– Is ripening just the early part of rotting?
– It seems like our faith in the Fall is greater than our faith in the Resurrection! Ā šŸ˜•
Depression as cancer of the mind.
– Do I have what it takes to survive this life?
Do I have the motivation, knowledge & support to transform myself before it’s too late? And even if I don’t, do I have the choice of not trying?
– “Aceing life”
Rom. 5:17
– Mat. 9:5
Nothing that is worthwhile, lasting or substantial is easy, simple or quick.
– How can I forgive myself, for squandering (so many years of) this life, when I am still living in sin?!
– Motivational rebuke
Inspirational scolding
Edifying polemic
– Today (each & every day):
– The necessity of hibernation, for prosperity!
– Inertia
What fuel does your engine use?
– I am NOT depressed today (fasting)! Ā šŸ˜Š
– “I think the bad news hit you especially hard, because you were physically more vulnerable – in absolute fasting for 3 days!”
– To EMFI:
“Many doctors (from junior interns to senior consultants) in the cities, working in the corporate hospitals (like Apollo), are under intense pressure to actively abet unethical (corrupt exploitative) & unscientific practices.
Are Christian doctors equipped to discern & resist such forces??”
– Why should I feel insecure or bored, when I am not involved in any service/ministry/employment??
I must overcome this deficiency in my selfhood.
Oh to be precious and unproductive…!
– Steadfast love ~ covenant faithfulness
– Wisdom/spirituality
Theoretically sound practice
Practically relevant theory
Both seasoned by long & hard-earned experience!
– The inner guru
He/she who rejects any external input can never be self-taught, only self-fucked!
– Habits, character & insight
Outlook –> conduct
– Spiritual –> moral –> intellectual
– Sustained, deliberate & guided self-cultivation
– CordialĀ dialogĀ and animated debate
– Change yourself, in line with your nature!
–Ā Give yourself at least one year to attain the target weight/ideal body.
Plan accordingly & execute.
Small steps everyday over a long period!
– Those who keep the world running, as it is
Those who challenge & change the world
These 2 are complementary & interdependent.
But I want to be (more of) the second.
– Listen to your feelings
Stretch your body
Without doing BOTH, you’re not gonna be healthy.
– Climbing up & down the stairs, backward. Do it everyday. Add it to your routine exercise.
– Sing, dance or laugh at least once everyday.
Or else, your life will be short & sour!
– Gatling gun
– The sage as pupil and the pupil as sage
– Industriousness, skill and foresight
– Listen and love ~ worship & live ~ believe & work
– Half-alive
– Pronounce “Paris”
– Player
– What is ‘size zero’?
– My Christian background is not merely a chronological artifact, but a present/spiritual reality…!
– I like Miles Teller
– Stoner
– Latte
– diminutive
– Horny AND holy??
– Power user
– perp
– revamp
– Studying death makes me feel alive!
– How do you live in such a way that you (can/will) conquer death??
– Indulging the superego
– What’s the difference between Anthropology & Sociology?
– Familiarity breeds comfort
Distance makes the heart grow colder
– Natural history
Combination of specialties