– “Kabir: In many ways, the growth of societies rests with those who raise questions about the self, those who are not satisfied with the status quo, and those who are seekers in both the personal and political realms.”

I want to be a believing seeker, & a seeking believer.

I want to raise new questions for old answers, & discover new answers for old questions.

The political dimension of the innermost self!
– Canvass
– potlatch
– Subversive excess

– Culture:

You adapt & survive


I rebel & suffer
– Fruit of the Spirit:

Hatred, sorrow, frustration, anger, toughness, frugality, stubbornness, flexibility, impulsiveness



– Foundations without buildings,

And buildings without foundations.
– Pure, raw, naked, wild
– Is evangelism relevant only for the monotheistic religions?
– hendiadys
– acceptance, forbearance & forgiveness
– Can one pursue excellence without becoming competitive?
– participle (English grammar)
– Third class condition (Greek grammar)
– Beloved = chosen to be holy!

Holy = chosen to be loved!

Chosen = love to be holy or being holy for love
– How can one be flexible and adjusting in relationships, and yet be spiritually authentic & ethically firm as an individual?
– Method theory
– Eroticism & sacrifice
– The tool & image industry
– Mechanical art
– The real Image & the imaginary Real
– (re)Production


– The American dream – the dream is (the vision/idea/image of) “America”  itself!
– For maximum comfort, the cool air from the AC should never fall on you directly!
– Virtual reality


Literal truth
– Tele-evangelism

Proliferate, disseminate & saturate!
Then what??
– simulacra
– Extreme phenomena
– Other-worldly things
– Surrealism


– Andy Warhol
– Beyond the postmodern, toward……??
– Lyrical commentary

Aphoristic autobiography
– Legal violence

Holy corruption
– Literary resurrection
– Apocalypse ~metamorphosis
– Life is too long, for nice words, cute people & sweet times to ever be enough!
– Distinguish:



– Movies:

“Jennifer’s Body” (Hit)

Just another girly teen flick?? Hmmm…… I don’t think so.

Megan Fox is so hot, and I’m not just talking about the image. Body > appearance!

All terror is “religious” in nature. (Bataille)

Do you have it in you, to kill/survive a demon? She should’ve killed herself long back (after the first murder itself). And Needy is no hero either.

Self > the beloved > the public
– When to use “&” and when to use “and”?
– Dignifying any & every kind of labor, and still maintaining that life is much (much!) greater than work.
– Your hugely mistaken!

But I could be wrong.
– Some heroes are (almost) universally acclaimed. But some are considered by others as villains!
– “Very truly, I tell you, you seek me, not because……, but because……”

Come, let me show you who/what you REALLY are!

In the divine-human relationship, we are bound to keep disappointing & frustrating each other. What an incompatible pair, what an everlasting bond!
– Is Jesus a male NOW?
– Intimate encounter with the Other strips the individual completely, & produces self-disgust!
– Neither recondite nor trite
– Non-specialist intellectual
– Iconic iconoclast
– flotation
– Preferment & ostracism
– Integrated Humanities

New Humanities
– Can a non-researcher be a good (graduate level) teacher?

– “RESOLUTIONS (to convert my career into vocation):
1. I will NOT be overworked. Especially, I will not allow myself to be taken advantage of by any person/system to do things which are not relevant or worthy of my specific role as a professional.
2. I will NOT be underpaid.
3. I will NOT compromise on quality – BOTH in my character-work, & in the organization I choose to be a part of. There is ALWAYS scope for improvement (BOTH in me & the structures I am involved with)!
4. I will NOT go after money, comfort or status. I will take my social responsibility (especially to the marginalized) SERIOUSLY.
5. I will make a (short & long-term) PLAN to fulfill my (GOD-given) VISION to make a significant positive contribution to the future of my field.
– I will NEVER give up, & I will continue to work hard & smart, by GRACE through faith, to keep these resolutions!

– Pleasure is NOT satisfaction. The pursuit of satisfaction is the root cause of all pain. Pleasure is the fine line where longing & fulfillment meet!
– Levels of reality:

1. Playing the maze app on a tablet.

2. Gaming with a metal ball in a plastic maze.

3. Walking through the maze myself!
– Yes, fight the good fight. But first, get well-equipped!
– Reverse brain-drain
– To be, or not to be…

A father.

Why not decide today itself?
– You call yourself a Christian, but you’re too comfortable with the status quo! This makes me doubt the authenticity of your religion…
– Distinguish:



– I don’t believe that marriage is an ontological/metaphysical reality, but sexuality is.
– One thing I know for sure, there is no place in this society for someone like me.

So, what do I do??

I must either fall in line, or I should leave & go it alone. There is no option of staying here & trying to be (true to) myself.
– Time to bail out of this sinking ship!

