Movies: “Iraivi” (Tamil) – Hit!

Aaah! I feel like someone punched me in the stomach…… (I remember the vice-like bite of “Amores Perros”)
Compare with “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter…… & Spring”
Men need to become more feminine (compassionate, etc.) & women need to become more masculine (independent, etc.) if society is to be stable & secure.
Both men & women need to become mature adults – overcome impulsiveness (male weakness), sentimentality (female weakness), etc.
Has feminism come of age, yet……?
The eternal combat between (individual) freedom & (social) responsibility – the tension must always be maintained, no matter how painful!
Analysing & critiquing cultural norms & social institutions is essential if we are to address personal & relational issues adequately.
Is Malar a “liberated” woman??





Author: jimmanueljoseph

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