious gift to our respective circles (in our own unique way)” – X

– Certain professions are more noble than others…?

Education, healthcare, etc. should not be given over to the corporates, to exploit for profit, without any strict institutional oversight, by an efficient governmental body or reliable NGO.

– Why is investing in the stock market or real estate or forex or commodities, unethical? Because any income generated without providing any goods or services in exchange, is undeserved & unjust.

– The root problem is not death, it is suffering.

And what I mean by suffering is not just pain, but any lack of the fullness that is possible in this life……

– Self-actualisation

Personal development

Life coaching

Spiritual mastery

– Reverse image search

– Om

Yin Yang


– condiment



– gorgon


– Creativity, connectivity and commitment

– What percentage of your day (waking hours) do you spend sitting?

The importance of (good) posture!

– Non-academic theologians

– The political significance of the contemplative life……


– Learning to live without a purpose!

Not just surviving, but flourishing – the continuous and present increase of LIFE itself as the goal…

– The choice between fulfilling social roles and being true to one’s essence.

The choice between an acceptable/respectable career and passionately pursuing self-perfection

The fundamental conflict/tension is not between good/life/spirit and evil/death/flesh, but between excellence/originality/passion & mediocrity/conformity/apathy!

Can one be both good and happy?

Can one be both great and healthy?

Can one be both focused and balanced?


– For matters of life, eclectic/liberal approach is good. But for ultimate issues (E.g. Death), Christianity is better.

But the secular folks & the Christians lose out on the other resource.

Only together can they be complete.


– Be here.

Go there.

– Spend more money, to earn more Payback points!  😉

– “Helping to found an experimental university”

WOW! 😇

– Capitalism, patriarchy & ……?

– Crude, vulgar, shameless, pristine

– oneiric


– Subversive excesses

– Sexual texts

– Theory, religion & mysticism

– Literary disgorging

– The morality of the unconscious


– Movies:

“Amy” (documentary) – Hit

Instead of asking what killed her & what could have been done differently/better… We should just say “Gloria!”

What a powerful voice & what a vulnerable soul!

Fatherless till the end!

Tragic success – celebrity as slavery. Fame – the crucifixion of the artist is implicit in their magnificent contribution to the world…

Natural genius (talent/skill) is doomed, without acquired greatness (character formation)!

The curse of genius – how could one have had the gift of such lyric & melody, without the inherent weakness & suffering?

The fatal flaw – when GOD gives something awesome, he also takes away something essential… You can either have a long & mediocre life, or a short & shining one. NEVER both.

Given her inherent flaws & the toxic relationships, it was a miracle that she even survived this long…

In the end, was it all worth it? Hmmm… Yes, I believe so!

– Naturalized hegemonies

Hierarchies of origin

Transcendent immanentisms


– Lowering the center of gravity, improves stability.

No longer top-heavy (head-weight).

“Inner engineering” – shifting focus from thinking to breathing. Moving from automatic to conscious.

– Mindful shopping

Contemplative baby-sitting

– It is (almost) impossible, not to misunderstand certain individuals (like me?).

– “I am not the mind.

I am not even the body!”




– Daily seminar & retreat!

– “I pray that you stay stubborn & ferocious, annan! But also humble & compassionate…
That’s the challenge, isn’t it?
I believe it’s time you left the past behind (mentally), & focus fully on the present (spiritually), only then you can move into the future (physically). You MUST NEVER GIVE UP hope! Life is NOT over until it’s over…
You can do most of the things others do (as work) with just a fraction of your power. If you only exert it, you will realize, it’s still there! Believe that this is STILL possible, & you WILL see……
Let us not give death any power (over us), as long as we have Breath (in us)!
The Spirit MOVES……
“Stand up, take up your stretcher, walk, & go home.” – Mat. 9:1-8
All things are possible, to the one who acts in Faith!

The Future beckons. Don’t give up on GOD, when he has not given up on you. What’s the point in staying alive, if we’re not going to push the limits of possibility??”

– Neither cynical nor naïve

– “I love money (safety & comfort) more than sex (risk & pleasure).”

Prudish, cowardly & melancholic

– Moderation without mediocrity?


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