Ignite the engine……
– When intellectual creativity, social experimentation, private enterprise & critical artistry are encouraged, why should sensual entertainment alone be censored??

FUCK this draconian morality!

Sex ~ play (adults ONLY)

“Why so serious?! ” – The Joker

“Orgiastic pleasure has its place…” – Cornel West (philosopher-Christian & key contemporary public intellectual)
– Am I helping people make the most of their lives, BOTH in terms of personal enjoyment AND social responsibility?

Neither capitalism nor communism!

Enriching the lives of the haves AND the have-nots……
– “Homo” > “humus”
– When there are so many orphan babies (awaiting parents) in this world, why bring another/new (utterly dependent) soul into it??
– bastardisation
– I want you to agree with me, because I believe what I believe is true. But I also want you to think for yourself (about the truth)!
– Guidance + practice = skill

What about (natural) aptitude?

Potential + effort
– Cause celebre
– Miracles/healing:

1. Jesus’ & Apostles’ ministry – a sign/foretaste/proof of the coming/future/perfect/eternal Kingdom? NOT to be seen as a norm or model for all of Church history?

2. The rapid & steady decline of miracles in Church history, beginning with the immediate post-apostolic period. Is GOD moving to work through other means as his main strategy?

3. The cultural context & scientific progress – is this one reason why GOD has shifted gears? Is this the meaning of “you will do greater things than these”?

4. Spiritual gifts – Jesus & the Apostles were exceptional examples who embodied all the diverse gifts in themselves. But, even from the early church onwards, each member had their own unique gift, & making any gift as the universal norm for every person was prohibited. Miracle-working faith is only one among the many spiritual gifts.

5. Theologizing – theoretical wrestling as integral to faith – ridding religion of anti-intellectualism – distinguishing literalism & faithfulness.
– licit
– cuckold
– Indian – the racial-cultural identity is more important than the geo-political.
– A man/woman of wisdom is more powerful than any miracle-worker!
– Knowledge + virtue = wisdom
– Distinguish:



– Life:

Experience & practice

Enjoy & understand

Desire & believe
– Resource person > Good communicator

The messenger IS the message!
– A different kind of contemplation, in & through activity!
– Spiritual Formation Group –> Mutual Sharing Group

Intellectual/systematic –> contemplative/spontaneous

All learning (second-hand) to be done as individuals. During meetings, only sharing (first-hand).

Bringing the spiritual depths out, instead of knowledge input.

Only this strategy can lead to genuine transformation!
– In-house language
– Early Christianities
– Learning to look afresh, as an outsider
– Movement –> community –> organization
– Distinguish:



– bumpkin

– cenobitic
– deconvert
– Conversion ~ colonization
– pro rata
– I think Jesus did rise from the dead (physical resurrection). But I don’t think the biblical writers or the later Evangelicals got the interpretation (significance) of that event quite right….
– Adultery without the infidelity!

Cheating website
Indians among top users of “Ashley Madison”

– What do I do??

I am a student of spirituality.
– Authority (exousia) > Power (dunamis)!
– Freedom + togetherness = responsibility
– The prohibition against knowing, and therefore loving, oneself!
– If you have been a diligent & passionate student of any subject for at least 10 years, then you are qualified to be a teacher in that field.
– I need a revolution in my daily living. I need to die & rise again!
– I want the next 10-15 years of my life to be the best ever.

But do I have the necessary motivation & determination??
– Seminar preparation – 1 year

Retreat preparation – 6 months
– Acquired taste
– Inward work – the perfection of the self is the only source & basis of any (other) authentic accomplishment.
– I don’t want to be ashamed of dying as a mediocre man. But I fear that’s where I am headed, unless something drastic happens……
– Love ~ zest ~ faith ~ zeal ~ hope ~ desire ~ passion



– Immersing oneself wholly in something, can be a way to self-realization!
– Before this dust turns back to dust, raise it to the highest heaven in beauty & glory!
– Stretch it until it finally breaks, or, just shrink & die.

The only way to escape decay is suicide.
– Involution


– “I wanna perfect body,

I wanna perfect soul.

I want you to notice,

When I’m not around.

I wish I was special,

So fucking special!

But I’m a creep,

I’m a weirdo.

What the hell am I doin’ here?

I don’t belong here.” – Radiohead
– “There are no two words in the English language, more harmful, than ‘Good job!’.” – Whiplash (movie)
– “I’m gonna live while I’m alive,

Sleep when I’m dead.” – Bon Jovi
– Spirit ~ material mind ~ mental matter
– Relegating study!

What the fuck are ya gonna do then?
Hmmm…… I’m gonna mould my self into the perfect version of myself.
– impresario

Author: jimmanueljoseph

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